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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 25368

Chapter 25368 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Relation of infection to tissue temperature in mice infected with Mycobacterium marinum and Mycobacterium leprae
, Journal of Bacteriology 93(3): 790-796 (1967)

Relation of initial weights and subsequent gains of weaneing calves
, Jour Animal Sci 7(3): 279-282 (1948)

Relation of insect damage to thiamine content of biscuit
, Jour Econ Ent 38(1): 106-110 (1945)

Relation of insects to primitive and present-day forests
, Jour Forest 36(10): 998-1004 (1938)

Relation of insects to the health of military personnel
, Jour Econ Ent 37(4): 459-464 (1944)

Relation of insects to the initiation and development of boll rot of cotton d alternaria tenuis fusarium moniliforme anthonomus grandis heliothis zea lygus lineolaris drosophila melanogaster trichoplusia ni
, Journal of Economic Entomology 61(5): 1141-1142 (1968)

Relation of inst light trap catches of bruce spanworm to infestations in central nova scotia canada operophtera bruceata acer saccharum d fagus grandifolia d defoliation
, Canadian Department of Forestry and Rural Development Bi-Monthly Research Notes 24(5): 39-40 (1968)

Relation of intensity and duration of brief retinal stimulation by light to the electrical response of the optic cortex of the rabbit
, American Journal of Physiology 108(2): 397-408 (1934)

Relation of interferon synthesis to abortive replication of Newcastle disease virus in L cells
, Journal of Virology 2(1): 81-82 (1968)

Relation of internal and external factors on the increase of frost-hardiness in woody plants
, Inst Ser Monogr Pure Appl Biol Div Zool 34: 20-22 (1966)

Relation of internal gas content and respiration to keeping quality of Porto Rico sweetpotatoes
, Proceedings American Society Hort Science 74: 622-641 (1959)

Relation of intestinal wall and liver to glycogen in dogs
, Pfluger S Arch Ges Physiol 214(3): 327-330 (1926)

Relation of intoxication of pregnancy with season and weather
, Japanese Jour Obstet And Gynecol 25(5/6): 200-209 (1942)

Relation of intra-population genetic effects to performance of S1 lines of maize
, Crop Sci 7(4): 361-364 (1967)

Relation of intraintestinal carbon dioxide to intestinal blood flow
, American Journal of Physiology 210(4): 893-896 (1966)

Relation of intrarenal pressure to blood pressure and to perinephritic hypertension
, Fed Proceedings 10(1): 134 (1951)

Relation of intraventricular dielectrics to unipolar leads
, American Journal of Physiology 159: 476 (1949)

Relation of invasion of cereal grains and oil seeds by storage fungi to increase in total and major individual fatty acids abstract rice m barley m wheat m corn m sunflower d soy bean d
, Phytopathology 58(8): 1059-1060 (1968)

Relation of iodinated -amylose to some thyroid functions
, Proceedings Society Exptl Biol and Med 70(1): 108-112 (1949)

Relation of ionic distribution to work performance in young and old rats
, Fed Proceedings 21(2): 317 (1962)

Relation of ionizing groups to the structure of the collagen fibril
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 49: 245-250 (1961)

Relation of Iron Salts to Inhibition of Glycolysis by Theiler Fa Virus of Mouse Encephalomyelitis
, Journal of Experimental Medicine 85(6): 715-727 (1947)

Relation of irrigation to creasing in oranges
, Citrus Indust 29(4): 16-17 (1948)

Relation of isohemagglutinin levels to gamma globulin changes in disease
, Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine 59: 753-759 (1962)

Relation of isosterism and competitive phenomena in the realm of pharmacology of the vegetative nervous system
, Chim Indust Milan 35(7): 497-504 (1953)

Relation of juvenile plumage to growth and sexual maturity
, Poultry Sci 13(4): 195-201 (1934)

Relation of kemp and other medullated fibers to age in the fleeces of Navajo and Crossbred lambs
, Jour Animal Sci 6(2): 133-140 (1947)

Relation of keratosis seborrheica and keratosis senilis to vitamin A deficiency
, Archives of Dermatology and Syphilology 57(2): 178-183 (1948)

Relation of kernel texture to the physical characteristics, milling and baking qualities, and chemical composition of wheat
, U S Dept Agric Dept Bull 1420: 1-16 (1926)

Relation of ketchup color to tomato color as determined by the Hunter instrument
, Food Technol 6(4): 122-124 (1952)

Relation of ketonuria and nitrogen excretion to injection of insulin
, Arch Science Biol bologna 30(3/6): 302-310 (1945)

Relation of kidney weight to body weight in the cat
, Anat Rec 69(3): 319-331 (1937)

Relation of lapse rate to relative clothing needs of children and adults
, American Anthropologist 50(2): 361 (1948)

Relation of larval diet to the toxicity of insecticide on the house fly Musca nebulo F
, Sci And Culture 18(11): 551-553 (1953)

Relation of latitude to certain phases of the growth of timothy
, American Journal of Botany 26(4): 212-218 (1939)

Relation of latitude to time of blooming of timothy
, Ecology 12(1): 182-187 (1931)

Relation of lead adsorption on birnessites with different average oxidation states of manganese and release of Mn2+/H+/K+
, Journal of Environmental Sciences 21(4): 520-526 (2009)

Relation of leaf acidity to vigor in wheat grown at different temperatures
, Jour Agric Res 39(5): 341-350 (1929)

Relation of leaf area to fruit size and food reserves in apple seeds and branches
, Proceedings American Society Hort Science 29: 230-234 (1933)

Relation of leaf form to transpiration rate and drouth resistance in some deciduous fruits
, Proceedings American Society Hort Science 36: 210-215 (1939)

Relation of leaf structure of conifers to light and moisture
, Ecology 8(3): 371-377 (1927)

Relation of leaf-rust infection to yield, growth, and water economy of two varieties of wheat
, Jour Agric Res 49(11): 955-981 (1934)

Relation of left ventricular weight to the electro-cardiographic diagnosis of left ventricular hypertrophy
, CIRCULATION 26(4 Pt 2): 718-719 (1962)

Relation of length of carbon chain to the primary and functional toxicities of alcohols
, Jour Lab And Clin Med 28(12): 1440-1445 (1943)

Relation of length of day to flower and seed production in potato varieties
, American Potato Jour 16(9): 236-244 (1939)

Relation of length of side shoots of Pinus silvestris L. to their age
, Doklady Akad Nauk Sssr 67: 925-927 (1949)

Relation of length of staple to yield and value per acre of cotton in the southeastern states
, Journal American Society Agron 19(8): 754-755 (1927)

Relation of length to tension in double-function muscles
, Fed Proceedings 9(1): 85 (1950)

Relation of length to weight of the tarpon tarpon atlanticus in northeastern brazil mathematical model
, Arquivos da Estacao de Biologia Marinha da Universidade do Ceara 7(1): 101-102 (1967)

Relation of lenticels and surface area to respiration in the potato tuber
, Bot Gaz 94(2): 416-418 (1932)

Relation of leucocyte lipid metabolism to cell age: studies in infective leucocytosis
, British Journal of Experimental Pathology 42: 597-602 (1961)

Relation of leukemia of animals to leukemia of man
, Journal American Medicine Assoc 105(23): 1824-1830 (1935)

Relation of leukocyte and fever responses to bacterial endotoxin
, American Journal of Physiology 199: 809-813 (1960)

Relation of levels of dogmatism and perceived threat under conditions of group personality testing
, Perceptual and Motor Skills 26(2): 481-482 (1968)

Relation of light and temperature to the sporulation of Alternaria tomato Weber
, Dissert Absts 24(10): 3919-3920 (1964)

Relation of light intensity to basal area of shortleaf pine stands in Georgia
, Ecology 36(1): 158-159 (1955)

Relation of light intensity to effect of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid on water hyacinth and kidney bean plants
, Bot Gaz 109(2): 231-234 (1947)

Relation of light intensity to fruit setting in the sour cherry
, Michigan Agric Exp Sta Tech Bull 136: 1-35 (1934)

Relation of light, potassium, and calcium deficiencies to photosynthesis, protein synthesis, and translocation
, Michigan Agric Exp Sta Tech Bull 141: 1-39 (1934)

Relation of lignin content to the strength of paper and boards I Literature survey and progress report
, Paper Trade Jour 3: 30-35 (1939)

Relation of lignin content to the strength of paper and paperboards. IV. Microchemical aspects of the relation between lignin content and the strength of fiberboards
, PAPER TRADE JOUR 114(14): p 161-162 (1942)

Relation of lime and preemergence herbicides to yields of cotton fGossypium hirsutum and weeds
, Agron J 58(3): 269-271 (1966)

Relation of liming to efficiency of fertilizers
, Comm Fertilizer 65(5): 22, 24-25 (1942)

Relation of linoleate and linolenate to the flavors of auto-oxidized milk fat
, Jour Dairy Sci 45(3): 311-316 (1962)

Relation of linoleic acid and chain length of triglycerides to neutral fat deposition
, FED Proceedings 19(1 Pt 1): 222 (1960)

Relation of lipid adsorptivity of powders to their suitability as insecticide diluents
, Hilgardia 30(18): 565-586 (1961)

Relation of lipid content to ozone resistance of tobacco d leaves abstract
, Phytopathology 58(8): 1070 (1968)

Relation of lipid structure of sarcotubular vesicles to Ca++ transport activity
, Journal of Lipid Research 9(4): 492-500 (1968)

Relation of lipolysis to deturbidification and returbidification in heparin-induced lipemia-clearing phenomenon
, Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 88(1): 132-135 (1955)

Relation of liver biopsy findings and clinical studies in diabetes
, Zeit Ges Inn Med U Grenzg 18(4): 165-170 (1963)

Relation of liver to fat metabolism I Respiratory quotient in conditions of liver insufficiency
, Experimental Biology and Medicine 25(2): 151-153 (1927)

Relation of long-period variations in the critical frequencies of the F 2 layer to geomagnetic activity
, Geomagnetism and Aeronomy 49(1): 58-64 (2009)

Relation Of Longstanding Blood-Pressure Levels To Atherosclerosis
, Lancet 1(7384): 516-519 (1965)

Relation of loose smut to yield of barley
, Canadian Jour Res Sect C Bot Sci 20(10): 491-500 (1942)

Relation of low temperatures to X-ray injury of hematopoietic tissue of tadpoles
, Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 73(1): 60-62 (1950)

Relation of Lumbar Spine Disorders to Heavy Manual Work and Lifting
, Lancet 1(7390): 857-861 (1965)

Relation of lung area changes in three phases of respiration to pulmonary function in elderly persons and emphysema In:Proceedings of the 58th Annual Scientific Session of the Japanese Society on Internal Medicine, Sapporo City Hall, Sapporo, Japan, July 1961
, Japanese Jour Med 1(1): 160-161 (1962)

Relation of lymph to distending fluids of kidney
, Proceedings Society Expu Biol and Med 97(3): 517-522 (1958)

Relation of lymphocytic choriomeningitis to acute aseptic meningitis
, American Journal of Publ Health 28(1): 47-53 (1938)

Relation of lysine content to protein quality of wheat -based foods
, Cereal Sci Today 4(2): 44-48 (1959)

Relation of lysins to the solvents of lipoids
, Zeitschr Immunitatsjorsch U Exp Therap 54(3/4): 292-302 (1928)

Relation of macro glia to myelination in mammalian optic nerve
, Journal of the Anatomical Society of India 17(1): 30-39 (1968)

Relation of magnesium deficiency in grapefruit leaves to yield and chemical composition of frui
, Bull Florida Agric Exp Sta 331: 1-36 (1939)

Relation of magnesium in cerebro-spinal fluid to magnesium in blood
, Rev Soc Argentina Biol 9(6): 321-324 (1933)

Relation of male to female ratio in New Hampshire breeder flocks to fertility of eggs
, Poultry Sci 29(3): 377-380 (1950)

Relation of male to female ratio on fertility in crossmated flocks of chickens
, Poultry Sci 37(3): 644-648 (1958)

Relation of mammary tumors to mammotropes. I. Induction of mammary tumors in rats
, Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 103: 640-642 (1960)

Relation of mammary tumors to mammotropes. III. Hormone responsiveness of transplanted mammary tumors
, Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 103: 646-650 (1960)

Relation of mammotropes to mammary tumors IV Development of highly hormone dependent mammary tumors
, Experimental Biology and Medicine 105(3): 490-492 (1960)

Relation of mammotropes to mammary tumors. V. Role of mammotropes in radiation carcinogenesis
, Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 107: 921-924 (1961)

Relation of marbling, cooking yield and eating quality of pork chops to backfat thickness on hog carcasses
, Food Technol 15(2): 57-63 (1961)

Relation of Massive Bowel Resection to Gastric Secretion
, New England Journal of Medicine 272: 509-514 (1965)

Relation of mast cell changes to hypothermia in the rat
, Biochemical Pharmacology 7: 35-46 (1961)

Relation of mastocytoma to mast cell leukemia, and of heparin, histamine and serotomin to mast cells
, Blood Jour Hematol 14(6): 770-780 (1959)

Relation of maternal blood-flow within the uterus to change in shape and size of the conceptus during pregnancy; physiological basis of uterine accommodation
, American Journal of Physiology 148(1): 77-85 (1947)

Relation of mature weight and grade of parent to preweaning performance of beef calves
, Jour Animal Sci 21(4): 974 (1962)

Relation of maturity and handling of Bartlett pears in the Pacific Northwest to quality of the canned product
, U S Dept Agric Tech Bull 450: 1-24 (1934)

Relation of maturity in Bliss Triumph potato seed stocks to effectiveness of ethylene chlorhydrin and other treatment
, Florida Agric Exp Sta Tech Bull 362: 1-40 (1941)

Relation of maturity to certain chemical and physical characters in Florida avocados
, Proceedings Florida State Hort Society 70: 338-339 (1957)

Relation of maturity to quality in Florida avocados
, Proceedings Florida State Hort Society 67: 276-279 (1954)

Relation of maturity to the nutritive value of first, second, and third cuttings of irrigated alfalfa
, Jour Agric Res 35(4): 361-383 (1927)

Relation of maturity to yield and quality of raw and canned peas, corn, and lima beans
, Proceedings American Society Hort Science 47: 361-367 (1946)

Relation of maturity, structural, and strength measures to the somatotypes of boys 9 through 15 years of age
, Res Quart 32(4): 449-460 (1961)

Relation of Maximum Growth Temperature to Resistance to Heat
, Journal of Bacteriology 44(1): 29-35 (1942)

Relation of mean impulse frequency to statistical dependency between intervals in neuronal impulse sequences
, Journal of Neurophysiology 29(5): 935-941 (1966)

Relation of mechanical injury and seed treatment to germination of flax seed of the 1948 crop
, Phytopath 40(1): 15 (1950)

Relation of mechanism of action of folate antagonists to clinical application
, Hahnemann Symposium 15: 14-25 (1967)

Relation of medicine to the problem of radioactive fallout
, Pediatrics 41(1 PT 2): 373-378 (1968)

Relation of medicine to the problem of radioactive fallout human moral and ethical principles of medicine
, Pediatrics 41(1 Part 2): 373-378 (1968)

Relation of menstrual cycle to responses to heat stress
, Diss Abstr 25(1): 584 (1964)

Relation of metabolic events to gastric contractions in the rat
, American Journal of Physiology 197: 269-273 (1959)

Relation of metabolic hemodynamic and inst electro cardiographic changes during myo cardial ischemia produced by inst atrial pacing or exercise abstract human coronary heart disease
, Circulation 38(4 Suppl. 6): VI-153 (1968)

Relation of metabolism of frog skin to cellular integrity and electrolyte transfer
, Journal of General Physiology 36(5): 607-615 (1953)

Relation of metabolism of oral tissues to periodontal disease
, JOUR DENT RES 42(1 Pt 2): 497-501 (1963)

Relation of metals to milk
, Dairy Induslr 12(4): 329-337 (1917)

Relation of metamorphosis of axolotls to age, sex, and pigmentation
, jour Biol Et Medicine Exper 13(34): 73-78 (1929)

Relation of meteorological conditions to forest growth
, Schweiz Zeitschr Forstw 104(10): 524-534 (1953)

Relation of methemoglobin to hemolysis
, Blood 6(6): 532-543 (1951)

Relation of methemoglobin to the cyanosis observed after sulfanilamide administration
, Proceedings Society Exp Biol and Med 40(4): 547-548 (1939)

Relation of methional to the odor of irradiated meat
, Food Res 22(2): 237-238 (1957)

Relation of methionine, cystine and choline to renal lesions occurring on low choline diets
, Proceedings Society Exp Biol and Med 41(2): 333-334 (1939)

Relation of methylated xanthine retardation of development to cholinesterase values
, Fed Proceedings 9(1): 263 (1950)

Relation of methylglyoxal-bis-guanylhydrazone to folic acid metabolism
, Proceedings American Assoc Cancer Res 3(4): 330 (1962)

Relation of microbes to blood-group active substances
, Angew Chem Int Edition Engl 5(11): 909-920 (1966)

Relation of microorganisms to porcine tonsils
, Tierarzt Rundsch 36(20): 329-332 (1930)

Relation of microorganisms to some chemical and physical changes in the soil caused by commercial fertilizers
, Vedecke Prace Vyzkumneho Ustavu Rostlinne Vyroby v Praze-Ruzyni (13): 25-32 (1968)

Relation of microstructures to the taxonomy of the Ganodermoideae with special reference to the structure of the cover of the pilear surface
, Mycologia 57(4): 588-611 (1965)

Relation of milk in-gestion to calcium metabolism in children
, Proceedings Society Exp Biol and Med 30(8): 1062-1063 (1933 )

Relation of milk, cholesterol and estrogens to cholic acid formation in chicks
, Proceedings Society Exp Biol and Med 52(4): 296-297 (1943)

Relation of mineral nutrients of plants to predisposition or resistance to pathogenic agencies L. R. Tehon
, Boll R Staz Patol Veg 10(2): 121-152 (1930)

Relation of mite populations to seasonal leaf-nitrogen levels in apple orchards
, Jour Econ Ent 50(1): 109-110 (1957)

Relation of mitotic activity to the effects of x-rays and nitrogen mustard as indicated by the growth of corn seedlings
, Cancer Research 11(9): 687-693 (1951)

Relation of moisture and temperature changes to the viability of Endamoeba gingivalis in vitro
, Univ California Publ Zool 31(3): 17-29 (1927)

Relation of moisture and temperature to ascospore discharge and ascospore germination from alfalfa leaves infected with Pseudopeziza medicaginis
, Proceedings South Dakota Acad Science 39: 171-172 (1960)

Relation of moisture content and length of storage to changes in the microflora fAspergillus spp. and germination percentage of rough rice
, Phytopathology 55(9): 953-956 (1965)

Relation of moisture content and method of storage to deterioration of stored cottonseed
, Jour Agric Res 50(5): 449-456 (1935)

Relation of moisture content of wood and relative humidity in an atmosphere to the decay of Japanese red pine wood, due to the attack of four species of Gloeophyllum
, J Japan Forest Soc 46(1): 9-13 (1964)

Relation of moisture to invasion of tobacco leaves by Bacterium tabacum and Bacterium angulatum
, Phytopath 32(5): 379-387 (1942)

Relation of molds to the deterioration of corn in storage. A review
, Proceedings Iowa Acad Science 51: 265-280 (1944)

Relation of molecular size of dextran to its effects on the Theological properties of blood
, Proceedings Society Exptl Biol and Med 112(4): 883-887 (1963)

Relation of molecular weight of dextran to its effects on viscosity and sedimentation rate of blood 2. Europaische Konferenz uber Mikrozirkulation, Pavia, 1962
, Bibl Anat 4: 58-61 (1964)

Relation of molecule size and structure to alcohol inhibition of glucose utilization by yeast
, Journal of Bacteriology 72(3): 349-356 (1956)

Relation of molybdenum content to soil type and geologic formation in Kentucky soil
, Transactions International Society Soil Science, Commissions IV and V 1962 154-158 (1963)

Relation of mono-fluoro fatty acids to citrate levels in intact animals
, Fed Proc: 312 (1951)

Relation of monocytes of the blood to the tissue macrophages
, American Journal of Anat 46(1): 149-185 (1930)

Relation of moon phases to the occurrence of mule deer at a Washington salt lick
, Jour Mammal 31(4): 426-429 (1950)

Relation of morphology of volar cutaneous blood vessels of man to countercurrent thermal flow in thermal regulation
, Angiology 13(6): 247-253 (1962)

Relation of mortality to amounts of hydrocyanic acid recovered from fumigated resistant and nonresistant citrus scale insects
, Hilgardia 16(6): 303-315 (1944)

Relation of motor and inhibitor effects of local hormones
, Physiological Reviews 30(2): 177-193 (1950)

Relation Of Motor Performance To Perceived Movement In Rorschach Inkblots
, Perceptual and Motor Skills 19: 675-684 (1964)

Relation of motor to secretory function in stomach of fish
, Fed Proceedings 10(1): 102 (1951)

Relation of movement aftereffect duration to interpolated darkness intervals
, Life Sciences 1(6): 239-242 (1962)

Relation of muscle action potentials variously induced to breakdown of work in task-oriented subjects
, Percept Mot Skills 12: 131-141 (1961)

Relation of muscle electrolyte to alterations in serum potassium and to the toxic effects of injected potassium chloride
, American Journal of Physiology 130(4): 747-758 (1940)

Relation of muscle receptive substance to the contractile mechanism Responses to heat and drugs
, Experimental Biology and Medicine 41(1): 2-4 (1939)

Relation of muscular fatigue in the adrenalectomized dog to inadequate circulatory adjustment
, American Journal of Physiology 163(3): 561-565 (1950)

Relation of mvoeenic potentials to intra-luminal pressure in esophagus and gastroesophageal sphincter
, World Congr Gastroenterol Proc: 323-326 (1966)

Relation of myocardial bridges and loops on the coronary arteries to coronary occulsions
, American Heart Jour 61(1): 44-52 (1961)

Relation of myocardial disease to abnormalities of the ventricular complex of the electrocardiogram
, American Heart Jour 15(1): 28-44 (1938)

Relation of myogenic potentials to intra-lumlnal pressure in esophagus and gastroesophageal sphincter
, World Congress Gastroenterol Proceedings 3(1): 323-326 (1966)

Relation of myxoma deoxyribonucleic acid to fibroma-myxoma virus transformation
, Proceedings Society Exptl Biol and Med 100(4): 726-729 (1959)

Relation of narcolepsy to the epilepsies. A clinical-encephalographic study
, Arch Neurol And Psychiat 51(2): 163-170 (1944)

Relation of negative intraventricular pressure to ventricular volume
, Circulation Research 5(2): 157-162 (1957)

Relation of neopl melanoma homogenate and ascorbate solution electron paramagnetic resonance doublets mouse
, Experimental and Molecular Pathology: 112-122 (1968)

Relation of nerve cells to the nucleal reaction
, Sitzungsber U Abhandl Naturjorsch Ges Rostock 3: 24-25, 1930/ (1932)

Relation of nervous system to implantation
, Reproduction And Infertility Symposium 3: 83-87 (1958)

Relation of neuroconstructional type of bulls to their fertility
, Pol Nohospodarstvo 9(10): 737-746 (1962)

Relation of neurological complications of subarachnoid block to some unseen dangers of new techniques
, California Medicine 71(2): 130 (1949)

Relation of neutrophilic leucocytes and serum globulin fractions
, Clin Chim Acta 12(3): 282-291 (1965)

Relation of nitrogen bodies of the blood to surgical problems in liver and in biliary tract disease. III. Status of nitrogen bodies of blood in severe cases of biliary tract disease and its use in differentiating a terminal hepatic and a terminal renal group of cases
, Arch Surg 15(4): 635-659 (1927)

Relation of nitrogen fertilizers and manure to vascular wilt of Egyptian cotton caused by four fusaria species and strains
, Mycol Mycopathol Appl 31(3/4): 257-266 (1967)

Relation of nitrogen nutrition of rice plants to the susceptibility to four foliage diseases
, Res Bull Fac Agric Gifu Univ 6: 56-66 (1956)

Relation of nitrogen-carbohydrate nutrition of Stay-man apple trees to susceptibility to fire blight
, Phytopath 26(7): 643-655 (1936)

Relation of nor-epinephrine and other autonomic agents to vascular collapse of stressed adrenalectomized animal
, Fed Proceedings 10(1): 108 (1951)

Relation of normal heterogen-ous serum to infection with swine erysipelas
, Vestniksovremennoi Veterinarii Moscow Ussr (14): 440-442 (1928)

Relation of nuclear size in sex cells of mammals to growth and reduction
, Zeitschr Anat U Entwicklungsgesch 81(5/6): 563-600 (1926)

Relation of nucleic acids to the structure and function of the guinea pig thyroid gland
, Endocrinology 64(1): 149-159 (1959)

Relation of nucleoli to attendant chromosomes
, Z NATURFORSCH 22b(10): 1021-1023 (1967)

Relation of number of European corn borers per infested corn plant to percentage of plants infested
, Jour Econ Ent 32(3): 387-393 (1939)

Relation of number of leaves in November to number of flowers the following spring in the Blakemore strawberry
, Proceedings American Society Hort Science 37: 571-573 (1940)

Relation of number of transplants to total volume of regenerating adrenocortical tissue
, Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 96(1): 249-251 (1957)

Relation of nutrition and foods to dental health
, Pacific Sci Congr Abstr Symp Pap 10: 401-402 (1961)

Relation of nutrition of infection in children
, American Journal of Public Health 39(7): 858-861 (1949)

Relation of nutrition to endocrine-reproductive functions
, Iowa State Coll Jour Sci 28(1): 19-44 (1953)

Relation of nutrition to gastric function I An experimental method
, Experimental Biology and Medicine 41(2): 603-606 (1939)

Relation of nutrition to good teeth
, Journal of the American Dietetic Association 26(2): 85-88 (1950)

Relation of nutrition to health in aging persons
, A Four Year Follow Up Of A Study in San Mateo County California Med 81(5): 335-338 (1954)

Relation of nutrition to susceptibility to toxic substances
, American Journal of Publ Heath 49(4): 417-423 (1951)

Relation of nutrition to the life cycle of P. caudatum
, Acta Biol Experimentalis 4: 73-118 (1929)

Relation Of Obesity And Abnormalities Of Lipid Metabolism To Lipid Embolization Of Lungs
, American Journal of Clinical Pathology 41: 55-60 (1964)

Relation of object curiosity to psychological adjustment in children
, Child Development 32(2): 393-400 (1961)

Relation of obstructive pulmonary disease to bronchopulmonary irritants in coal miners
, American Rev Resp Disease 90(2): 316 (1964)

Relation of ocular dominance, handedness, and the controlling eye in binocular vision
, A.M.A. Archives of Ophthalmology 50(5): 603-608 (1953)

Relation of ocular sensitivity to the Arthus phenomenon in the rabbit
, Arch Ophthalmol 10(3): 368-374 (1933)

Relation of odor flow rate and duration to stimulus intensity needed for perception
, Journal of Applied Physiology 21(1): 10-14 (1966)

Relation of oestrus and pregnancy to body temperature in the guinea pig
, Nogaku Kwai Ho 290: 1-19 (1927)

Relation of oil of contents of pecan kernels to chemical components of leaves as a measure of nutrient status
, Soil Sci 82(4): 261-269 (1956)

Relation of oil spray to production of apples in Washington
, Proceedings American Society Hort Science 26: 343-347 (1930)

Relation of olfactory acuity to nasal membrane function
, Journal of Applied Physiology 15: 914-920 (1960)

Relation of olfactory tracts to intravenous route of infection in experimental poliomyelitis
, Proceedings Society Exp Biol and Med 32(9): 1444-1446 (1935)

Relation of optical form to the utilization of amino acids. V. Effect of D-glutamic acid on the uptake and utilization of ammonium and nitrate nitrogen by carrot root disks
, Advan Frontiers Plant Sci 6: 43-53 (1963)

Relation of optical properties of plant leaves to soil fertilization
, Doklady Akad Nauk Sssr Botany Science Sect Transl 128(1/6): 263-266 (1960)

Relation of optimum frequency for A. C. excitation to impulse frequency in chemically excited axons
, Federation Proceedings 6(1): 81-82 (1947)

Relation of oral biochemistry of sugars to the development of caries
, Journal of the American Dental Association 51(3): 285-292 (1955)

Relation of organic nitrogen content of the must to colloidal stability of the young wine
, Food Res 19(6): 610-612 (1954)

Relation of osmolality to jejunal sorption of water, cations, and glucose in humans
, Gastroenterology 46(3): 260-266 (1964)

Relation of osmotic pressure in the plant to its habitat moisture
, Zeitschr Wiss Biol Abt E Planta 7(1): 45-58 (1929)

Relation of osmotic pressure to availability of synthetic media for streptococci
, Proceedings Society Exp Biol and Med 25: 483-484 (1928)

Relation of oviposition punctures of the Mediterranean fruit fly to the premature dropping of citrus fruits
, Jour Econ Ent 27(5): 908-914 (1934)

Relation of ovulation to menstruation. Comment clarifying some of the author's conclusions
, Semana Med 42(2167): 264-268 (1935)

Relation of oxidation to proteolysis in malignant tumors
, U S Publ Health Repts 47(13): 711-725 (1932)

Relation of oxidation, phosphorylation, and active transport to the structure of mitochondri
, Raymond Zirkle, Ed , A symposium on molecular biology p 122-136 (1959)

Relation of oxidative metabolism of Haemophilus to the hemin content of the growth medium. In: Annual Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology, Kansas City, Missouri, May 1962
, Bacteriol Proceedings 62: 126 (1962)

Relation of oxides of nitrogen to the fluorine disease of farm animals
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