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Report on influenza and grippe-like respiratory diseases in Yugoslavia in the period 1948-1951

Terzin, A.L.; Milovanovich, M.V.

Acta Medica Iugoslavica 6(1): 30-58


ISSN/ISBN: 0375-8338
PMID: 14923233
Accession: 025382584

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Epidemiological, clinical and laboratory data, according to seasons and republics in Yugoslavia are presented and discussed. The authors report serologically proved, clinically inapparent infections with influenza virus in a childrens' home in Serbia. Data are given suggesting that an outbreak caused by influenza-virus B may protect from a subsequent clinically manifest infection with influenza A-prime, if the 2d wave follows the first one within 15-20 days. A brief analysis of the first 2 influenza strains isolated in Yugoslavia is presented.

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