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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 25387

Chapter 25387 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Spencer, E.Y., 1968:
Research institute london ontario

Hammett, Frederick, S., 1938:
Research institutes for biology

Brauer, L.; Mendelssohn Bartholdy, A.; E.A., 1930:
Research institutes their history, organization, and aims

Polevoy, P.; Pentegoff, B., 1928:
Research institutions of the Russian Far East

Boch, J.; Janitschke, K.; Rommel, M., 1968:
Research into German poultry farms for latent toxoplasma infections

Bostedt, H., 1968:
Research into adhesion prophylaxis after cesarean births in cows prednisolone anti inflam flumethasone anti inflam

CalaBek, Jan, 1961:
Research into autonomous movements with film

Lalov, H., 1968:
Research into bovine leucosis part 1 experiments for the experimental induction of leukosis

Polding, J.B., 1948:
Research into contagious abortion of cattle, sheep and goats. Brucellosis in India. I. The occurrence of brucellosis in India. II. Comparative susceptibility. III. The dissemination of brucellosis in India. IV. Bacteriology of Indian strains. V. Diagnosis. VI. Brucellosis and public health. VII. The control of brucellosis in India. VIII. Specific abortion, other than brucellosis. IX. Non-specific abortion

Fodor, M.O., 1959:
Research into digestive dyskinesia in neurosis with general vegetative and viscero-vegetative manifestations

Krypin, J., 1959:
Research into dynamic equilibrium in open systems

World Health Organ, 1968:
Research into environmental pollution report of 5 world health organization scientific groups

Swoboda, P.A.T.; Lea, C.H., 1963:
Research into fat rancidity by gas-liquid chromatography

Kryzywanek, H., 1967:
Research into feeding behavior of sheep in pens and in the meadow hay fodder

Horter, R., 1968:
Research into fodder in pellet form and its suitability for specific pathogen free test animals

Weinhold, E., 1968:
Research into giant cell formation cell phagocytosis and lymphocyte adsorption in the culture of white blood cells in cattle neopl leukosis

Ewald, F.W., 1967:
Research into group N of swine erysipelas using autoclaved bacteria in agar jelly

Dollfus, Audouin, 1960:
Research into life on other planets

Dick, I., 1967:
Research into nerves from the spine serving the cervix uteri

Iordanov, K., 1968:
Research into omphalitis in chicks staphylococcus aureus escherichia coli

Stein, U.; Buddecke, E., 1967:
Research into substrate specificity of enz acid carboxy peptidases from cattle spleen abstract

Greven, G.; Greeff, K.; Osswald, W., 1968:
Research into the accumulation of digitoxin metab in the dog abstract cymarin metab acetyl strophanthidin metab auricular ventricular muscle

Chemyakina, S.N., 1968:
Research into the action of some herbicides in the forest nurseries of the moscow region

Hurpin, B., 1968:
Research into the application of the sterile male release technique to the rhinoceros beetle coleoptera scarabaeidae

Yossifov, K., 1968:
Research into the biochemistry of sexual cells of livestock ix comparative studies on the phosphorus fraction content in the seminal plasma of the ram bull and boar

Bullini, Luciano, 1965:
Research into the biological characteristics of amphigony and parthenogenesis in a bisexual population of Bacillus rossius

Grzycka, K., 1962:
Research into the cell membrane of plants by phase contrast refractometry

Eikmeier, H.; Meyer, H., 1967:
Research into the control of enzootic pneumonia in pigs

Woenckhaus, J.W.; Both, J.; Kerp, L., 1967:
Research into the degradation of cattle insulin iodine 131 by tissue homogenates of rabbit kidneys in the presence of normal and uremic rabbit sera abstract ureter ligation enzyme inhibition

Kyurtov, N.; Denev, I.; S.S.vova B.Rdarova, 1967:
Research into the dermato mycoses in pigs in bulgaria trichophyton gypseum

D.Lange Dzn, H., 1958:
Research into the dynamic nature of the human fovea cortex systems with intermittent and modulated light I Attenuation characteristics with white and colored light

D.Lange Dzn, H., 1958:
Research into the dynamic nature of the human fovea cortex systems with intermittent and modulated light II Phase shift in brightness and delay in color perception

Louvet, J.; Bulit, J., 1964:
Research into the ecology of para -sitic fungi in the soil. I. Action of CO2 on the growth and parasitic activity of Sclerotinia minor and on Fusarium oxysporum f. melonis

Bouhot, D.; Billotte, J.M., 1964:
Research into the ecology of parasitic fungi in the soil. II. Choice of a nutritive medium for the selective isolation of Fusarium oxysporum and Fusarium solani from the soil

Bouhot, D.; Bulit, J.; Louvet, J., 1964:
Research into the ecology of parasitic fungi in the soil. III. Research into a selective and quantitative method of analysis of Fusarivun oxysporum f. melonis in the soil

Kerchhiff, H., 1968:
Research into the effectiveness of disinfectants on viruses on surfaces

Yanchenko, T.F.; Smirnova, M.F.; Nekrashevich, N.I.; Rogovs'kiy, V.Y., 1957:
Research into the etiology of scarlet fever

Pop, E.; Herman, G.; Cachita Cosma, D.; Viore, S.; Stefanescu, F., 1963:
Research into the evolution of the absorptive capacity of the cotyledons of Quercus robur

Turai, I.; Vintila, I.; Cosmulesco, I.; Soare, M.; Stanesco, R., 1961:
Research into the external function of the pancreas in the case of a patient who had formerly undergone gastric resection and who had a recent post-traumatic pancreatic fistula

Tural, L.; Ciurel, M.; Capatina, V., 1964:
Research into the functioning of the pancreas

Shishkov, N.; Slavkov, I.; Semov, P., 1968:
Research into the hem agglutination properties of salmonella strains

L.Age Stehr, J.; Schramm Thiel, N.; Wacker, A., 1967:
Research into the immuno suppressive effect of some inhibitors of protein synthesis in vivo and in vitro abstract mouse spleen antibody cell

Hartwigk, H.; E.A.wal A.M.A., 1968:
Research into the importance of fasciolosis as the cause of positive tuberculin reaction in cattle fasciola hepatica buffalo

Beilhack, H.; Pietschmann, H.; Vormittag, W.; Ullrich, D., 1968:
Research into the intra cellular distribution of leukocyte enzymes in normal cases and in neopl chronic myelocytic leukemia human

Birback, B., 1968:
Research into the occurrence of adenovirus antibodies in pigs of different ages

Seeger, J.; Schack Steffenhagen, G., 1968:
Research into the occurrence of poultry tuberculosis bacteria in large poultry farms

Rommel, M.; Breuning, J., 1967:
Research into the occurrence of toxoplasma gondii in the milk of some animals and the possibility of lactogenous infection mouse rat guinea pig rabbit cow human

Kerstein, E., 1968:
Research into the point of attack of 5 methyl isoxazole 3 carboxylic acid metab in the lipolytic system of fatty tissues abstract rat cyclic carbonic acids acid level norepinephrine metab acth metab theophylline metab

de JONG.P., 1962:
Research into the possibilities of rehabilitation of patients with aphasia

Duursma, E.K.; Dral, A.D.G., 1963:
Research into the problems of radioactive substances in the se

Kostov, L., 1968:
Research into the protein fractions of the blood and milk sera of cows in a normal or pathological puerperium

Adlkofer, F.; Ancker, E.; Birkhofer, G.; Ruthenstroth Bau, 1967:
Research into the purification kinetics and specificity of the lysolecithin producing serum enzyme abstract

Vogel, G.; Ulbrich, M., 1968:
Research into the quantitative characterization of the permeability of capillaries of various regions of the body of rabbits abstract filtration coefficient lymph plasma proteins poly vinyl pyrrolidone cardio vasc

Scipiades, E., 1940:
Research into the question of vitamin C in the human placenta with intra-uterine death of the products of gestation

Lalov, Khristo; Antonov, Stefan; Tsvetkov, Angel', 1967:
Research into the radiation disease in farm animals: n. Biochemical studies on acute radiation disease In sheep

Niqueux, M.; Arnaud, R., 1967:
Research into the relationship between early heading and temperatures in some varieties of forage frasses in France

Linquette, M.; Fossati, P.; Decoulx, M., 1967:
Research into the seric thyreotropic factors in hypo thyroidians 1st personal results human myx edema cortico therapy

Schueppel, R., 1968:
Research into the specificity of disturbances of metabolism by drugs that require alcohol metab abstract rat oxidative inhibition n demethylation c hydroxylation o glucuronide microsomal reaction

Both, G.; Kohl, D., 1967:
Research into the suitability of an allergic intra cutaneous test to diagnose brucellosis in pigs

Rohloff, D.; Kirschfeld, H., 1967:
Research into the suitability of different diluents for conserving boar semen at a refrigerator temperature of 0 degrees C with special attention to the speed of cooling

Martin, F.; Chesni, Y., 1962:
Research into the techniques for provoking EEG activation in the epileptic subject: Introduction of Noludar-R-Roche, a non-barbiturate sedative and derived from piperidine In: Seance de la Societe d'Electroencephalographie et de Neurophysiologle Clinique de Langue Francaise, Paris, 5-6 decembre, 1961

Cervetti, R.; Pignataro, E.; Fontana, L., 1963:
Research into the thoraco-diaphragmatic dynamics in silicotic patients by functional photography photofluorography

Hapke H J., 1968:
Research into the toxicology of the weed killer simazin herbic sheep

Rommel, M.; Janitschke, K.; Dalchow, W.; Schulz, H.P.; Breuning, J.; Schein, E., 1968:
Research into the transmission of toxoplasma gondii by means of parasitic nematodes in sheep pigs dogs cats hens and mice rabbits guinea pigs man

Weber, E.; Panita, C.; Hess, M.; Morganstern, E., 1968:
Research into the uptake of acridine metab and tetracycline metab in epithelial cells of the gastro intestinal tract of the rat abstract acridine orange metab di methylchloro tetracycline metab duodenal epithelium

Altschul, A.M., 1950:
Research investigation on rice at the Southern Regional Research Laboratory

Hunter, H.W., 1961:
Research is an asset

Mcduffie, W.C.; Gahan, J.B.; Keller, J.C.; Eddy, G.W., 1953:
Research is providing some answers to insecticide -resistant insects

Landon, F.H., 1939:
Research items Nipah

Landon, F.H., 1939:
Research items. Plantations

Taylor, S.A.; Haddock, J.L., 1954:
Research leads the way in irrigation agriculture

Kilgour, Frederick, G., 1965:
Research libraries in information networks

Justin, W.Leonard, 1949:
Research man vs administrator the research mans viewpoint

Sugar Beet Techn, 1966:
Research meeting of the sugar beet technological cooperation symposium on problems to be solved on the sugar beet d experiments in warmer japan 1966 southern japan 1966

Jacquet, J.; Charton, F., 1963:
Research method and antibiotic testing in milk by biophotometry

Chipman, S.S.; Lilienfeld, A.M.; Greenberg, B.G.; Donelly, J.F., 1966:
Research methodology and needs in perinatal studies. Proceedings of the conference on research methodology and needs in perinatal studies. 9 September, 1963. Chapel Hill: N. C

Schuman, L.onard M.C.nsulting Editor], 1963:
Research methodology and potential in community health and preventive medicine, a conference held by the New York Academy of Sciences, New York, N Y., USA, December, 1962

Kahan, A., 1950:
Research methodology, physiology and pathology of adaptation in different retinal zones

Adams, A.I., 1968:
Research methods abstract human community health epidemiology social research inst computer

Taylor, C.J., 1954:
Research methods and records connected with the tropical shelterwood system in the Gold Coast

Broch, Hjalmar, 1927:
Research methods in marine biogeography

Hofmann, Elise, 1930:
Research methods in paleobotany

Buchinger, Maria, 1961:
Research methods in the study of forest regeneration in Argentina

Overholts, L.O., 1929:
Research methods in the taxonomy of the Hymenomycetes

Levit, I.L.; Sharvtsburd, I.S., 1966:
Research methods of hypo thyroidism morbidity

Ruffinelli, A., 1961:
Research methods used in the Insecticides Section of the Biological Institute of Sao Paulo for insecticide assays

Underwood, J.C.yde; Willits, C.O., 1963:
Research modernizes the maple industry

Anonymous, 1929:
Research monograph, No. 1: Studies concerning the handling of milk

Jacobs, Homer, L., 1930:
Research needed on shade tree fertilizers

Becnel, I.J., 1948:
Research needed pertaining to new insecticides

Guthrie, E.H.; Schultz, C.S.; Davis, R.L., 1961:
Research needs and bottlenecks in school health

Barnes, J.M., 1967:
Research needs and priorities: toxicity of pesticides

Brown, A.W., 1967:
Research needs and priorities: biochemistry

Smith, C.N., 1967:
Research needs and priorities: genetic control, including the sterile-male technique

Crump, Lee, 1962:
Research needs associated with the safe use of chemicals in producing food and fiber

Haller, H.L., 1962:
Research needs in connection with the use of chemicals for production of food and fiber

Pederson, C.S., 1963:
Research needs in food microbiology: Food processing

Ingram, M., 1963:
Research needs in food microbiology: Food spoilage

Brown, W.L.; Vinton, C., 1963:
Research needs in food microbiology: Industry

Lewis, K.H., 1963:
Research needs in food microbiology: Public health

Mckee, J.E., 1961:
Research needs in ground water pollution

Doerfler, L.G.; Matthews, J.; Hirsh, I.; Johnson, K.O.; Schubert, E.; Eisenson, J.; Johnson, W.; Steer, M., 1959:
Research needs in speech pathology and audiology

Heid, J.L., 1947:
Research needs in the citrus industry

Headlee, Thomas, J., 1935:
Research needs of codling moth control

Knipling, E.F., 1956:
Research needs on mosquitoes in relation to agriculture

Dewar, M.R.; Parfitt, G.J., 1951:
Research note on the preparation of tomato peptone agar medium

Rao, D.V.K.ishna; Venkateswarlu, J., 1962:
Research note on the protein of rice as affected by foliar spray of urea

Richey, D.J., 1964:
Research note: A comparison of serum dilution techniques for the tube hemagglutination-inhibition test

Garcia; Alvariz, L.A., 1967:
Research note: A dieback disease of mangos

C.I.Boyer, Jr. and J.A.Brown, 1963:
Research note Protection of turkeys vaccinated with fowl cholera bacterins

Calnek, B.W., 1964:
Research note; Attempts to substitute cytopathogenic viruses for Rous sarcoma virus in the resistance-inducing-factor test

Pearson, W.G.; Harrison, B.A., 1967:
Research notes on Aedes aegypti feeding on the eastern garter snake Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis

Paulian, R., 1955:
Research notes on biologically important insects of Madagascar XXI-XXIV

Quortrup, E.R.; Sudheimer, R.L., 1942:
Research notes on botulism in western marsh areas with recommendations for control

Fox, Irving; Rivera, G.A.; Ritchie, L.S., 1967:
Research notes. Chlorine induced resistance to Bayluscide in the eggs of Australorbis glabratus

Ramanujam, S., 1935:
Research notes Male sterility in rice

Rangaswami, A.yangar, G.N.; Hariharan, P.V., 1935:
Research notes. Pennisetum typhoides and Pennisetum leonis

Anonymous, 2009:
Research of Low NOx Combustion with Large-Angle Counter Flow of a Fuel-Rich Jet and Its Particle-Dynamics Anemometer PDA Experiment

Gauze, G.F., 1967:
Research of Soviet scientists devoted to finding new antibiotics

Vasseur, B.; Mignon, M.; Cerf, M.; Hardouin, J.P.; Debray, C., 1967:
Research of a gastro secretagogue activity in the tumor and in the nontumoral pancreas in the course of zollinger ellisons syndrome abstract human

Rudali, G., 1963:
Research of a thymic hormone in the aetiology of lymphoid leukosis in AkR mice

Andreoni, O.; Monaci, V.; Giubertoni, C., 1960:
Research of adenoviruses in respiratory and enteric infections of infancy

D.R.tis, F.; Granati, A., 1947:
Research of an eventual extra-thyroidal action by thiourea on the basal metabolic rate

D.C.stro, A.F.P.stana; Rosa, C.A.S.nta; D.A.meida, W.Ferreira; Troise, C., 1966:
Research of antileptospiral antibodies among butchers in some towns of the State of Sao Paulo

Berti, T.; Visentini, P., 1958:
Research of antiviral chemotherapy. I. Chelates of bismuth with pyrocatechol sodium disulfonate

Berti, T.; Visentini, P.; Meneghelli, P., 1960:
Research of antiviral chemotherapy. II. Action of compound P 8 on experimental influenza in the chick embryo and mouse

Cavrila, I.; Pascariu, C.; Mihoc, M., 1968:
Research of complete and incomplete agglutinins and hem agglutins for the diagnosis of the infections due to salmonella typhimurium

Devos, A.; Viaene, N.; Spanoghe, L.; Devriese, L., 1968:
Research of egg yolk agglutinins as a method of detection of the infection due to mycoplasma gallisepticum

Dumitrescu, I.F.; Nicolau, V.; Dragomirescu, C.; Golovanov, C., 1968:
Research of electro physiology concerning the active points of skin film abstract human

Rudek, F.P.; Belasco, N., 1963:
Research of electrol -ysis cell Fuel cell method of recovering potable water from urine

Plouvier, V., 1967:
Research of flavone heterosides in some fraxinus d tilia d and diverse plants new species with rhoifolin linarin diosmin hesperidin kaempferitrin

Roux, J.B.; Chirinian, G., 1959:
Research of haploids in Upland cotton varieties

Hennen, G., 1965:
Research of human anti-thyroglobulin antibodies by hemagglutination and immunoelectro-phoresis

Young, J.H.; Nelson, G.L., 1967:
Research of hysteresis between sorption and desorption isotherms of wheat

Koch, Manfred, 1965:
Research of migrating butterflies in Hungary

Tison, F.; Tacquet, A.; Devulder, B., 1967:
Research of mycobacteria in swimming-pool water and sewage in the Northern region. Techniques. Results

Viallier, J., 1967:
Research of mycobacteria in the water

Krug, H., 1958:
Research of photoperiodism and practice of plant cultivation

Catsaras, M.; Momal, J., 1967:
Research of salmonella in feces after administration of antibiotics human

Russo, V.; Assumma, M., 1967:
Research of serum antibodies neutralizing the reo virus in a sample of the roman italy population human

Chevallier, J.; Jacquot Armand, Y.; Yon, J., 1964:
Research of some enzymatic activity in the hydrolysis products of trypsin

Kono Valova, L.M., 1965:
Research of specific therapy for trichinosis I Quinacrine hydrochloride, Dipterex , monomycin, and preparation OGS in experimental trichinosis in rats

Cascialli, M.; Villa, L.; Turla, B.; Hecht Lucari, G., 1966:
Research of staphylococcus in Obstetrical Clinic, University of Rome

Jannaccone, Amedeo, 1966:
Research of the Institute of Agronomy on the University of Catania on the cultivation of early potatoes in Sicily

Kang, Y.Sun; Wan, K.Cho; In, S.Lee, 1964:
Research of the Korean population genetics: IX. Studies on the sex ratio at birth and fertility of the artist and gymnast population

Ackermann, Hans Wolfgang, 1968:
Research of the air fungi by culture since 1940

Compere, R.; Vanuytrecht, S., 1965:
Research of the anti toxic dose in the treatment of molybdenosis by copper rat antidote

Deltour, G.; Broekhuysen, J.; Ghislain, M.; Bourgeois, F.; Binon, F., 1967:
Research of the benzofuran series. XXI. Inhibitory effect of phenol benzofuranic derivatives and some analogous substances on hepatic xanthine oxidase in the rat in vitro

Herold, M.; Kabacoff, O.; Cahn, J., 1961:
Research of the cumulative effects comparing d-tubocurarine, toxiferine, and diallyl-nor-toxiferine

Mezzetti, A., 1939:
Research of the etiology of piticchia batterica of lemon fruits

Frei, P.C.; Cruchaud, S., 1962:
Research of the fixation of normal human gammaglobulin on tissues

Russo, R., 1966:
Research of the foetal red corpuscles in the maternal blood using the immunofluorescence technique

Brisou, J., 1968:
Research of the microbial enz catalases by the titanyl sulfate bacteria

Alemanno, A.; Assuma, M.; Balestrieri, A.; IeoniG., 1966:
Research of the poliomyelitic virus in the sewers of the poor section of the city during the first year of live and attenuated vaccinations of Sabin vaccine

Vitez, I., 1968:
Research of the production of anaerobic toxins part 1 clostridium botulinum toxin type a and type b

Horel, J., 1950:
Research of the utility value of the edible legumes

Chunlong Liu; Zhongqiu Li; Fugang Peng; Yanming Ren; Zhuolong Wang, 2009:
Research on Yucca schidigera extract feeding on the rumen ecology, protozoal populations and serum chemistries of sheep

Raffa, L.; Pecorarl, P., 1963:
Research on 1,2,4-benzo-thiadiazines. XXVIII. Preparation of 5,7-dichloro-l,2,4-benzothia-diazine-l,l-dioxide

Songbai Cheng; Guohua Chen; Qingguang Chen; Xueying Xiao, 2009:
Research on 3D dynamic visualization simulation system of toxic gas diffusion based on virtual reality technology

Pichinoty, Francis, 1965:
Research on A and B bacterial nitrate reductases

Pragay, D., 1958:
Research on Actin polymerization

Denne, W.; Spiller, D.; Kelsey, J.M., 1944:
Research on Anobium punctatum deGeer

Maugini, Elena, 1960:
Research on Atractylis gummifera L

Lepage, H.S.; Giannotti, O., 1951:
Research on BHC. The pure gamma isomer of BHC and its application as insecticide

Sensenbrenner, M.; Bader, A.M.; Terranova, T.; Mandel, P., 1963:
Research on Bacillus proteus P 18 and the L-forms derived from it. I. Quantitative study of the ribo- and deoxyribonucleic acids In: Joint meeting of the Belgian Society of Biochemistry and the Society of Biological Chemistry, 1963 Abstract only

Carrada, G.Carlo, 1967:
Research on Bryozoa found in Italy. III. Paludicella articulata in Lake S. Puoto

Gambirasio, Cesare, 1959:
Research on C-reactive protein in out patients during dispensary work

Felici, A.; Castelli, L.; Balducci, D.; Balducci, M.; Bertino, P.; Defabritiis, A.; Jemolo, A.M.; Mancini, G.; Moretti, M.T.; Perugini, S.; Santoro, R.; Verani, P.; Vozza, R.; Penso, G., 1964:
Research On Cells And Viruses. 1962. Synthesis Of Research Activity Carried Out In The Cell And Virus Section Of The Department Of Microbiology

Berrios, Angeles, 1960:
Research on Chagas disease in Costa Rica by the complement fixation test

Viala, Guy, 1967:
Research on Chlamydomonas nivalis Wille in the Pyrenees

Claes, H., 1962:
Research on Chlorella mutants: The transfer of energy between excited chlorophyll and carotenoids Contribution to the physiology and morphology of the algae

Parisi, V., 1960:
Research on Collembola. Morphometric data on the ontogeny of Orchesella villosa and description of a new species

Krug, Helmut Paulo, 1957:
Research on Conifers in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Elster, H.J., 1941:
Research on Coregonus wartmanni in 1940-1941

Holdaway, F.G., 1945:
Research on DDT for the control of agricultural insects in Hawaii

Drews, B.; Specht, H.; Schwartz, E., 1966 :
Research on DL-m-fluorotyrosine in the metabolism of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

May, P.; Niveleau, A.; Berger, G.; Brailovsky, C., 1967:
Research on DNA in the rat virus K

Grouet, D., 1967:
Research on Fusarium diseases. III. Hot-water treatment against Gladiolus Fusarium disease

Maraite, H.; Meyer, J.A., 1967:
Research on Fusarium diseases. IV. The effect of temperature on Fusarium wilt of peas

Bulit, J.; Louvet, J.; Bouhot, D.; Toutain, G., 1967:
Research on Fusarium diseases: I. Work on Bayoud, a Fusarium wilt of date palms in North Africa

Meyer, J.A., 1967:
Research on Fusarium diseases: II. Ecology and pathogeny of Fusarium oxysporum

Medina, M.; Nino, F., 1958:
Research on Genistein in T. subterraneum varieties and other species

Tian Xiaojuan; Tang Lingtian; Peng Li'e; L.X.nghong, 2008:
Research on Identification and Screen of Microbial Desulfurization Strains for Petroleum

Couturier, A., 1963:
Research on Mermithidae, nematode parasites of the common cockchafer

Servino, V., 1955:
Research on Micrococcus mycetoides Castellani 1942

Frank, R., 1949:
Research on Nasmyth's membrane

Collier, W.A.; Dinger, J.E., 1950:
Research on Newcastle disease, 1940-1942

Gervasio, Angela Maria, 1966:
Research on Ostracoda fauna in the upper and central parts of the Volturno River

Tuzet, Odette; Jehanne, F.anc, O.Manier, 1958:
Research on P. moseleyi of Natal. I. Study on the blood. II. Spermatogenesis

Bezubik, B., 1956:
Research on Polymorphus minutus and P. magnus

Frisch, John, E., 1959:
Research on Primate behavior in Japan

Attila, C., 1953:
Research on Q fever in Turkish animals

Staffe, Adolf, 1927:
Research on Radstadter cheese

Pirola, A., 1964:
Research on Sanguisorba dodecandra

Binns, W.O., 1962:
Research on Scottish forest soils

F.S.en; R.L.u, 2009:
Research on Solid-State Ethanol Fermentation Using Dry Sweet Sorghum Stalk Particles with Active Dry Yeast

Muspratt, J., 1955:
Research on South African Culicini HI A check list of the species and their distribution, with notes on taxonomy, bionomics and identification

Muspratt, J., 1962:
Research on South African Culictoi VII. A laboratory colony of Aedes aegypti

Gerard, J.; Reginster Haneuse, G., 1965:
Research on Staphylococcus in the atmospheric air

Dossena, G.; Sirtori, C.M., 1960:
Research on Staphylococcus pyogenes aureus in an obstetrical clinic

Seczkowska, Katarzyna, 1965:
Research on ThyBanoptera appearing on tobacco cultures in the voivoidship of Lublin

Testoni, P., 1933:
Research on Ustilago maidis

Martens, P.; Waterkeyn, L., 1964:
Research on W. mirabilis. IV. Germination and_ seedlings. Structure, function, and products of the stem a pical merigtem

Doguet, G., 1961:
Research on Wawelia regia. The nuclei of the asci and their distribution in the ascospores

Binopoulos, X., 1958:
Research on a Greek tobacco strain with low nicotine content

Vincent, Bernard, 1964:
Research on a basis for planting Salvelinus fontinalis in Put and Take lakes

Routchenko, W., 1965:
Research on a basis of interpretation of plant analyses in the study of their mineral nutrition Meetings of the Academy of Agriculture of France, Paris, February, 1965

Castelain, P.Y.; Privat, Y., 1958:
Research on a general conception of allergy and its applications in dermatology

Clifford, J.E.; Kolic, E.S.; Faust, C.L., 1964:
Research on a gravity-independent water-electrolysis cell with a palladium-silver alloy cathode

Marchi, G., 1957:
Research on a lepidopteran heliozelid Holocacista rivillei Staint., vine leaf miner

Jannakopulu, G.; Tedeschi, F.G.acomo, 1962:
Research on a metabolic pathway of oxalic-acid-C14 in animals

Olivetti, A.; Meregalli, A.E., 1968:
Research on a new egg yolk pigmenter streptomyces mediolani mycelium

Ponari, O.; Dallavalle, L.; Dettori, A.G.; Gallese, R., 1968:
Research on a new fibrinolytic agent extracted from human placenta (Thromboclase)

Santiago, E., 1967:
Research on a new series of metabolically active phospho lipids brain inst paper chromatography

Papachiriacu, E., 1960:
Research on a possible antigenic relationship between Leptospira and some Shigella strains

Van Bergen, W.E.L.; Schweigart, F., 1961:
Research on a possible symbiosis between lactic acid and wheat bran bacteria in lactic acid fermentation

Kasai, Hideko, 1954:
Research on a primary atypical pneumonia agent

Gillon, Y.; Gillon, D., 1965:
Research on a quantitative method of analysis of the population of an herbaceous environment

Delbarre, F.; Deltour, G.; Rose, A.; Olivier, J.L.; Binon, F., 1968:
Research on a series of benzofurans xxxi relation between the structure and uricosuric activity of certain para hydroxybenzoyl benzofurans in humans

Joly, Pacifique; Lebret, Michel; Sebileau, P., 1962:
Research on a simplified post-partum treatment. Role and advantages of synthetic oxytocin in a nasal spray

Saadi, Chaphick; Saadi, T., 1960:
Research on a technic to loosen the connective tissue in order to improve macro- and micro- dissection.

Pascal, M.; Legay, J.M., 1954:
Research on a test of silk quality in selection of silkworms

Yokoyama, S., 1967:
Research on a training effect of the sensitivity training concerned with mental health

Wulff, H.D.; Fritz, E., 1958:
Research on a variegated calamus

Roland, G., 1966:
Research on a virus giving mosaic to field bean

Dodson, J.; Wallman, H., 1964:
Research on a waste system for aerospace stations

Califano, L., 1955:
Research on aberrant forms of urinary bacteria

Ogawa, Masuo; Kondo, S.; Koizumi, M.; Tatsuke, J.; Otake, H., 1961:
Research on abnormal milk in Ibaraki Pref. In: Proceedings of the 51st meeting of the Japanese Society of Veterinary Science, Tokyo, Japan, April 1961

Susi, P.V.; Donoian, H.C., 1962:
Research on absorbing infrared rays with plastics and attenuating infrared rays with coatings

Santa, N.; Motelica, I., 1967:
Research on absorption and use of some hexoses in the carp.

Swietochowski, B.; Ploszynski, M.; Zurawski, H., 1968:
Research on action of differentiated doses of simazine herbic on some biochemical constituents of maize m and quack grass m and on crops of maize m and crops of successive plants sorghum m oats m

Vaicum, L.; Ghimboasa, C., 1968:
Research on activated sludge during the formation period by enz de hydrase

Popescu, V.; Mihail, M.; Revenco, P., 1967:
Research on activated sludge treatment of phenolic wastewaters from by-products coke plants

Calcaterra, P.C.; Schubert, D.W., 1967:
Research on active vibration isolation techniques for aircraft pilot protection

Streeter, D.N.; Raviv, J., 1966:
Research on advanced computer methods for biological data processing

Mene, Giuseppe, 1947:
Research on aerosols I Cardiovascular effects and glycemic variations produced by sympathico-mimetic substances administered as aerosols to normal and asthmatic subjects II Action of a sympathicomimetic substance administered as an aerosol on histaminic and allergic skin reactions

Swenson, T.L., 1946:
Research on agricultural products

Coghl, L.; Bellelli, E., 1965:
Research on air pollution to production stability of lead tetraethyl

NEWMAN, H.W., 1955:
Research on alcohol

Pellicciari, Roberto; Monache, F.Delle; Reyes, N.Lozano; Casinovi, C.G.; Marini, B.ttolo, G.B., 1966:
Research on alkaloids of Strychnos. XV. Alkaloids of Strychnos panamensis

Cervigni, Tommaso; Belli, M.Laura, 1962:
Research on alkylating chemical mutagens. Method of treatment with diethyl sulfate

Moreau, G., 1964:
Research on allergological factors in chronic bronchitis

Parnas, J., 1959:
Research on allergy and allergens in brucellosis

Recorder, A.M.; Besson, J.; Berato, J.; Charpentier, M.P., 1963:
Research on allergy to tuberculin. Results of investigation with tuberculin in 600 subjects Abstract only

Poli, Emilia, 1959:
Research on alpine vegetation on Etna

Cavier, Raymond, 1966:
Research on an anthelminthic activity in some hetero-cycles

Merklen, Feldc, P., 1963 :
Research on an antihistaminic factor by seroagglutination on polystyrene latex

Oddoux, L.; Porte, 1968:
Research on an effect of kinetine on the mycelial growth of several higher fungi

Tsutsumi, Masataka, 1961:
Research on an experimental nephritis in rabbits

Johnson, D.E.; Goodson, T., 1965:
Research on analysis of amino acids by gas chromatography

Griuner, S.A.; Anonymous, 1927:
Research on and cure of hoof disease of northern reindeer

Camoni, I.; D'antonio, C.; Gandolfo, N.; Leoni, V.; Ramelli, G.C.; Sampaolo, A., 1967:
Research on and determination of O,O-dunethyl-S- -diniio-phosphate in olive oil

Menzies, R.J.; George, R.Y., 1968:
Research on antarctic isopods 1966 1967 ecology

Abrami, G., 1965:
Research on anthesic rhythm. II. Phenological study of Primula acaulis Hill. and Tussilago farfara L

Perez Barre, Fernando, 1967:
Research on anthraquinone compounds in Relbunium hypocarpium

Kinget, R., 1966:
Research on anthraquinonic drugs. XV. Chromatographlc separation and isolation of derivatives reduced from the bark of Rhannnllspurihiana

Seigneurin, R.; Duborgel; Seigneurin J M., 1966:
Research on anti rickettsial and neorickettsial serum antibodies by girouds micro agglutination value and interpretation in alpine regions abstract human

Winter, A.G.; Hornbostel, M., 1953:
Research on antibiotics from higher plants. IX. Report. Gaseous inhibitions from C. armoracia and their action in the human body if taken per os

Athanasiu, P.; Marin, D.; Surdan, C.; Petresco, A., 1966:
Research on antiblotherapy with tetracycline compounds in chronic pneumopathy having positive serologlcal reactions for rickettsia or pararickettsia

Jacquet, J., 1963:
Research on anticancer chemotherapy with the antifolic amethopterin. Application to epithelioma T 8 in the rat

Chernov, V.A., 1964:
Research on antineoplastic agents in Czechoslovakia

Research on antithrombin V in Kahler's disease

Roosje, G.S., 1963:
Research on apple and pear scab in the Netherlands from 1938 until 1961

Sundt, E.; Winter, M., 1962:
Research on aroma. 6th report. Analysis of the essential oils of the raspberry. II. The alcohols

Winter, M.; Palluy, E.; Hinder, M.; Willhalm, B., 1962:
Research on aromas. 4th report. Procedure for isolation of the volatile constituents of strawberries and raspberries

Goldman, I.M.; Seibl, J.; Flament, I.; Gautschi, F.; Winter, M.; Willhalm, B.; Stoll, M., 1967:
Research on aromas. On the aroma of coffee: II. Pyrazines and pyridines

Irwin, R.Beckey; West, J.Fitch; Trombetta, M.A., 1964:
Research on articulation disorders: I. Effectiveness of speech therapy for second-grade children with misarticulation: Predictive factors

Morency, Anne; Wepman, J.M., 1964:
Research on articulation disorders: II. Speech inaccuracy as related to etiology

Nichols, A.C., 1964:
Research on articulation disorders: III. Differences between articulation examiners

Lejkina, E.S., 1965:
Research on ascariasis immunity and immunodiagnosis

Zabel, R.A.; Collins, D.L.; Yops, C.J., 1963:
Research on ash dieback

Wurtz, B.; Hubert, J.C., 1966:
Research on aspartase in Pseudomonas fluorescens. I. Demonstration of two fractions responsible for aspartisic activity

Magliocchetti-Lombi, P.; Babudieri, B., 1968:
Research on associated leptospira cultures

Kurosawa, Ryosuke, 1960:
Research on atypical endogenous psychoses

Cavaliere, R., 1952:
Research on autohemoantibodies I Formation of autohemoantibodies for experimental auto-sensitization in the rabbit

Stockli, A., 1951:
Research on azotobacter culture

Fredericq, P.; Joiris, E.; Betz Barreau, M.; Gratia, A., 1949:
Research on bacteria producing colicines in the stools of patients with paratyphoid B fever

Conroy, David, A., 1965:
Research on bacterial fish diseases in the Institute of Marine Biology

Topciu, V.; Barcaru, E.; Levin, S., 1962:
Research on bacteriophage and bacterial infections in the aceto-butylic fermentative industry

Mcclellan, W.D., 1949:
Research on basal rot of daffodils

Anonymous, 1961:
Research on bee venom

Currie, G.A., 1935:
Research on bees: Progress report II

ORR, D.B., 1964:
Research on Behavior Impairment Due to Stress: An Experiment in Long-Term Performance

Ricci, Adolfo; Martani, Alfio; Graziani, Osvaldo; Oliva, M.L., 1963:
Research on benzoisothiazole . II. Oxidation and nitration

Rosa, G.; Segato, G., 1963:
Research on bile externally drained through a biliary fistula .

Crippa, G.B., 1938:
Research on biochemical catalysts. 1. The effect of phenolic compounds on peptic digestion

Crippa, G.B.; Maffei, S., 1943 :
Research on biochemical catalysts. VII. Reduced glutathione and HCN in pepsin proteol-ysis in vitro

Nagler, M., 1968:
Research on biological aspects concerning fusarium oxysporum var gladioli and penicillium gladioli

Kellen, William, R., 1963:
Research on biological control of mosquitoes

Stroud, R.H., 1968:
Research on biological effects of water releases from various reservoir depths

Weiner, L.; Munteanu, A.; Ionescu, T., 1967:
Research on biological treatment of wastewaters from organic dye industry, mixed with sewage wastes

Combepine, G.; Turian, G., 1965:
Research on biosynthesis of glycine in wild and mutant types of Neurospora crassa 24th Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society of Microbiology, Lucerne, 11-13 June, 1965

Grisebach, H.; Vollmer, K.O.to, 1963:
Research on biosynthesis of salicylicacid methylester in Gaultheria procumbens

Kawashima, H., 1962:
Research on bird pox I. Mode of affliction, transmission and adaptation between chicken pox and pigeon pox and the study of the antigenic action of modified virus for the purpose of obtaining a vaccine against chicken pox. A chicken pox in the chicken and pigeon

Brozek, Josef, 1965:
Research on body composition and its relevance for human biology

Masoero, P.; Ambrosino, C.; Maletto, S.; Milone, M., 1967:
Research on bovine milk proteins related to the alimentary milk supply trophic values and chemical and physicochemical characteristics

Cerutti, G., 1966:
Research on buffalo milk produced in Sicily. 1. Fatty acids and -carotene

Jacobsen, D.H., 1959:
Research on butterfat in relation to current health problems

Parhon, C.C.; Barza, E., 1967:
Research on caecal absorption in domestic birds

Vlaicu, R.; Uza, G.; Itu, I., 1960:
Research on calcemia in atherosclerosis

Bergman, G.; Hammarstrom, L., 1968:
Research on calcified dental tissues the value of combining different methods abstract rat inst fluorescence microscopy auto radiography micro radiography histochemistry mineral deposition mineral content organic changes

Anonymous, 1963:
Research on cancer conducted by the laboratory at Oak Ridge

HELLER, J.R., 1960:
Research on cancer viruses

D.C.ro, G.; Farruggia, L., 1966:
Research on capillary permeability activity of 52 synthetic peptides related to eledoisin and physalaemin

Severini, V.; Di Giorgio, G., 1968:
Research on capillary resistance in gerontology

Brunella, B.; Mezzetti, T.; Ciuffini, G., 1968:
Research on carbohydrates in biological fluids via thin layer chromatography

Kramer, K., 1964:
Research on cardiac pressoreceptors

Bentzen, A.J., 1965:
Research On Cardiovascular Diseases

D.N.gri, R.D.nes; Luppi, A., 1960:
Research on carriers of Ancylostoma duodenale and other macroparsites among the workers in the province of Rovigo

Ulewicz, Kazimierz, 1957:
Research on carrying internal parasites by adults and children at pre-school age

Romagnoli, A.; Catarsini, O.; Piro, A., 1963:
Research on cattle transported by rail behavior of blood serum calcium and phosphorus in fattening and slaughter males

Schlemmer, F., 1939:
Research on celandine

Sullivan, J.D.; Sachs, I.B., 1967:
Research on cellulose morphology

Derevici, A.; Popesco, A.; Popesco, N., 1964:
Research on certain biological properties of propolis

Gautheret, R.J., 1964:
Research on certain factors which influence the differentiation of cribro-vascular elements in tissues of Jerusalem artichoke cultivated in vitro

Spirchez, Z., 1958:
Research on certain morphological characteristics of the seeds of the spruce

Perju, A.; Strimbeanu, I., 1964:
Research on changes in biocenosis and morphophysiology of vagina after treatment with Flagyl per os

Zamfirescu, N.R.; Felberg, B., 1966:
Research on changes of the carotid sphygmogram in arterial hypertension

Lindqvist, Borje; Storgards, T., 1954:
Research on cheese ripening. II. Investigation of the soluble nitrogen in cheese by combined ethanol fractionation and paper electrophoresis

Lindqvist, B.; Storgards, T., 1957:
Research on cheese ripening. IV. Changes in the electro-phoretic picture of different types of cheese during ripening

Lindqvist, B.; Storgards, T., 1956:
Research on cheese-ripening HI Examination of casein degradation products by electrophoresis

Chenfong, K., 1930:
Research on chemical composition of mulberry leaves

Reverberi, G.; Mounard, M., 1963:
Research on chemical embryology of Ascidia. 3 Study of amino-acid activity in Ciona ovocytes 11th Meeting of the Italian Embryological Group, Milan, 1962 Abstract only

Hung T C.; Lee C W.; Wai, N., 1968:
Research on chemical oceanography in the kuroshio around taiwan island abstract ph dissolved oxygen salinity seasonal variation

Bozzo, A., 1947:
Research on chemo-therapeutic synergism in vitro. I. The antibacterial activity of streptomycin associated with penicillin or sulfonamides on Brucella. II. The antibacterial action of streptomycin with peni-cillin and sulfonamides on Eberthella, Salmonella, Shigella, and Escherichia. III. The antibacterial activity of extracts of A. hortensis with streptomycin and sulfonamides

Cairaschi, E.A., 1963 :
Research on cherry fruit moth and methods of chemical control

Frederic, J.; Chevremont, M., 1952:
Research on chondriosomes of living cells by means of phase contract microscopy and microcinematography

Tixier Vidal, A., 1966:
Research on chromatographic separation of intrathyroid iodo-thyronines in the mallard duck

Arrigo, F.; Scaffidi, L., 1968:
Research on chronic and experimental gastritis gastric lesions from epinephrine and pilocarpine

Piancatelli, G.; Corsano, S., 1968:
Research on cimigenol stereochemistry at c 15 and structure of the xyloside actaea racemosa d tri terpene

Bell, N.H.; Gill, Johnr.; Bartter, F.C., 1961:
Research on clinical aspects of sarcoidosis. Calcium metabloism in sarcoidosis

Heitz, R.M.; Jones, G.W., 1967:
Research on closed-cell sponge as a pressure technique for protective assemblies

Chiarini, P.; Melani, F., 1960:
Research on co-enzyme A in the erythrocytes of normal subjects and of patients with hepatocellular damage

Sichel, G., 1964:
Research on coelomocytes in Polychaeta: Note IV. Observations on the ultrastructure of coelomocytes of Perinereis cultrifera

Folkers, K., 1967:
Research on coenzyme Q

Hasai, Hideko, 1954:
Research on cold hemagglutination test

Vespremeanu, Emil, E., 1966:
Research on colonies of birds in the zone of the Calarasi Lakes

Wright, W.D., 1942:
Research on colour physics at South Kensington, 1877-1942

Russo, V.; Assumma, M., 1967:
Research on complement fixing serum antibodies with regard to the respiratory syncytial virus in a group of romans

Rusch, F.; Semenitz, E., 1954:
Research on complement-fixation reaction in acute anterior poliomyelitis

Antoniu, R.; Teodoru, O.I.; Popa, M.; Gruia, E.; Salay, G., 1966:
Research on conditions of using domestic wastewaters for irrigation in the Tuzla-Eforie zone

Antoniu, R.; Teodoru, O.I.; Gruia, E.; Popa, M., 1966:
Research on conditions of using the industrial waste-waters from manufacturing amidine for irrigation

Ochi, K.; Kojima, K., 1961:
Research on control measures against injurious insects that attack nursery stock I The lives of white grubs and wireworms in the soil

Lindzey, James, S., 1960:
Research on control of blackbird depredations

Anonymous, 1957:
Research on corn in the Kirov oblast Corn Growing in the USSR Referat Zhur, Biol, 1959, No 53150

Ballerini, T., 1943:
Research on correlations between the environmental conditions and the variations of life cycle in V. nebulifera

Dimitrova, L., 1968:
Research on cotton d sterility

Ruiz, Valerianoo, 1966:
Research on cotton, sesame, African palm and coconut palm

Ricou, G., 1967:
Research on crane fly populations the effect of certain ecological factors on tipula paludosa

Tedeschi, G.G.; Mangiantini, M.T., 1958:
Research on creatine 1-Cl4 metabolism. Note 1: Distribution of radioactivity in the tissues

Tedeschi, G.G.; Mangiantini, M.T., 1958:
Research on creatine-l-C14 metabolism - Note II: Excretion, expiration of creatine-l-Cl4O2 in vitro tests

Shetter, David, S., 1953:
Research on creel-size trout has increased the trout-stream anglers sport

Mazzarone, R.; D'ambrosio, G., 1960:
Research on cutaneous reactivity to histoplasmin in subjects living in the province of Matera and in emigrants returned from U. S. A.

Thrombetta, N.; Cozzi, M., 1963:
Research on cytopathic viruses in immature newborns

P'an, C.; Chen, C.S.; Jao, T.C.; Ku, K.S.; Chou, K.J., 1963:
Research on dacron made in China as material for reconstruction of cardiac defects

Giege, Bengt, 1965:
Research on damage by voles on plants of economic importance in Sweden

Duranti, Arnaldo, 1964:
Research on deep ploughing in a hot dry atmosphere

Sabin, A.B., 1952:
Research on dengue during World War II

Hotta, Susumu; Fujita, Nobuya; Yasui, Yoshio; Okubo, Yoshiko; Maruyama, T., 1966:
Research on dengue in tissue culture: HI. Immunogenic effect of a tissue-cultured type I virus strain

Shimazu, Y.; Aoki, H.; Hotta, S., 1966:
Research on dengue in tissue culture. II. Further observations on virus-tissue culture affinity

Vaicum, L.; Godeanu, G.; Sirbu, X., 1966:
Research on determination of the treatment efficiency of activated sludge plants by enzymatic methods

Falkmer, S., 1967:
Research on diabetes mellitus review of present projects and plans for future research rev skin islet parenchymal cells insulin molecule human

Messerli, H., 1954:
Research on dietary protein as a cause of hemochromatosis

Fodor, O.; Aldea, G.; N.; Tragor, S., 1961:
Research on digestion in achlorhydria

Pomeroy, B.S., 1968:
Research on diseases of poultry salmonella arizona air sacculitis complex bluecomb disease mycoplasma gallisepticum turkey

Vasiliu Suceveanu, N.; Georgescu, R., 1967:
Research on diseases of the carp in fish hatcheries in the Danube Delta

Renk, W., 1966:
Research on diseases of young animals 6th Congress of the German Veterinary Medicine Society

Candeli, A.; Mastrandrea, V., 1964:
Research on dissociation of B. anthracis.

Schmidt, Jonas, 1949:
Research on domestic animals in the service of nutrition

Nigond, J., 1967:
Research on dormancy in grape d vine buds i general characteristics of bud development

Nigond, J., 1967:
Research on dormancy in grapevine d buds iii the role of temperature in the development of dormancy

Nigon, J., 1967:
Research on dormancy in vine buds iv discussion of the results and conclusions

Nigond, J., 1967:
Research on dormancy in vine buds, II. The role of biological factors in the development of dormancy

Murari, G., 1964:
Research on drug protein bonds: influence of furazolidone and nitrofurantoin on electrophoretic mobility of human bovine serum fractions

Kinget, R., 1967:
Research on drugs with anthraquinone structure. XVI. Determination of the structure of reduced anthracene derivatives extracted from the bark of Rhamnus purshiana

Vanden, B.lcke, M., 1956:
Research on dysphasia and troubles in the acquisition of language Psychol. Absts., 32 No. 3114. 1958

Scossiroli, R.E.; Micardi, L., 1967:
Research on ecological genetics of spontaneous seed populations

Fassl, Bruno; D.V.cchi, E., 1962:
Research on ectotrophic mycorrhizae of Pinus strobus in nurseries. L Description of some of the most common forms in the Piedmont

Cayrol, J.C.; Ritter, M., 1962:
Research on eelworm disease of lily of the valley caused by Pratylenchus convallariae Seinhorst

Rudek, F.P.; Warner, H., 1964:
Research on electric arc reduction of carbon dioxide

Monroy, A., 1941:
Research on electric current derivable from the surface of the body of Triton in normal adults and during regeneration of the limbs and tail

Costa, A.; Mortara, M., 1958:
Research on endemic cretinism

Cassano, C.; Torsoli, A.; Ramorino, M.L.; Colagrande, C., 1963:
Research on endoradiosound and cinefluorographic studies of intestinal motility Topical problems in diseases of the alimentary tract, Munich, 1962

Aibara, Y., 1967:
Research on environmental control for the inst windowless poultry house from the viewpoint of farm structure

Razet, P.; Retiere, C., 1967:
Research on enzymes in the uricolysis chain in polychaete Annelida

Anonymous, 1940:
Research on epidemic dropsy

Baldasserini, G., 1966:
Research on escherichia colofoetida in patients with and without halitosis

Mrochkov, K.A.; Gusev, A.I.; Kolotvin, F., 1960:
Research on establishing optimum conditions for the processing of subcutaneous whale blubber in the vacuum apparatus chain of the slava

Timon David, Jean, 1957:
Research on experimental development of Brachylecithum alfortense, dicrocoeliid parasite of the biliary ducts of the magpie

Wisniewski, Henryk, 1961:
Research on experimental filling of the ventricular system of dogs

Graux, P.; Biserte, G.; Guazzi, G.; Steenhouver, B.; Clamour, M., 1966:
Research on factors of senile myelopathy

Fidandza, Alberto; Vina, G.C.A.; Moretti, Gabriella; Mollica, A., 1967:
Research on fatty acid metabolism: observations on liver lipids of panothenic acid deficient rats terated with q-methylpantothenic acid. II: Gas chromatographic analysis of lipid fractions

Jakubowski, A.; Sobierajska, I., 1962:
Research on fatty acids composition in phospholipids of colza oil

Okuzono, H., 1955:
Research on fatty liver. 1. On fatty liver induced by antitubercular substances

Okuzono, H., 1955:
Research on fatty liver. I. On fatty liver induced by antitubercular substances

Omodeo, P., 1964:
Research on fauna and zoogeography in Sicily. II. Oligochaetes from Sicily

Mastrandrea, G.; Tlardi, T.; Stronati, P., 1968:
Research on fecal occult blood review of principle methods and personal contribution

Chaminade, R., 1965:
Research on fertilization at the institute of tropical agronomic research basic principles techniques experimental results

Barelli, Luigi, 1933:
Research on fever in hibernating animals

Marini, B.ttolo, G.B.; Angeletti, P.U.; Salvi, M.L.; Tentori, Leonardo; Vivaldi, G., 1965:
Research on ficin: Note I. Purification, characterization and composition of amino acids

Dresco, E., 1968:
Research on field spiders of the genus ischyropsalis family ischyropsalidae vii ischyropsalis gigantea new species

Burnet, E., 1926:
Research on filtrable forms of bacteria. Experiments with the plague bacillus

Hayhurst, L.J., 1952:
Research on flexible film for packaging

Gutfreund, Kurt, 1962:
Research on fog-resistant materials for high-altitude helmet visors

Wolff, R.; Drouet, P.L.; Karlin, R., 1949:
Research on folic conjugase in the plasma. Study of some effectors

de Groot, A.P.; Til, H.P., 1965:
Research on food toxicology

Gillespie, J.H.; Frenkel, H.S., 1955:
Research on foot-and-mouth disease. VIII. Titration of foot-and-mouth disease making use of surviving tongue epithelium from vaccinated cattle

Frederiks, H.H.J., 1956:
Research on foot-and-mouth disease X The tit ration of cultivated foot-and-mouth disease virus in cattle, compared with the titer of that obtained in the quantitative complement fixation test

Twiss, R.H.; Litton, R.B.rton, 1967:
Research on forest environmental design

Craig, J.B.; Miller, H.G., 1966:
Research on forest soils and tree nutrition

Burger, Hans, 1954:
Research on forestry and forest products in Switzerland

Cherbuliez, E.; Espejo, O.; Willhalm, B.; Rabinowitz, J., 1968:
Research on formation and transformation of esters LXXIX Reaction of o-methoxycarbonyl-phenyl isothiocyanate with various acids and serine phosphoric acid

Bayon, H.P., 1934:
Research on fowl paralysis and allied conditions

Kawashima, H., 1962:
Research on fowl pox. I. Crossed transmission- and pigeon pox and testing of the anti-genicity of the modified virus for the purpose of obtaining a vaccine against chicken pox. B. Pigeon pox from pigeon and chickens and a virus isolated from a bird

Ehrenberg, Anders, 1961:
Research on free radicals in enzyme chemistry and in radiation biology

Pence, J.W., 1961:
Research on freezing of bakery products

Nicholas, John, E., 1946:
Research on frozen foods

Sherman, J.K., 1964:
Research on frozen human semen. A discussion of its past, present, and future

Woodroof, J.G.; Shelor, E.; Cecil, I.A., 1948:
Research on frozen sweet corn

Crosse, J.E., 1964:
Research on fungal and bacterial diseases of top fruits

Cassini, R., 1968:
Research on fusarium disease iv fusarium taxonomy fusarium roseum var arthrosporioides new variety key

Garrgiues, Raymond, 1953:
Research on galls, cancer and the action of carcinogenic hydrocarbons on plants

Greenhalgh, C.M.; Hyatt, R.B., 1956:
Research on game farm methods in Chukar partridge production

Vasseur, B.; Mignon, M.; Cerf, M.; Martin, E.; Hardouin J P.; Debray, C., 1968:
Research on gastro secretagogue substances in 3 zollinger ellison syndromes in a langerhansien adenoma and normal pancreas abstract human

Mayer, G.; Mayoux, A., 1966:
Research on genetic blood anomalies in a population of the Madagascar coast

Scott, J.P.; Fuller, J.L., 1951:
Research on genetics and social behavior

Anonymous, 1966:
Research on genetics in psychiatry. Report of a WHO Scientific Group

Dennis, J.Bailey, 1958:
Research on gibberellin II The effects of gibberellin on Escherichia coli

Margara, J., 1967:
Research on gibberellins and flowering in beet d

Boitor, I.; Bogdan, A.T., 1966:
Research on glandular cystic hyperplasia of the endometrium in cows with ovarian cysts

Contu, P., 1961:
Research on glial architecture of South American Primates. Cebus capucinus

Contu, Paolo, 1961:
Research on glial architecture of South American reptiles Caiman latirostris

Stahl, J.; Dorner, M., 1957:
Research on glucagon. I. Site of origin of glucagon in the pancreas of the dog

Tholey, G.; Wurtz, B., 1967:
Research on glucose oxidase in Aspergillus niger. II. Demonstration of induction of this enzyme: Condition of its biosynthesis

Dreyfus, J.C.; Maleknia, N.; Kaplan, J.C., 1964:
Research on glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency in France: 200 blood samples

Lin C Y., 1968:
Research on glue laminated wood schefflera d lauan d alder d machilus d

Brighenti, L.; Serafini, V., 1965:
Research on glyconeogenesis in oysters

Munch Petersen, Carl Julius, 1927:
Research on glycorrhachia

Nelson, C.T., 1961:
Research on granulomatous diseases In: Internatl. Conf. Sarcoidosis, June 1960

Sjollema, B.; Van Koelsveld, E.E.; Grashuis, J.; Lehr, J.J., 1955:
Research on grass-tetany

Sjollema, B.; Grashuis, J.; Van Koetsveld, E.E.; Lehr, J.J., 1955:
Research on grass-tetany in cattle

Tombesi, L.; Celestre, M.T., 1967:
Research on greenhouse hydroponics part 1 nutrient requirements of strawberries d

Anonymous, 1965:
Research on health services

Lamperi, S.; Gemma, G.B.; Bachi, V.; Ciravegna, G., 1963:
Research on hematocrit value and circulating blood volume in various organic preparations of shocked animals

Warter, J.; Mantz, J.M.; Hamman, R., 1962:
Research on hemopoietin . I. Erythropoletic power of the washings from isolated and hypoxic veal kidney

Califano, L.; Caselli, P., 1949:
Research on hemovanadin. I. Demonstration of a protein

Califano, L.; Caselli, P., 1950:
Research on hemovanadium. II. Spectrophotometric analysis

Seelkopf, C.; Rodriguez Sanchez, J.; Corothie, H., 1959:
Research on herbaceous plants as a raw material for pulp and paper

Hoffmann, G.M., 1964:
Research on heterocaryosis in F. oxysporum f. callistephi

Rimniceanu, C.; Miclea, C., 1959:
Research on homeo and heterostadial transplantations of embryonic liver in chick embryo

Precht, H., 1956:
Research on homing of birds

Legg, J.T.; Ormerod, P.J., 1959:
Research on hop virus diseases at East Mailing

Aschkenasy, A.; Pariente, P., 1953:
Research on hormonal regulation of protein utilization by the hemopoietic system

Ercoli, A., 1962:
Research on hormone-dependent mammary tumor induced by carcinogenic substances

Frank, Robert, 1949:
Research on human enamel

Grime, G., 1958:
Research on human factors in road transport

World Health Organization, 1968:
Research on human population genetics

OTTO, H.A., 1964:
Research on Human Potentialities: Application to Geriatric Programs

Golem, S.B., 1950:
Research on immunity in Newcastle disease

Fiaschi, E.; Ippolito, A., 1956:
Research on immunity in brucellosis

Milgrom, F.; Czyzewski, K.; Falkiewicz, A.; Micewicz, M.; Matej, H.; Tokarz, F., 1953:
Research on immunology of grafts

Lemetayer, E.; Nicol, L.; Girard, O.; Corvazier, R.; Cheyroux, M., 1949:
Research on in vitro dissociation of specific anatoxin vis-a-vis the complex nerve plus tetanus toxin

Raicu, Petre, 1961:
Research on inbred strains of maize

Bose, B.C.; Trivedi, C.P.; Bose, S.N., 1957:
Research on indigenous drugs their scope and limitations

Kitajima, S.; Ito, T.; H.; E.A., 1959:
Research on infertile dairy cattle in Simono-seki city and Toyoura District

Thomson, W.S., 1930:
Research on infestation of stored products. 1 Entomological aspects survey and inspection work

Bunting, R.H., 1930:
Research on infestation of stored products. II. Mycological aspects

Orsi, Nicola; Calio, R., 1963 :
Research on influenza virus haemagglutination inhibitors. IL Chromatographic study on DEAE-cellulose column of inhibitory components of rabbit serum

Weber, F.; L.R.y, H.L.; Lortscher, H., 1958:
Research on inheritance of the scoring results on cows as basis for a new simplified scoring method

Joly, Patrick, 1966:
Research on inhibition of germination observed in multispores of Trichotuecium roseum

Lespagnol, A.; Bar, D.; Erb Debruyne, M.; Delhomenie Sauvage, M.; Labiau, M.; Tudo, M., 1960:
Research on inhibitors of carbonic anhydrase

Galliard, H.; Lapierre, J., 1950:
Research on initial development of P. berghei

Anonymous, 1962:
Research on insect control

Matthysse, John, G., 1957:
Research on insecticidal control of Philippine crop pests

Ingram, J.W.; Bynum, E.K.; Haley, W.E.; Charpentier, L.J., 1944:
Research on insecticidal control of the sugarcane borer in 1943 by the Houma, La., Laboratory

Potter, C., 1965:
Research on insecticides and their safety in use

Coz, J.; Hamon, J., 1967:
Research on insecticides use on the anti paludal struggle

Manoliu, M.; Pirvu, T.; Cosmin, O., 1963:
Research on interspecific and intergeneric hybrids of wheat to obtain material for improvement

Negri, R.; Von Lorch, L.; D.F.lip, G.; Alberti, S., 1958:
Research on intestinal establishment of several species of bacteria

Bernard, A.; Lamelin, P., 1967:
Research on intra hepatic circulation using inst pharmaco radiology heterogeneity and functional histology abstract

Varrone, Stelio; Macceha, Vincenzo; Roche, J., 1966:
Research on iodoproteins of tunicates: Ciona intestinales

Klosa, J., 1955:
Research on isolation of Vitamin B12

Richardson, Henry, H., 1931:
Research on kerosene extracts of pyrethrum

Barre, P., 1966:
Research on lactic acid bacteria of wines: I. Isolation and classification

BOLCATO, V., 1950:
Research on lactomannitic bacteria. X Simultaneous fixation of trioses, pyruvic acid and acetaldehyde in heterolactic fermentations with living cells

Matei, D., 1967:
Research on lakes with the hydroenergy plant, Bistrita, downstream from Bicaz

Coghi, L.; Bellelli, E., 1967:
Research on lead air pollution caused by motor vehicles in Parma

Salontai, A.; Marcu, T., 1966:
Research on leaf and root absorption of phosphorus 32 in the autumn wheat m variety

Bohart, G.E., 1961:
Research on legume pollination In: The contribution to the agriculture of the intermountain area

Olitzki, A.L., 1951:
Research on leptospirosis in Israel and the Near East

Paolucci, S., 1963:
Research on life and health conditions of old persons in Ancona

Simonis, Wilhelm; Urbach, W., 1963:
Research on light-dependent phos-phorylation in A. braunii. IX. Effect of phosphate concentration, temperature, inhibitors, sodium ions, and preillumination

Hayashi, S.; Nishimoto, K.; Kishima, T., 1967:
Research on liquid penetration into wood by soaking method relation between penetration and ph of liquid

Spanneda, A.; Aro Mando, A., 1939:
Research on local immunity

Poulhes, J.; Lacomme, Y.; Trouette, L., 1957:
Research on low shrinkage synthetic resins for casts of large cavities

Gabrilovich, I.M., 1964:
Research on lysogeny in Corynebacterium diphtheriae

Mackinnon, J.E.; Ferrada, L.V.; Monte Mayor, L., 1949:
Research on maduromycoses and their agents

Chlebnikow, N.I.; Perzowskaja, M.I.; Lebedjewa, M.W., 1958:
Research on making harmless the use of water containing copper, phenol, tar and naptha products wastes for crop soils

Cartia, G., 1965:
Research on mal secco of citrus fruits III In vitro and in vivo tests of the efficacy of some fungicides

Tacu, D., 1960:
Research on mallein titration through the inhibition of the hemagglutination reaction

Noguchi, Eizaburo; Kizaki, Goichi; Nishida, Y., 1951:
Research on marinated fish I. On the swelling of cuttle-fish muscle in acid solution

Macaluso, M.P.vone; Salerno, A., 1960:
Research on mast cells in various non-neoplastic renal diseases

Macaluso, M.Pavone, 1960:
Research on mast cells in various primary and secondary neoplasms of the kidney

Young, Sven, 1950:
Research on mayonnaise and salad dressings

Dianzani, F.; Pitzus, F.; Fiorucci, G., 1962:
Research on measles serology. Curve of the antibody complement-fixation and neutralization in young patients convalescing in an isolation ward

Gurau, L.; Popescu, C.; Vermesan, N., 1968:
Research on meat quality in broilers of cornish rocc and rhode breeds and their crosses

Paraschivescu, G., 1967:
Research on meat ratios on the carcass and on the body regions in pigs of various breeds

Moricard, R., 1956:
Research on meiogenic function of the follicular solution with S35

Favarger, P.; Gerlach, J., 1966:
Research on metabolism of odd-numbered fatty acids and the synthesis of fatty acids from propionlc acid

Checcacci, L.; Logemann, W., 1955:
Research on methansulfonate of isonicotinic hydrazide

Strogov, A.K., 1959:
Research on methods for allergic reactions as diagnostic and for specific prophylaxis of sheep tularemia

Catenacci, G.; Maugeri, U.; Lalli, M., 1967:
Research on methods for increasing toxicity in the association of industrial solvents. I report. A new device for chronic intoxication of experimental animals

Hajos, K.; Hajos, M.; Rakoczy, G., 1958:
Research on methods of potentiating the action of ACTH

Lucas, M.D., 1966:
Research on micro nutrient deficiencies in irrigated soil

Brisou, J., 1968:
Research on microbial enz catalases using titanyl sulfate title

Urion, E., 1949:
Research on micromalting

Koch, M., 1966:
Research on migrating butterflies in hungary and romania agrotis ypsilon phytometra gamma phytometra confusa

Rinnhofer, G., 1967:
Research on migrating moths: Report of the German Central Research Institute for Butterfly Migrations in the DDR , Society for Nature and~ Homeland Friends of the German Culture Union

Kondo, Sueo; E.A., 1959:
Research on milk product in the rural district.

Rosati, Togo, 1945:
Research on milk supply treatment with hydrogen peroxide

Orsenigo, Mario; Marziani, Giovanna; Albergoni, F., 1966:
Research on morphogenesis of chlorophyll plastids. II. Effect of clear red light and dark red light on the evolution of plastidial structures

Ozer, Mustafa, 1964:
Research on morphology and biology of Endrosis sacitrella , Hofmannophila pseudospretella and Achroi grisella

Anon, 1968:
Research on moth migrations

Scheiner, H., 1948:
Research on muscular contraction. Dissociation of acetylcholine and electric contraction by the use of the potassium ion

Jacquet, J.; Boutibonnes, P., 1968:
Research on myco toxins especially flava toxin interest for alimentary microbiology abstract aspergillus flavus carcinogenic animals man food

Tacquet, A.; Tison, F.; Devulder, B.; Roos, P., 1966:
Research on mycobacteria in industrial centrifugation in cow milk

Bleiweiss, H., 1968:
Research on mycobacteria population constituents

Baylet, R., 1968:
Research on mycobacterium leprae culture experiments

Baylet, R., 1968:
Research on mycobacterium leprae works in culture

Fontana, Anna, 1959:
Research on mycorrhizal symbiosis in the Pteridophyta and on the microorganisms present in their roots

Ripplinger, J.; Herold, J.P., 1960:
Research on myocardial respiration in Helix pomatia L

Fenaroli, G.; Poy, F.; Maroni, G., 1966:
Research on natural and synthetic flavor products ii rhum and rhum ether 2 sugarcane m

Shanklin, John, F., 1960:
Research on natural areas

Kral, K.B., 1967:
Research on natural bearing areas salmon fishery

Shizenshi, K., 1968:
Research on natural history

Jorgenson, Edsel, C., 1961:
Research on nematodes

Tonelli, F.; Bertolotti, A., 1968:
Research on neoplastic cells in body fluids with a filtration method and separation of the filtrate

Combes, C., 1966:
Research on neotenic forms of Polystomatidae : Neotenic of Polystoma integerrimum pelobatis Euzet et Combes, 1966, experimentally obtained in Pelobates cultripes

Suteu, E.; Buhatel, T., 1964 :
Research on new contagion centers of bovine dictyocaulosis

Eckstein, M.; Kocwa, A.; Danek, A., 1957:
Research on new drugs in the group of xanthine derivatives. II. The N- -amides of theophylline-7-acetic acid

Wilson, C.C., 1948:
Research on new insecticides for grasshopper control

Blunck, H., 1949:
Research on new insecticides in foreign countries

Arkhangel'skii, N.N., 1960:
Research on new methods of using insecticides

Hallaire, M.; Bouchet, R.J., 1965:
Research on new techniques to measure potential and actual evapotranspiration

Citharel, J.; Villeret, S., 1965:
Research on nitrogen constituants of marine algae. II. The principal amino acids of Fucus spiralis and their variation during the growth of the alga

Meffert, M.Elisabeth, 1963:
Research on nitrogen metabolism in S. obliquus in light-dark alternation

Meffert, M.Elisabeth, 1963:
Research on nitrogen metabolism of S. obliquus in light-dark alternation

Tolention, P.; Jannuzzi, C., 1959:
Research on nonspecific antistaphylococcus serum factors

Ionica, C.; Tudoriu, C.D.; Cambir, S.; Predoiu, I.; Leluttu, C., 1966:
Research on nonspecific reactions in tube agglutination tests for the diagnosis of brucellosis in swine from leptospirosis-infected farms

Cosentino, V., 1956:
Research on normal and abnormal plant proteins I Isolating submicroscopical particles resembling the virus of the turnip yellow mosaic, from healthy plants of Brassica chinensis

Cugurra, F.; Savoia, F., 1958:
Research on normal and penicillin-resistant staphylococci: amino acid structure and activity of their vaccines

Truffaut, N.; Berger, G.; Niveleau, A.; May, P.; Bergoin, M.; Vago, C., 1967:
Research on nucleic acid of the densonucleosis virus in the Lepidoptera Galleria mellonella

Maymone, B.; Battaglini, A.; Tiberio, M., 1961:
Research on nutritional value of olive cake

Simionescu, C., 1958:
Research on obtaining viscose silk from reed grasses

Kohgo, T.; Endo, R.; Oyake, T.; Sakamoto, T.; Sugawa, N., 1968:
Research on odor nuisance in hokkaido japan i the effect of odor on the environment and residents

Endo, R.; Kohgo, T.; Oyake, T.; Sugawara, N., 1968:
Research on odor nuisance in hokkaido japan on the chemical analysis of the odor human

Stoll, M.; Dietrich, P.; Sundt, E.; Winter, M., 1967:
Research on odors on the odor of cocoa d ii inst mass spectroscopy inst nuclear magnetic resonance

Flament, I.; Willhalm, B.; Stoll, M., 1967:
Research on odors. On the odor of cocoa m

Boniforti, L.; Salvi, M.L., 1965:
Research on oil from jessenia polycarpa m

Petrucci, D., 1960:
Research on oocyte respiration of amphibians: tricarboxylic acid cycle and oxidase in mitochondrial fractions of Bufo bufo and Rana esculenta oocytes

Teodoreanu, N.; Puscaru, D.; Derlogea, V.; Harsian, A., 1954:
Research on ophthalmia in lambs of the breed Tigae Bulcalae

Parant, M., 1968:
Research on opsonins in the mouse after stimulating its resistance to infection by means of antibodies klebsiella pneumoniae endo toxin

Flaig, W., 1951:
Research on organic C-compounds of soil, their interaction with inorganic components and physiological behavior

Ramunni, A., 1964:
Research on organic acids in grapes and wines in Campania

Viel, M.G., 1959:
Research on organophosphorus insecticides in the leaves and roots of beets

Xu, Z.; Fei, Q.; Zhong, W., 2016:
Research on orthogonal coagulated setting and coagulation-flotation test of tannery wastewater

Riesen, W.H.; Kissane, J.Q.; Bieber, R.W.; Kardatzke, M.; Kaplan, H.P.; Felig, P., 1966:
Research on oxygen toxicity at the cellular level

Oana, A.; Groza, P., 1967:
Research on oxytocin action on gastric secretion in man

Bucci, F.; Tandol, P., 1959:
Research on p-oxybenzoic acid and its esters in wine

UKITA, T.; WAKU, K.; IRIE, M.; HOSHINO, O., 1961:
Research on pancreatic ribonuclease. I. The inhibition of cyclic phospho-diesterase activity of bovine pancreatic ribonuclease by several substrate analogues

Juillet, J.A., 1966:
Research on parasitic insects at the Institute of Research in Belleville, Ontario

Fujita, R., 1951:
Research on paravertebral papule-points and pressure points and related subjects. IV. Clinical observation of papules

Anon, 1967:
Research on parkinsonism

Barbuti, S., 1961:
Research on pathogenesis of acute gastroenteritis by E. coli in infancy

Bennema, J., 1952:
Research on peat for horticultural purposes

Johanides, V.; Pavusek, I.; Vlasic, D., 1966:
Research on penicillinacylase production in yeasts

Kiese, M.; Schoeber, J.G.; Weger, N., 1968:
Research on people as to the kinetics of ferri hemo globin metab formation by amino metab phenol and nitrite metab abstract mouse dog

Barnabei, O.; Morsiani, M.; Ferrari, R., 1958:
Research on peptide synthesis in alloxan diabetes

Rizzo, A.A., 1966:
Research on periodontal disease, 1963-1965

Sultanov, S.Z., 1964:
Research on pernicious anemia in Salmonidae at trout fisheries of USSR and salmon farms of the Azerbai-dzhan SSR

Raskovic, D., 1962:
Research on peroxidases of granulocytes after irradiation and in leukemia

Pest Infestation Laboratory Report, 1953:
Research on pests

Vinogradova, E.V.; Grinev, A.N.; Danusevich, I.K.; Dzik, M.F.; Dubovik, B.V.; Zakharevskii, A.S.; Il'yuchenok, T.Yu; Kost, A.N.; Martinovich, G.I.; Miklevich, A.V.; Pil'tienko, L.F.; Rachkovskaya, I.V.; Reut, N.A.; Talapin, V.I.; Tamarina, N.Z.; Terent'ev, A.P.; Shadurskh, K.S., 1963:
Research on pharmacologic agents with prolonged hypotensive action

Harwood, Paul, D., 1946:
Research on phenothiazine as an anthelminthic

Galdiero, F.; Carrera, G., 1962:
Research on phosphate and sodium permeability in agar medium. Kinetics of phosphate uptake by E. coli growing on agar medium

Tombesi, L.; Cale, M.T., 1965:
Research on photo phosphorylation of chloroplasts of beta vulgaris d and sorghum vulgare m i atp

Raicu, Petre, 1963:
Research on photoperiod in Triticum aestivum

Gindrat, Daniel, 1966:
Research on physiology of nutrition of G graminis and establishment of a minimum synthetic medium

Courtois, Jean; Valentino, A., 1947:
Research on phytase. Can the ingestion of phytase favor the absorption of inositol phosphates?

Soran, Viorel; Soran, M., 1957:
Research on phytocides elaborated by the forest plant Asarum europaeum L.

Kiiver, H.; Kaarde, J.J., 1938:
Research on pica in cattle in Estonia

Constabel, F.; Haala, G., 1968:
Research on pigment formation in fodder beet d tissues cultivated in vitro

Radaeli, G., 1965:
Research on pigmentogenesis and its relationship to human races and malignant melanomas

Billot, J., 1967:
Research on pigments of Acalypha leaves: Decoloration of anthocyanins and changes in chlorophyll

Stoican, E.; Lungu, V.; Medrea, N., 1961:
Research on piperazine adipate action in the fight against certain helminthiases of hens

Vinogradov, M.E., 1962:
Research on plankton conducted by Soviet and foreign expeditions Oceanologic research

Mallet, L.; Lami, R., 1965:
Research on plankton pollution by poly benzenic hydro carbides of the benzo 34 pyrene type in the estuary of the rance river france cladocera copepoda algae

Van Goor, Berend Jan, 1965:
Research on plant tumors

Bawden, F.C., 1949:
Research on plant viruses and virus diseases

Bulboaca, M., 1968:
Research on planting time of egypt chive m

Vazquez, R.; D.C.stro R.; D.L.B.rbolla J.M.R., 1968:
Research on plastic fats cooling curve of mixtures of natural and hydrogenated hog fats

Bagenal, N.B., 1945:
Research on plum culture in England

Shanks, James, B., 1960:
Research on poinsettia, hydrangea and azalea culture

Vodenicarov, D.; Ninova, D., 1964:
Research on pollen from Geum bulgaricum

Liss, E.; Langen, P., 1962:
Research on polphosphate over-compensation in yeast cells after phosphate depletion

Plouvier, V., 1963:
Research on polyalcohols and cyclitols in plants. Relationship between their distribution and systematic classification

Jeuniaux, C., 1962:
Research on polysaccharidases in the stomach of a sloth, Choloepus hoffmanni, Pet.

Lansade, M., 1946:
Research on poplar canker in France

Krczal, H., 1962:
Research on population variation and control of the strawberry aphid Pentatrichopus fragaefolii Cock. ,

Garrigues, P., 1960:
Research on post-vaccination allergic response to BCG-tuberculin reaction in children of various ages vaccinated orally with 10 centigrams of BCG vaccine

Hill, Roscoe, E., 1948:
Research on potato insect problems A review of recent literature

Young, P.A., 1930:
Research on potato viruses in Montana

Labadie, M.; Jensen, R.; Neuzil, E., 1967:
Research on pre-biological evolution: I. Amino acid composition of microspheres obtained from ammonium cyanide Society of Chemical Biology: Colloquium on the Biochemical aspects of phylogenesis, Montpellier, Fr., 28-29 October, 1966

Qi, L.; Li, M.; Li, H.; Xu, G.; Wang, C., 2008:
Research on precision-calibration techniques for selected area electron diffraction patterns of pyrocarbon

Willemssens, P.; Hulk, J., 1960:
Research on presbyacousis in patients developing senile macular degeneration and treated with vitamins A and E or with Roche No. 1-8307

Corillion, Robert; Planchais, N., 1963:
Research on present and past vegetation of an Armorican peat moor: Malingue

Vasiliu Suceveanu, N.; Georgescu, R., 1966:
Research on prevention and treatment of protozoiasis found in carp populations

Munteanu, A.; Cute, E.; Juriari, E., 1966:
Research on primary-chemical treatment of wastewaters from manufacturing sulphate-pulp from reed

Ehrlich, V.; Fronkova, K., 1959:
Research on principles of higher nervous activity in dogs following clinical doses of psychopharmacologic agents Abstract

Roson J P., 1967:
Research on production of rose wines grape d cultivar cabernet

Tan, Z.; Zhao, Q.; Gong, P.; Wu, Y.; Wei, N.; Yuan, Q.; Wang, C.; Liao, D.; Tang, H., 2009:
Research on promoting periodontal regeneration with human basic fibroblast growth factor-modified bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cell gene therapy

Mangiantini, M.T., 1968:
Research on protein synthesis in isolated and perfused organs part 1 synthesis of plasma and tissue proteins by rabbit lung

Trentalance, A.; Mangiantini, M.T., 1968:
Research on protein synthesis in perfused and isolated organs part 1 synthesis of plasma and tissue protein by rat liver and lung

Duchenne, G.B.A., 1965:
Research on pseudo-hypertrophic muscular paralysis, or myosclerotic paralysis

Peters, Robert, W., 1960:
Research on psychological parameters of sound

Lennard, H.L., 1963:
Research On Psychotherapy

Betlach, J., 1967:
Research on purposeful breeding of crossbred f 1 tomatoes d during their embryonic and post embryonic development

Picco, A.; Dogliotti, G., 1951:
Research on pyruvemia in the cancerous patient and its behavior in relation to radiotherapy

Schreiber, G., 1960:
Research on quantitative cytology

Araujo, G.L., 1950:
Research on quantitative cytology 9 The nuclear growth in the rat oocyte

Cardozo, Armando, 1961:
Research on quinua in animal nutrition

Rowley, Ian, 1961:
Research on rabbit poisoning

Horrenberger, R., 1952:
Research on rabies virus in the rats of the city of Algiers

Weidhaas, D.E.; Schmidt, C.H.; Chamberlain, W.F., 1962:
Research on radiation in insect control

Ando, Y., 1968:
Research on radio contamination in hokkaido japan 7 survey of highly radioactive fallout particles due to the 3rd nuclear test by peoples republic of china

Ando, Y., 1968:
Research on radio contamination in hokkaido japan vi determination of strontium 90 content in milk and milk powder grass m

Masironi, R., 1958:
Research on radioactive barbiturates the distribution of Luminal in the animal organism with caffeine present

Kawamura, Shoichi, 1959:
Research on radioactivity in stock rain water of lighthouse II

Nagasawa, K.; Kawamura, S., 1958:
Research on radioactivity in stock rain water of lighthouses

Nagasawa, K.; Kawamura, S.; Tanaka, A., 1961:
Research on radioactivity in stock rain water of lighthouses in Japan

Dunkley, W.L., 1946:
Research on rancidity in milk greatly advanced since 1926

Gasowska, M., 1956:
Research on reciprocal cross-breeding of Coregonus lavaretus maraenoides Poliakow and Coregonus albula . I. Food of the hybrids in breeding ponds

Dickerson, B.W.; Patrick, R., 1955:
Research on recovery of a polluted river

Kaibuchi, Yonosuke, 1962:
Research on refuse and garbage composting in Kobe City, Japan

Franche, Maria; Micu, I.; Duciureanu, Georgeta; Baltiev, Ariadna; Mihu, Valetina; Constantinescu, N.; Zavate, Olga; Dogaru, Maria; Nica, V., 1964:
Research on relapses in epidemic typhus. Note II. Clinical and serological aspects of sporadic relapsed typhus compared with primary typhus

Zavate, Olga; Constantinescu, N.; Dogaru, Maria; Moraru, A.; Franche, Maria; Micu, I.; Baltiev, A., 1964:
Research on relapses in epidemic typhus. Note M. Rickettsemia in original and relapsed sporadic typhus

Mazzetti, G.M., 1959:
Research on renal pharmacodynamics. Influence of nicotinic acid on renal function, studied by the depuration test

Van Os, F.H.L., 1953:
Research on rhubarb roots, cultivated in the Netherlands, II Contents of the roots

Harbers, E., 1962:
Research on ribonucleic acid cell nuclei, n. Metabolic behavior of various ribonuclic acid fractions from the nucleii of resting and proliferating cells

Galibert, F.; Larsen, C.J.; Lelong, J.C.; Boiron, M., 1966:
Research on ribosomic ribonucleic acid of low molecular weight isolated fromells of Mammals7

Court, A.B., 1949:
Research on rice by-products

D.R.dder, M., 1958:
Research on rotifers of brackish water. HI. Some rotifers of Camarque

Straib, W., 1942:
Research on rust fungi

Benedetto, L., 1957:
Research on saccharin

Foliguet, J.M.; Schwartzbrod, L., 1962:
Research on salmonella in sewage, surface waters, and drinking water

Ito, H.; Shinozaki, M.; Hara, A.; Horibe, T., 1967:
Research on sanitary protection worn internally

Kondo, S.; Koizumi, M.; Otake, H.; Tatsuki, J.; Takamizu, N., 1959:
Research on sanitation of cow milk in the rural districts

Flores, B.rroeta, L.; Olea, C.sta Neyra, R., 1962:
Research on schistosomic dermatitis in the Patzcuaro Lake, Michoa-can, Mexico. III. Cercaria brevicaeca, n. sp

Teichmann, H.; Teichmann, R., 1959:
Research on sense of smell in sharks

Linquette, M.; Fossati, P.; Decoulx, M., 1967:
Research on seric thyrotropic factors in hyper thyroid patients 1st personal results abstract

Saraceni, G.; Medda, A.; Monti, G., 1962:
Research on serum anti-leptospira agglutinins in swine, sheep and cattle raised in Sardinia

Plumel, Marcel, 1948:
Research on serum phosphodiesterases

Alosi, C.; Andrini, F., 1957:
Research on serum proteins of guinea pigs infected with Toxoplasma

Ghederim, V.; Braha, A., 1967:
Research on settling Bucharest wastewaters

Aurousseau, Michel; Berny, Claude; Albert, O., 1965:
Research on several pharmacodynamic properties of Piscidia erythrina L.

Cicei, A.; Gueron, I., 1967:
Research on sewage and sludge of the Ploiesti town

D'ancona, U., 1958:
Research on sex differentiation in vertebrates, and the biology of the Acridioidea and the gametogenesis of Insects

Glenk, H.O., 1964:
Research on sexual affinity in Oenothera

Schreider, Eugene, 1966 :
Research on sexual dimorphism in a population of a Parisian suburb

Spalla, C., 1963:
Research on sexual reproduction in Mucorales. Sexual reproduction in M. hiemalis and M. racemosus. II

Spalla, C., 1963:
Research on sexual reproduction in Mycroales. Sexual reproduction in C. blakesleeana and C. elegans. I

Spalla, C., 1963:
Research on sexual reproduction in the Mucorales. Study of sexual reproduction in P. blakesleeanus and Choanephora circinans and its comparison with that of Cunninghamella blakesleeana, C. elegans, M. hiemalis, and M. racemosus

Dirmhirn, I., 1951:
Research on sky radiation in the east Alps with particular reference to its dependence on altitude

Chaobing Deng; Shuangfei Wang; Fasheng Li, 2009:
Research on soil multi-media environmental pollution around a Pb-Zn mining and smelting plant in the karst area of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Southwest China

Kobayashi, K., 1961:
Research on soil types of arable lan 3 Tokyo City

Tsuchiya, T., 1954:
Research on soil types of arable land, n Tochigi Prefecture

Kamoshita, Y.; Kojima, M.; Yamada, Y., 1953:
Research on soil types of arable land. 1. Kanagawa Prefecture

Beach, J.G.; Clifford, J.; Gates, J.; Faust, C., 1963:
Research on solid-phosphours pentoxide electrolytes in electrolysis cell for production of breathing oxygen

Sandor, S.; Elias, S., 1958:
Research on some characteristics of the blood of the chicken embryo in normal and pathological conditions

Elias, S.; Sandor, S., 1958:
Research on some characteristics of the blood of the embryo of the chicken in normal and pathological conditions

Lucena, Jose, 1942:
Research on some factors of the B complex in the fruits of the Brazilian Maxixe-Cucumis Aneuria Linn

Chirilei, H., 1968:
Research on some morphological physiological biochemical and karyological changes in a tomato d x pepper d hybrid and in its seed offsprings photosynthesis transpiration vitamin c sugar content

Barnoud, F.; Mollard, A., 1964:
Research on some new in vitro strains suitable for the study of the ligno-celluloses. Anatomical ob-servations on these strains

Serbanesco, E., 1966:
Research on some physiological phenomena in hybrid plants and their related forms

Salerno, A., 1964:
Research on some relationships between blood groups and live weight at different ages in chiana cattle

Giuliani, R., 1940:
Research on some silages

Perseca, T.; Elascu, T., 1967:
Research on some species characteristics from the content in amino acids of the musculature of some fresh water fishes

Lorougnon, G., 1966:
Research on some tropical representatives of temperate plants

Pessil, Leonor, 1959:
Research on sources of resistance in varieties of flax to Septoria linicola Garass

Sacca, G.; Rivosecchi, L., 1957:
Research on speciation in domestic flies. - Differential diagnosis of M. domestica curviforceps subsp. nova

Sacca, Giuseppe; Rivosecchi, L., 1955:
Research on speciation in the domestic fly. III. Differential diagnosis of Musca domestica curvi-forceps subsp. nova

Sacca, G., 1957:
Research on speciation in the domestic fly. Natural and experimental hybridization between subspecies of Musca domestica L

Burlacu, G.; Nastasescu, G.; Mardjescu, G.; Voiculescu, L., 1965:
Research on specific dynamic action of certain amino acids in birds

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Research on specific gravity, water content in the green condition, volumetric shrinkage for trunk and branches and the specific gravity, water content in the green condition, volumetric shrinkage of the springwood and summerwood of Japanese red pine

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Research on specificity of the complement-fixation reaction for Q fever

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Research on sperm agglutination in connection with fertility of cows

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Research on spores of trichoseptoria fructigena on apples d after harvest

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Research on staining methods of interest in parasitology I and II

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Research on starch, 50. The degradation of amylose by -amylase

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Research on starch. 42. Determination of the acids formed during the action of periodate on polyols

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Research on starch 43 Determination of the terminal groups in starch and glycogen

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Research on starch. 44. The glycogen of Golden Bantam corn

Meyer, K.H.; Rathgeb, P., 1949:
Research on starch. 45. The determination of the terminal groups of polysaccharides and oligosaccharids by means of periodate

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Research on starch. 51. The degradation amyopectin by -amylases

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Research on sterility in Manioc

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Research on steroid diabetes in viral hepatitis and other diseases

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Research on strongyloidosis in pigs in romania

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Research on stubborn disease in Morocco

Cassin, J., 1963:
Research on stubborn disease of Citrus in Morocco 3rd International Congress of Citrus Virology, Campinas and Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1963 Abstract only

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Research on substances having antiblastic activity. XXIII. Derivatives of cyclohexanon- -carboxylic acid

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Research on substances having antiblastic activity. XXV. Synthesis of 5-alkyl cyclohexanon- -dicarboxylic- acids

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Research on substances inactivating the X virus present in sap from potato leaves

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Research on substances with antiblastic activity. XXII. Substituted cyclopenta pyrrole-4-carboxylic acids

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Research on substances with antiblastic activity. XXIV. Derivatives of some alkyl cyclohexanon- -carboxylic acids

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Research on sugar beet rhizomania

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Research on sugar beets

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Research on sulfonamide content of bile after doses of sulfonamides with long duration of action?

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Research on sulfur metabolism XIV Metabolism of sulfur and nitrogen

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Research on super-low-ash anthracite preparation

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Research on swine erysipelas. III. Investigations of the methods used in the assay of the protective power of avirulent erysipelas vaccine in swine

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Research on synchroniza-tion of Chlorella cultures

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Research on synthesis of compounds with tranquilizing action

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Research on synthetic curare. XII. Hydroquinone diethers with quaternary ammonium functions

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Research on synthetic curares. Note VII. Choline esters of arylaliphatic bicarboxylic acids

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Research on synthetic curares. VIII. Ether esters of choline with p-hydroxy aromatic and arylallphatic acids

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Research on synthetic estrogens in food. III. Practical application of the new method of biological control

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Research on synthetic estrogens in food. Note I. Validity of biological methods

Tiecco, G., 1962:
Research on synthetic estrogens in food. Note IL A new biologic test

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Research on synthetic products on the model of the Erythrina alkaloids

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Research on table grapes

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Research on tannase in Aspergillus niger

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Research on tartrates. I. A solution process for removing wine-stone and recovery of tartrates

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Research on taste in the Soviet Union

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Research on teaching and learning medicine

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Research on tests for the goodness of germinative seed

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Research on textile mallow

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Research on the -guanidinobutyrate ureohydrolase: 1. Isolation and purification of the enzyme present in the hepatic and renal tissues of the rayfish

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Research on the Berberidaceae of Turkey. I. Morphological and anatomical characteristics of Leontice leontopetalum L.

Toren, J., 1963:
Research on the Berberidaceae of Turkey. III. Megasporogenesis and formation of embryo sac in Leontice leontopetalum L

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Research on the Dutch elm disease

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Research on the effect of photoprotectants on photostabilization of rotenone

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Research on the Felix-Weil reaction with 100 dogs in the Algiers region

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Research on the Lake of Orta

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Research on the Monogenoidea parasites of marine fish

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Research on the Opiliones of the genus Ischyropsalis . III. Ischyropsalis lucantei and ischyropsalis lucantei

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Research on the Oribatidae of forest soils of the hylocomium-myrtillus type in northern Finland

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Research on the Pro-jective technique by drawing III

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Research on the Pyrenomycetes of the order Diatrypales sensu M. Chadefand, 1957

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Research on the acceptability of precooked dehydrated foods during confinement

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Research on the accesibility of phosphorus, phosphate, iron aluminium phosphate, and apatite

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Research on the acetylcholinesterase activity of hypothalmlc nuclei in normal guinea pigs and rats, castrated or subjected to the action of androgens

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Research on the acoustic particle sensor and its application to air diffusion studies

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Research on the acquired rhythm of reproduction in Neomyzus circumflexus Buckt.

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Research on the action exercized by certain anti-rheumatic preparations on the formation of antiiinfluenza antibodies in the rat

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Research on the action mechanism of adrenalinogenesis produced by potassium rubidium and cesium ions dog cat rat guinea pig rabbit

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Research on the action of -indolyl acetic acid in relation to nucleic acid metabolism

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Research on the action of a chelating agent on various skeletal sites of young rabbits

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Research on the action of asphyxiating gases on meat

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Research on the action of colimycin on salmonella pullorum part 1 in vitro research

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Research on the action of colimycin on salmonella pullorum part 2 research in ovo

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Research on the action of excessive doses of irradiated ergosterol in normal and rachitic animals

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Research on the action of methylcholanthrene on tissue cultures in vitro. I. Preliminary studies on the role of organic solvents and certain physical factors and techniques causing injury to cultures

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Research on the action of natural ionizing radiation in Drosophila melanogaster

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Research on the action of the crystals of Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner strain Anduze.

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Research on the activators and the inhibitors of transhydrogenase of the placenta activated by oestrogens in vitro. Estrogenic power of these substances in vivo

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Research on the active sites in living membranes 41st Meeting of the Belgian Society of Biochemistry, Paris, 1963

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Research on the activity of aphthous virus suspensions following percolation through ion exchange resins

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Research on the activity of complement in the course of rheumatic disease

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Research on the activity of propaxoline in vascular syndromes part 1 reo craniographic study

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Research on the activity of propaxoline in vascular syndromes part 2 reographic studies of the inferior peripheral vascular system

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Research on the activity of the badin reaction in rheumatoid disease human

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Research on the adaptation of the human body to low temperatures during rest and during physical exertion

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Research on the administration of indole

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Research on the adrenal cortex: A personal review

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Research on the affinity of proteins from echinoderms

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Research on the aggression reaction and the function of the acrorhages in Actinia equina L.

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Research on the albumin-bilirubin bond

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Research on the aldehydes present in gelatins III

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Research on the alimentary toxicity of the anti oxidant butyl hydroxy anisole

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Research on the alkaloid content of different samples of lupinus luteus d lupinus angustifolius d and lupinus albus d inst chromatography inst electrophoresis inst photometry

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Research on the alkaloids of Strychnos. XVI. The alkaloids of Strychnos mitscherlichii Baillon and Strychnos gardneri A. DC

Delle Monache, F.; Corio, E.; Marini Bettolo, G.B., 1967:
Research on the alkaloids of strychnos d xvii the alkaloids of strychnos jobertiana d and strychnos rondeletoides d the occurrence of a new alkaloid jobertine o acetyl diaboline b in strychnos jobertiana d inst chromatography

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Research on the analgesic activity of derivatives of benzoxazolinone mouse

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Research on the anatomy of the natural hybrid of Saxifraga caesia L. and S. aizoides L

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Research on the anatomy of the stem in lejeuneaceae iii sub family lejeuneoideae tribes lejeuneeae and tuyamaelloideae hepaticae liverwort

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Research on the anemia of splenectomized rats or anemia of Bartonella

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Research on the antagonism of iridomyrmecina versus the oncogenic activity of colchicine and gammexane on Lupinus albus

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Research on the antagonistic action of reserpine and monoamino oxidase inhibitors on gastric secretion

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Research on the anthelmintic action of diethylene-diamine phoroglucinate on sheep cestodes

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Research on the anti tumor of influenza virus especially with an effect of influenza virus against various experimental tumor as a focal point

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Research on the anti tumoral activity of the bi guanides anti neoplastic mouse

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Research on the anti-genic structure of the Actinomycetales: Antigenic relationship between strains of the genera Mycobacterium and Corynebacterium

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Research on the anti-infectious activity and metabolism of thiophenicol, with comparison to chloramphenicol

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Research on the anti-polio activity of guanidine: diversity of antiguanidine effect on amino acids and alkyl-amines

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Research on the antibiotics and insecticides of animal origin. I. -On the active principle of the larva of Melasoma populi L

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Research on the anticancerous activity of a new alkylizing agent of synthesis. Trenimon Meeting of the Veterinary Academy of France, 15 December, 1966

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Research on the anticomplementary power of blood serum. Note IV. ACP of the serum from venous and arterial blood of the same animal

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Research on the anticomplementary power of sera Note III The behavior of ACP of serum in hyper-globulinemic states

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Research on the antigenic and immunochemical structure of leptospirae sero-types, the leptospirae-sera and the gamma globulin serum

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Research on the antigenic property of a lipoidal pigment from B. prodigiosus

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Research on the antimicrobial activity of nitro-furantoin

Cerletti, A.; Emmenegger, H.; Stahelin, H., 1959:
Research on the antimitotic properties of compounds derived from podophyllotoxin

Profumo, Paola, 1964:
Research on the aperture and germination of some pollen

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Research on the arid flora of Australia

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Research on the arsenic content of sugar

Wurtz, B.; Hubert, J.C., 1966:
Research on the aspartase of Pseudomonas fluorescens: II. Identification of derivatives of folic acid responsible for stimulating activity of the dialyzable fraction

Pardi, L.; Ercolini, A., 1966:
Research on the astronomic orientation of littoral amphipods of the equatorial zone iii solar orientation of talorchestia martensii south of the equator

Pardi, L.; Ercolini, A., 1965:
Research on the astronomical orientation of coast-line amphipods in the equatorial zone

D.Bayarres, M.A., 1966:
Research on the autonomic and psychic influences on human blood pressure by continuous direct recording of the femoral pressure

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Research on the autonomous anticomplementary power following stress by air temperatures of 0 C. of 37 C. and by experimental muscle crushing

Zardi, Oreste, 1956:
Research on the autonomous anticomplementary power of blood sera Note II Behavior of the blood serum ACP of healthy rabbits and of rabbits infected with strains of Leptospira after administration of cortisone

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Research on the avian fauna of the arab republic of syria a survey

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Research on the bacillus Proteus P 18 and the L forms derived from it. II. Distribution of the nucleotides among the ribosomal and soluble ribonucleic acids. Reunion commune de la Societe Beige de Biochimie et de la Societe de Chimie Biologique, 1963

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Research on the bacterial flora of dog's mouth. Critical considerations

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Research on the bactericidal effect of gamma rays on brucellae and Escherichia coli

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Research on the bacteriological pollution of coastal waters

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Research on the bacteriostatic power of lymph

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Research on the beet yellows virus in the Romanian Peoples Republic

Litvac, Emilie, 1965:
Research on the behavior of homo-grafts of embryonic cartilage Ontogenesis and differentiation of hemato-genous bone marrow under certain experimental conditions