Section 26
Chapter 25,391

Resistance of beech heartwood to Merulius lacrymans, Coniophora cerebella and Polyporns vaporarius

Buchwald, N.Fabritius

Dansk Skovforen Tidsskr 5: 238-251


Accession: 025390108

All 3 fungi destroy wood of beech (Fagus silvatica) and Norway spruce (Picea abies). Resistance of both woods seems about the same. Loss of wt. of both beech and spruce wood during 71/2 months was 42-48% when attacked by M. lacrymans. During the same period C. cerebella and P. vaporarius destroyed about 31-37% and 22%, respectively. Heartwood of beech is much more resistant to attack than sapwood. Both heartwood and sapwood of beech treated with tar oil resist attack; during 71/2 months only 5-6% of the wood was destroyed.

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