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Chapter 25,391

Resistance of lygus bugs to DDT on sugar beets grown for seed

Hills, O.A.; Taylor, E.A.; Valcarce, A.C.

Jour Econ Ent 49(1): 94-95


DOI: 10.1093/jee/49.1.94
Accession: 025390289

Control of lygus bugs with DDT dusts in commercial plantings of seed beets in 1945 and 1954 are compared. Data show that one application of a 5% DDT dust by airplane at the rate of 30 lb./ acre gave good control of lygus throughout the season in 1945, but that DDT applied at the same rate in 1954 did not. These data are interpreted as an indication of the development of resistance of the insects to DDT. Good control of lygus in experimental plots of seed beets was obtained with 1 application of a 10% toxaphene dust, whereas 2 applications of a 5% DDT dust were required.

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