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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 25411

Chapter 25411 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Smith, William, B., 1968:
Roanoke bass, Ambloplites cavifrons Cope

Wood, J.G.P., 1968:
Roaring in cattle letter neopl pharyngeal polypus wooden tongue

Lockhart, E.E., 1960:
Roasted coffee. Color measurement and classification

Anonymous, 1945:
Roasted shell eggs make their debut

Kremers, Roland, E., 1943:
Roasting beverage materials

Raymon, E.R.Gers, M.Llar, F.G.Nders, N., 1958:
Roasting of frozen stuffed turkeys I Survival of Salmonella pullorum in inoculated stuffing

Castellani, A.G.; Clarke, R.; Gibson, M.; Meisner, D.F., 1953:
Roasting time and temperature required to kill food poisoning microorganisms introduced experimentally into stuffing in turkeys

Obitz, K., 1933:
Robaki pasorzytnicze szczurow na terenie M. Warszawy.

Gerlach, Sebastian, A., 1963:
Robbea tenax sp n, a noteworthy marine nematode from the Maldive Islands

Rikhter, V.A., 1960:
Robber flies of the genus Ommatinus Becker in the USSR

Lehr, P.A., 1961:
Robber flies of the subfamily Leptogastrinae in the USSR

Lyngnes, R., 1963:
Robber-wasps inhabit Grynobius burrows in boat house timbers on Sunnmore

Gary, N.E., 1966:
Robbing behavior in the honey bee

Rahman, K.A.; Singh, S., 1944:
Robbing in Apis indica F

Uvarov, B.P., 1931:
Robecchia granulosa, sp. n., from British Somaliland

Thompson, A., 1943:

S.Ores, Raymond, L., 1967:
Robert A Uppgren, 1923-67

Silverstone, S.M.; Abbe, R., 1956:
Robert Abbe: founder of radium therapy in America

Stark, R.B.; Abbe, R., 1955:
Robert Abbe: pioneer in plastic surgery

Rickett, Harold, W., 1942:
Robert Aimer Harper

Stout, A.B., 1946:
Robert Aimer Harper

Beamer, P.R., 1962:
Robert Allan Moore. M. P Ph. P D. Sc, LL.D. Profile of a giant of value perpetual gentleman, professor of pathology, health sciences educator, university executive, and medical statesman

Muesebeck, C.F.W., 1957:
Robert Asa Cushman 1880-1957

Stoeckel, 1929:
Robert Asch

Norman, W.Radforth, 1948:
Robert Boyd Thomsons morphological and phylogenetical studies bearing on gymnosperm taxonomy

Anonymous, 1958:
Robert Brown

Rupp, H.M.R., 1942:
Robert Brown's Lyperanthus ellipticus

Hall, D.P., 1967:
Robert Calvin Coffey

Duryee, W.R., 1959:
Robert Chambers . An appreciation of his scientific career

Millhauser, Milton, 1952:
Robert Chambers, evolution, and the early Victorian mind

Anonymous, 1934:
Robert Chodat

Anonymous, 1964:
Robert Connell

M.K.Polano, 1966:
Robert D G Ph Simons- 12 March 1909-28 November 1966

Anonymous, 1931:
Robert Dunlop

Anonymous, 1966:
Robert E. Watt Bibliographer Britannica

Mathias, Mildred, E., 1965:
Robert E Woodson, Jr

Rabinowitch, Eugene, 1959:
Robert Emerson, 1903-1959

French, C.S.; Emerson, R., 1959:
Robert Emerson, investigator of photosynthesis

Rabinowitch, E., 1961:
Robert Emerson. November 4, 1903-February 4, 1959

Chestnut, A.F., 1960:
Robert Ervin Coker

Dun, W.S., 1926:
Robert Etheridge. Junior Palaon-tologist, 1887-1895; Curator, 1895-1917; Director and Curator, 1917-1920

Allen, C.K.; Rogers, D.J.; Nevling, L.I., 1965:
Robert Everard Woodson, Jr.

Soulier, J.P., 1966:
Robert Feissley

Murphy, Robert Cushman, 1959:
Robert Ferryman, forgotten naturalist

Nicol, J.W., 1931:
Robert Grierson

Berger, J.F., 1927:
Robert Gschwandner

Burke, Joseph, F., 1946:
Robert Hagelstein, May 16, 1870-October 20, 1945

Lowndes, J., 1956:
Robert Henry Aders Plimmer 1887-1955. Obituary notice with photograph

Kearney, Thomas, H., 1957:
Robert Hibbs Peebles

Guinier, Ph, 1935:
Robert Hickel

Anonymous, 1965:
Robert Hooke : Master inventor

Kelly, Gary, F., 1965:
Robert Hooke plus 300 years

Pavlow, A.P., 1928:
Robert Hooke, a forgotten evolutionist of the 17th century

Eyles, V.A., 1954 :
Robert Jameson and the Royal Scottish Museum

Schaeppi, H., 1941:
Robert Keller

Kraus, R0d0lf0, 1933:
Robert Koch and immunity in tuberculosis

Izsak, S., 1960:
Robert Koch's bacteriological discoveries as echoed in contemporary medical literature

Heymann, B., 1932:
Robert Koch. I. Teil. 1843-1882.

Rose, G., 1943:
Robert Kochs tropenmedizinisches Werk

Girard, G., 1956:
Robert Koerber, 1910-1956

Anonymous, 1965:
Robert Liston Surgeon of Edinburgh and London

Johnson, C.A., 1966:
Robert Lorenzo Webster 1885-1966

Lanner, Ronald, M., 1958:
Robert Louis Stevenson on forest influences

Druce, G.C., 1929:
Robert Miller Christy, 1861-1929

Ira, L.Wiggins, 1962:
Robert P St John 1869-1960

Neufeld, H.N., 1966:
Robert P. Grant : In memorlam

Ruhrah, John, 1929:
Robert Pemell, ?-1653

Estes, E.Harvey, 1967:
Robert Purves Grant

Tremblay, J.L., 1967:
Robert Raymond. .

Vayssiere, M., 1965:
Robert Regnier

Garland, L.H.; Newell, R.R., 1957:
Robert Reid Newell; an appreciation

Butler, Amos, W., 1930:
Robert Ridgway

Hamly, D.H., 1949:
Robert Ridgway's Color Standards

Chapman, Frank, M., 1929:
Robert Ridgway, 1850-1929

Lebensohn, Z.M., 1964:
Robert Thatcher Morse, M. D.

Fulton, J.F., 1929:
Robert W Smith's description of generalized neurofibromatosis

Burr, Charles, W., 1929 :
Robert Whytt

Polunin, Nicholas, 1942:
Robert William Theodore Gunther

Nitsche, J., 1929:
Robert Zusanek

Brownlee, A., 1968:
Robert burton an unhonored biologist 1577 1640 philosophy

Kirkpatrick, H.C., 1968:
Robert c lindner 1914 1968 phyto pathologist plant physiologist virus research

Anon, 1967:
Robert c tryon obituary multivariate experimental psychologist

Lehman, H.E., 1968:
Robert ervin coker 1876 1967 mycologist marine ecologist

Raper, J.R.; Briggs, W.R., 1968:
Robert meredith page 1919 1968

Barbo, D.M.; Delfs, E., 1967:
Robert Pelvis: a rare pelvic contraction

Anon, 1968:
Robert penquite obituary member poultry science association

Anon, 1968:
Robert r getchell 1883 1966 obituary chemist

Mcmillan, N.F., 1968:
Robert rendall 1898 1967 marine conchologist

Graham, C.H., 1968:
Robert sessions woodworth october 17 1869 july 4 1962

Davich, T.B., 1968:
Robert theodore gast 1923 1967 entomologist insect rearing research

Zeller, Dobberstein, 1940:
Robert von Ostertag

Allorge, M.V., 1962:
Robert-Andre-Leopold Potier de la Varde

Putzu, Francesco, 1931:
Roberto Binaghi

Wolff, P.Osvaldo, 1944:
Roberto Koch: Un hombre y una idea

Hoffmann, C.C., 1932:
Roberto Mueller y su importancia en el conocimiento de los lepidopteros de Mexico. In Memoriam. and his importance in the knowledge of Mexican Lepidop-tera.

Hill, M.A.; W.E., 1947:
Roberts An investigation into the effects of Gammexane on the larvae, pupae and adults of Culicoides impunctatus Goetghebuer and on the adults of Culicoides obsoletus Meigen

Nogueira, M.H., 1961:
Robertsonia mourei n. sp. found in the Conceicao Lagoon, Santa Catarina

Hamerton, J.L., 1968:
Robertsonian translocations in man: evidence for prezygotic selection

Rainwater, C.F., 1968:
Robey wentworth harned 1884 1968 economic entomologist

Johnson, T.W.; Hughes, G.C., 1960:
Robillarda phragmitis Cunnell in estuarine waters

Dunbar, Carl 0., 1937:
Robin John Tillyard

Mead, G.H., 1952:
Robin breeding in San Diego. California

Ortega, James, L., 1926:
Robin carrying water to young

Stevens, C.J., 1968:
Robin feeding nestling song thrushes throughout fledging period

Mehner, J.; Wallace, G.J., 1959:
Robin populations and insecticides

Hudson, R., 1928:
Robin taking fish from tank

Gorlin, Robert, J., 1970:
Robins syndrome

Benoit, P.; Lasserre, J.; Pinson, L.; Battin, J.J.; Michelet, F.X., 1965:
Robin's syndrome of the newborn

Balaguer, Miguel, 1944:
Robinete especial para transfusion de sangre

Gibbs, V., 1929:
Robinias at Aldenham and Kew.

Hartel, H.; Thaler, I., 1959:
Robinias with curled leaves

Riek, E.F., 1968:
Robinjohnia tillyardi a mecopteron from the upper permian of belmont new south wales australia fossil dipteran affinities

James, G.L., 1952:

Labahn, F.C., 1944:
Robins banded at Blue Island, Illinois, by A. H. Reuss, Jr

Morton, E.S., 1968:
Robins feeding on hairy caterpillars turdus migratorius isia isabella

Sprackland, T., 1968:
Robins rearing 4 broods in 1 year

Barcroft, J.; S.C., 1929:
Robinson A study of some factors influencing intestinal movements

Kiningham, Ben, D., 1963:
Robinson Bosworth 1881-1962

Manning, J., 1958:
Robinson Crusoe waters.

Kunkel, G., 1968:
Robinson crusoes island chile plants history birds mammals

Reece, P.C.; Gardner, F.E., 1959:
Robinson, Osceola and Lee new early-maturing tangerine hybrids

Ferree, Roy, 1963:
Robison, a new peach for the South

Aguilar, F.J.; Bernhard, J.A., 1962:
Robles disease . Therapeutic tests with Astiban

Figueroa Marroquin, H., 1968:
Robles disease something new on the morphology of onchocerca volvulus

Sterling, T.D.; Gleser, M.; Pollack, S.V., 1965:
Robot data processing techniques for multivariate epidemiological predictions

Koa-Wing, M.; Linton, N.W.F.; Kojodjojo, P.; O'Neill, M.D.; Peters, N.S.; Wyn Davies, D.; Kanagaratnam, P., 2010:
Robotic catheter ablation of ventricular tachycardia in a patient with congenital heart disease and Rastelli repair

Thomas Rath; Marco Kawollek, 2009:
Robotic harvesting of Gerbera Jamesonii based on detection and three-dimensional modeling of cut flower pedicels

Naoshi Kondo, 2009:
Robotization in fruit grading system

Barfred, A., 1950:
Robuden treatment of peptic ulcer

Anonymous, 2009:
Robust Bayesian mapping of quantitative trait loci using Student- t distribution for residual

Li, N.; Elashoff, R.M.; Li, G., 2009:
Robust joint modeling of longitudinal measurements and competing risks failure time data

Szücs, A.; Huerta, R.; Rabinovich, M.I.; Selverston, A.I., 2009:
Robust microcircuit synchronization by inhibitory connections

Wang, J-Y.; Tai, J.J., 2009:
Robust quantitative trait association tests in the parent-offspring triad design: conditional likelihood-based approaches

Li, Q.; Zheng, G.; Liang, X.; Yu, K., 2009:
Robust tests for single-marker analysis in case-control genetic association studies

Marc Ghislain; Jorge Núñez; María del Rosario Herrera; José Pignataro; Frank Guzman; Merideth Bonierbale; David, M.S.ooner, 2009:
Robust and highly informative microsatellite-based genetic identity kit for potato

Tadross, M.R.; Park, S.A.; Veeramani, B.; Yue, D.T., 2009:
Robust approaches to quantitative ratiometric FRET imaging of CFP/YFP fluorophores under confocal microscopy

Lionel Lapierre, 2009:
Robust diving control of an AUV

Nagel, O.G.; Molina, M.P.; Basílico, J.C.; Zapata, M.L.; Althaus, R.L., 2009:
Robust experimental design for optimizing the microbial inhibitor test for penicillin detection in milk

Filzmoser, P.; Hron, K.; Reimann, C.; Garrett, R., 2009:
Robust factor analysis for compositional data

Anonymous, 2009:
Robust gut associated vaccine-specific antibody-secreting cell responses are detected at the mucosal surface of Bangladeshi subjects after immunization with an oral killed bivalent V cholerae O1/O139 whole cell cholera vaccine Comparison with other muco

Samu, Dávid.; Eros, Péter.; Ujfalussy, Bázs.; Kiss, Tás., 2009:
Robust path integration in the entorhinal grid cell system with hippocampal feed-back

Kobylka, B., 1968:
Robust saxifrages d suitable for gardens

Lee, W-Bin.; Huang, J-Yan., 2009:
Robustness and topology of the yeast cell cycle Boolean network

Carl Johan Svensson; Henrik Pavia; Per Åberg, 2009:
Robustness in life history of the brown seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum Fucales, Phaeophyceae across large scales effects of spatially and temporally induced variability on population growth

Markiewicz, P.J.; Matthews, J.C.; Declerck, J.; Herholz, K., 2009:
Robustness of multivariate image analysis assessed by resampling techniques and applied to FDG-PET scans of patients with Alzheimer's disease

Freitas, F.; Temudo, M.F.; Carvalho, G.; Oehmen, A.; Reis, M.A.M., 2008:
Robustness of sludge enriched with short SBR cycles for biological nutrient removal

Atiqullah, M., 1964:
Robustness to non-normality of tests for sensitivity in similar experiments

Stewart, H.E.C., 1946:
Roc eggs A plea for our vanishing fauna

Roberts, L.M.; Wellhausen, E.J.; D.L.R.sa, G.Palacios; Rios, A.Cuevas, 1949:
Rocamex V-21 and Rocamex VS-101: New improved, early varieties of corn for the Mesa Central

Wellhausen, E.J.; Roberts, L.M., 1948:
Rocamex V-7: An outstanding variety of corn for planting under irrigation in the Mesa Central of Mexico

Anonymous, 1967:
Roccal residue a probable factor in shipping loss

Lange, D.M.rretes, F., 1941:
Rochanaia gutmansi, nov. gen. n. sp., novo lamelibranquio do Brasil

P.Descamps, 2008:
Roche figures of doubly synchronous asteroids

Peyer, B., 1928:
Rochen-Eikapseln aus den Horwer-schichten von Grieigen, Kt. Lu-zern

Anonymous, 1952:
ROCHESTER General Hospital, N. Y. School of Medical Photography

Ferguson, F.Ferdinand, 1943:
Rochester with special reference to the anatomy of Macrostomum ontarioense n. sp. Amer

Jin, L-Ming., 2009:
Rock 'n' Rho: regulation of ion channels

Cross, Frank, C., 1952:
Rock Creek Park in Maryland

Hyde, A.Sidney, 1927:
Rock Wren in Illinois

Willcox, A.R., 1967:
Rock art and stone industries

Ingram, Collingswood, 1946:
Rock cherries

Jan Vlcko; Vladimir Greif; Vladimir Grof; Michal Jezny; Lubomir Petro; Martin Brcek, 2009:
Rock displacement and thermal expansion study at historic heritage sites in Slovakia

A.S.Tanaino, 2008:
Rock drillability classification Part II Canonical representation of rock properties in the rock classification by fracture resistance

Follmann, G., 1968:
Rock dwelling arthionaceae of the chilean pacific coast key arthonia atacamensis new species arthonia austrolitoralis new species arthonia chilensis new species arthonia follmannii new species arthothelium halophilum new species arthothelium pacificum new species arthothelium spilomatoides new species

R.C.niglio; G.C.rti; A.A.nelli, 2009:
Rock fragments evolution and nutrients release in vineyard soils developed on a thinly layered limestone Tuscany, Italy

Ries, Victor, H., 1952:
Rock garden clinic

Scarth Johnson, V., 1968:
Rock garden with a pool suitable flowering plants

Stewart, Virginia, 1952:
Rock gardening in California

Epstein, Harold, 1947:
Rock gardening in Westchester with descriptions of some choice and dependable subjects for the New York area

Hassan, Elsie, N., 1952:
Rock gardening in the South

Bianco, P.; Sarfatti, G., 1961:
Rock habitats at Monte San Nicola , with notes on the area of distribution of Campanula versicolor, Carum multiflorum, and Scrophularia lucida

Behre, K., 1953:
Rock inhabiting Cvanophvceae collected by Mr. Vaillant, chiefly in Algeria

Yang Zhenyu; Huang Baochun; M.X.nghua; Sun Zhiming, 1998:
Rock magnetic study of the Early Paleozoic limestone from northern part of Henan Province

Poggendorff, W., 1929:
Rock melons and Casabas. A classification of varieties

Coville, Frederick, V., 1936:
Rock midget, a new species of Mimulus from Death Valley, California

T.V.L.banova; E.V.N.vikova, 2008:
Rock movement at the Tashtagol iron-ore deposit in the course of large-scale underground blasting

Weiner, J., 1967:
Rock nesting of a swallow hirundo rustica poland

Narsian, V.; Samaha S M, A.Abu.; Patel, H.H., 2010:
Rock phosphate dissolution by specific yeast

Bath, J.G.; Cameron, I.H., 1960:
Rock phosphate for top dressing pasture. Comparisons with superphosphate

Anonymous, 1959:
Rock phosphate versus superphosphate

Lundblad, Karl, 1957:
Rock phosphates, and comparative trials with such kinds of fertilizers in organic soils

Hamblin, Stephen, F., 1952:
Rock plants for beginners and for others

Sita, P.; Venkateswarlu, P., 1967:
Rock salt: a probable dietary source of fluoride

Busse, P., 1968:
Rock sparrow petronia petronia observed at baltic coast

Young, A.; Stephen, I., 1965:
Rock weathering and soil formation of high-altitude plateaux of Malawi

Beckett, Rva, 1957:
Rock wren at Churchill, Manitoba

Hope, R.; Giles, J.E., 1947:
Rock-Melon variety trials in the Mildura District

Yonge, C.M., 1963:
Rock-boring organisms

Blanca, R.L.pez; Yoav Bashan; Macario Bacilio; Gustavo De la Cruz-Agüero, 2009:
Rock-colonizing plants abundance of the endemic cactus Mammillaria fraileana related to rock type in the southern Sonoran Desert

Lyubimona, T.G., 1961:
Rock-fish of the gulf of Alaska

Rutte, Erwin, 1953:
Rock-forming algae from the Eocene of Kleinkems near the Isteiner Klotz in Baden

Winterringer, G.S.; Vestal, A.G., 1956:
Rock-ledge vegetation in southern Illinois

Marchesoni, Vittorio, 1939:
Rock-surface algae of high mountains in the Cevedale group

Korup, O.; Schlunegger, F., 2009:
Rock-type control on erosion-induced uplift, eastern Swiss Alps

Tunnah, K.V.; Mclimans, W.F.; Moore, G.E., 1968:
Rocker cell culture incubator letter rocker mammalian cell culture system

Black, T.R.; Fredrickson, Carmen; Maitland, S.T., 1960:
Rocket age industrialization of Box Elder County A study of employment selectivity and attitudes in the beginning of Box Elder's rocket development

Wolters, B., 1965:
Rocket propulsion in the plant kingdom: seed projection by the prickley cucumber

Kroeger, Richard Arthur, 1964:
Rocket thrust stand simulation of space vehicle flight dynamics

Paolo Paronuzzi, 2009:
Rockfall-induced block propagation on a soil slope, northern Italy

Magnuson-Ford, K.; 1 ; Ingram, T.; Redding, D.W.; Mooers, A.O. {a}; 1 Email: amooers@sfu.ca, 2009:
Rockfish Sebastes that are evolutionarily isolated are also large, morphologically distinctive and vulnerable to overfishing

Bailey, Robert, 1954:
Rockfish for the fisherman

Westrheim, S.J., 1964:
Rockfish in British Columbia waters

Anonymous, 1961:
Rockfishes in the Bering Sea

Phillips, J.B., 1958:
Rockflsh review

Dobson, Frances, 1928:
Rockford Nature Study Society

X.H.M.; Y.M.C.eng; S.K.A.; Y.Q.C.i; C.J.X., 2009:
Rocking vibration of a rigid strip footing on saturated soil

Crocker, A.J., 1957:
Rockmelons in the Central Burnett

Forshufvud, Ullabritta, 1962:
Rocks and soils in the Arboretum of the Botanic Garden in Gothenburg

Mcallister, James, F., 1952:
Rocks and structure of the Quartz Spring area, northern Panamint Range California

Struchtemeyer, R.A., 1960:
Rocks are nature's gift to the Maine farmer

Vepkhvadze, V.M., 1964:
Rocks as a substrate for tree development and their role in soil formation

Anonymous, 1952:
Rocks in garden settings

Kaisin, Felix, 1922:
Rocks of the Dinantien of Belgium

Schastnaya, L.S., 1965:
Rocks which form soils within the area occupied by the forestry station Les na Vorskle

Lorig, L.J.; Watson, A.D.; Martin, C.D.rek; Moore, D.P., 2009:
Rockslide run-out prediction from distinct element analysis

Nelson, Aven, 1934:
Rocky Mountain Herbarium studies, II

Brennan, James, M., 1952:
Rocky Mountain Lab

Tregilgas, H.R., 1943:
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Baker, George, E., 1943:
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever A nine-year study of Wyoming cases

Cockerell, T.D.A.; Blair, B.H.x, 1930:
Rocky Mountain bees. I

Cockerell, T.D.A.; Sumner, R., 1931:
Rocky Mountain bees. III. The genus Hylaeus

Wati2ng, Roy, 1968:
Rocky Mountain fungi

Swift, Lloyd, W., 1941:
Rocky Mountain goats in the black hills of South Dakota

Nelson, Aven, 1931:
Rocky Mountain herbarium studies I

Nelson, Aven, 1938:
Rocky Mountain herbarium studies V

Kerlee, A.L.; Spencer, R.R., 1929:
Rocky Mountain spotted fever

Baker, George, E., 1942:
Rocky Mountain spotted fever

Harrell, George, T., 1949:
ROCKY Mountain spotted fever

Dyer, R.E.; Badger, L.F.; Rum, R.ich, A., 1931:
Rocky Mountain spotted fever . Transmission by the American dog tick

Jordan, C.F., 1938:
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Tick Survey in Iowa

Flippin, Harrison, F., 1936:
Rocky Mountain spotted fever in Pennsylvania

Miller, J.K., 1950:
Rocky Mountain spotted fever on Long Island

Beach, M.W.; Ravenel, B.O., 1945:
Rocky Mountain spotted fever or tick fever in South Carolina

Shepard, C.C.; Topping, N.H., 1946:
Rocky mountain spotted fever; a study of complement fixation in the serum of certain dogs

James Ross, Carlos, 1947:
Rocky Mountain spotted fever Case report and discussion of therapy

Topping, Norman, H., 1943:
Rocky Mountain spotted fever Further experience in the therapeutic use of immune rabbit serum

Cox, Herald, R., 1939:
Rocky Mountain spotted fever Protective value for guinea pigs of vaccine prepared from rickettsiae cultivated in embryonic chick tissues

Topping, Norman, H., 1940:
Rocky Mountain spotted fever Treatment of infected laboratory animals with immune rabbit serum

Marietti, Maurice, 1963:
Rocky Mountain spotted fever Clinical and pathologic observations after aerogenic infection

R.R.Parker, 1935:
Rocky Mountain spotted fever Results of ten years prophylactic vaccination

Spencer, R.R.; Parker, R.R., 1926:
Rocky Mountain spotted fever certain characteristics of blood virus

Saslaw, S.; Carlisle, H.N.; Wolf, G.L.; Cole, C.R., 1966:
Rocky Mountain spotted fever: clinical and laboratory observations of monkeys after respiratory exposure

Yansui Liu; Jieyong Wang; Xiangzheng Deng, 2008:
Rocky land desertification and its driving forces in the karst areas of rural Guangxi, Southwest China

Dyer, R.E., 1963:
Rocky mountain spotted fever

Warthen, R.O.; Burdick, W.F., 1950:
Rocky Mountain spotted fever without a rash; report of a case treated with chloramphenicol

Lawson, G.W., 1956:
Rocky shore zonation on the Gold Coast

Romakhina, N.P., 1965:
Rocky steppes in mountain regions

Lawrence, C.A., 1946:
Roclina; a quaternary ammonium compound of high germicidal activity

Seaman, W.B.; Goldman, A., 1952:
Rocntgenographlc aspects of pulmonary arteriovenous fistulas

Spasskii, A.A.; Poznakomkin, S.D., 1966:
Rod Fuhrmanolepis .

Adrian, E.D., 1946:
Rod and cone components in the electric response of the eye

Biersdorf, W.R., 1968:
Rod and cone contributions to the off-effect of the human ERG

Sheard, C.; Bair, H.L., 1942:
Rod and cone dark adaptation in total color blindness and in macular degeneration

Therman, P.O., 1939:
Rod and cone electroretinograma in relation to pigment migration in normal and adrenali-nized frog

Blackwell, O.M.rtenson; Blackwell, H.R.chard, 1962:
Rod and cone mechanisms in acuity functions of luminance

Blackwell, H.R.; Blackwell, O.M., 1961:
Rod and cone receptor mechanisms in typical and atypical congenital achromatopsia

Pfeiffer, Hans, H., 1949:
Rod double refraction by myofibrils in vitro under varying tensions in the culture medium

Symington, J.; Commoner, B., 1967:
Rod length in protein-stripped tobacco mosaic virus

Travyanko, V.S., 1965:
Rod plankton scoop for quantitative sampling of benthic plankton in shallow waters and overgrowths of aquatic vegetation

Iversen, T.H.; Flood, P.R., 1968:
Rod shaped cellular inclusions in root tips of cress d lepidium sativum d seedlings

Shipley, T., 1964:
Rod-cone duplexity and the autonomic action of light

Alpern, M., 1965:
Rod-Cone Independence In The After-Flash Effect

Guthrie, James, W., 1952:
Rod-like particles in extracts from virus-free potato plants

Buttner, D.W.; Horstmann, E., 1968:
Rod-like structures in the inter-phasal nucleus of epithelial tissues

Vallmitjana, L., 1956:
Rod-like structures in the liver cells

Nikitin, D.I.; Vasil'eva, L.V., 1967:
Rod-shaped organisms with spherical inflations

Thomsom, A.D.; Smirk, B.A., 1966:
Rod-shaped particles associated with a disease of alkali bees

Cech, M.; Kralik, O.; Blattny, C., 1961:
Rod-shaped particles associated with virosis of spruce

Takahashi, W.N.; Rawlins, T.E., 1933:
Rod-Shaped Particles In Tobacco Mosaic Virus Demonstrated By Stream Double Refraction

Correll, D.L.; Lewin, R.A., 1964:
Rod-Shaped Ribonucleoprotein Particles from Saprospira

Takahashi, William, N., 1952:
Rod-shaped virus of radish mosaic

O'Dell, L.E.; Khroyan, T.V., 2009:
Rodent models of nicotine reward: what do they tell us about tobacco abuse in humans?

Stolurow, Lawrence, M., 1948:
Rodent behavior in the presence of barriers I Apparatus and methods

Turov, L.S., 1959:
Rodent concentration at survival points in rural areas

Derevyanchenko, K.I.; Molodovskii, A.V.; Kaluzhenova, Z.P., 1963:
Rodent contacts with other wild animals through blood-sucking arthropods in Mangyshlak peninsula

Giban, J.; Cuisance, P., 1950:
Rodent control

Curculio, 1951 :
Rodent control

Coogan, G.J., 1944:
Rodent control at Fort Owens, Massachusetts

Ramdas, P., 1968:
Rodent control by whom when and where

Hechter Schulz, K., 1962:
Rodent control in Sabie forests

Tyburetz, F.W., 1942:
Rodent control preparations

Curculio, 1951:
Rodent control. II

Curculio, 1951:
Rodent control. III

Gessel, S.P.; Orians, G.H., 1967:
Rodent damage to fertilized Pacific silver fir in Western Washington

Inukai, Tetsuo, 1961:
Rodent damage to the forests and its control in Japan

Buckland, D.C.; Marples, E.G., 1952:
Rodent damage to western hemlock

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Roentgen Diagnosis Of Persistent Jugular Lymph Sac

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Roentgen elektrokymography

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Roentgen examination of accident injured patients

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Roentgen kymography of the heart in acute experimental radiation sickness

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Roentgen manifestations of collagen diseases

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Roentgen manifestations of pulmonary metastases of choriocarcinoma and chorioadenoma destruens

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Roentgen morphology of cystic kidney diseases

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Roentgen neopl carcinoma title

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Roentgen observations of the aging chest

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Roentgen procedures useful in cardiac diagnosis

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Roentgen radiations in biological research

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Roentgen ray examination of the small intestine in nutritional disturbances

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Roentgen ray stimulating doses of the ovaries, permanent and temporary sterilization

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Roentgen ray therapy in pneumococcus Type I infection in rabbits

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Roentgen stimulation of cultures of S. typhi and of S. aureus

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Roentgen Studies In Man On The Relationship Of Unequal Pulmonary Ventilation To Gravity

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Roentgen studies of allergic children with disturbances of the pylorus resulting from food sensitivity

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Roentgen studies of the bones in certain diseases of the blood and hematopoietic system

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Roentgen studies on the branching of the larger interhepatic gall ducts

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Roentgen studies on the ossification stage of long bones of extremities and other bones of the Japanese

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Roentgen study of advanced rheumatoid arthritis of the shoulder girdle in the older age group

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Roentgen study of cysticercosis of central nervous system

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Roentgen symptoms in coenurosis of sheep and goats

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Roentgen techniques in the diagnosis of pulmonary thromboembolism

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Roentgen television in surgery with special reference to stereo-television

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Roentgen television study of cardiac calcifications

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Roentgen therapy for hyperhidrosis. Observation of one hundred and twenty-two patients

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Roentgen therapy in hyper-plastic blood dyscrasias: New technique for myeloid and lymphatic leucemia, polycythemia rubra vera and Hodgkin's disease

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Roentgen Therapy in the Treatment of Absolute Glaucoma

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Roentgen therapy of chronic chest symptoms in the elderly

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Roentgen therapy of intrathoracic neoplasms

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Roentgen therapy of rheumatoid spondylitis

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Roentgen therapy of thrombophlebitis

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Roentgen therapy supplementing surgery in the treatment of gliomas

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Roentgen treatment of asthma

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Roentgen Treatment of Certain Hemorrhagic Disorders

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Roentgen-television equipment for use in surgery

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Roentgeno oddities dilaceration and transposition boy pain caries pulp exposure inst radiography

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Roentgeno radio surgery of carcinoma of the tongue

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Roentgeno radio surgical method in the combined treatment of broncho pulmonary carcinoma

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Roentgenographic Features Of Mitral Valve Disease

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Roentgenographic investigations of the fine structure of calcifications in the human body

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Roentgenographic measurement of skin and heel-pad thickness in the diagnosis of acromegaly

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Roentgenographic significance of the lamina dura in systemic disease

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Roentgenographic study of absorption mechanism in the human knee joint

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Roentgenographic study of the movements of abduction at the normal shoulder joint

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Roentgenographic study of the postmature newborn

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Roentgenographic, Angiocardiographic and Pathologic Findings in Congenital Cardiac Disease Associated with Agenesis of the Spleen; Report of a Case

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Roentgenography of breast specimens. An aid in the management of nonpalpable breast carcinoma

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Roentgenography of fetal skull specimens

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Roentgenography Of Patent Ductus Arteriosus

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Roentgenography of pericardial disease

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Roentgenography Of The Pre-Adolescent Breast

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Roentgenography of the thoracic duct in man by oral administration of contrast media

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Roentgenography research and cardiac diagnosis

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Roentgenologic Criteria For The Recognition Of Nonsymptomatic Pulmonary Emphysema

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Roentgenologic determination of the liver volume

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Roentgenologic diagnosis of anencephalus

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Roentgenologic diagnosis of congenital heart diseases in sucklings and infants

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Roentgenologic diagnosis of pancreatic disease

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Roentgenologic evidence of pneumatization of temporal bones in primates

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Roentgenologic examination of the orbit

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Roentgenologic findings, enzymatic values, and exocrine and endocrine function tests of the pancreas in chronic pancreatitis

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Roentgenologic study of anomalies of the hands in 100 cases of mongolism

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Roentgenologic study of emphysematous bubbles

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Roentgenologic Test For The Antemortem Diagnosis Of Atherosclerosis

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Roentgenological changes in the lungs during ornithosis

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Roentgenological changes in the spine in people who work with concrete subjected to the action of combined vibration

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Roentgenological classification of congenital cuneiform vertebrae

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Roentgenological control of pneumo-peritoneum following pertubation

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Roentgenological craniometrical results of frontal dysplasia

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Roentgenological determination of the depth of overgrowth of epithelial tumors of the urinary bladder

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Roentgenological diagnosis of gall bladder carcinomas

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Roentgenological diagnosis of jaw cysts by means of a contrast medium