Santa Gertrudis -Hereford cross gave more weight

Sullivan, J.J.; Willis, L.A.

Queensland Agric Jour 84(3): 167-174


Accession: 025422211

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At Edisvold Station in the Central Burnett district, 2 herds of steers, all from Hereford dams of similar line, were grown together for comparisons. Part of the steers were by Hereford bulls, part by Santa Gertrudis bulls. The 2 groups of dams averaged almost identical weights. Santa Gertrudis calves averaged 21.3 lbs. heavier than the Hereford at the 1st weighing. The calves were kept with their mothers about 10 months, then weaned, and all steers (34) were run together in a 200 acre pasture. Every 5 weeks from birth they were weighed and dipped for tick and buffalo fly control-two deaths from tick fever occurred among the Herefords. The cross-breds contracted what appeared to be a severe infestation of ringworm before weaning, but it cleared shortly; only 2 Herefords had this trouble. Routine blackleg vaccinations were done. The steers were slaughtered May, 1957 at 28 to 29 months. In the 774 day period from 1st weighing to slaughter the Santa Gertrudis steers gained an average of 879.4 lbs. and the Herefords 708.7 lbs. Carcass appraisal score was 51 for cross-breds and 41 for Herefords. After all expenses were paid the Santa Gertrudis steers brought 6 pounds more a head than the Hereford.