Some data on the toxic action of ethylmercuric chloride on the body: the experimental observations on animals

Nazaretyan, K.L.

Tr Erevanskogo Med Inst 13: 201-206


Accession: 025479086

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Rabbits were fed 0.1 g ethylmercuric chloride daily for 25 days with food (20 g/10 kg barley). The clinical characteristics of the poisoning, which occurred not before the 19th day, were: motor excitement, disturbances of coordination of mobility, lowered reflexes, loss of weight. There were no significant changes in the blood. Protein appeared in the urine (0.066-2%o). Eleven of 15 animals died. Autopsy findings consisted of fatty dystrophy of the liver and granular dystrophy of the kidneys and myocardium. In the brains of 4 surviving rabbits, which were also autopsied, were found multiple foci proliferation of the glia, mostly around vessels.