Some experiments on the mineral nutrition of Pinus sylvestris and Picea abies seedlings under the long day treatments

Satoo, S.

Jour Japanese Forest Soc 42(8): 298-304


Accession: 025482196

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Seedlings were grown from seeds in sand-culture with 5 kinds of nutrient solutions (complete, -N, -P, -K and water (added with minor elements after Sept 5)) for ca. 10 months with and without ca. 5 hours of supplementary illuminations after sunset. Lack of N and P affected growth of seedlings while lack of K showed little effect. The effect of lack of nutrient element was more apparent in pine than spruce. In case of the complete nutrition, supplementary light accelerated the top growth by about 73% in pine and 160% in spruce, and root growth slightly in pine and 213% in spruce, while in case of incomplete nutrition, especially in case of lack of N and K, supplementary light scarcely promoted the growth.