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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 25484

Chapter 25484 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Anderson, C., 1966:
Some factors influencing the growing and exploitation of trees for saw log production

Fifield, Charles Woodbury, 1958:
Some factors influencing the growth of a Methanobac-terium species

Walker, S.D., 1968:
Some factors influencing the growth of lambs on irrigated pasture selenium administration ant helmintic drenching time of weaning level of feed availability

Crary, D.D.; Sawin, P.B., 1953:
Some factors influencing the growth potentials of the skin in the domestic rabbit

Watson, K.C.; Joubert, S.M.; Bennett, M.A., 1961:
Some factors influencing the haemagglutination of penicillin-sensitized erythrocytes

Prophet, Carl, W., 1963:
Some factors influencing the hatching of anostracan eggs

V Euler, U.S., 1935:
Some factors influencing the heat production of muscle after stretching

Williams, O.B., 1929:
Some factors influencing the heat resistance of bacterial spores

Forde, T.P.; O'connell, R.; Ryan, J.W.; Reilly, J., 1962:
Some factors influencing the hydrolysis of benzoylarginine ethyl ester by human plasma

Ramek, J., 1960:
Some factors influencing the incidence and spread of streptococcal infections in the population of a small village

Aldrich Blake, R.N., 1927:
Some factors influencing the increment of forests

Kellogg, S.J.; Olson, A.C., 1963:
Some factors influencing the infectivity of the metacercariae of Posthodiplostomum minimum

Floyd, E.H.; Powell, J.D.; Ingram, J.W., 1958:
Some factors influencing the infestation in corn in the field by the rice weevil

Lockart, R.Z.; Groman, N.B., 1958:
Some factors influencing the interaction of Western equine encephalomyelitis and selected host cells

Boynton, D.; Yatsu, L., 1959:
Some factors influencing the intermediary nitrogenous compounds in leaves of the strawberry plant

Newman, H.W.; Abramson, M., 1942:
Some factors influencing the intoxicating effect of alcoholic beverages

Thomas, S.B.; Morgan, G.T., 1931:
Some factors influencing the keeping qualities of butter

Retief, D.J., 1926:
Some factors influencing the keeping quality of butter

Johnson, R.B., 1953:
Some factors influencing the laboratory mass cultivation of Shigella sonnei

Sisson, E.D.; March, B., 1935:
Some factors influencing the lengths of survival following bilateral suprarenalectomy

Fuller, Forst, D., 1959:
Some factors influencing the lethal temperature of Musca domestica

Jameson, E.W., 1949:
Some factors influencing the local distribution and abundance of woodland small mammals in central

Emerson, R.; Chalmers, R.; Cederstrand, C., 1957:
Some Factors Influencing The Long-Wave Limit Of Photosynthesis

Szende, N.; Vadas, R.; Exner, B., 1940:
Some factors influencing the manufacturing value and the workability of the sugar beet

Gruden, N., 1966:
Some factors influencing the metabolism of calcium and strontium

Tschinkel, Heinrich, M., 1965:
Some factors influencing the natural germination and survival of Cordia alliodora Cham

Cope, Otis, M., 1928:
Some factors influencing the normal isometric contraction period of the human heart

Mutchmor, J.A., 1959:
Some factors influencing the occurrence and size of the midsummer flight of the European corn borer, Ostrinia nubilalis in southern Ontario

Griffiths, E.; Jones, D., 1962:
Some factors influencing the occurrence of cellulolytic soil micro-organisms

Davies, J.T., 1954:
Some factors influencing the orientation of -amino groups in monolayers of proteins and amino acid polymers

Fiori, Bart John, 1963:
Some factors influencing the ovicidal effectiveness of saturated petroleum oils and synthetic isoparaffins

Platz, Gustav, A., 1929:
Some factors influencing the pathenogenicity of Ustilago zeae Unger

Sangle, Bhalchandra Tanaji, 1955:
Some factors influencing the percentage of non-returns of dairy bulls in artificial breeding

Hatton, R.G.; Grubb, N.H., 1926:
Some factors influencing the period of blossoming of apples and plums

Matteson, John Warren, 1959:
Some factors influencing the persistence and insecticidal efficiency of five chlorinated hydrocarbon insecticides

Epstein, S.S.; Burroughs, M., 1962:
Some factors influencing the photodynamic response of Paramecium caudatum to 3,4-benzyprene

Takahashi, H.; Usuda, S.; Ehara, S., 1962:
Some factors influencing the plateau- formation in Co-treated or Ni-treated single myelinated nerve fibers

Wiegand, K.M., 1929:
Some factors influencing the popularity of taxonomic botany

Yakimova, N.L., 1968:
Some factors influencing the population dynamics of synanthedon tipuliformis lepidoptera aegeriidae

Stein, C., 1960:
Some factors influencing the potato chipping quality

Rabb, R.L.; Lawson, F.R., 1957:
Some factors influencing the predation of Polistes wasps on the tobacco hornworm

Macmorine, H.G., 1957:
Some factors influencing the production of certain biosynthetic penicillins

Kuhn, G.D., 1962:
Some factors influencing the properties of lychee Litchi chinensis jelly

Gray, F.D.; Gray, F.G., 1953:
Some factors influencing the pulmonary capillary pressure curves obtained by means of a cardiac catheter

Jebb, W.H.H.; Knox, R.; Tomlinson, A.H., 1950:
Some factors influencing the rate of formation of tetrathionase

Funk, E.M., 1942:
Some factors influencing the rate of freezing in dressed poultry

Newman, H.W., 1947:
Some factors influencing the rate of metabolism of ethyl alcohol

Gerlough, T.D.; White, W00df0rd, 1934:
Some factors influencing the rate of thermal destruction of tetanus antitoxin of antitetanic horse plasma at 60 to 66 C

Harland, H.A.; Coulter, S.T.; Jenness, R., 1949:
Some factors influencing the reducing substances in dry whole milk

Hulse, F.S., 1957:
Some factors influencing the relative proportions of human racial stocks

Carlsson, A.; Folkow, B.; Haeggendal, J., 1964:
Some Factors Influencing The Release Of Noradrenaline Into The Blood Following Sympathetic Stimulation

Harvey, Rodney Bryce, 1954:
Some factors influencing the renal excretion of sodium

Murai, T., 1960:
Some factors influencing the repolarization of the action current under oxidizing agents or transition metals

Sundby, R.A., 1968:
Some factors influencing the reproduction and longevity of coccinella septempunctata coleoptera coccinellidae

Seath, D.M.; Staples, C.H., 1941:
Some factors influencing the reproductive efficiency of Louisiana herds

Thorne, D.W.nne; Walker, R.H., 1935:
Some factors influencing the respiration of Rhizobium

Cronin, Eugene, H., 1963:
Some factors influencing the response of Halogeton glomeratus to 2, 4- dichlorophenoxyacetic acid

Ingram, P.L., 1964:
Some factors influencing the response of young domesticated animals to Escherichia coll

Barr, M.; Llewellyn Jones, M., 1955:
Some factors influencing the response to immunization with single and combined prophylactics

Kuprianoff, J., 1962:
Some factors influencing the reversibility of freeze-drying of foodstuffs

Winkler, A.J., 1927:
Some factors influencing the rooting of vine cuttings

Raboch, J., 1957:
Some factors influencing the secretory activity of sexual accessory glands in men

Connors, T.A.; Jeney, A.; Warwick, G.P.; Whisson, M.E., 1965:
Some factors influencing the sensitivity of tumors to nitrogen mustards

THOMAS, D.P., 1964:
Some Factors Influencing the Size of Pulmonary Emboli. An Experimental Study

Khalil, M., 1927:
Some factors influencing the spread of ankylostomiasis and bilharziasis in Egypt

Mellanby, M.; Lee Patti Son, C., 1926:
Some factors influencing the spread of caries in children

Smith, F.; Grenan, M.M., 1949:
Some factors influencing the spreading of plasmodial protoplasm

Mccleskey, C.S.; Christopher, W.N., 1941:
Some factors influencing the survival of pathogenic bacteria in cold-pack strawberries

Cleghorn, R.A.; Cleghorn, S.M.M.; Forster, M.G.; Mcvicar, G.A., 1936:
Some factors influencing the survival of rats after adrenalcctomy and the suitability of the young rat for testing the potency of adrenal cortical extracts

Mountney, G.J., 1962:
Some factors influencing the texture of an egg in sausage casing

Mccleskey, C.S., 1948:
Some factors influencing the thermal death rate of Escherichia coli

Sheridan, J.; Foulke, E.; Alluisl, E., 1966:
Some factors influencing the threshold of the electrocutaneous stimulus

Strickler, H.S.; Grauer, R.C.; Cutuly, E.; Saier, E., 1951:
Some factors influencing the total phosphorus content of rat uteri

Miles, Walter, R., 1928:
Some factors influencing the toxic effect of alcohol

Williams, H.V.; Lipman, R.S.; Uhlenhuth, E.H.; Rickels, K.; Covi, L.; Mock, J., 1967:
Some factors influencing the treatment expectations of anxious neurotic outpatients

Mckernan, D.L.; Johnson, D.R.; Hodges, J.I., 1950:
Some factors influencing the trends of salmon populations in Oregon

Rongey, E.H.; Kahlenberg, O.J.; Naumann, H.D., 1959:
Some factors influencing the uniformity and stability of color in cured hams

Miller, C.S.; Hall, W.C., 1960:
Some factors influencing the uptake of ethylene-C14 by plants

Leach, William Matthew, 1965:
Some factors influencing the utilization of tritiated thymidine in grasshopper embryos

Armstrong, G.M.; Bennett, C.C., 1933:
Some factors influencing the variability in length of cotton fibers on individual plants as shown by the sorter method

Gray, D.F., 1946:
Some factors influencing the virulence of Haemophiluspertussis I

Marlowe, T.J.; Freund, R.J.; Graham, J.B., 1960:
Some factors influencing the weight and grade of beef bulls

Lexen, B.R., 1935:
Some factors influencing the yield and mortality of ponderosa pine in the Southwest

Secrist, J.L.; Stumbo, C.R., 1958:
Some factors influencing thermal resistance values obtained by the thermoresistometer method

Johnston, F.J.; Reger, S.N., 1964:
Some factors influencing threshold-sensitivity responses on the Bekesy audiometer

Perlman, P.L.; Cassidy, J.W., 1951:
Some factors influencing thymus nitrogen content of the immature male mouse

HARRISON, T.S., 1961:
Some factors influencing thyrotropin release in the rabbit

Spiera, H.; Christian, C.L., 1964:
Some Factors Influencing Urinary Excretion Of 3-Hydroxyanthranilic Acid

Doupe, J.; Krynauw, R.A.; Snodgrass, S.R., 1938:
Some factors influencing venous pressure in man

Converse, Richard, H., 1962:
Some factors influencing zoo-sporangium production by Phytohthora fragariae

Hutchison, Lynn, 1939:
Some factors influencing zooplankton distribution in the Hocking River

Yasuyama, K., 1926:
Some factors influencing, in vivo, the result of the globulin precipitation test

Jenkins, J.M.; Miller, J.C., 1932:
Some factors intluencing the reproduction of shallots

West, G.B., 1959:
Some factors involved in anaphylactic shock

Hoggan, Isme, A., 1933:
Some factors involved in aphid transmission of the cucumber-mosaic virus to tobacco

Wood, James Daniel, 1958:
Some factors involved in conditioning the pupillary response to an auditory stimulus

Lotze, J.C.; Leek, R.G., 1960:
Some factors involved in excystation of the sporozoites of three species of sheep coccidia

Bliss, E.S.; Johnson, C.E., 1952:
Some factors involved in ground-water replenishment

Macleod, G.F.; Maughan, F.B., 1935:
Some factors involved in measuring results of experiments with onion thrips

Boyle, F.P., 1948 :
Some Factors Involved in Oxygen Evolution From Triturated Spinach Leaves

Remington, J.W.; Collings, W.D.; Hays, H.W.; Swingle, W.W., 1940:
Some factors involved in the assay of renin

Dutta, N.P.; Srivastava, S.C., 1962:
Some factors involved in the availability of absorbed phosphate

Weinstein, L.; Rettger, L.F., 1933:
Some Factors Involved in the Biological Production of Acetone and Butyl Alcohol

Barcroft, J.; Florey, H.W., 1928:
Some factors involved in the concentration of the blood by the spleen

Quin, A.H., 1939:
Some factors involved in the deficiency diseases

Stratton, F., 1960:
Some factors involved in the demonstration of complement fixing blood group antibodies using the antiglobulin test

Olcott, H.S., 1948:
Some factors involved in the detoxication of cottonseed

Uyeki, E.M.; Salerno, P.R., 1959:
Some factors involved in the effect of x-irradiation on the phosphatase activity of hematopoietic tissues

Gross, J.; Highberger, J.H.; Schmitt, F.O., 1952:
Some factors involved in the fibrogenesis of collagen in vitro

Andervont, H.B.; Shimkin, M.B.; Canter, H.Y., 1960:
Some factors involved in the induction or growth of testicular tumors in BALB/c mice

Hall Craggs, E.C.B., 1963:
Some factors involved in the jump of Galago senegalensis

Nayler, Winifred, G., 1967:
Some factors involved in the maintenance and regulation of cardiac contractility

Subtelny, S.; Bradt, C., 1962:
Some factors involved in the production of polyploids in non-enucleated transplant eggs of Rana pipiens

Esselbaugh, N.C., 1944:
Some factors involved in the staling of whole wheat bread

MORSE, W.H.; SKINNER, B.F., 1958:
Some factors involved in the stimulus control of operant behavior

Mast, S. 0.; Pace, D.M., 1942:
Some factors involved in the synthesis of living substance in the colorless flagellate Chilomonas paramecium

Andersen, P.; Andersson, S.A.; Lomo, T., 1967:
Some factors involved in the thalamic control of spontaneous barbiturate spindles

Gispen, R., 1953:
Some factors involved in the titration and neutralisation of vaccinia virus

Owens, M., 1965:
Some factors involved in the use of dissolved-oxygen distributions in streams to determine productivity

Weimer, J.L., 1929:
Some factors involved in the winterkilling of alfalfa

Cohen, Harold, P., 1964:
Some factors involved in use of glucose and hexokinase as a trap for ATP in cerebral mitochondrial studies

Greene, Robert, A., 1933:
Some factors limiting the applicability of biological methods for determining the availability of plant food elements in calcareous soils

Reid, D.M., 1929:
Some factors limiting the habi- tat of Arenicola marina

Kydyrbaev, K.; Afanas'ev, Y.G., 1962:
Some factors limiting the population of Citellus fulvus in the eastern part of its range

Some factors modifying the actions of hormones on glucose uptake by adipose tissue in vitro

Lees, P.; Lockett, M.F., 1963:
Some factors modifying the renal effects of un-anaesthetized rats to oxytocin

Trousdell, K.B.; Wenger, K.F., 1963:
Some factors of climate and soil affecting establishment of loblolly pine stands

Cooper, Gerald, P., 1941:
Some factors of importance in a stocking policy for trout and salmon lakes

Shaprio, M.A.; Ficke, J.F.; Morgan, P.V.; Spear, R.D.; Kisiel, C.C., 1965:
Some factors of importance in evaluating sites for nuclear industry as determined by a limnological study of the upper Ohio River

Adler, H.E., 1955:
Some factors of observational learning in cats

Brunfeldt, K.; Jorgensen, K.F., 1967:
Some factors of significance in the double antibody immunoassay of insulin

Milcou, I.; Damian, E.; Ionesco, M.; Popesco, I., 1965:
Some factors of sodium and potassium retention in urine

Auriol, P., 1961:
Some factors of variation of the clotting time of individual cows' milks

King, J.O.L., 1953:
Some factors of veterinary interest affecting the composition of cows' milk

Tomilin, A.G.; Smyshlyaev, M.I., 1968:
Some factors of whale mortality the diseases of cetaceans fungus irradiation hazards

Goodwillie, D.B.; Trout, G.M.lcolm, 1932:
Some factors other than bacteria that influence the body and flavor of granuled buttermilk

Knaysi, Georges, 1927:
Some factors other than bacteria that influence the body of artificial buttermilk

Bonner, C.D.; Homburger, F.; Fishman, W.H., 1954:
Some factors other than neoplasms altering the prostatic fraction of acid phosphatase in the serum

Illnerová, H.; Kubát, M., 1968:
Some factors possibly inducing the rise in activity of urea cycle enzymes in rat liver during development

Borthwick, Grizel, R., 1934:
Some factors predisposing to infection by Vibrion septique from the alimentary tract An experimental study

Arnott, David, A., 1956:
Some factors reducing carrot seed yields in British Columbia

Augustinsson, K.B.; Henricson, B., 1965:
Some factors regulating normal arylesterase activity of blood plasma in rats

Mulla, Mir, S., 1960:
Some factors regulating the effectiveness of granular insecticides in mosquito control

Gillman, J.; Gilbert, C.; Spence, I., 1954:
Some factors regulating the structural integrity of the intrahepatic bile ducts with special reference to primary carcinoma of the liver and vitamin A

Park, C.R., 1964:
Some factors regulating the utilization of carbohydrate in muscle

Winston, Sanford, 1932:
Some factors related to differential sex-ratios at birth

Wickens, D.; Wickens, C., 1942:
Some factors related to pseudo-conditioning

Bailit, H.L.; Whelan, M.A., 1967:
Some factors related to size and intelligence in an institutionalized mentally retarded population. An anthropometric study

Moorman, Robert, B., 1956:
Some factors related to success of fish populations in Iowa farm ponds

Ralston, Charles, W., 1951:
Some factors related to the growth of longleaf pine in the Atlantic Coastal Plain

Strosnider, R.C.; Gleason, J., 1960:
Some factors related to the growth of redwinged blackbirds

Ilag, Leodegario, M., 1965:
Some factors related with the productivity of some sugarcane farms in the Victorias Mill District Philippines 1961-62

Clausen, C.P., 1940:
Some factors relating to colonization, recovery, and establishment of insect parasites

Simon, S.H.; Heggestad, W.; Hopkins, J., 1968:
Some factors relating to success and failure of male chronic schizophrenics on their first foster home placement

Yoshn, N.; Tsukiyama, K., 1950:
Some factors relating to the central excitatory level in conditioned jumping behavior

Langford, G.S., 1930:
Some factors relating to the feeding habits of grasshoppers, with special reference to Melanoplus bivittatus

Sylven, B., 1967:
Some factors relating to the invasiveness and destructiveness of solid neopl malignant tumors

Lewis, Fred, 1950:
Some factors relating to the survival, or otherwise, of the Lowan or Mallee fowl

Hopkins, J.C., 1962:
Some factors responsible for high incidence levels of Atropellis piniphiia

Gershenfeld, L.; Brillhart, R.E., 1950:
Some factors responsible for irregular results when testing quaternary ammonium compounds

Barber, George, W., 1926:
Some factors responsible for the decrease of the European corn borer in New England during 1923 and 1924

Khan, M.Q.; Murthy, D.V., 1957:
Some factors responsible for the increase in the incidence of the rice stem-borer in recent years in Hyderabad

Bryan, C.S.; Mallmann, W.L., 1933:
Some factors responsible for the so-called self-disinfecting power of the skin

Kopecka, H.; Kohoutova, M., 1965:
Some Factors Stimulating And Inhibiting Pancreatic Deoxyribonuclease

Bigbee, Daniel Eugene, 1962:
Some factors that affect change in weight of fresh chilled poultry

Bigbee, D.G.; Dawson, L.E., 1963:
Some factors that affect change in weight of fresh chilled poultry. I. Length of chill period, chilling medium and holding temperature

Bradner, Norman Richard, 1964:
Some factors that affect pollination and seed formation in alfalfa, Medicago sativa L

Thomas, M.C.; Lyman, C.M.; Langley, B.C.; Seen, V.J., 1968:
Some factors that affect quality in peanut d products as determined by organoleptic evaluation

Wylie, H.G., 1960:
Some factors that affect the abundance of the winter moth, Operophtera brumata in western Europe

Kulp, K.; Ponte, J.G.; Bechtel, W.G., 1959:
Some factors that affect the staling of white and yellow layer cake

PITT-RIVERS, R., 1960:
Some factors that affect thyroid hormone synthesis

Billingham, R.E.; Silvers, W.K., 1962:
Some factors that determine the ability of cellular inocula to induce tolerance of tissue homografts

Stone, George, C., 1966:
Some factors that influence acquisition of free-operant avoidance behavior

Kreitlow, K.W., 1944:
Some factors that influence afterripening of smut chlamydospores

Tyler, L.J.; Jensen, N.F., 1958:
Some factors that influence development of dwarf bunt in winter wheat

Ruhm, H.B.; Cooper, W.A., 1963:
Some Factors That Influence Pure Tone Delayed Auditory Feedback

Wolff, J., 1951:
Some factors that influence release of iodine from the thyroid gland

Sarles, W.B.; Fred, E.B.; Peterson, W.H., 1932:
Some factors that influence the formation of products in the thermophilic fermentation of cellulose

Kline, B.E.; Rusch, H.P., 1944:
Some factors that influence the growth of neo-plastic cells

Magee, H.E., 1929:
Some factors that influence the movements of the surviving mammalian intestine

Marlowe, T.J.; Wilson, E.B., 1962:
Some factors that influence the sale price of purebred hereford calves in southwest Virginia

Pollard, L.H.; Wilcox, E.B.; Peterson, H.B., 1947:
Some factors that influence the yield and quality of peas for canning

Penick, G.D., 1957:
Some factors that influence utilization of antihemophilic activity during clotting

Peterson, Alvah, 1929:
Some factors that limit artificial control efforts for the oriental peach moth, Laspeyresia molesta Busck

Sotomayor, I., 1967:
Some factors that limit the yield of bean d cultivation

Albus, William, R., 1928:
Some factors that may affect the plate count of milk

Manney, Thomas, 1959:
Some factors that modify the effects of densely ionizing radiations on yeast

Heinicke, A.J., 1926:
Some factors to be considered in the practical application of sterility studies of fruits

Bell, R.Q., 1963:
Some Factors To Be Controlled In Studies Of The Behavior Of Newborns

Atkins, C.D.; Rouse, A.H.; Moore, E.L., 1957:
Some factors to consider in determining clarification in frozen orange concentrate

Megee, C.R., 1929:
Some factors to consider in the use of chlorates for the control of weeds

Averill, C.C.; Frost, L.M., 1933:
Some factors underlying forest fire insurance in Massachusetts with special reference to six representative properties

Dynes, 0. W., 1928:
Some factors underlying yield and quality in Tennessee varieties of corn

Hoffman, P.; Self, H.L.; Wickersham, T.; Hazel, L.N., 1964:
Some factors western ewes

Buss, Edward George, 1956:
Some factors which affect hatchability of chicken eggs at higher altitude

Macwalter, R.J., 1934:
Some factors which affect the assay of vitamin A by the spectrographic method

Collins, F.I.; Krober, O.A., 1945:
Some factors which affect the determination of oil in soybeans

Kalnitsky, G.; Hummel, J.P.; Dierks, C., 1959:
Some factors which affect the enzymatic digestion of ribonucleic acid

Dawbarn, M.C.; Forsyth, H.; Kilpatrick, D., 1961:
Some factors which affect the growth of Lactobacillus ca3ei

Wolin, M.J.; Weinberg, G., 1960:
Some factors which affect the growth of Streptococcus bovis on chemically defined culture media

Harper, H.J.; Murphy, H.F., 1928:
Some factors which affect the inoculation of soybeans

Negrobov, V.P., 1962:
Some factors which affect the number of different cutworms Mamestra suasa Schiff. in the bottom land of the River Khoper Problems of ecology

Doumas, B.; Biggs, H.G., 1962:
Some factors which affect the stability of 5-methylbarbituric acid in aqueous solutions

Zucker, M.; Levy, C.C., 1959:
Some Factors which Affect the Synthesis of Chlorogenic Acid in Disks of Potato Tuber

Petlitskii, S.I., 1966:
Some factors which aggravate the course and outcome of Botkin's disease

Wilber, C.G., 1959:
Some factors which are correlated with swimming capacity in guinea pigs

Rogick, F.A.; Burgwald, L.H., 1952:
Some factors which contribute to the psychrophilic bacterial count in market milk

Rostorfer, H.H.; Mcgee, H.R., 1946:
Some factors which decrease arterial saturation in bird malaria ducks infected with P. lophurae

Kolganova, N.S., 1963:
Some factors which have an effect on the development of ventricular fibrillation in clinical death and resuscitation of dogs during acute blood loss

Gourley, J.H., 1930:
Some factors which influence color of fruit

Zobell, Claude, E., 1940:
Some factors which influence oxygen consumption by bacteria in lake water

Garcia, J.; Kimeldorf, D.J., 1960:
Some factors which influence radiation-conditioned behavior of rats

O'meara, R.A.Q., 1937:
Some factors which influence reduction in broth and their bearing on the growth of Cl tetani

Some factors which influence the catalytic activity of pancreatic cholesterol esterase

Baloun, J.; Bejsovcova, L.; Messerschmidtova, A., 1966:
Some factors which influence the exactness of the tannic acid determination in plant material by the biological method

Thomas, H.E.; Muller, A.S., 1929:
Some factors which influence the infection of Apium graveolens L by Septoria apii Rostr

Anson, M.L., 1942:
Some Factors which Influence the Oxidation of Sulfhydryl Groups

Khankhoje, Pandurang, 1928:
Some factors which influence the quantity of water necessary for plants

Greaves, R.I.N., 1960:
Some factors which influence the stability of freeze-dried cultures

Conrad, Harry Russell, 1957:
Some factors which influence the synthetic and digestive processes in the rumen of young dairy calves

Thomas, S.B., 1949:
Some factors which influence the thermo-duric colony counts of raw milk

Morton, H.E.; Stinebring, W., 1950:
Some factors which influence the typical alpha hemolysis of streptococci on blood agar

Ignatova, A.V., 1967:
Some factors which lead to the development of side effects during anti bacterial therapy of pulmonary tubercular patients

Hughes, R.W.; Gustafson, D.P., 1960:
Some factors which may influence the transmission of porcine cholera

Aleonard, P., 1960:
Some factors which modify the amplitude of the responses of peripheral origin, as recorded by permanent electrode implanted in the median center of the unanesthetized cat Abstract

Fontaine, Y.A., 1963:
Some factors with heterothyreotropic activity present in the hypophyses of mammals Abstract only

Chaddock, T.T., 1938:
Some facts Concerning cottontails imported into Wisconsin

Khandige, S.B.at; Balakrishna, N.; Adyanthaya, N.R., 1956:
Some facts about Arecanut

Anonymous, 1945:
Some facts about British Columbia, Canada

Cox, W.T., 1944:
Some facts about balsa

Spofford, Walter, R., 1943:
Some facts about falconry and the peregrine falcon

Hassler, Karl, 1956:
Some facts about fumigation tarps

Williams, Barbara, J., 1963:
Some facts about lichens

Vansell, Geo, H., 1945:
Some facts about nectar and pollen sources in the west

Drinker, H.J.; O'conor, V.J., 1958:
Some facts about nephrectomy

Sneep, J., 1966:
Some facts about plant breeding before the discovery of Mendelism

Chadwick, L.C., 1946:
Some facts about shade tree fertilization

Anonymous, 1963:
Some facts about strawberries

Watson, J.R., 1940:
Some facts about the Japanese beetle

Boit, Bernardo, 1926:
Some facts about the geology of Ancachs

Bissell, Theo, L., 1930:
Some facts about the pecan weevil and suggestions for control

Potter, George, F., 1948:
Some facts about tung nursery stock, budded and seedling

Koshtoyants, C.S., 1962:
Some facts and conclusions of comparative physiology as related to the problem of homeostasis

Koshtoyants, K.S., 1961:
Some facts and conclusions of studies in comparative physiology related to the problem of homeo-stasis

HORSFALL, F.L., 1965:
Some Facts and Fancies about Cancer

Schwetz, J., 1956:
Some facts and fundamental principles regarding intestinal schistosomiasis due to S. mansoni

Schwarz, E.; Teleky, L., 1941:
Some facts and reflections on the problem of poisoning by benzene and its homologs

White, H.C., 1934:
Some facts and theories concerning the Atlantic salmon

Anonymous, 1927:
Some facts concerning Latvia's forest conditions

Hendrickson, A.H.; Veih Meyer, F.J., 1930:
Some facts concerning soil moisture of interest to horticulturists

Nicolesco, J., 1927:
Some facts concerning the extrapyramidal vegetative centers

Helms, Samuel, T., 1933 :
Some facts concerning the pharmacological and physiological action of acetanilid

Gillman, Joseph, 1939:
Some facts concerning the social life of chacma baboons in captivity

Krauch, Hermann, 1936:
Some facts influencing Douglas fir reproduction in the Southwest

Turchini, J., 1968:
Some facts of enzymatic embryology

Chodat, R., 1929:
Some facts of morphological continuity as shown by a comparison of fossil and living plants

Campbell, H., 1968:
Some facts of quail life in new mexico usa management

Afanas'ev, S.F., 1944:
Some facts on Gambusia viability and other phenomena observed during its dissemination in the reservoirs of the Checheno-Ingushetian Republic

Carneri, L., 1961:
Some facts on amoebiasis in Italy

Denoix, P., 1948:
Some facts on cancer in French West Africa from observations collected by health service of the French colonial troups

Kul'pinova, M., 1956:
Some facts on cotton fiber gray moia

Zei, M., 1965:
Some facts on sardinella aurita in relation to temperature fishery

Gapanavichus, B.M., 1968:
Some facts on the heredity of oto sclerosis

Kooy, P.; Oedayarajsingh Varma, A., 1966:
Some facts on the sero diagnosis of syphilis in surinam personnal communication human

Napadov, M.A., 1966:
Some facts to be considered in diagnosis of dentomaxillary anomalies

Holdeman, Q.L., 1950:
Some falcate-spored Colletotrichums on legumes

Kirby, Robert, P., 1959:
Some fall and winter Michigan bird records

BEECHER, H.K., 1962:
Some fallacies and errors in the application of the principle of consent in human experimentation

Muir, E., 1926:
Some fallacies connected with the testing of drugs for their efficacy in the treatment of leprosy

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Some Fallacious Tendencies In Bacteriologic Taxonomy

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Some familiar moths behavior ecology sphinx moths

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Some families of restricted range in the Carolinian flora of Canada

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Some famous West Virginia trees

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Some faunistic and ecologic observations of rock pool ciliates

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Some faunistic changes in the Lesser Antilles

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Some faunistic finds in the Yangtze basin and their zoogeographic significance

D.Balsac, H.Heim, 1965:
Some faunistic notes from the study of the Tyto alba diet in West Africa

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Some features about tachyphylaxis

Shmeleva, N.I., 1962:
Some features in delayed reaction of haemopoietic system in animals which survived radiation sickness

Anonymous, 1957:
Some features in the development of chlorophyll-bearing structures Referat Zhur, Biol, 1959, No 83457

Gauze, G.F.; Smaragdova, N.P., 1938:
Some features in the evolution of integuments in fresh-water animals as determined by the killing action of the optically isomeric organic acids

Anonymous, 1956:
Some features in the impregnation of vivi-parious fish Referat Zhur, Biol, 1960, No 28679

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Some features in the migration of cod

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Some features in the morphology of a hitherto undescribed stem from the Lancashire Coal-measures

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Some features in the renal morphogenesis and anatomy with practical consideration

Neal, Marie, C., 1926:
Some features of New Zealand flora

Gauze, G.F.; Kochetkova, G.V.; Vladimirova, G.B.; Landau, N.S., 1963:
Some features of Staphylococ-cus afermentans mutants with deficient respiration

Suchkov, V.V., 1965:
Some features of a functional study of the peripheral blood circuIation

VAN ITERSON, W., 1961:
Some features of a remarkable organelle in Bacillus subtilis

Markovich, N.Y., 1967:
Some features of aedes ecology pertinent of their control ussr

Groza, P.; Corneanu, M.; Rusovici, L.; Ionescu, A., 1965:
Some features of anaphylaxis

Smirnov, L.V., 1965:
Some features of anesthesia with lidase in operations on the eye Information on the 1963 scientific conference dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Branch of the State Scientific Research Institute for Eye Diseases

Roitman, E.A., 1958:
Some features of anti-influenza immunization in groups of industrial workers

Bauerova, Y.; Sorm, F., 1956:
Some features of arginine metabolism in birds

Zaidler, Y.I.; Dulitskaya, R.A., 1961:
Some features of blood coagulation in frogs

Some Features of Breast Cancer and Thyroid Deficiency. Report of 280 Cases

Kolosha, O.I., 1965:
Some features of carbohydrate and nitrogen metabolism in frost resistant varieties of wheat and rye

Solov'ev, T.T., 1963:
Some features of carp behavior and their usefulness in fishing-out ponds

Suchkova, I.A., 1968:
Some features of cerebral circulatory disturbances in diabetes mellitus human

Bey Biyenko, G.Ya, 1961:
Some features of changes in invertebrate fauna when virgin steppe is cultivated

Braunshtein, A.E., 1959:
Some features of chemical integration of nitrogenous metabolic processes

Smirnova, T.N., 1967:
Some features of chromosome aberration in barley associated with the transplantation of irradiated embryos

Sato, M.; Takahashi, H., 1967:
Some features of cold shock in Escherichia coli

Yudin, B.F., 1959 :
Some features of corn biology in Middle Urals

Zbarsky, I.B.; Dmitrieva, N.P., 1962:
Some features of cytochemistry of tumour cell nuclei

Rakitin, Y.V.; Zemskaya, V.A.; Voronina, E.I.; Chernikova, L.M., 1966:
Some features of detoxification of 2,4-D by plants sensitive or insensitive to the herbicide

Khuzin, R.S.; Yablokov, A.V., 1963:
Some features of digestive tract functioning in Cystophora cristata during its feeding on milk

Tkach, V.K., 1967:
Some features of disorders in the dynamic stability of biophysical blood properties in patients with malignant neoplasms

Radionova, Y.A., 1968:
Some features of distribution of the values of the threshold in 2 types of neurons of the auditory system cat sound

Sundararaj, N., 1961:
Some features of drug use among mental patients

Rekhacheva, E.V., 1966:
Some features of dystrophies during experimental neopl tumor growth human mouse rat di methyl benz anthracene carcino

Tsapenko, V.F., 1967:
Some features of electroencephalogram changes in rabbits with different development of the Brown-Pearce carcinoma

List, A., 1963:
Some features of embryo and endosperm development in Gleditsia triacanthos

Kondrat'ev, G.P., 1963 :
Some features of filtration in freshwater mollusks

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Some features of foot-and-mouth disease in swine

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Some features of freezing-desiccation of the parotitis virus Data from the Inter-institutional L. A. Tarasevich memorial scientific conference, 1965

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Some features of glio-blastoma multiforme

James, J.A.; Ashworth, C.T., 1961:
Some features of glomerular filtration and permeability revealed by electron microscopy after intraperitoneal injection of dextran in rats

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Some features of growth in length of Atlantic Scandinavian herring in summer

Stepanova, T.S., 1959:
Some features of higher nervous activity in healthy man in relation to dark adaptation

Thompson, J.Mclean, 1946:
Some features of horticultural interest in the Forsythias

Assing, I.A., 1962:
Some features of humus formation in mountain soils of Northern Tyan'-Shan'

Efuni, S.N.; Gebel', G.Y.; Trekova, N.A.; Perestoronin, S.A., 1965:
Some features of hyperventilation during ether-oxygen anesthesia as shown by electroencephalographic, rheographic, and electrocardiographic parameters

Singh, R.P., 1963:
Some features of interest in the nucellus and the chalaza in Euphorbiaceae

Vaklinova, S.G.; Voskresenskaya, N.P.; Grishdja, G.S.; Oshmarova, I.S., 1966:
Some features of light-induced oxidation of hydroxylamine in chloroplast suspensions

David, H.L., 1965:
Some Features Of Malaria In Dili, Portuguese Timor, During 1963-64

Balfour, M.C., 1936:
Some features of malaria in Greece and experience with its control

Braarud, Trygve, 1958:
Some features of marine algal distribution in Norway

Suganuma, A., 1963:
Some Features Of Membranous Structures In Staphylococcus Aureus

Ratner, E.I.; Ukhina, S.F., 1965:
Some features of metabolism of nitrogieneous substances in the roots of various plants as illustrated by the uptake of exogenous amino acids

Salakhova, G.B., 1968:
Some features of micro sporogenesis and of the development of the male gametophyte in the horse sorrel d rumex confertus as related to the incomplete dimorphism of its flowers

Kuznetsov, E.D., 1966:
Some features of mineral nutrition during nitrogen deficiency

GEAR, A.R., 1965:
Some Features of Mitochondria and Fluffy Layer in Regenerating Rat Liver

Woodard, T.M., 1948:
Some features of mitosis in the onion root tip

Nikitina, G.A.; Shklyarov, L.P., 1961:
Some features of nest construction by passerines in white Russia Fauna and ecology of terrestrial vertebrates of White Russia

Eigelis, Y.K., 1961:
Some features of nest location among jays

Slobodskaya, G.A., 1968:
Some features of nitrate assimilation by photosynthesizing leaves phaseolus d beans d

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Some features of organic phosphorus distribution in the south-east Indian and south-west Pacific Oceans

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Some features of paradoxical sleep in man 141st Assemble of the Swiss Society of Psychiatry, Geneva, Switz., 31 October - 1 November, 1964

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Some features of phosphorus metabolism of winter wheat during low temperature hardening

Andronnikov, N.I., 1960:
Some features of positive and inhibitory cardiac conditioned reflexes in man

Sot, R.Jas, G.; Marquez, C., 1962:
Some features of pulmonary insufficiency at high altitudes

Morales, Ricardo, 1963:
Some features of rat spinal cord after perfusion fixation with osmic acid

Reid, B., 1967:
Some features of recent research on the takahe notornis mantelli distribution ecology nesting

Tleuov, R., 1964:
Some features of reproduction and development of the Aral white-eye

Toporkova, L.A., 1961:
Some features of respiratory trace conditional reflexes in cats

Edmondson, W.T.; Anderson, G.C., 1965:
Some features of saline lakes in Central Washington

Mikhaylov, I.S., 1960:
Some features of sod arctic soils on Bolshevik Island

Lloyd, F.E., 1926:
Some Features of Structure and Behavior in Vampyrella Lateritia

Veber, N.V., 1958:
Some features of sympathetic regulation of the action of the spinal column in frogs

Klimov, K.Y., 1966:
Some features of tetracycline-group antibiotics binding by homogenates of kitten organs in experimental'dysentery

Dubakina, A.V.; Kushnarev, E.E., 1959:
Some features of the 1957 influenza outbreak in the Stalingrad oblast

Prazdnikova, N.V., 1966:
Some features of the ability of fishes to differ-entiate objects Report Summaries of the All-Union Conference on the Ecology and Physiology of Fishes, 1966

Popova, V.Ya, 1966:
Some features of the abundance dynamics of Black Sea turbot

Indrelene, N.P., 1968:
Some features of the action of cortico steroids in arthritis human

Blackburn, J.G.; Ginsborg, B.L.; Ray, C., 1962:
Some features of the action potential of frog sympathetic ganglion cells

Klassovskii, L.N., 1963:
Some features of the adaptation process to streptomycin in various strains of Pasteurella pestis on artificial nutrient media

Bailey, K., 1950:
Some features of the amino-acid composition of proteins

Tretyak, T.V.; Okanenko, A.S., 1966:
Some features of the anatomic structure and water regime in polyploid sugar beet

Oganesyan, E.S., 1962:
Some features of the anatomical structure of the urogenital apparatus of the gnu. Preliminary communication

Scott, Flora Murray, 1932:
Some features of the anatomy of Fouquieria splendens

Barinov, G.V.; Ratner, E.I., 1959:
Some features of the assimilation of substances through the leaves after foliar applications

Wesenberg Lund, C., 1929:
Some features of the avifauna of Denmark and its present life-conditions

Skvortsova, A.A.; Khrenov, I.I., 1958:
Some features of the basal and total metabolism in cattle

Dushechkin, V.I., 1959:
Some features of the behavior of biologically different varieties and forms of red clover and the process of population formation

Hurley, D.E., 1959:
Some features of the benthic environment in Cook Strait

Molinari Tosatti; Galzigna, L.; Moret, V.; Gotte, L., 1968:
Some features of the binding of calcium ions to elastin abstract human

Mulyarskaya, L.V., 1962:
Some features of the biology of Carpocapsa pomonella L. on Punica granatum

Tymko, M.M., 1959:
Some features of the biology of growth and development of the Persian walnut in Moldavia Proceedings of the Joint Scientific session

Boldina, I.K., 1966:
Some features of the biology of sterlet in the Kuibyshev Reservoir

Bogaevskii, V.T., 1960:
Some features of the biology of the Far Eastern navaga

Baryakin, A.A., 1967:
Some features of the biology of the apple d clearwing moth aegeria myopaeformis lepidoptera aegeriidae in azerbaydzhan ussr

Briggs, J.B., 1957:
Some features of the biology of the winter moth on top fruits

Elizarova, N.S., 1962:
Some features of the bream stock formation during the first years of existence of the Volgograd Reservoir

Karpilov, Y.S.; Nedopekina, I.F.; Kotova, N.F., 1968:
Some features of the carbohydrate pathways in photosynthesis in different species of plants

Umarov, K.U., 1964:
Some features of the change in photosynthetic rate in red clover and timothy

Otaraev, I.B., 1964:
Some features of the clinical aspects and diagnosis of lead poisoning in the home

Fertser, A.M.; Mazur, E.P., 1966:
Some features of the clinical aspects of drug psychoses

Latzinik, G.E., 1961:
Some features of the clinical course of acute dysentery in elderly patients

Trekova, N.A., 1967:
Some features of the comparative action of thio pental sodium cardio vasc on the heart in the light of inst electro cardiographic data promedol cardio vasc atropine cardio vasc pipolphen cardio vasc human

Priezzhev, G.P., 1958:
Some features of the composition of the small passerine fauna of the Volga and Kama lowland in the zone where the Kuybyshev reservoir was formed

Kheifets, L.B., 1958:
Some features of the course of incidence of dysentery in a limited urban area

Burmistrova, N.D., 1968:
Some features of the damage potentials of plant tissues onion m inst dubois raymond electrodes inst compensated mirror galvanometer

Mclellan, H.J.; Nowlin, W.D., 1963:
Some features of the deep water in the Gulf of Mexico

Sukhanov, A.A.; Medvedeva, L.A., 1965:
Some features of the determination of the fibrinolytic properties of blood by the Bidwell method

Goryachev, P.P., 1958:
Some features of the development of Opisthorchis felineus in intermediate hosts in western Siberia Helminthological studies

Lindeberg, Gosta, 1962:
Some features of the development of ecological soil microbiology

Leksina, M.Z., 1968:
Some features of the development of premature children cared for in childrens homes

Smirnov, A.I., 1955:
Some features of the development of the mirror carp

Anonymous, 1960:
Some features of the developmental stages of the bream, carp, Caspian roach, sea roach, and pike perch of the deltas of the Volga, Don, and Kuban

Morita, Y., 1964:
Some Features Of The Discharges From The Caudal Photoreceptor Of The Crayfish

Weber, William, A., 1959:
Some features of the distribution of arctic relicts at their Austral limits

Ushakov, P.B., 1963:
Some features of the distribution of bottom fauna around islands of the Eastern Antarctica

Parin, N.V., 1962:
Some features of the distribution of common pelagic fishes in the region of the equatorial currents of the Pacific Ocean

Korotkevich, V.S., 1964:
Some features of the distribution of plankton along the Antarctic coast and the 20th meridian of east longitude from Feb. to April 1963

Kanaeva, I.P., 1963:
Some features of the distribution of plankton in the Atlantic Ocean

Yusupov, A.A., 1963:
Some features of the distribution of strontium-90 in the skeleton of dogs after a single dose and after prolonged administration

Vinogradov, M.E.; Voronina, N.M., 1962:
Some features of the distribution of zooplankton in the Northern Indian Ocean Biological marine studies

Anon, 1967:
Some features of the disturbances to the nervous system of children with chronic granosan poisoning

Holmes, R.L., 1958:
Some features of the ductus arteriosus

Kovyazin, N.V., 1959:
Some features of the dynamics of injuries to yeast cells by ultraviolet rays of various wave lengths

Orlovsky, N.V., 1945:
Some features of the dynamics of the level of the upper ground waters of the Baraba steppe

Rosenblueth, A.; Cannon, W.B., 1940:
Some features of the early stages of neuromuscular transmission

Prokhorov, V.S., 1963:
Some features of the ecology of Barents Sea capelin

Turner, Frederick, B., 1959:
Some features of the ecology of Bufo punctatus in Death Valley, California

Popova, O.A., 1960:
Some features of the ecology of the pike and perch in the Volga delta

Rubina, M.A., 1960:
Some features of the ecology of the weasel as observed in the Moscow oblast

Bezvershenko, I.A.; Petrenko, M.G., 1967:
Some features of the effect of cortisone on energy metabolism in ascites tumors

Yakushkina, N.I.; Kulakova, I.A., 1968:
Some features of the effect of hetero auxin on the growth of cells in the elongation phase pea d iaa 2 4 di nitro phenol oxidative phosphorylation

Averbukh, E.S.; Efimenko, V.L., 1966:
Some features of the effect of imipramine in depressive conditions of old age

Kuzhelev, E.S., 1966:
Some features of the effect of papaverine on the cardiovascular system when it is given intravascularly Information on the 4th Volga conference of physiologists, pharmacologists, and biochemists, with the participation of morphologists and clinicians, 1966

Zakhvatkin, Y.A., 1967:
Some features of the embryogenesis of Chalcoides aurata Marsh. and Chalcoides fulvicornis F.

Zubareva, L.A.; Spitkovskaya, Z.M., 1958:
Some features of the entrails of hybrid fowls

Abdulkhasanov, A., 1966:
Some features of the epidemiology of tick-borne spirochetosis in the Uch-Korgon district of Kirghizia

Panteleeva, T.B., 1959:
Some features of the epidemiology of whooping cough

Zelikman, E.A., 1968:
Some features of the evolution of euphausiidae crustacea euphausiacea in neritic and oceanic areas

Chetverikov, S.S., 1965:
Some features of the evolutionary process from the standpoint of current genetics. ,

Vincent, J.M.; Humphrey, B.; North, R.J., 1962:
Some features of the fine structure and chemical composition of Rhizobium trifolii

Hainault, Robert, 1966:
Some features of the flora of the islands of eastern Lake Ontario

Dolgoshov, V.I., 1959:
Some features of the flowering of hazel

Izyumova, N.A., 1959:
Some features of the formation of fish parasites in new water reservoirs REFERAT ZHUR BIOL, 1960, No. 11332.

Ustenko, G.P., 1960:
Some features of the formation of potato crops under conditions of irrigation in the south-east

Dorovskaya, I.F.; Bitarov, M.I., 1967:
Some features of the growh and photosynthesis of inter line corn m hybrids under irrigated conditions

Verkholomov, E.E., 1960:
Some features of the growth of Bacterium prodigio-sum in the presence of blood serum from gastric cancer patients

Mazeika, P.A., 1968:
Some features of the gulf stream off chesapeake bay usa in the spring of 1963

Vereshchagin, B.V., 1964:
Some features of the harmful entomofauna of tree plantings in Moldavia

Kartashev, N.N.; Il'ichev, V.D., 1966:
Some features of the hearing apparatus of Alciformes birds and the sound environment of their colonies

Reimov, R., 1960:
Some features of the higher nervous activity of gophers under natural conditions

O'rahilly, Ronan, 1963:
Some features of the histogenesis of the otic vesicle in staged human embryos

Ushakov, P.V., 1962:
Some features of the hydrologic conditions and fauna of the flooded crater of a volcano on L'vinaya Past' Bay on Iturup Island

Gorbenko, Y.A., 1964:
Some features of the hydrological structure of the Mediterranean Sea based on microbiological data

Alikhanyan, S.I., 1967:
Some features of the induced variability of microorganisms streptomyces induced mutagenesis in antibiotic production ethyleneimine mutagen inst x ray mutagen fast neutrons mutagen

Smyk, M.M., 1960:
Some features of the inflammatory process under conditions of medicinal sleep

Burachinskn, A.M., 1967:
Some features of the interrelation between the resting period and the winter-hardiness of woody plants Ways and methods of increasing the hardiness of acclimatized plants

Vyrenkov, E.Y.; Krotkova, N.A.; Samoilov, G.A., 1968:
Some features of the intra organ lymphatic system of the stomach liver and large intestine in a rabbit after intra mural implantation of brown pearce tumor

Bresciani, Jose, 1961:
Some features of the larval development of Stenhelia palustris Brady 1868

Weiner, J.S., 1963:
Some features of the later evolution of man

Orlova, A.F., 1963:
Some features of the life cycle of the mountain form of the little suslik as compared to the plains form

Birman, I.B., 1968:
Some features of the linear growth and structure of the scales of pacific salmon

Coleman, R., 1968:
Some features of the lipid composition of rat liver surface and cytoplasmic membranes

L'vova, L.S., 1962:
Some features of the maturation of sorghum seeds

Volozina, N.V., 1961:
Some features of the maturing of eggs in mosquitoes of the genus Aedes communis group

Orekhova, N.S., 1968:
Some features of the mechanism of action of organo phosphorus compounds

Krupko, M.I., 1964:
Some features of the mechanism of antiinflammatory action of corticosteroids applied locally

Babenko, V.I., 1968:
Some features of the metabolism of soluble carbohydrates and free amino acids in winter wheat m induced by negative temperatures

Scheer, Bradley, T., 1940:
Some features of the metabolism of the carotenoid pigments of the California sea mussel

Lutkova, I.N., 1962:
Some features of the metabolism of the first generation of plants grown under treatment by electricity

Nivinskaya, M.M., 1965:
Some features of the metastasis of ocular melanoblastoma

Vaitkyavichyus, A.P., 1963:
Some features of the migration of birds in the area of the Courland Lagoon from 1954 to 1962

MORRIS, E.W., 1960:
Some features of the mitral valve

Golubev, V.N., 1959:
Some features of the morphogenesis of vital forms of herbaceous plants of the forest and meadow zone and their connection with their evoltution

Ratner, K.S., 1959:
Some features of the motor conditioned reactions to verbal stimuli in man

Tyutyunnikov, A.I.; Kremnina, A.N., 1965:
Some features of the movement of water between plants via the root systems

Bartley, S.H.ward; Bishop, G.H., 1942:
Some features of the optic-nerve discharge in the rabbit and cat

Buser, P.; Imbert, M., 1959:
Some features of the organization of the afferent projections in the motor area of the cerebral cortex of the cat

Taylor, T.M.C., 1939:
Some features of the organization of the sporophyte of Equisetum arvense L

Arnott, W.M.lville, 1965:
Some features of the pathophysiology of respiration.

Van Dyke, H.B., 1961:
Some features of the pharmacology of oxytocin

Kumakov, V.A.; Kuz Mina, K.M., 1968:
Some features of the photosynthetic activity and crop structure of millet m and summer wheat m plants differing with respect to maturing rate

Suomalainen, P., 1951:
Some features of the physiology of chromidial substance A review

Karabanov, I.A., 1968:
Some features of the physiology of dormancy in black currant d plants in connection with the effect of gibberellin ribes nigrum d

L'vov D.K., 1968:
Some features of the preparation of immunoenzyme conjugates based on monoclonal antibodies

Zaikin, D.F., 1960:
Some features of the problem of foot-and-mouth disease in the area of the rotating-pasture type of animal husbandry

Sisakyan, N.M.; Meuk Sarkisyan, S.S., 1963:
Some features of the proteins of photosynthesizing and nonphotosynthe-sizing plant plastids

Kondrashkova, O.V., 1967:
Some features of the psycho-tropic action of frenolon

Gromova, V.V.; Galkin, V.A., 1967:
Some features of the psychopharmacolog-ical action of indopan in the simple form of schizophrenia

Lawson, F.R., 1958:
Some features of the relation of insects to their ecosystems

Miller, P.L., 1961:
Some features of the respiratory system of Hydrocyrius columbiae Spin.

Krasil'nikov, P.K., 1960:
Some features of the root systems of five species of Euonymus in the second year under the conditions of the Leningrad district

Shmuness, V.A., 1959:
Some features of the seasonal increase in infective hepatitis morbidity

Miliushkevich, G.F., 1960:
Some features of the secretion of amylolytic enzymes by the parotid salivary gland of the dog

Chityan, S.A.; Oganesyan, R.S., 1962:
Some features of the sources of some arteries in the donkey. A brief scientific report

Iliyazov, A.I., 1965:
Some features of the spread and course of skin carcinoma in the kirghiz ssr

Krivosheina, N.P., 1957:
Some features of the spread of Culicoidae larvae and pupae in reservoirs

Negrutskii, S.F., 1961:
Some features of the spread of root fungus in pine plantings

Doyel, Bernice, E., 1942:
Some features of the structure of Arctostaphylos viscida

Copeland, H.F.; Doyel, B.E., 1940:
Some features of the structure of Toxicodendron diversiloba

Anonymous, 1956:
Some features of the structure of the brain of titmice in relation to their way of life and motor activity Referat Zhur, Biol, 1957, No 19135

Dadasheva, S.G., 1963:
Some features of the structures of axial organs in desert and semidesert shrubs

Some features of the submicroscopic morphology of synapses in frog and earthworm

Lauzier, L.; Trites, R.W.; Hachey, H.B., 1957:
Some features of the surface layer of the Gulf of St. Lawrence

Genkel', P.A.; Bakanova, L.V., 1965:
Some features of the surface of protoplasts in the dormant state

Ata Muradova, F., 1963:
Some features of the synaptic organization of the cortex in newborn rabbits

Abrahamsson, Sixten; Nilsson, B., 1962:
Some features of the ternary system: Myristic acid, palmitic acid and isopalmitic acid

J.Let, A., 1963:
Some features of the transition zone in Gleditsia, Gymnocladus and Aesculus; late embryos

Dodimead, A.J., 1961:
Some features of the upper zone of the sub-Arctic Pacific Ocean

Gebski, Jerzy, 1965:
Some features of the urine containing Trichomonas vaginalis as evaluated by statistical analysis

Polyukhov, S.M., 1965:
Some features of the use of barbiturates and muscle relaxants in operations on patients with gastric ulcers

Serafini-Fracassini, A.; Volpin, D., 1966:
Some features of the vascularization of the carotid body in the dog

Barrington, E.J.W., 1960:
Some features of the vascularization of the hypothalamus and pituitary stalk in the minnow Phoxinus phoxinus L

Lawrence, Donald, B., 1939:
Some features of the vegetation of the Columbia River Gorge with special reference to asymmetry in forest trees

Roshdi, A.B.Omar, 1963:
Some features of the virus of beet yellows

George Klein, 1962:
Some features of tumor-specific antigens A general discussion

Pikovskaia, R.I.; Rikhiladze, S.I.; Gelashvili, M.G., 1960:
Some features of typhoid, paratyphoid and dysentery bacilli isolated from patients treated with synthomycin

Andreev, L.N., 1965:
Some features of unconditional salivary responses in dogs following conditional light and sound stimuli of different intenities

Pavlov, A.N.; Kolesnik, T.I., 1966:
Some features of utilization of nitrogen applied at a late period in synthesis of proteins in maize and oat grains

Rivina, E.Y.; Bel'skaya, I.L.; Morozova, E.A., 1965:
Some features of vertebral tumors and their clinical aspects

Lesokhina, L.M., 1964:
Some features of water metabolism in periodic psychoses

Trofimova, N.A., 1966:
Some features of winterhardiness of Securinega suffruticosa

Vinogradov, M.E.; Voronina, N.M., 1962:
Some features of zooplankton distribution in the northern part of the Indian Ocean

Anonymous, 1957:
Some features on the propagation of madonna lily by scales A brief account on Scientific Research at the All-Union Scientific Research Institute for Oil- and Essential Oil-bearing Plants during 1956 Referat Zhur, BioL, 1959, No 53449

Kozhura, I.M., 1967:
Some features peculiar to the development of experimental atherosclerosis in rabbits in connection with age

Ostrovskil, Y.M., 1967:
Some features peculiar to thiamine metabolism during hypertension

Shubina, L.P., 1966:
Some features specific to alveococcosis of the brain

Kol'gaev, A.M., 1967:
Some features specific to the reproduction of the autumn dog salmon Oncorhynchus keta infrasp. autumnalis and measures for its improvement

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Some features specific to the study of pesticides with maximum standardized residue levels in foodstuffs

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Some federal contributions to bird conservation during the period 1885 to 1960

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Some feeding and growth patterns of silver carp larvae

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Some feeding characteristics of small forest birds

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Some feeding experiments of the green-house leaf-tier Phlyctaenia rubigalis Guenee in relation to temperature and humidity

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Some feeding habits of moose of Yellowstone Park

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Some feeding habits of the red-breasted sapsucker

Adelaide, Mary, 1960:
Some feeding problems solved

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Some feeding-frequency rates of passeres

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Some females of six species of Phlebotomus from Brazil

Rusconi, C., 1949:
Some femural exostosis in pre-hispanic aborigenes from Mendoza

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Some fermentable and reducible substances combined in the albumins of blood serum

Owen, W.L., 1949:
Some fermentation characteristics of deteriorated cane blackstraps. I. II

Turbovsky, Morrie, 1948:
Some fermentation considerations

Pelshenke, P.F., 1954:
Some fermentative aspects of continuous mixing

Warren, S.H.; Iredale, J.L., 1934:
Some Fermentative Varieties of Bacillus Paratyphosus B

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Some fern and clubmoss notes

Morton, C.V., 1960:
Some fern books for different regions of the United States

Correll, D.S., 1939:
Some fern notes

Lawalree, Andre, 1956:
Some ferns from Spain

Frick, T.A., 1946:
Some ferns of Claiborne county, Tennessee

Cooke, W.B., 1939:
Some ferns of Mt. Shasta

Anonymous, 1938:
Some fertilizer experiments showing profitable returns

Czaja, Alphons Theodor, 1951:
Some fertilizer experiments with Yucca

O'lane, J.M., 1963:
Some Fetal Effects Of Maternal Cigaret Smoking

Burnett, R.M., 1963:
Some fhorti- cultural practices observed in the Simbai administrative area, Madang District

Petras, J.M., 1965:
Some fiber connections of the precentral and postcentral cortex with the basal ganglia, thalamus and subthalamus

Petras, J.M., 1964:
Some fiber connections of the precentral cortex with the diencephalon in the monkey

Lebedev, A.D.; Anonymous, 1929:
Some fiber plants of the Black Sea Coast

Altman, Joseph, 1962:
Some fiber projections to the superior colliculus in the cat

Krampitz, H.E., 1966:
Some field and laboratory observations on plasmodium mabuiae wenyon 1909

Kazmann, Raphael, G., 1944:
Some field applications of water transmissibility and storage coefficients

Lornie, W.S., 1934:
Some field experiences in the control of contagious abortion in cattle with the use of a commercial dead vaccine

Hendrick, James, 1933:
Some field experiments at Craibstone

Mikuriya, M., 1968:
Some field notes on birds of amami islands northern ryukyus

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Some field notes on the Narina trogon

Clarke, C.H.Douglas, 1933:
Some field notes on the abundance of small mammals

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Some field notes on the bearded pig

H.C.Benke, 1932:
Some field notes A new variety and some forms of plants from the middle west; also two forms from Massachusetts

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Some field observations on Florida Experiment Station hybrid grapes

Borden, Arthur, D., 1931 :
Some field observations on codling moth behavior

Mcknight, T.; Hart, J., 1967:
Some field observations on crown rot disease of wheat caused by Fusarium graminearum

Beveridge, W.I.B., 1934:
Some field observations on the blowfly problem

Kirby, C.S.; Mcphee, H.G., 1963:
Some field observations on the cicada, Okanagana rimosa . Canada Dept. Forest

Forshaw, Joseph, M., 1964:
Some field observations on the great palm cockatoo

Khan, M.Haroon, 1945:
Some field observations on the present cycle of desert locust

Rao, T.R.machandra; F.Paul, 1938:
Some field observations on the swarming and pairing of mosquitoes, particularly A. annularis, in South India

Hamilton, C.C.; Gem Mell, L.G., 1934:
Some field tests showing the comparative efficiency of derris, pyrethrum, and hellebore powders on different insects

Shnaider, T., 1967:
Some field tests with summer rape sown in late summer and early autumn

Leveque, J.; E.A., 1951:
Some field trials with Dallis grass

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Some figures concerning new names of vascular plants published for Europe and adjacent regions in 1965

L.Danois, Y., 1967:
Some figures descriptive of the anatomy of pantodon buchholzi

Kohn, R., 1954:
Some figures on poliomyelitis in Canada

Phinney, Harry, K., 1951:
Some filamentous aglae from northern Michigan

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Some final data of work on intermediate and obligate supplementary ant hosts of parasitic flatworms Data for the Scientific conference of the All-Union Society of Helminthologists

Anonymous, 1960:
Some Financial Implications of Graduate Public Health Training

Hirano, H.; Ogawa, K., 1968:
Some finding observed by the in situ phospho tungstic acid staining method abstract rat inst electron microscopy preparation

Galko, N.Y., 1964:
Some findings about cultivation of infectious hepatitis virus in tissue cultures Abstract only

Kariya, Y., 1954:
Some findings about the characteristics of Vibrio comma. I. The growth requirement

Kariya, Y., 1954:
Some findings about the characteristics of Vibrio comma. III. Enzymatic activities of V. comma

Grinshpun, L.D.; Fleishman, E.V., 1964:
Some findings about the functional status of the adrenal cortex during eosinophilic blood reactions.

Kalinkin, L.A., 1965:
Some findings concerning electrophysiological reaction from the receptors of the sino-carotid area, obtained by means of a recent modifica-tion of a method of perfusion of the carotid sinus Methods of physio- chemical analysis

Hamatova, E., 1968:
Some findings concerning inoculation of soy bean d grown in the gamma field

Rufenacht, C., 1968:
Some findings concerning lichen planus human oral lesions

Schneider H R., 1968:
Some findings concerning the relationship between ontogenesis and cyto architecture of the primate brain macaca papio cercopithecus

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Some findings dealing with the study of the segmentary structure of lungs

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Some findings from treatment of patients with hypertension with hydrochlorothiazide

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Some findings in the autonomic nervous system in schizophrenia. In: Some biological aspects of schizophrenic behavior

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Some findings of digitalis.

Matsuda, Katsuichi; Yamamoto, M., 1954:
Some findings of digitalis. 1

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Some findings of lichen planus in enzyme histo chemistry

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Some findings of lupus miliaris disseminatus faciei

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Some findings of parasitic Diptera from warm-blooded vertebrates in the Hindukush Mountains and lower localities of Afghanistan

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Some findings of the limnological expedition from the Buryat Pedagogical Institute of 1959 on lakes in the Barguzin Valley

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Some findings on 181 newborns with Down's syndrome

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Some findings on Ostracoda from the Guan Yuan series in Sychuan Province

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Some findings on Sarcophaginae from southern China

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Some findings on changes occurring in rabbit eyes with chronic mesidine

Biryuchkov, Y.V., 1965:
Some findings on conduction pathways of the visual analysor

Morgunova, T.D., 1965:
Some findings on cysto-hemorrhagic disease induced in rats by Rous sarcoma virus

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Some findings on experimental toxoplasmosis in the mouse I Localization in the bone marrow II Elective localization at the level of the lungs in intravenously inoculated mice

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Some findings on the alkaline phosphatase positive skin capillaries of the eczematous skin diseases

Toyohuku, T0ru, 1938:
Some findings on the chromosome structure in Tradescantia reflexa

Morioka, Sadao, 1963:
Some findings on the clinical form and the pathogenesis of seborrheic dermatitis

Mogilevskaya, S.E.; Verevhn, N.I., 1965:
Some findings on the composition of dust in mines of the Kuznetsk coal basin

Agapeeva, N.E., 1965:
Some findings on the concentration of 17-hydroxycorticosteroids in plasma, excretion of 17-ketosteroids and hydroxycorticosteroids in the urine, and results of the ACTH test in patients with chronic adrenal insufficiency

Delhaye, N., 1961:
Some findings on the development of spontaneous electrical cortical activity of the rabbit Abstract

Sokolova, V.A., 1964:
Some findings on the ecology and biology of pond snails in Karelian lakes

Moiseev, V.A., 1963:
Some findings on the effect of trace elements on cellular breakdown

Fujita, H., 1964:
Some findings on the fine structure of the neuro hypophysis of the cat preliminary note kitten inst electron micrograph

Klimenko, A.I., 1964:
Some findings on the histone DNA ratio in the nuclei of liver cells from young and old rats

Okorokov, V.I., 1963:
Some findings on the infection of Gammarus lacustris by larval stages of the helminth, Polymorphus magnus in bodies of water in the Chelyabinsk oblast Collection of articles on regional study and the history of geography

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Some findings on the nutrition of sugar-cane crop in Malnad tract of Dharwar Division

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Some findings on the pathogenesis of hemodynamic disturbances in the dumping syndrome

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Some findings on the relationship between slow waves and impulses in the lizard's paleocortex

Yaguzhinskaya, L.V., 1963:
Some findings on the role of tissue oxidation processes in resistance of the housefly to DDT

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Some findings on the sero diagnosis of syphilis in surinam ii human

Litvinova, M.R.; Bukhman, A.I., 1965:
Some findings on the state of the stomach in patients with Cushing's disease.

Lobko, P.I., 1957:
Some findings on the structure and asymmetry of the solar plexus in man

Sotnikov, O.S., 1965:
Some findings on the structure of Schmidt-Lantermann incisures , oblique narrow clefts in the myelin sheath

Pautov, V.N., 1961:
Some findings on the survival of Rickettsia burneti on objects of the external environment

Sinitsyn, S.N., 1964:
Some findings on the toxicity of synthetic gasolines and ethylated synthetic gasolines

Koster, Josephine, T., 1958:
Some finds of Cyanophyceae in Denmark

Karling, Tor, G., 1944:
Some finds of adventive plants at the harbour of Hango

Andersson, Hugo, 1958:
Some finds of cecidia in Sweden and northern Norway

Julin, E., 1963:
Some finds of fungi in the province of Sodermanland

Edelstam, Carl, 1948:
Some finds of rare Alcidae in Sweden

Heslop Harrison, J., 1969:
Some fine structural features of intine growth in the young micro spore of lilium henryi m

Pei, Y.F.; Smelser, G.K., 1968:
Some fine structural features of the ora serrata region in primate eyes human monkey macaca mulatta saimiri sciurea

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Some fine structural features of the pineal body

Menefee, M.G., 1957:
Some fine structure changes occurring in the epidermis of embryo mice during differentiation

Mcghee, R.B., 1968:
Some finite stage aspects of legged locomotion

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Some firs grown in Portugal

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Some fish diseases and their treatment

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Some fishes from Liberia. West Africa, with description of two new species

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Some fishes from Padaviya Reservoir

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Some fishes from Sakhalin

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Some fishes from the White River drainage in Indiana. In: Proceedings of the 57th annual meeting of the North Carolina Academy of Science, 1960

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Some fishes of the Peruvian Orient

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Some flashlights of New Mexico mammals

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Some flatfishes from Martinique

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Some flavors of milk and methods of their detection

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Some fleas collected from the Oklahoma cottontail rabbit, Sylvilagus floridanus alacer Bangs

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Some flies associated with grasshoppers

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Some flies harmful to leguminous cultures in 1966

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Some flies of small low sand dunes

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Some flies of the family Asilidae

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Some flies of the family Syrphidae

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Some flight mechanisms of bats

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Some floristic findings in the southern Kurile Islands

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Some floristic notes

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Some floristic notes from S W. Greenland

Kiem, J., 1968:
Some floristic observations on the violets d of the south tirol austria viola d

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Some floristic relationships between Mexico and the United States

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Some floristically and sociologically corresponding forest associations in the Montreal region of Canada and in Central Europe

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Some flow properties of blood

Goldsmith, H.L., 1967:
Some flow properties of erythrocytes and rouleaux

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Some flower diseases

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Some flowering bulbs; common bulb diseases

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Some flowering plants collected in Parke County, Indiana

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Some flowering plants of Kilimanjaro

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Some flowering plants of Monroe County, Indiana

W.A.L., 1930:
Some flowers of Macedonia and Palestine

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Some fluctuations within rabbit populations in Western Australia

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Some fluorescent substances contained in the marine blood worm

Hughes, S.J., 1953:
Some folicolous hyphomycetes

Sahni, V.P., 1964:
Some foliicolous ectoparasites and associated fungi from Jabalpur

Gupta, P.C., 1967:
Some foliicolous fungi in pineapple m from india leptothyrium indicum new species phoma comosa new species ananas comosus m

Parmelee, J.A., 1958:
Some foliicolous fungi of the Pyrolaceae

Awasthi, D.D., 1961:
Some foliose and fruiticose lichens from Assam and north-east frontier agency of India

Subrahmanyan, V., 1945:
Some food and nutrition problems of the present and the postwar period

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Some food coactions of the northern plains red fox

Crawford, R.D., 1968:
Some food habits of the great horned owl in northeastern missouri usa bubo virginianus birds rodents rabbits

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Some food preferences of young cotton-tails Sylvilagus floridanus mearnsii

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Some foods of the yellow rail

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Some foods of young great blue herons

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Some footnotes on photography's place in medical illustration

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Some footprints in Triassic rocks at Mont d'Or near Lyon

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Some forage plants of Brazil. P. scoparium Descriptive notes and remarks on its cultivation, composition, yield and use

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Some forage problems in Angora

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Some forage species in the tropics and subtropics of Ecuador

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Some foraminifera of Woodbine Age from Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia

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Some foreign Aleyrodidae , 3 species from Hongkong and Mauritius

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Some foreign plants cultivated in Japan

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Some forest entomological methods and conceptions

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Some forest nurseries in western America

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Some forest problems of the Northwest, particularly as they relate to sciences other than forestry

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Some forest soil characteristics and their relationship to jack pine growth

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Some forest types in Australia

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Some forgotten plants from the expedition of Gmelin, Junior in 1768-1773

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Some forgotten records of hybridization and sex in plants, 1716-1739

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Some formal approaches to the analysis of kinetic data in terms of linear compartmental systems

Hammer, M.; Salzinger, K., 1964:
Some Formal Characteristics Of Schizophrenic Speech As A Measure Of Social Deviance

Penrose, L.S., 1964:
Some Formal Consequences Of Genes In Stable Equilibrium

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Some formation patterns of vegetative communities of the Tyan-Shan Data on the Tenth Professional Teachers Conference Kirgiz University Biology Department

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Some forms of Polypodium californicum

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Some forms of adaptation of microorganisms to extreme conditions in food industries

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Some forms of adaptation of nestlings to independent life Proceedings of the Third Baltic Ornithological Conference, 1957

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Some forms of allergy hitherto little noticed

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Some forms of allergy in dogs

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Some forms of apparatus for the equilibration of blood

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Some forms of chronic inflammation of the vermiform appendix

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Some forms of enterocolitis

Aparicio Santos, J., 1966:
Some forms of erosion quantitative value and cartographic representation soil fertility

Gallas, P., 1968:
Some forms of gastric phlegmon human

Fernald, M.L., 1933:
Some forms of grasses

Shapran, V.F., 1967:
Some forms of hypertension in the young

Adzhlgitov, F.I., 1964:
Some forms of interaction between polyoma virus and cells from tissue cultures from different animals

Shkol'nik Yarros, E.G., 1961:
Some forms of interneuronal connection in the visual system

Shchirina, M.G., 1964:
Some forms of jealous delirium in elderly patients with cerebral arteriosclerosis

Some forms of nystagmus provoked by stimuli other than accelerations

Musabekova, E.S., 1963:
Some forms of phosphates in chestnut soils in the Araks River region and the effect of absorbed bases on changes in them

Serov, V.N., 1966:
Some forms of puerperal endocrine disturbances

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Some forms of relationship between two temporarily connected motor reflexes

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Some forms of secretion of catecholamines into the intercellular and subendothelial spaces

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Some forms of streak virus oc-curing in maize, sugar-cane and wild grasses

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Some forms of the P. genus observed in Florence

Gerasimov, A.I., 1967:
Some forms of treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis and its complications

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Some forms of vanilla plants cultivated in the French island colonies

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Some forms of vascular-neural relationships in the large joints of the limbs REF ZH BIOL, 1967, No. 9M23

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Some formulations for the protection of citrus fruit against Penicillium

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Some fossil Corallinaceae from the Canary Isls

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Some fossil animals from Ceylon, II

Deraniyagala, P.E.P., 1936:
Some fossil animals from Ceylon. I

Deraniyagala, P.E.P., 1940:
Some fossil animals from Ceylon. III

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Some fossil brains

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Some fossil carnivora from the Post-Tertiary of Penza govt., Russia

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Some fossil carnivores from the Makapansgat Valley

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Some fossil diatoms from Barbados

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Some fossil dicotyledonous woods from the Miocene beds of East Africa

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Some fossil echinoids from Cuba

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Some fossil invertebrates of the Pennsylvanian Mazon Creek Coastal Plain, Illinois

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Some fossil mayflies found in the Permian deposits in the Ural Mountains

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Some fossil plant localities in the Coblenz beds of the Eifel

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Some fossil plant types of Illinois. A restudy of the Lesquereux types in the Worthen collection of the Illinois State Museum, augmented by descriptions of new species from Mazon Creek

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Some fossil plants found in the clays of Cornuscles

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Some fossil plants from the Gondwana beds of Uganda

D.Toit, Alex, L., 1932 :
Some fossil plants from the Karroo system of South Africa

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Some fossil plants of early Devonian type from the Walhalla Series, Victoria, Australia

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Some fossil remains from the Adelaide series of South Australia

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Some fossil seeds from the Upper Palaeozoic rocks of the Werrie Basin, N S W

Askelsson, Johannes, 1950:
Some fossil shells from the hills of Borskarfjordur

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Some fossils from the Old Red Sandstone of the Cementstone Quarry, Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire

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Some fossils from the principal dolomites in the environs of Scutari, Albania

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Some fossils from the region between Lobito and Catumbela

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Some fossorial Hymenoptera collected by the Osaka City University biological expedition to Southeast Asia 1957-58

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Some founders of physiology Contributors to the Growth of Functional Biology

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Some freaks of sugar cane

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Some free amino acids in dog brain during development

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Some free-living marine nematodes from the Antarctic

Allgen, C., 1929:
Some free-living marine nematodes from the Macquarie Is.

Campbell, Mildred, H., 1929:
Some free-swimming copepods of the Vancouver Island region

Ganzen, V.A.; Granovskya, R.M., 1963:
Some frequency transformations in neuron models

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Some fresh water Protozoa with blue chromatophores

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Some fresh water diatoms of Tristan da Cunha and Gough Island Report on material collected by the Royal Society Expedition to Tristan da Cunha 1962 and the Gough Island Scientific Survery 1956

Gadea, E., 1952:
Some fresh water nematoda from the plains of Castellon

Patev, P.; Anonymous, 1928:
Some fresh water rhizopods new to Bulgaria TpyaoBe Ha B-BJirapcKOTo IIpHpo;a,oH3nHTa-TeJiHo flpyjKecTBo

Lowndes, A.G., 1931:
Some fresh-water Entomo-straca of the Birmingham district

Schumacher, George, J., 1963:
Some fresh-water algae

Jao, Ch'in Chih, 1964:
Some fresh-water algae from southern Tibet

Bourrelly, P., 1966:
Some fresh-water algae of Canada

Schumacher, George, J., 1962:
Some fresh-water algae of New York

Smith, Hugh, M., 1926:
Some fresh-water fishes of Siam

Brown, F.J., 1931:
Some fresh-water larval trematodes from Cheshire

Gee, N.Gist, 1929:
Some fresh-water sponges from the new Hebrides

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Some freshwater Bryozoa found in Manchoukuo

Vorstman, Adriana, G., 1928:
Some freshwater Bryozoa of west Java

Whitley, Gilbert, P., 1954:
Some freshwater Gudgeons

Levring, Tore, 1938:
Some freshwater algae from Krut-mollan, Scania

Li, Liang Ching, 1941:
Some freshwater algae from Shanghai

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Some freshwater algae from the vicinity of Tsubosaka in the Province of Yamato, Japan

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Some freshwater algae of southern Quebec

Mcallister, D.E.; Bleakney, S., 1959:
Some freshwater fishes from northeastern Quebec and Labrador

Viets, Kurt, O., 1958:
Some freshwater mites from the northern Italian lakes

Allgen, Carl, 1942:
Some freshwater nematodes in the southern and southeastern region of the Vatter

Fouquette, M.J.Jr, 1968:
Some frogs from the venezuelan llanos and the status of hyla misera hyla rubra new record phrynohyas venulosa pleurodema brachyops leptodactylus ocellatus hyla microcephala

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Some frozen deposits in the goldfields of interior Alaska. A study of the Pleistocene deposits of Alaska

Munier, P., 1966:
Some fruit species mentioned in ancient texts.

Watts, A.T.J., 1951:
Some fruit varieties recommended

Jordovic, Mitar, 1958:
Some fruit virus diseases little known in Yugoslava

Young, H.D.; Cotton, R.T., 1943:
Some fumigants of the nitroparaffin group

Monro, H.A.U., 1939:
Some fumigation methods employed in the United States to prevent the spread of the Japanese beetle

Hoyt, L.F., 1928:
Some fumigation tests with ethylene dichloride-carbon tetrachloride mixture

Sangiovanni, V., 1940:
Some functional alterations of the auditory apparatus in typhus fever

Barenbaum, I.I., 1966:
Some functional and cytochemical changes in the leucocytes of the peripheral blood during acute pneumonia

Netakhata, Z.N.; Zubova, V.A., 1965:
Some functional and metabolic changes occurring in children with cystic fibrosis of the pancreas

Capstick, P.B.; Garland, A.J.; Masters, R.C.; Chapman, W.G., 1966:
Some functional and morphological alterations occurring during and after the adaptation of BHK 21 clone 13 cells to suspension culture

Tsinberg, E.D.; Nefedov, V.P., 1965:
Some functional and morphological changes in experimental auto lmmunization

Hurevych, M.I.; Kozachuk, Y.S.; Povzhytkov, M.M., 1964:
Some functional and morphological changes occurring during experimental disturbances in the coronary circulation

Vesely, Ctibor, 1960:
Some functional changes in organism in the course of long-termed-waking

Vozillo, A.A.; Dryabkin, S.O., 1964:
Some functional changes in the bodies of patients with toxic pneumosclerosis under the action of combined therapy using physical exercises under in-patient conditions: Preliminary communication Information on the scientific conference of the Perm Medical Institute, 1964

Aliev, G.S., 1964:
Some functional changes in the organism induced by chronic exposure to low petroleum hydrocarbon concentrations in the process of alkylation Proceedings of the Third Republic Scientific Conference of Internists, 1964