Special sulphur dust versus lime sulphur for apple scab control

Hall, J.W.

Scottish Jour Agric 18(3): 254-259


Accession: 025504433

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Groups of trees received annually 2 pre-blossom and 2 post-blossom applications of lime-sulphur and special S dust resp. for 3 yrs. An additional post-blossom application of each material was applied annually on corresponding blocks at another site for 2 yrs. Lime-S for pre-blossom applications was diluted with 29 parts water plus a spreader. Post-blossom sprayings contained 99 parts water to 1 part lime-S plus a spreader. In 1934 the var. Bismarck treated with lime-S produced 92.85% clean fruits. With S-dust 90.57% were clean. Control produced 60.3% clean.