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Staining of cytoplasmic granules by carcinogenic azo-dye, O-amino-azo-toluene

Nagatani, Y.

Science Reports of the Tohoku University, Series 4. Biology 22(4): 207-214


ISSN/ISBN: 0040-8786
Accession: 025517162

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The method of staining the lipoid granules with o-amino-azo-toluene in sections is reported. The mitochondria in the hepatic and the intestinal cells of the newt were intensely positive to the oil yellow granule method and were stained dark red. They are rod-shaped and not filamentous. The Golgi apparatus in the hepatic cells was stained with this method. The reticular Golgi apparatus of the intestinal cells was not recognized with the OYG method, whereas it is strongly argentaffine with Aoyama's or Da Fano's method.

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