Stereochemical configuration and provitamin A activity. IV. Neo- -carotene B and neo- . carotene B

Deuel, H.J.; Johnston, Cornelia; Meserve, E.R.; Polgar, A.; Zechmeister, L.

Archives of Biochemistry 7(1): 247-255


ISSN/ISBN: 0096-9621
Accession: 025522455

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ɑ-or β-Carotene in petrol ether was catalyzed with I, illuminated at 22° for 5 min. (fluorescent Mazda lamps) and developed on a Ca(OH)2column first with petrol ether and later with the same solvent containing 0.5-1.0% acetone. The main portion was eluted with ether, dried and rapidly evaporated at 20 ° in vacuo. The residue was dissolved in cottonseed oil (Wesson) and the solns. were stable for about 2 wks. in the dark at 4 ° C under CO2. By bioassays in rats the provit. A activity of neo-ɑ-carotene B was 30%, that of neo-β-carotene B 53% of the corresponding all-trans-ɑ- or β-carotenes.