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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 25527

Chapter 25527 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Huffaker, R.C., 1965:
Stimulatory effect of 2.4-D on intact plants

Kuntzman, R.; Jacobson, M.; Levin, W.; Conney, A.H., 1968:
Stimulatory effect of N-phenylbarbital on cortisol hydroxylation in man

Borecka, H.; Pieniazek, J., 1968:
Stimulatory effect of abscisic acid on spore germination of gloeosporium album and botrytis cinerea apple d

Oka, M.; Ohuchi, T.; Yoshida, H.; Imaizumi, R., 1967:
Stimulatory effect of adenosine triphosphate and magnesium on the release of catecholamines from adrenal medullary granules

Yu, T.C.; Sinnhuber, R.O., 1955:
Stimulatory effect of calcium on the growth of Lactobacillus fermenti

Smith, J.D.; Lichstein, H.C., 1954:
Stimulatory effect of carbohydrates on aspartic acid deaminase activity of Bacterium cadaveris

Izawa, Seikichi, 1962:
Stimulatory effect of carbon dioxide upon the Hill reaction as observed with the addition of carbonic anhydrase to reaction mixture

Ninomiya, R.; Miura, Y.; Kosaka, K.; Nakao, K.; Okinaka, S., 1966:
Stimulatory effect of chelating agents and mesoxalate on the in vivo release of insulin in the pancreas of the dog. The possible role of amino acids

Conney, A.H.; Michaelson, I.A.; Burns, J.J., 1961:
Stimulatory effect of chlorcyclizine on barbiturate metabolism

Burns, J.J.; Conney, A.H.; Koster, R., 1963:
Stimulatory effect of chronic drug administration on drug-metabolizing enzymes in liver micro-somes

Jiang, Y.; Wong, J.H.; Pi, Z.F.; Ng, T.B.; Wang, C.R.; Hou, J.; Chen, R.R.; Niu, H.J.; Liu, F., 2009:
Stimulatory effect of components of rose flowers on catalytic activity and mRNA expression of superoxide dismutase and catalase in erythrocytes

Conney, A.H., 1966:
Stimulatory effect of drugs on drug metabolism

Conney, A.H.; Klutch, A., 1962:
Stimulatory effect of drugs on liver micro-somal enzymes that metabolize steroids and drugs

Burns, J.J.; Conney, A.H.; Evans, C., 1960:
Stimulatory effect of drugs on the glucuronic acid pathway

Beyler, A.L.; Schad, J.S.; Arnold, A., 1956:
Stimulatory effect of estrogen pretreatment on 3B-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase activity of rat testicular tissue

Bizzi, A.; Carlson, L.A., 1965:
Stimulatory effect of ethanol on glycerol release from rat adipose tissue in vitro

Blackburn, N.M.; Kostyo, J.L., 1965:
Stimulatory effect of follicle-stimulating hormone on amino acid incorporation into protein by a homogenate of rabbit ovaries

Wenzel, D.G.; Broadie, L.L., 1966:
Stimulatory effect of nicotine in the metabolism of meprobamate

Osorio, J.A.; Karemer, A., 1965:
Stimulatory effect of parotin on the body weight of sialoadenectomized rats

Ikeda, M.; Conney, A.H.; Burns, J.J., 1968:
Stimulatory effect of phenobarbital and insecticides on warfarin metabolism in the rat

Cucinell, S.A.; Koster, R.; Conney, A.H.; Burns, J.J., 1963:
Stimulatory Effect Of Phenobarbital On The Metabolism Of Diphenylhydantoin

D.C.rral Saleta, J.M., 1960:
Stimulatory effect of pilocarpine on stomach secretion. Action of enterogastrone on gastric secretion induced by this substance

Hershko, A.; Amoz, S.; Mager, J., 1961:
Stimulatory effect of polyamines on amino acid incorporation into protein in cell-free microsomal preparations

Levin, W.; Conney, A.H., 1967:
Stimulatory effect of polycyclic hydrocarbons and aromatic azo derivatives on the metabolism of 7,12-dimethylbenz anthracene

Matsuda, T.; Hata, F.; Yoshida, H., 1968:
Stimulatory effect of sodium ion and atp on the release of acetyl choline from synaptic vesicles

Yang, P-Sheng.; Lee, J-Jen.; Tsao, C-Wen.; Wu, H-Tsung.; Cheng, J-Tang., 2009:
Stimulatory effect of stevioside on peripheral mu opioid receptors in animals

Tong, W., 1964:
Stimulatory Effect Of Thyrotropin On Synthesis Of Thyroxine By Isolated Thyroid Cells

Dzoljić, M., 1967:
Stimulatory effect of tolazoline on smooth muscle

Steinberger, A.; Steinberger, E., 1966:
Stimulatory effect of vitamins and glutamine on the differentiation of germ cells in rat testes organ culture grown in chemically defined media

Hadjikhani, H.; Fasel, J.; Felber, J.P.; Vannotti, A., 1967:
Stimulatory effect on insulin secretion by the duodenal mucosa

Hart, L.G.; Shultice, R.W.; Fouts, J.R., 1963:
Stimulatory effects of chlordane on hepatic microsomal drug metabolism in the rat

Derbyshire, J.C., 1967:
Stimulatory effects of diseased and disease free alfalfa d hay on the uterus of ovariectomized ewes orchard grass m

Bendana, F.E.; Fried, M., 1967:
Stimulatory effects of gibberellins on the growth of Chlorella pyrenoidosa (chick)

Kitabchi, A.E.; Solomon, S.S.; Williams, R.H., 1968:
Stimulatory effects of insulin and glucagon and phenylethanol-amine-N-methyl transferase of rat adrenal

Segal, D.S.; Cox, R.H.; Stern, W.C.; Maickel, R.P., 1967:
Stimulatory effects of pemoline and cyclopropylpemoline on continuous avoidance behavior: similarity to effects of D-amphetamine

Dunaway, J.E.; O.Steen, W.K., 1967:
Stimulatory effects of pinealectomy on gonadotrophin hormone induced ovulation in immature rats mare

Fuller, Harry, J., 1931:
Stimulatory effects of radiation from a quartz mercury vapor arc upon higher plants

Gersch, M.; Deuse, R., 1960:
Stimulatory heart factors from the nervous system of Aplysia

Svihla, A.; Bowman, H.; Ritenour, R., 1953:
Stimuli and their effects on awakening of dormant ground squirrels

Ishihara, R., 1967:
Stimuli causing extrusion of polar filaments of Glugea fumiferanae spores

Schein, M.W.; Hale, E.B., 1965:
Stimuli eliciting sexual behavior

Ren Qvist, Yrjo, 1927:
Stimuli essential to perception of movement

Dyball, R.E.J., 1968:
Stimuli for the release of aeurohypophysial hormones

Bozler, E., 1926:
Stimuli investigations on Paramecium

Hazlett, B.A., 1968:
Stimuli involved in the feeding behavior of the hermit crab clibanarius vittatus decapoda paguridae

Coppock, H.W., 1954:
Stimuli preceding electric shock can acquire positive reinforcing properties

Spangler, H.G., 1968:
Stimuli releasing digging behavior in the western harvester ant hymenoptera formicidae pogonomyrmex occidentalis

Godlewski, E., 1927:
Stimuli to regeneration

Seifert, G., 1966:
Stimuli which cause molting in Polyxenus lagurus L.

Kistyakovskaya, M.Yu, 1965:
Stimuli which evoke positive emotions in infants in the first months of Pife

Meng, F.; Zhong, Z.; Feijen, J., 2009:
Stimuli-responsive polymersomes for programmed drug delivery

Hilz, H.; Jarmers, G., 1967:
Stimulierung der tumor-angehrate durch narkose.

Lebedinsky, N.G., 1929:
Stimulierung des alternden Saugetierorganismus durch Zerreissen und Zerdrucken des Hodengewebes

Lauchlan, S.C.; Penner, D.W., 1967:
Stimultaneous adenocarcinoma in situ and epidermoid carcinoma in situ

Milovanov, V.K.; Sergeev, N.I., 1961:
Stimultaneous administration of oxytocin a new method for increasing the effectiveness of artificial insemination in swine

Andersen, S.B.yde; Gabuzda, T.G., 1964:
Stimultaneous determination of plasma volume with T-1824 and 131 I-labelled autologous and homologous paraprotein

Asso, J.; Paraf, A.; Verge, J.; Dhennin, L.; Dhennin, L.; Tapiero, H., 1964:
Stimultaneous multiplication of two modified foot-and-mouth disease virus strains in bovines

Kraft, J.M.; Erwin, D.C., 1967:
Stimultation of Pythium aphanidermatum by exudates from mung bean seeds

Hanggi, E.B.; Ingersoll, J.F., 2009:
Stimulus discrimination by horses under scotopic conditions

Katz, S., 1957:
Stimulus aftereffects and the partial-reinforcement extinction effect

Thompson, Merrell, E., 1962:
Stimulus alternation, response repetition, and response alternation in a multiple-choice situation

Caylor, John Stenger, 1957:
Stimulus ambiguity as a factor in conformity

Klein, S., 1968:
Stimulus and reaction

Baird, J.C., 1965:
Stimulus and response factors in size instruction effects

Roger, N.Shepard, 1957:
Stimulus and response generalization A stochastic model relating generalization to distance in psychological space

Smith, Kendon, 1962:
Stimulus and response in biology and psycholog

Grundfest, H., 1968:
Stimulus and response The law of initial value

Adams, O.S.; Chambliss, D.J.; Riopelle, A.J., 1955:
Stimulus area, stimulus dispersion, flash duration, and the scotopic threshold

Hoffman, H.S.; Selekman, W.; Fleshler, M., 1966 :
Stimulus aspects of aversive controls: long term effects of suppression procedures

Hoffman, H.S.; Fleshler, M., 1964:
Stimulus Aspects Of Aversive Controls: Stimulus Generalization Of Conditioned Suppression Following Discrimination Training

Hoffman, H.S.; Fleshler, M., 1965:
Stimulus Aspects Of Aversive Controls: The Effects Of Response Contingent Shock

Hoffman, H.S.; Fleshler, M.; Jensen, P., 1963:
Stimulus Aspects Of Aversive Controls: The Retention Of Conditioned Suppression

Cooper, Leslie Muir, 1962:
Stimulus aversion as a function of stimulus complexity

Mccall, R.B., 1965:
Stimulus Change In Light-Contingent Bar Pressing

Kiang, N.Y.; Watanabe, T.; Thomas, E.C.; Clark, L.F., 1962:
Stimulus coding in the cat's auditory nerve. Preliminary report

Hitchcock, L.; Brown, D.R.; Michels, K.M.; Spiritoso, T., 1962:
Stimulus complexity and the judgement of relative size

Weinstein, Meyer, 1955:
Stimulus complexity and the recognition of visual patterns

Reich, J.W., 1968:
Stimulus complexity mediation of categorization behavior

Henry, Franklin, M., 1961:
Stimulus complexity, movement complexity, age, and sex in relation to reaction latency and speed in limb movements

Greenspoon, J.; Ranyard, R., 1957:
Stimulus conditions and retroactive inhibition

Horiba, M., 1963:
Stimulus Conduction In Atria Studied By Means Of Intracellular Microelectrode. I. That In Bachmann's Bundle

Horiba, M., 1965:
Stimulus conduction in atria studied by means of intracellular microelectrode. II. Stimulus conduction around atrio-ventricular ring

Lehmann, H.J.achim; Ule, G., 1963:
Stimulus conduction in demyelinated nerve fibers

Kivy, P.N.; Earl, R.W.; Walker, E.L., 1956:
Stimulus context and satiation

Studdiford, W.Beekman, 1961:
Stimulus continuity: An investigation of operant discriminative effects of simultaneous presentation of stimuli in two modalities

Mintz, D.E.; Mourer, D.J.; Weinberg, L.S., 1966:
Stimulus control in fixed ratio matching-to-sample

Donahoe, J.W.; Schulte, V.G.; Moulton, A.E., 1968:
Stimulus control of approach behavior

Ulrich, R.E.; Holz, W.C.; Azrin, N.H., 1964:
Stimulus Control Of Avoidance Behavior

Myer, J.S., 1964:
Stimulus Control Of Mouse-Killing Rats

Capaldi, E.J.; Veatch, R.L.; Stefaniak, D.E., 1966:
Stimulus control of patterning behavior

Grupp, L.A.; Webster, C.D., 1968:
Stimulus control of wheel running and stopping with negative reinforcement rat

Zeiler, M.D., 1968:
Stimulus control with fixed-ratio reinforcement

Beck, Jacob, 1958:
Stimulus correlates for the perceived illumination of a surface

Polidora, V.J., 1965:
Stimulus Correlates Of Visual Pattern Discrimination By Humans: Area And Contour

Polidora, V.J.; Thompson, W.J., 1964:
Stimulus Correlates Of Visual Pattern Discrimination By Monkeys: Area And Contour

Polidora, V.J., 1965:
Stimulus Correlates Of Visual Pattern Discrimination By Monkeys: Sidedness

Fitts, P.M.; Weinstein, M.; Rappaport, M.; Anderson, N.; Leonard, J.A., 1956:
Stimulus correlates of visual pattern recognition: a probability approach

Boudreau, J.C., 1965:
Stimulus Correlates Of Wave Activity In The Superior-Olivary Complex Of The Cat

Rowland, V.; Macintyre, W.J., 1961:
Stimulus current density in relation to electrode damage and CNS injury

Oyama, T., 1968:
Stimulus determinants of brightness constancy and the perception of illumination human

Kaswan, J.; Young, S.; Nakamura, C.Y., 1965:
Stimulus Determinants Of Choice Behavior In Visual Pattern Discrimination

Dewar, R.E., 1967:
Stimulus determinants of the magnitude of the mueller-lyer illusion

Kerpelman, Larry, C., 1967:
Stimulus dimensionality and manipulabillty in visual perceptual learning

Block, J.D., 1965:
Stimulus Discrimination Among Autonomic Measures: Individual And Group Characteristics

Shurtleff, D.A.; Mostofsky, D.I., 1967:
Stimulus discrimination gradients as a function of test stimuli spacing rat conditional stimulus

Cumming, William Wallace, 1955:
Stimulus disparity and variable interval reinforcement schedule as related to a behavioral measure of similarity

Fiks, A.I., 1965:
Stimulus distinctiveness and visual discrimination performance

Holden, E.A., 1966:
Stimulus duration and subnormality in visual pattern recognition: a further test of stimulus trace theory

Diemath, H.E.; Heppner, F., 1965:
Stimulus effects and discharges obtained from deep and scalp leads of the electro-encephalograph during administration of Valium , diazepam, in stere-otactic brain operations. 1 Muscle and mind symposium, Psychiatric-Neurological Clinic, University Vienna, 18-19 October, 1963

Brown, D.R.; Condon, C.F.; Hitchcock, L., 1966:
Stimulus equivalence of auditory and visual patterns in an intermodal discrimination task

Terrill, Ane Stewart Fiske, 1965:
Stimulus extensity and response intensity in stimulus generalization

Hoffman, H.S.; Selekman, W.L.; Fleshler, M., 1966:
Stimulus factors in aversive controls: conditioned suppression after equal training to two stimuli

Hoffman, H.S.; Fleshler, M., 1961:
Stimulus factors in aversive controls: the generalization of conditioned suppression

Ward, H.P., 1959:
Stimulus factors in septal self-stimulation

Wienckowski, Louis Anthony, 1959:
Stimulus factors influencing the disjunctive reaction time of schizophrenic and normal subjects

Prokasy, W.F., 1965:
Stimulus fluctuation, reactive inhibition, and time between trials in classical eyelid conditioning

Blackman, J.G., 1963:
Stimulus frequency and neuromuscular block

Biederman, G.B., 1968:
Stimulus function in simultaneous discrimination

Kelleher, R.T.; Fry, W.T., 1962:
Stimulus functions in chained fixed-interval schedules

Kalish, H.I.; Guttman, N., 1957:
Stimulus generalization after equal training on two stimuli

Sloane, Howard, N., 1964:
Stimulus generalization along a light flicker rate Continum after distraining with several S-s

Newman, F.L.; Baron, M.R., 1965:
Stimulus Generalization Along The Dimension Of Angularity: A Comparison Of Training Procedures

Ralph, D.E., 1968:
Stimulus generalization among schizophrenics and normal subjects

Buss, A.H., 1961:
Stimulus generalization and aggressive verbal stimuli

Butter, Charles Miller, 1960:
Stimulus generalization and discrimination along the dimensions of wavelength and angular orientation

Lipsitt, L.P., 1962:
Stimulus generalization and discrimination learning by children

Thomas, David Rolf, 1962:
Stimulus generalization and operant discrimination as a function of level of motivation

Buss, A.H.; Daniell, E.F., 1967:
Stimulus generalization and schizophrenia

Hearst, E.; Koresko, M.B.; Poppen, R., 1964:
Stimulus Generalization And The Response-Reinforcement Contingency

Porter, J.J., 1962:
Stimulus generalization as a function of UCS intensity in eyelid conditioning

Mednick, S.A.; Lehtinen, L.E., 1957:
Stimulus generalization as a function of age in children

Helson, H.; Avant, L.L., 1967:
Stimulus generalization as a function of contextual stimuli

Long, Robert Francis, 1962:
Stimulus generalization as a function of discrimination in neurogenic and psychogenic disorders

Golin, S.; Bostrum, B., 1964:
Stimulus generalization as a function of drive and strength of competing responses to generalized stimuli

Newman, J.R.bert; Grice, G.R.bert, 1965:
Stimulus generalization as a function of drive leval, and the relation between two measures of response strength

Zajonc, R.B.; Cross, D.V., 1965:
Stimulus Generalization As A Function Of Drive Shift

Mednick, S.A., 1958:
Stimulus generalization as a function of level of achievement imagery

Rosenbaum, G., 1953:
Stimulus generalization as a function of level of experimentally induced anxiety

Thomas, D.R.; King, R.A., 1959:
Stimulus generalization as a function of level of motivation

Thomas, D.R.; Jones, C.G., 1962:
Stimulus generalization as a function of the frame of reference

Thomas, D.R.; Bistey, G., 1964:
Stimulus Generalization As A Function Of The Number And Range Of Generalization Test Stimuli

King, F.A.; Shaw, M.E., 1956:
Stimulus generalization as a function of the serial position of the stimulus during prior training

Thomas, D.R.; Ost, J.; Thomas, D., 1960:
Stimulus Generalization as a Function of the Time between Training and Testing Procedures

Buss, A.H.; Weiner, M.; Buss, E., 1954:
Stimulus generalization as a function of verbal reinforcement combinations

Reinhold, D.B.; Perkins, C.C., 1955:
Stimulus generalization following different methods of training

Konick, D.S.; Thomas, D.R., 1968:
Stimulus generalization following fixed interval training

Sidman, M., 1961:
Stimulus generalization in an avoidance situation

Kakigi, S.; Newton, J.E.O.; Gantt, W.H., 1968:
Stimulus generalization in cardio vascular conditioning abstract dog

Barnett, Charles, D., 1959:
Stimulus generalization in normals and retardates on a visual-spatial task requiring a voluntary response

Teitelbaum, Stanley Harold, 1961:
Stimulus generalization in relation to stress and defense

Thornton, Thomas Elton, 1958:
Stimulus generalization in schizophrenic, brain-injured and normal subjects

Knight, James, M., 1965:
Stimulus generalization in the hippocampus of the cat

Caronite, S.C.; Thomas, D.R., 1966:
Stimulus generalization of a positive conditioned reinforcer III The new learning method

Thomas, D.R.; DeRosa, D.V., 1966:
Stimulus generalization of a positive conditioned reinforcer. IV. Concurrent generalization of reinforcing and discriminative stimulus functions following fixed-interval training

Thomas, D.R.; Caronite, S.C., 1964:
Stimulus Generalization Of A Positive Conditioned Reinforcer. Ii. Effects Of Discrimination Training

Newman, John Robert, 1955:
Stimulus generalization of an instrumental response as a function of drive strength

Margolius, G., 1955:
Stimulus generalization of an instrumental response as a function of the number of reinforced trials

Thompson, Merrell, E., 1962:
Stimulus generalization of an instrumental response learned under distributed practice

Fleshler, M.; Hoffman, H.S., 1961:
Stimulus generalization of conditioned suppression

Miyata, Yo, 1956:
Stimulus generalization of escape and avoidance responses

Corman, C.D., 1967:
Stimulus generalization of habituation of the galvanic skin response

Cofoid, D.A.; Honig, W.K., 1961:
Stimulus generalization of imprinting

Rohrbaugh, M.; Riccio, D.C., 1968:
Stimulus generalization of learned fear in infant and adult rats

Honig, W.K.; Slivka, R.M., 1964:
Stimulus Generalization Of The Effects Of Punishment

Hall, J.F.; Prokasy, W.F., 1961:
Stimulus generalization to absolutely discriminabletones

Schuckman, Harold, 1962:
Stimulus generalization to geometric stimuli

Stevenson, J.G., 1966:
Stimulus generalization: the ordering and spacing of test stimuli

Urbahn, E., 1964:
Stimulus in the preliminary work on the faunal recording of the Lepidoptera in East Germany

Kohfeld, D.L., 1968:
Stimulus intensity and adaptation level as determinants of simple reaction time

Rosenthal, F.; Macey, R.; Timiras, P.S., 1962:
Stimulus intensity and duration of electroshock seizure response

Liu I M., 1967:
Stimulus intensity effect and response latency goat

Granit, R., 1944:
Stimulus intensity in relation to excitation and pre- and post-excitatory inhibition in isolated elements of mammalian retinae

Dillon, D.J., 1968:
Stimulus intensity, site of stimulation, and individual reactivity as determinants of the energy threshold for pricking pain

Laffan, R.J.; Swinyard, E.A.; Goodman, L.S., 1957:
Stimulus intensity, maximal electroshock seizures, and potency of anticonvulsants in rats

Harrington, Gordon, M., 1963:
Stimulus intensity, stimulus satiation, and optimum stimulation with light-contingent bar-press

Ross, S.M.; Bassett, A.L., 1967:
Stimulus isolation employing a light-activated coupler

Penhos, J.C.; Krahl, M.E., 1963:
Stimulus of leucine incorporation into perfused liver protein by insulin

Foley, P.J., 1962:
Stimulus orientation and retinal summation

Ginsberg, R., 1964:
Stimulus Overlap In A Massed-Trial Situation

Segal, Erwin Maxwell, 1963:
Stimulus perception as a function of response set

Ji, L.; Lang, X.; Li, Y.; Li, Q., 2009:
Stimulus perturbation induced signal: a case study in mesoscopic intracellular calcium system

Polz, P.; Hunsperger, R.W., 1968:
Stimulus physiological proof on inspiratory and expiratory active substratums in the pons level of the brain stem of rabbits contribution concerning the pneumotaxic mechanism

Barnes, C.D.; Katzung, B.G., 1963:
Stimulus polarity and conditioning in planaria

Spiker, C.C., 1956:
Stimulus pretraining and subsequent performance in the delayed reaction experiment

Spradlin, J.E.; Girardeau, F.L.; Hom, G.L., 1966:
Stimulus properties of reinforcement during extinction of a free operant response

Power, R.P., 1967:
Stimulus properties which reduce apparent reversal of rotating rectangular shapes

Stanley, G., 1968:
Stimulus range and magnitude estimates of distance based on object size human

Schneider, R.A.; Costiloe, J.P.ul, 1963:
Stimulus rate and duration: Critical determiners of olfactory stimulation. In: 47th Annual meeting of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, 1963

Feldman, S.M.; Underwood, B.J., 1957:
Stimulus recall following paired -associate learning

Martin, Edwin, 1967:
Stimulus recognition in aural paired-associate learning

Nakatani, L.H., 1968:
Stimulus recognition model abstract

Podd, M.H.; Spear, N.E., 1967:
Stimulus relatedness and response coding

Wunderlich, R.A.; Nazzaro, J.; Youniss, J., 1968:
Stimulus, response, and reward contiguity in pattern discrimination by children

Biscoe, T.J.; Sampson, S.R.; Purves, M.J., 1967:
Stimulus response curves of single carotid body chemoreceptor afIerenTIibers.

Rowe, M.J.; Sessle, B.J.; Darian Smith, I., 1968:
Stimulus response relations and central projections of mechano receptors in the hairy skin of the cats face abstract

Garron, D.C.; Cheifetz, D.I., 1967:
Stimulus rotation and visual scanning in Ss with copying disability

Vladimirskiy, B.B.; Vasilaki, E.; Urbanczik, R.; Senn, W., 2009:
Stimulus sampling as an exploration mechanism for fast reinforcement learning

Glanzer, M., 1958:
Stimulus satiation in situations without choice

Rabinowitz, F.M.chael; Witte, K.L., 1967:
Stimulus selection as a function of letter color

Wagner, A.R.; Logan, F.A.; Haberlandt, K.; Price, T., 1968:
Stimulus selection in animal discrimination learning

Detambel, M.H.; Stolurow, L.M., 1956:
Stimulus sequence and concept learning

Levine, Joseph Ruben, 1965:
Stimulus similarity and sequence, inter-stimulus interval and learning method in an auditory paired-associate task

Ellis, Henry Carlton, 1958:
Stimulus similarity and temporal factors in verbal transfer of training

Rimbaud, S.; Sanchez, H.; Garnier, A.; Fortin, D.; Bigard, X.; Veksler, V.; Ventura-Clapier, R., 2009:
Stimulus specific changes of energy metabolism in hypertrophied heart

Capaldi, E.J., 1966:
Stimulus specificity: nonreward

Lawton, M.P., 1956:
Stimulus structure as a determinant of the perceptual response

Parvis, D.; Mazza, E., 1939:
Stimulus to S R dissociation exerted on bacteria of the typhoid-paratyphoid group by sub-lethal concs. of germicides

O'sullivan, W.D.; Sweeney, R.D.; Jung, M.A., 1963:
Stimulus To Gastric Acid Secretion Arising Outside The Stomach, Duodenum, And Pancreas

Butterfield, E.C., 1968:
Stimulus trace in the mentally retarded: defect or developmental lag?

Siebert, W.M., 1968:
Stimulus transformations in the peripheral auditory system

Gewirtz, J.L.; Jones, L.V.; Waerneryd, K.E.ik, 1956:
Stimulus units and range of experienced stimuli as determinants of generalization-discrimination gradients

Waller, Marcus Bishop, 1960:
Stimulus variables as related to deprivation generated differential rates of response

Bower, T.G., 1965:
Stimulus Variables Determining Space Perception in Infants

Dillon, P.J., 1966:
Stimulus versus response decisions as determinants of the relative frequency effect in disjunctive reaction-time performance

Nissen, H.W.; Carpenter, C.R.; Cowles, J.T., 1936:
Stimulus- versus response-differentiation in delayed reactions of chimpanzees

Hughes, R.N., 1966:
Stimulus-change effects of forcing in alternation behavior

Lockard, R.B.; Lockard, J.S., 1964:
Stimulus-change versus preference for light

Welch, B.; Welch, A.S., 1967:
Stimulus-dependent antagonism of the a-methyltyrosine-induced lowering of brain catecholamines by -amphetamine in intact mice

de Villiers, J.C.; Langfitt, T.W.; Ghostine, S.Y.; Peacock, S.M., 1967:
Stimulus-induced tremor in chronic monkeys

Florey, E., 1951:
Stimulus-physiological investigations on the ascidian Ciona

Dewsbury, Donald, A., 1966:
Stimulus-produced changes in the discharge rate of an electric fish and their relation to arousal

Kelleher, R.T., 1958:
Stimulus-producing responses in chimpanzees

DeVido, J.; Jones, M.; Geraci, M.; Hollon, N.; Blair, R.J.R.; Pine, D.S.; Blair, K., 2009:
Stimulus-reinforcement-based decision making and anxiety: impairment in generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) but not in generalized social phobia (GSP)

Kuhlenbeck, H.; Szekely, E.; Spuler, H., 1961:
Stimulus-response and EEG in the decorticate hydranencephalic child Joan M

Champion, R.A., 1962:
Stimulus-response contiguity in classical ayersive conditioning

Moulopoulos, S.D.; Kardaras, N.; Sideris, D.A., 1965:
Stimulus-Response Relationship In Dog Ventricle In Vivo

Tapper, D.N., 1965:
Stimulus-response relationships in the cutaneous slowly-adapting mechanoreceptor in hairy skin of the cat

McCall, R.B.; Kagan, J., 1967:
Stimulus-schema discrepancy and attention in the infant

Gopfert, E., 1966:
Stimulus-threshold of the dorsal hippocampus and the mesencephalic reticular formation under acute and chronical administration of reserpine

Green, E.J., 1956:
Stimulus-variability and operant discrimination in human subjects

Mcqueen, R.; Pearson, W.O., 1959:
Stimulus-word changes in picture-frustration situation

Kjell, J.I.Andersson, 1944:
Stina Stallberg-Sten-hagen, and Einar Stenhagen

Riggs, R.D., 1961:
Sting nematode in Arkansas

Hess, P.W., 1959:
Stingarees Today's trash fish, tomorrow's food

Werner, R.M., 1951:
Stinging and biting snakes

Langlois, Claude; Arbesman, C.E.; Shulman, S., 1963:
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