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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 25528

Chapter 25528 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Matsumura, S.; Mabuchi, T., 1967:
Storage and nitrogen effects on radiation damage in einkorn wheat m seeds with different water content

Bews, J.W.; Vanderplank, J.E., 1930:
Storage and other carbohydrates in a Natal succulent and a Natal geophyte and their behavior before, during, and after the winter resting season

Anonymous, 1955:
Storage and preparation for sowing of corn seed Referat Zhur, Biol, 1956, No 1304

Kapur, N.S.; Srivastava, H.C., 1959:
Storage and preservation of fatty foods

Roy, D.N.; Ghosh, S.M., 1944:
Storage and preservation of food grains

Srivastava, H.C., 1959:
Storage and preservation of perishables

Mark, W.W.lliams; Christine Seibold; Kurt Chowanski, 2009:
Storage and release of solutes from a subalpine seasonal snowpack soil and stream water response, Niwot Ridge, Colorado

Juergens, J.L.; Rosevear, J.W., 1964:
Storage And Retrieval Of Clinical And Laboratory Data

Miller, G.B., 1966:
Storage and retrieval of technical information in laboratories. Generation of Thesauri of technical terms

Pentzer, W.T.; Bratley, C.O., 1944:
Storage and shipping tests with straw-filled pads

Raffauf, R.F.; Flagler, M.B., 1962:
Storage and sorting of phytochemical data

Harley, J.H.; Hallden, N.A.; Fisenne, I.M., 1963:
Storage and standardized radioactive solutions

Glowinski, J.; Iversen, L.L.; Axelrod, J., 1966:
Storage and synthesis of norepinephrine in the reserpine-treated rat brain

Jasmin, G.; Bois, P., 1961:
Storage and tissue disposal of carboxymethylcellulose injected into rats

Farmanfarmaian, A., 1961:
Storage and translocation of nutrients in the purple sea urchin

Mutuskin, A.A., 1966:
Storage and transport forms of iron in plants A review with 63 references

Williams, R.; Preisig, R.; Sweeting, J.; Bradley, S.E., 1963:
Storage and transport of bromsulphthalein in hepatitis and other liver diseases

Roach, S.W.; Harrison, J.S.M.; Tarr, H.L.A., 1961:
Storage and transport of fish in refrigerated sea water

Storage and turnover of carbon in grassland soils along an elevation gradient in the Swiss Alps

Mabuchi, T.; Matsumura, S., 1967:
Storage and water content effects on radiation damage in wheat m

Waterman, Allyn, J., 1941:
Storage at low temperature and survival of embryonic chick tissues in chorioallantoic grafts

Giroud, P.; L.G.c, P.; Dumas, N., 1958:
Storage at low temperature has not changed the behavior of the strain of epidemic typhus isolated from the blood of goats in Ethiopia

Friedman, B.A.; Folsom, D., 1953:
Storage behavior of Kennebec potatoes infected by Verticillium albo-atrum

Rasmussen, P.M., 1958:
Storage behavior of apples in relation to picking maturity

Allen, G.S., 1957:
Storage behavior of conifer seeds in sealed containers held at 0 F, 32 F, and room temperature

Campbell, Carl, W., 1959:
Storage behavior of fresh Brewster and Bengal lyehees

Bal, D.; Nath, K.G.; Radhakrishna, D.; Indiramma, A.R.; Vijayalakshmi, N.S., 2013:
Storage behavior of immune-enhancing enteral formulation from natural sources

Fernandez, R.T.; Gonzalez, O.N.; Pablo, I.S., 1968:
Storage behavior of langonisa treated with sorbic acid ascorbic acid and sucaryl or sucrose cured meat

Datta, S.C.; Sakar, K.P.; Lodh, S.B., 1965:
Storage behavior of litchi

Turkot, V.A.; Sinnamon, H.I.; Eskew, R.K.; Phillips, G.W.M.cpherson, 1955:
Storage behavior of powdered apple and grape juice products

Kertesz, Z.I.; Massey, L.M.; Parsons, G.F.; Simon, M., 1963:
Storage behavior of powdered dehydrated cranberries

Senn, Taze Leonard, 1959:
Storage behavior of the sweet potato as influenced by modified atmospheres

Grant, J.C.Boileau, 1926:
Storage cabinet for anatomical specimens

Komarek, J.; Sova, Z., 1964:
Storage changes in blood of cattle, horses and dogs

Hendrickson, R.; Kesterson, J.W., 1950:
Storage changes in citrus molasses

Moore, E.L.; Huggart, R.L.; Hill, E.C., 1950:
Storage changes in frozen concentrated citrus juices. Preliminary report

Houston, D.F.; Hunter, I.R.; Kester, E.B., 1956:
Storage changes in parboiled rice

Young, Robert, E., 1938:
Storage changes in pascal celery

Livingston, G.E.; Esselen, W.B.; Fellers, C.R., 1954:
Storage changes in processed apple sauce

Stuart, L.S.; Hall, H.H.; Dicks, E.E., 1942 :
Storage changes in spray-dried whole egg powder

Gee, M.; Graham, R.P.; Morgan, A.I., 1967:
Storage changes in the free amino acids of foam-mat dried tomato powders

Luh, B.S.; Leonard, S.J.; Marsh, G.L., 1958:
Storage changes in tomato juice

Stephenson, R.M.; Sano, T.; Harris, P.R., 1958:
Storage characteristics of potato granules

Short, J.L.; Shotton, F.E., 1968:
Storage conditions affecting the sprouting of seed potatoes d and their yield ii light

Shul, G.N.N.; Shul, G.A.G., 1968:
Storage conditions and the duration of the resting period in potatoes d

Poisson, J.; Guilbot, A., 1963:
Storage conditions and the length of grain conservation

Hertz, Wilhelm, 1935:
Storage diseases in childhood A review

Sampson, P.J., 1960:
Storage diseases of potato tubers and their control

Agarwal, S.C., 1949:
Storage diseases of potatoes

Anonymous, 1962:
Storage experiment: Physiological losses in cold storage and speed of sprouting

Venkataraman, K., 1930:
Storage experiments with paddy seeds

Lundborg, P., 1963:
Storage Function And Amine Levels Of The Adrenal Medullary Granules At Various Intervals After Reserpine Treatment

Lundborg, P., 1966:
Storage function and amlne levels of the adrenal medullary granules at various intervals after prenylamine treatment

Gilbart, D.A.; Dedolph, R.R., 1964:
Storage heat unit summation as an index of keeping quality of muskmelons

Rygg, G.L., 1949:
Storage humidity for dates

Quaas, Rudolf, 1961:
Storage in the fodder economy

Wardlaw, C.W.; Leonard, E.R., 1939:
Storage investigations with Trinidad grapefruit, 1938-39

Kaldor, I., 1955:
Storage iron in the foetus

Nelson, Richard, W., 1963:
Storage life of individually frozen Pacific oyster meats glazed with plain water or with solutions of ascorbic acid or corn syrup solids

Holmes, A.D., 1953:
Storage life of mature and immature butternut squashes

Peters, J.A.; Mclane, D.T., 1959:
Storage life of pink shrimp held in commercial and jacketed cold-storage rooms

Stansby, M.E.; Dassow, J., 1949:
Storage life of whole and split rockfish fillets

Bose, A.N.; Lodh, S.B., 1960:
Storage loss of sulfur dioxide in ripe mango pulps preserved with bisulfites

Sparks, W.C., 1968:
Storage loss quality and recovery rates of russet burbank potatoes d as influenced by storage environment abstract humidity temperature

Holmes, A.D., 1948:
Storage losses of butternut squashes

Cotton, R.T., 1948:
Storage losses of grain the world picture

Reisenauer, R.; Likar, O., 1962:
Storage losses of potassium iodide in iodized salt and the possibility of their elimination

Schafer, H.J., 1968:
Storage materials utilized by starved pink shrimp penaeus duorarum fishery molting fat protein glycogen reserves energy requirements

Hafez, E.S.E.; Mauer, R.E., 1962:
Storage media to prolong survivability of 2-16-blastomere ova

Muhlemann, H.R., 1964:
Storage medium and enamel hardness

Tranzer, J.P.; Pletscher, A.; D.P.ada M., 1966:
Storage of 5 hydroxy tryptamine in sub microscopic organelles of the platelets

Venho, E.V.; Lindroos, M., 1950:
Storage of BCG vaccine: Its effect on the development of tuberculin positiveness after inoculation

Paul, T.M.; Bhalerao, V.R.; Anantakrishnan, C.P., 1949:
Storage of Ghee in different types of containers

Gulevich, N.Y.; Zalkind, S.I., 1959:
Storage of HeLa cells in suspension at room temperature and refrigerated at 4 C

Fellenberg, Th, 1926:
Storage of I in organs

Hebert, J., 1949:
Storage of P205 in silt soils

Demina, G.L., 1959:
Storage of Salmonellas transferred into the mono-phastic state of the H-antigen

Allen, F.W.; Mckinnon, L.R., 1935:
Storage of Yellow Newtown apples in chambers supplied with artificial atmospheres

Gardner, R.C.B., 1937:
Storage of acorns

Ramnaney, S.R., 1968:
Storage of agricultural produce

Anonymous, 1950:
Storage of apples

Pieniazek, S.A.; Cegl,owski, S.; Mrozowski, M.; Nowosielski, S.; Ostrowski, W.; Rosiowa, E.; Rzepecka, I.; Unruh, M., 1957:
Storage of apples in the earth pits

Marcet, Enrique, 1957:
Storage of aspen seed

Jarvis, J.D.; Wynne, C.D.; Telfer, E.R., 1967:
Storage of bacteria in liquid nitrogen

Palmer, A.E., 1940:
Storage of beets between the time of harvesting and slicing in southern Alberta

Jain, G.C.; Patel, J.M.; Bhatt, R.B.; Bhatt, R.M., 1967:
Storage of bittern in polythene-lined pits

Nelson, Alvin, E., 1959:
Storage of black spruce seed for 19 years

Lorant, A.; Lorant, G.J.; Angrist, A.; Korpman, R., 1953:
Storage of blood below 0 C in liquid state

Portnoy, H.D.; Thomas, L.M.; Gurdjian, E.S., 1965:
Storage Of Blood For Measurement Of Ph, Po2, Pco2

Bagga, H.S., 1967:
Storage of boll rot organisms on infected cotton bolls for prolonged periods

Pati, Nityananda, 1959:
Storage of bovine semen at low temperature using reconstituted buttermilk as an extender

Heymann, M.; Cherniack, N., 1968:
Storage of carbon di oxide in muscle dog inst spirometer inst rotameter

Stern, K., 1948:
Storage of carmine in mice of inbred strains

Henriksen, Aksel, 1959:
Storage of carrots, cabbage and onions with maleic acid hydrazide

Kako, K.; Chrysohou, A.; Bing, R.J., 1960:
Storage of catecholamines in the heart. Effect of amine oxidase inhibitors

Suhonen, I., 1967:
Storage of cauliflower d

Spencer, J.L.; Calnek, B.W., 1967:
Storage of cells infected with Rous sarcoma virus or JM strain avian lymphomatosis agent

Mohs, K., 1942:
Storage of cereals

Chen, S.H., 1934:
Storage of citrus fruit. 1

Stewart, W.S., 1949:
Storage of citrus fruits; studies indicate use of 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T sprays on trees prolongs storage life of citrus fruits

Giusti, G.V.; Corsi, A., 1967:
Storage of colloidal carbon in liver and spleen after thymectomy rat

Barnes, D.; Smith, D.L.; Z.Daniel Candia, 1958:
Storage of corn grains with and without humidity control under tropical conditions

Yakovenko, V.A.; Torzhinskaya, L.R.; Atanas, A.G., 1961:
Storage of corn on open packing platforms in winter and spring

Willard, H.S., 1949:
Storage of cottage cheese

Harrison, G.J.; Fulton, H.J., 1934:
Storage of cotton polle

Filippova, M.S., 1965:
Storage of cultures of Bacillus brevis variety G.-B

Gardner, John, S., 1929:
Storage of cut seed vs whole seed

Stocker, Frederick, W., 1967:
Storage of donor corneas in the recipients serum prior to grafting

Scott, J.S., 1958:
Storage of dried fish

Stadtman, E.R.; Barker, H.A.; Haas, V.; Mrak, E.M.; Mackinney, G., 1946:
Storage of dried fruits: Gas changes during storage of dried apricots and influence of oxygen on rate of deterioration

Usuchiya, Y.; Suzuki, Y.; Sasaki, T., 1961:
Storage of dried layer at low temperature

Novgorodtsev, G.I.; Anonymous, 1927:
Storage of dry materials and nitrogenous products in the roots of cer-tain cultivated plants grown on different soils

Bosshard, Walter, 1955:
Storage of early-shooting seedlings before transplanting

Moran, T., 1939:
Storage of eggs at different relative humidities

Barton, Lela, V., 1939:
Storage of elm seeds

Ernst, E.; Niedetzky, A.; Hajnal, M., 1959:
Storage of energy during reversible arrest of the heart by KCl German abst

Mears, J.; Marsh, W.L., 1960:
Storage of enzyme modified red cells

Moore, J.H.; Kelly, C.A.; Yerby, G., 1964:
Storage of experimental neoplasms at -76 C

Githens, J.H.; Tschetter, P.N.; Moscovici, G.P.; Hathaway, W.E., 1960:
Storage of fetal liver for bone marrow transplantation

Cohen, E.H.; Peters, J.A., 1962:
Storage of fish in refrigerated sea water. 1. Quality changes in ocean perch as determined by organoleptic and chemical analyses

Cohen, E.H.; Peters, J.A., 1963:
Storage of fish in refrigerated sea water. 2. Quality changes in whiting as determined by organoleptic and chemical analyses

Goulian, M.; Beck, W.S., 1966:
Storage of folate by Lactobacillus leichmannii

Dehnel, August, 1961:
Storage of food supplies by Sorex araneus

Vincent, Gustav, 1958:
Storage of forest seed in closed vessels

Dymchenko, Y.I., 1968:
Storage of fresh radix valerianae as raw material for the preparation of tinctures

Perepletchik, R.R.; Novikova, E.I., 1960:
Storage of frozen fish glazed by the addition of antioxidants

Appleton, T.C., 1967:
Storage of frozen materials for cryostat sectioning and soluble-compound autoradiographv

Dyer, W.J.; Morton, M.L., 1956:
Storage of frozen plaice fillets

Dyer, W.J.; Morton, M.L.; Fraser, D.I.; Bligh, E.G., 1956:
Storage of frozen rosefish fillets

Aves, E.K.; Jones, G.R.; Cunningham, G.J., 1965:
Storage of Frozen Sections in Paraffin Blocks

Jenkins, R.R.; Tressler, D.K.; Moyer, J.; Mcintosh, J., 1940:
Storage of frozen vegetables

Kapur, N.S.; Srivastava, H.C., 1961:
Storage of fruits and vegetables under modified atmosphere

Crosier, W.F.; Braverman, S.W., 1963:
Storage of fungi in seeds of small grains

D.Z.euw, D.J.; E.A., 1961:
Storage of fungicide-treated pea and cucumber seeds

Bretigniere, L., 1926:
Storage of green fodder in silos in England

Kapur, N.S.; Mathur, P.B., 1953:
Storage of groundnuts

Westerduin, J., 1968:
Storage of herrings in tanks filled with chilled sea water on board motorship semla

Jancs6, N.; Jancso Gabor, A., 1952:
Storage of homologous and foreign proteins in the cells of the reticulo-endothelial system

Milum, V.G., 1943:
Storage of honey samples

Menzel, Ottamar, 1941:
Storage of hops

Kondo, Mantaro; Terasaka, Y., 1941:
Storage of hulled rice in tin containers with desiccating materials. IV. Storage of insufficiently dried product for 3.5 yrs. with quicklime. V. Storage of normally dried product with quicklime for 2 years

Kondo, M.; Isshiki, S.; Terasaka, Y., 1941:
Storage of hulled rice with table-salt

Storage of human red blood cells. I. The effect of ACD solution on breakdown of glucose

Deverdier, C.H.; Hoegman, C.; Garby, L.; Killander, J., 1964:
Storage Of Human Red Blood Cells. Ii. The Effect Of Ph And Of The Addition Of Adenine

Caputa, Jean, 1957:
Storage of hybrid corn ears for seed in cribs

Kondo, Mantaro, 1939:
Storage of inadequately dried rice at low temperatures for five and a half years

Florman, A.L.; Weiss, A.B., 1945:
Storage of Influenza Virus for Use in Typing Clinical Cases

Propst, A., 1954:
Storage of intravenously injected iron in animal experiments

Lampe, L.; Medveczky, L.; Kertesz, L., 1961:
Storage of iodine in the fetal thyroid

Bekina, R.M.; Krasnovskii, A.A., 1968:
Storage of isolated chloroplasts without changes in the activity of photophosphorylation

Gorham, P.R.; Clendenning, K.A., 1950:
Storage of isolated chlorplasts without loss of photochemical activity

Laduron, P.; D.P.tter, W.; Belpaire, F., 1966:
Storage of labeled noradrenaline in lysosomes

Smittle, R.B.; Koburger, J.A., 1968:
Storage of lactic streptococci ii enz proteinase synthesis following storage in phosphate buffer streptococcus lactis growth in milk

Cowell, G.R.; Koburger, J.A.; Weese, S.J., 1966:
Storage of lactic streptococci: I. The effect of pH on survival and endogenous metabolism in phosphate buffer

Vincent, Gustav, 1937:
Storage of larch seed

Marlatt, R.B.; Stewart, J.K.; Berkenkamp, B.B., 1957:
Storage of lettuce with rib discoloration

Stuart, N.W., 1953:
Storage of lily bulbs

Kohli, R.R.; Bhambota, J.R., 1966:
Storage of lime d citrus aurantifolia d 2 4 d pestic 2 4 5 tri chlorophenoxy acetic acid pestic

Mcbride, J.J.; Guest, M.M.son; Scott, E.L., 1941:
Storage of liver components; emphasizing the relationship of glycogen to water in the liver and the hydration of glycogen

Mukerjee, P.K., 1959:
Storage of loquat

Dutt, S.C.; Sarkar, K.P.; Bose, A.N., 1960:
Storage of mandarin oranges

Noguchi, E.; Bito, M., 1948:
Storage of marine products. 1. The effect of p-oxybutyl benzoate on the growth of mould

Kunze, F.M.; Laug, E.P.; Prickett, C.S., 1950:
Storage of methoxychlor in the fat of the rat

Pumpyanskaya, L.V., 1961:
Storage of microorganisms in mineral oil

Lauritzen, J.I.; Balch, R.T., 1934:
Storage of mill cane

Melnick, J.L., 1946:
Storage of mouse-adapted strains of poliomyelitis virus and of Japanese B encephalitis virus at subfreezing temperatures

Calhoun, J.M., 1953:
Storage of nitrate amateur still-camera negatives

Chabannes, J.; Barbier, G., 1963:
Storage of nitrogen in a mineralizeable form in the soil through the application of mineral nitrogen

Monkman, J.L., 1965:
Storage of non-standard microslides

Philippu, A.; Przuntek, H., 1967:
Storage of noradrenaline in hypothalamus and the effects of drugs on the isolated hypothalamus vesicles

Potter, L.T., 1966:
Storage of norepinephrine in sympathetic nerves

Schumann, H.J.; Schmidt, K.; Philippu, A., 1966:
Storage of norepinephrine in sympathetic ganglia

Farrant, J., 1968:
Storage of organs mammalia human transplantation techniques low temperatures immunology

Marten, G.; Bronsch, K.; Luders, H., 1966:
Storage of oxytetra-cycline in bone tissue after supplementing calf, swine and broiler rations

Jack, R.C.cil M.; Mack, J.H., 1965:
Storage of paper chromatograms sprayed with diphenylamine-urea

Woodroof, J.G.; Heaton, E.K., 1962:
Storage of pecans

Morch, E., 1946:
Storage of pneumococcus strains

Fetzer, J., 1967:
Storage of polyvinylpyridine-N-oxide in lysosomes

Mukerjee, P.K., 1958:
Storage of pomegranate

Bugbee, W.M.; Kernkamp, M.F., 1966:
Storage of pycniospores of Puccinia graminis secalis in liquid nitrogen

Cook, M.K.; Jacobs, L., 1958:
Storage of pyrimethamine in cells in vitro

Harp, Emmett, R., 1967:
Storage of queen bees

Nelson, E.V.; Roberts, W.C., 1967:
Storage of queen honey bees, Apis mellifera in solitary confinement

Hafez, E.S.E., 1961:
Storage of rabbit ova in gelled media at 10 C

Keston, A.S.; Ball, R.P.; Frantz, V.K.; Palmer, W.W., 1942:
Storage of Radioactive Iodine in a Metastasis from Thyroid Carcinoma

Williams, C.R.; D.E.ans, R., 1942:
Storage of radium dial instruments

Nordqvist, P.; Knutson, H., 1958:
Storage of rat liver tissue in potassium-enriched Ringer's solution

Wen, B., 2009:
Storage of recalcitrant seeds a case study of the Chinese fan palm, Livistona chinensis

Chaplin, H.; Schmidt, P.J.; Steinfeld, J.L., 1957:
Storage of red cells at sub-zero temperatures, further studies

Bettini, S., 1947:
Storage of reserve proteins in fat-bodies of female A. 1. var. atroparvus

Kondo, Mantaro; Oka, M.ra, T., 1933:
Storage of rice. VI. Physical and biochemical studies of hulled rice stored in straw bags. VII. On the influence of varying moisture content and germinating power upon the preservation of vitamin-B in hulled rice. VIII. Studies on hulled rice stored air-tight 26 and 28 years

Kondo, Mantaro; Isshiki, S., 1936:
Storage of rice. XIV

Ciszewski, D.; Turner, J., 2009:
Storage of sediment-associated heavy metals along the channelized Odra River, Poland

Champion, H.G., 1930:
Storage of seed of chir pine

Kondo, Mantarc; Takahashi, Ryuhei; Terasaka, Y., 1941:
Storage of seed of forest trees. I. Seed of Cupuliferae

Gusev S.A.; Panteleev A.V., 1974:
Storage of seed potatoes

Drab, Jaroslav, 1948:
Storage of seed potatoes and construction of storages for potatoes

Kondo, Mantaro; Kasahara, Y., 1944:
Storage of seeds of forest trees, II Seeds of the Japanese cedar, Crypto-meria japonica. and the Japanese cypress. Chamaecyparis obtusa. III. Further studies on seed of Cupulif erae.

Swenson, T.L., 1938:
Storage of shell eggs

Vincent, Gustav, 1937:
Storage of spruce seed

Keith, R.L.G.; Hamilton, E., 1962:
Storage of standarized radioactive solutions

Melville, F.; Hardisty, S.E., 1951:
Storage of stone fruits

Haller, Mark, H., 1939:
Storage of strawberry plants

Gaskill, J.O.; Brewbaker, H.E., 1939:
Storage of sugar beets under conditions of high humidity and low temperature

Salerno, R.A.; Healey, W.V.; Katsuichi, IIjima; Hassan, T.; Salerno, R.D., 1965:
Storage of the isolated kidney with an extra-corporal perfusion system

Meghal, S.K.; Nath, M.C., 1963:
Storage of tissue thiamine and its intestinal synthesis in hypo-and hyper-thyroid rats

Knott, F.A.; Koerner, E.H., 1939:
Storage of transfusion plasma

Traub, H.P.; Thor, C.J.; Willaman, J.J.; Oliver, R., 1929 :
Storage of Truck Crops: the Girasole, Helianthus Tuberosus

Spector, Benjamin, 1944:
Storage of trypan blue in the internal ear of the rat

Eisler, Bela, 1926:
Storage of trypanblue during the cyclical changes in the genital organs of the white mouse

Paton, Robert, R., 1945:
Storage of tuliptree seed

Trunova, T.I., 1963:
Storage of unwinterhardy winter and spring wheat during the fall-winter-spring period

Altshuller, A.P.; Wartburg, A.F.; Cohen, I.R.; Sleva, S.F., 1962:
Storage of vapors and gases in plastic bags

Basu, N.M.; De, N.K., 1941:
Storage of vitamin A in liver under different conditions of protein and carbohydrate intake

Nelson, F.M.; Emanuelson, J.B.; Brooks, F.R., 1965:
Storage of volatile liquid mixtures by gas chromatography

Mccarthy, J.A., 1957:
Storage of water samples for bacteriologic examinations

Watson, S.J., 1958:
Storage of wet brewers' or distillers' grains

Kondo, Mantaro; Oka, H., 1939:
Storage of wheat in moisture-proof paper bags. I. II. III. With supplementary notes on rice storage

Grove, I., 1965:
Storage of woody plants

Quettier, A-Laure.; Eastmond, P.J., 2009:
Storage oil hydrolysis during early seedling growth

StjÀrne, L., 1966:
Storage particles in noradrenergic tissues

Mathlein, R., 1943:
Storage pests. III. The black-brown flour beetle, T. destructor. A new economically important pest

Steward, F.C.; Bidwell, R.G.S., 1966:
Storage pools and turnover systems in growing and non-growing cells: Experiments with C14-sucrose, C14-glutamine, and C14-asparagine

O'brien, E.J., 1964:
Storage problems of wet wheat

Silverberg, J.; Heil, F.G., 1957:
Storage properties of diammonium phosphate alone and in admixture with other fertilizer materials

Brownell, L.E.; Gustafson, F.G.; Nehemias, J.V.; Isleib, D.R.; Hooker, W.J., 1957:
Storage properties of gamma-irradiated potatoes

Drazga, F.H.; Eskew, R.K.; Talley, F.B., 1963:
Storage properties of potato flakelets

Merritt, M.C.; Cawley, B.A.; Lockhart, E.E.; Proctor, B.E.; Tucker, C.L., 1957:
Storage properties of vacuum packed coffee

Dewey, D.H.; Mitchell, A.E.; Lipsit, R.R., 1953:
Storage quality of Jonathan and Delicious apples as affected by growth regulator pre-harvest sprays

Lof, G.O.G.; Hardeson, C.H., 1966:
Storage requirements for water in the United States

Stelfox, D., 1966:
Storage rot of carrots incited by a Sclerotinia: Candida complex

Duncan, D.T.; Hooker, W.J.; Heiligman, F., 1959:
Storage rot susceptibility of potato tubers exposed to minimum sprout inhibiting levels of ionizing radiation

Stevens, N.E.; Bain, H.F., 1927:
Storage rots of cranberries in the 1926 crop

Stevens, N.E.; Bain, H.F., 1928:
Storage rots of cranberries in the 1927 crop

Stevens, N.E.; Bain, H.F., 1929:
Storage rots of cranberries in the 1928 crop

Daines, Robert, H., 1964:
Storage rots of sweets studied for seven years

Schoen, I.; Praphai, M.; Veiss, A., 1962:
Storage stability and quality control of prothrombin time by means of the Quick method

Bookwalter, G.N.; Moser, H.A.; Pfeifer, V.F.; Griffin, E.L.Jr, 1968:
Storage stability of blended food products formula no 2 a corn m soy d milk food supplement vitamins protein fat

Szeinberg, A.; Sheba, C.; Adam, A., 1958:
Storage stability of blood with unstable glutathione

Mckinney, R.M.; Spillane, J.T.; Pearce, G.W., 1964:
Storage Stability Of Fluorescein Isothiocyanate

Kurtmann, L.; Carlsen, C.U.; Risbo, J.; Skibsted, L.H., 2009:
Storage stability of freeze-dried Lactobacillus acidophilus (La-5) in relation to water activity and presence of oxygen and ascorbate

Bolin, H.R.; Guadagni, D.G.; Porter, J.L.; Boyle, F.P., 1968:
Storage stability of ground heat-treated raisins

Rankin, J.C.; Rall, J.G.; Russell, C.R.; Rist, C.E., 1964:
Storage stability of hydroxyethylated flour and starch

Pangborn, R.Marie; Luh, B.S., 1964:
Storage stability of tomato ketchup with various sweeteners. I. Sensory properties

Pangborn, Rose Marie, 1964:
Storage stability of tomato ketchup with various sweetners H Chemical and color changes

Shoji, Kobe, 1951:
Storage studies of vapor heat- and ethylene dibromide-treated papaya

Moore, E.L.; Rouse, A.H.; Atkins, C.D., 1956:
Storage studies on 42 Brix concentrated orange juices processed from juices heated at varying folds. I. Physical changes and retention of cloud

Rouse, A.H.; Atkins, C.D.; Moore, E.L., 1956:
Storage studies on 42 Brix concentrated orange juices processed from juices heated at varying folds. II. Chemicalchanges with particular reference to pectin

Fellers, C.R., 1949:
Storage studies on active dried bakers yeast

Berry, R.E.; Bissett, O.W.; Wagner, C.J.; Veldhuis, M.K., 1966:
Storage studies on foam-mat-dried grapefruit powder

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Strain gage amplifier

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Strain renovation of mustard to be carried out simultaneously in the regions of the Lower Volga

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Strategies and methods for studying the rhizosphereathe plant science toolbox

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Strategy for surveying the proteome using affinity proteomics and mass spectrometry

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Strategy for use of alternative waste sort sizes for characterizing solid waste composition

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Strategy in the chemical protection of plants from pests

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Strategy of pest control in coffee d in south india pesticides

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