Section 26
Chapter 25,529

Stratospheric small-ion density measurements from a high-altitude jet aircraft

Paltridge, G.W.

J Geophys Res 71(8): 1945-1952


DOI: 10.1029/jz071i008p01945
Accession: 025528401

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An airborne instrument suitable for measurement of the positive and negative small-ion density of the atmosphere above 9 km has been developed. It is a self-contained unit which can be attached externally to any subsonic aircraft. Access is required to the normal 28-volt dc supply and to one channel of a recorder. Various flights during 6 months in 1965 have shown that over this period there was a gradual decrease in the stratospheric dust concentration, as evidenced by the return to equality of the polar ion densities by July. A series of vertical profiles obtained during a single 24-hr, period in July showed that any effect due to dust was confined to the troposphere and that during this period at least, no significant time variation was apparent. Two long-distance flights confirmed the dependence of small-ion density on geomagnetic latitude for the 2 altitudes 10 and 13 km.

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