Section 26
Chapter 25,536

Studien uber Phosphatase. XI. Uber die Phosphatasewirkung des Blutes sowie des Serums bei klinischer und experimenteller Eosinophilie

Iwatsuru, Ryuzo; Minami, Yoshihiko; Nanjo, K.

Biochemische Zeitschrift 301(1-2): 23-28


ISSN/ISBN: 0366-0753
Accession: 025535143

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In the clinical cases of ae-cariasis, anchylostomiasis or taeniasis accompanied by eosinophilia the blood phosphatase values were much higher than in normal persons. When the % of eosinophile leucocytes after deworming approached the normal value the phosphatase values likewise became normal. Injs. of liquid paraffin or extracts of ascaris worms produced intense eosinophilia in rabbits and at the same time a considerable increase of the blood and serum phosphatase values. The changes of the latter followed closely those of the eosinophile and neutrophile leucocytes, respectively. The increase of the phosphatase values caused by the eosinophile leucocytes was apparently greater than that caused by the neutrophile leucocytes.

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