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Advantages and disadvantages of bordeaux mixture and of lime-sulphur used on apples in the growing season
Observations on the Umaria marine bed
10 years of hearing conservation in the Royal Air Force
Chocolate crumb - dairy ingredient for milk chocolate
Effect of daily gelatin ingestion on human scalp hair
Comparison of rice bran and maize bran as feeds for growing and fattening pigs
The composition of pampas-grass (Cortaderia argentea.)
The Accraian Series:
The mechanism of the Liebermann-Burchard reaction of sterols and triterpenes and their esters
Cerebrovascular Doppler ultrasound studies (cv-Doppler)
Toria: PT-303 - first national variety
Hair growth promoting activity of tridax procumbens
Productivity of Pekin x Khaki Campbell ducks
A stable cytosolic expression of VH antibody fragment directed against PVY NIa protein in transgenic potato plant confers partial protection against the virus
Solar treatment of wheat loose smut
Swimmers itch in the Lake of Garda
Bactofugation and the Bactotherm process
The effects of prefrontal lobotomy on aggressive behavior in dogs
Visual rating scales for screening whorl-stage corn for resistance to fall armyworm
Breakdown of seamounts at the trench axis, viewed from gravity anomaly
Kooken; pennsylvania's toughest cave
Recovery of new dinosaur and other fossils from the Early Cretaceous Arundel Clay facies (Potomac Group) of central Maryland, U.S.A
Zubor horny (Bison bonasus) v prirodnych podmienkach Slovensku
The extended Widal test in the diagnosis of fevers due to Salmonella infection
Hair of the american mastodon indicates an adaptation to a semi aquatic habitat

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 25538

Chapter 25538 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Studies in blood preservation. Some effects of carbon dioxide
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 133(2): 499-501 (1940)

Studies in blood preservation: Fate of cellular elements and prothrombin in citrated blood
, Jour Lab And Clin Med 26(9): 1473-1478 (1941)

Studies in blood volume and blood pressure following the extravascular administration of fluid in rats
, American Journal of Physiology 122(1): 140-142 (1938)

Studies in blood volume with the dye method
, Ann Intern Med 1(11): 890-901 (1928)

Studies in blood-sugar
, Lancet 2(5384): 947 (1926)

Studies in body build in athletic and non-athletic students
, Sitzungsber Ges Beford Gesamten Naturw Marburg 1925(2): 18-49 (1926)

Studies in bone healing
, Jour Oral Surg 1(3): 191-196 (1943)

Studies in bone healing: Stimulation of healing in long bones by use of artificial material
, Jour Oral Surg 6(3): 209-217 (1948)

Studies in bone sarcoma. III. An experimental and pathological study of the role of the periosteum in the formation of bone in various primary bone tumors
, Surg Gynecol And Obstetr 60(1): 30-40 (1935)

Studies in borreliae ii some immunologic biochemical and physical properties of the antigenic components of borrelia turicatae borrelia parkeri trypanosoma brucei rat
, Archives De L'Institut Razi: 9-117 (1967)

Studies in Borreliae. I. A variant of Borrelia parkeri Davis 1942 isolated in California and its tick vector
, Annales de Parasitologie Humaine et Comparee 40(6): 631-638 (1965)

Studies in botulinus toxin type B
, Jour Bact 38(4): 479 (1939)

Studies in bovine malignant catarrh
, Iv Immunity And Vaccination Brit Vet Jour 110(3): 87-96 (1954)

Studies in bovine malignant catarrh II. Experimental infection in cattle fcontd. . Infectivity of materials other than lymph gland. . Routes of inoculation
, Brit Vet Jour 108(6): 214-220 (1952)

Studies in bovine malignant catarrh L Experimental infection in cattle
, Brit Vet Jour 108(2): 35-47 (1952)

Studies in bovine malignant catarrh. V. The role of sheep in the transmission of the disease
, Brit Vet Jour 110(12): 508-516 (1954)

Studies in bovine mastitis. I. The bacteriology of mastitis
, Jour Comp Path and Therap 42(4): 213-231 (1929)

Studies in bovine mastitis. Modes of spread of Streptococcus agalactiae infection in dairy herds
, Imperial Bur Animal Health Rev Ser 2: 1-27 (1944)

Studies in breeding insects throughout the year for insecticide tests. III. Roaches, clothes moth, weevils
, Jour Econ Ent 21(4): 608-612 (1928)

Studies in bronchial asthma. I. Examination of patients with bronchial asthma; occurrence of asthma without and with specific allergy as the cause of the disease
, Acta Allergologica 11(4): 293-326 (1957)

Studies in bronchial asthma II A comparative examination between patients with endogenous and exogenous bronchial asthma respectively, with the regard to age when taken ill
, Acta Allergol: 327-342 (1957)

Studies in bronchial asthma. III. A comparative examination between patients with endogenous and exogenous bronchial asthma with respect to blood sedimentation rate
, Acta Allergologica 12(1): 1-16 (1958)

Studies in bronchospasm
, Quart Jour Med 32(128): 375-376 (1963)

Studies in brucellosis II Brucellosis and tuberculosis
, Riforma Med: 1611-1618 (1933)

Studies in brucellosis. II. Electrophoretic studies of the proteins of bovine serums with respect to Brucella, by C. L. San Clemente and I. F. Huddleson. The immunication of guinea pigs against Brucella infection, by I. F. Huddleson. Catalase activity of the species of Brucella as a criterion of virulence, by I. F. Huddleson and W. H. Stahl. A study of the virulence of Brucella abortus for the guinea pig and cow, by L. M. Hutchings. . A study of Bang's disease i
, Tech Bull Michigan Agric Expt Sta 182: 1-80 (1943)

Studies in burns: the role of lipids in the transmissivity of membranes
, Annals of Surgery 167(4): 521-532 (1968)

Studies in burns. I. Water loss from the body surface
, Annals of Surgery 165(1): 83-96 (1967)

Studies in burns: IV. The relationship of eschar water content to eschar water transmissivity
, Annals of Surgery 166(2): 278-286 (1967)

Studies in calcification. The reaction of some hard- and some soft-tissue collagens with I-fluoro-24-dinitrobenzene
, Biochem Jour 68(3): 499-503 (1958)

Studies in calcium and carbohydrate metabolism. I. Calcium and glucose tolerance in diabetes mellitus
, Jour Lab and Clin Med 13(2): 133-137 (1927)

Studies in calcium and phosphorus metabolism III. The calcium content of soft tissues of albino rats in rickets and hypervitaminosis D
, Indian Jour Med Res 28(2): 353-360 (1940)

Studies in calcium and phosphorus metabolism. II. The effect of toxic doses of vitamin D on the ash, Ca, and P content of the bones and on the excretion of N, Ca, and P in albino rats
, Indian Jour Med Res 26(2): 447-458 (1938)

Studies in calcium and phosphorus metabolism Part IV The influence of free fatty acids in the intestine on the absorption and excretion of the mineral elements
, QJM os-20(77): 1-6 (1926)

Studies in calcium and phosphorus metabolism Part V Infantile rickets, the excretion and absorption of the mineral elements and the influence of fats in the diet on mineral absorption
, QJM os-20(77): 7-25 (1926)

Studies in calcium and phosphorus metabolism. VII. The ionic products of calcium phosphates in experimentally induced Vitamin D deficiency
, Indian Jour Med Res 33(2): 195-202 (1945)

Studies in calcium deposition and exchange in Venus mercenaria
, Dissertation Abstracts 15(5): 862 (1955)

Studies in calcium homeostasis abstract rat bone parathyroid plasma
, Proceedings Int Union Physiology Science 6(24): 271-272 (1968)

Studies in calcium metabolism III Calcium and the coagulation of blood
, Protoplasma 16(1): 340-340 (1932)

Studies in calf management I Preliminary studies of post-weaning grazing
, Grass and Forage Science 13(1): 13-20 (1958)

Studies in calf management IV The effects of rearing at pasture or indoors on the growth and development of the beef animal
, Grass and Forage Science 19(3): 321-329 (1964)

Studies in cancer chemotherapy. IX. The reaction of the blood in cancer
, Jour Pharmacol And Exp Therap 39(4): 425-433 (1930)

Studies in cancer chemotherapy. X. The effect of thorium, cerium, erbium, yttrium, didymium, praseodymium, manganese and lead upon transplantable rat tumors
, Jour Pharmacol And Exp Therap 43(1): 61-70 (1931)

Studies in Cancer. Vii. Enzyme Deficiency in Human and Experimental Cancer
, Journal of Clinical Investigation 22(5): 743-751 (1943)

Studies in cancer. VIII. Stilbestrol and certain steroids in relation to tumor growth resistance
, Cancer Res 4(6): 337-344 (1944)

Studies in cancer. X, Oxidative capacity of tumors
, Cancer Res 4(6): 345-348 (1944)

Studies in cancer The application of the Rupp-Schied-Thiel thiocyanate reaction to the urine
, Experimental Biology and Medicine 30(6): 804-804 (1933)

Studies in canning processes. I. Effect of headspace on heat penetration in products heating by conduction
, Food Technology 8(5): 258-262 (1954)

Studies in canning processes III The cooling phase of processes for products heating by conduction
, Journal of Food Science 25(4): 449-459 (1960)

Studies in canning processes. IV. Lag factors and slopes of tangents to heat penetration curves for canned foods heating by conduction
, Food Technology 15(9): 407-409 (1961)

Studies in cantaloupe mosaic
, Western Grower And Shipper 21(7): 23, 58, 59 (1950)

Studies in capillary permeability The duration and repair of experimentally induced capillary damage
, Dermatologica : 289-297 (1963)

Studies in carangid fishes i naked thoracic areas
, Rhodes University Department of Ichthyology Occasional Paper 12: 139-141 (1967)

Studies in carangid fishes ii the identity of scomber malabaricus carangoides coeruleopinnatus
, Rhodes University Department of Ichthyology Occasional Paper 13: 143-155 (1967)

Studies in carangid fishes part 3 the genus trachinotus in the western indian ocean
, Rhodes University Department of Ichthyology Occasional Paper 14: 157-166 (1967)

Studies in carbohydrate metabolism
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 90(2): 417-426 (1931)

Studies in Carbohydrate Metabolism and its Regulation in Health and Disease of the Central Nervous System
, Annals of the new York Academy of Sciences 117: 415-425 (1964)

Studies in carbohydrate metabolism. I. A glucose-lactic acid cycle involving muscle and liver
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 85(2): 571-584 (1930)

Studies in carbohydrate metabolism. II. Influence of methylglyoxal and other possible intermediaries upon insulin hypoglycemia
, Biochem Jour 21(1): 40-45 (1927)

Studies in carbohydrate metabolism. III. Metabolic defects in alloxan diabetes
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 156(1): 271-278 (1944)

Studies in carbohydrate metabolism. IX. Continued investigations into the influence of insulin and muscle tissue on glucose in vitro
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 70(1): 71-77 (1926)

Studies in carbohydrate metabolism V Effects of adrenalin and insulin upon glycogenesis in rats
, Journal of Biological Chemistry: 593-602 (1945)

Studies in carbohydrate metabolism. VII. Investigations into the transformation of the liver glycogen into glucose in vitro
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 68(2): 475-483 (1926)

Studies in carbohydrate metabolism. VII. The distribution of deuterium in a sample of deuterio glucose excreted by a diabetic rabbit
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 165(1): 147-155 (1946)

Studies in carbohydrate metabolism. VIII. The origin of the stable hydrogen in glycogen formed from various precursors
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 165(1): 157-162 (1946)

Studies in carbohydrate metabolism. X. Investigations into the occurrence of insulin complement in the muscles of warm blooded animals and cold blooded animals
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 70(1): 79-82 (1926)

Studies in carbohydrate metabolism. XI. Investigations into the occurrence of new-glucose in the course of the fermentation of - -glucose
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 70(1): 83-87 (1926)

Studies in carbohydrate metabolism. XII. Investigations into the properties of insulin complement
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 70(1): 89-95 (1926)

Studies in carbohydrates. III. Investigation of Modal gum
, Jour Indian Chem Soc 33(2): 119-121 (1956)

Studies in carbohydrates IX Structure of the degraded gum from Acacia catechu
, Jour Indian Chem Soc: 31-34 (1959)

Studies in carbohydrates. V. Investigation of the gum from Acacia catechu
, Jour Indian Chem Soc 33(12): 861-863 (1956)

Studies in carbohydrates. VI. Composition of the mucilage from seeds of Mimosa pudica
, Jour Indian Chem Soc 33(12): 864-866 (1956)

Studies in carbohydrates. VII. Investigation of bael fruit mucilage
, Jour Indian Chem Soc 35(2): 125-129 (1958)

Studies in carbohydrates. X. Hydrolysis products of the gum from drum stick plant
, Jour Indian Chem Soc 39(9): 623-627 (1962)

Studies in carbon tetrachloride poisoning. III. The possible role of sulphur amino acids in detoxication
, Australian Journal of Experimental Biology and Medical Science 33(1): 85-89 (1955)

Studies in carcinogenesi VIII Experimental production of brain tumors in mice with methylcholanthrene
, American Journal of Cancer: 364-399 (1939)

Studies in carcinogenesis. 3. Isomers of cholanthrene and methylcholanthrene
, American Journal of Cancer 28(2): 334-344 (1936)

Studies in carcinogenesis: IX. Hydrocarbon-cholesterol pellets in strain D mice
, American Journal of Pathology 16(3): 287-293 (1940)

Studies in carcinogenesis VI Hydrocarbon-cholesterol pellets in albino mice
, American Journal of Cancer: 201-210 (1939)

Studies in carcinogenesis. VII. Compounds related to 3:4-benzpyrene
, American Journal of Cancer 36(2): 211-228 (1939)

Studies in carcinogenesis: XI. Development of skin tumors in mice painted with 3:4-benzpyrene and creosote oil fractions
, American Journal of Pathology 16(3): 301-312 (1940)

Studies in carcinogenesis. XII. Effect of the basic fraction of creosote oil on the production of tumors in mice by chemical carcinogens
, Jour Nation Cancer Inst 1(1): 45-55 (1940)

Studies in carcinogenesis. XIII. Tumors of the spleen and liver in mice following the introduction of hydrocarbons into these organs
, Jour Nation Cancer Inst 1(3): 291-302 (1940)

Studies in carcinogenesis. XIV. 3-substituted and 10-substituted derivatives of 1,2-benzanthracene
, Jour Nation Cancer Inst 1(3): 303-336 (1940)

Studies in carcinogenesis. XV. Compounds related to 20-methylcholanthrene
, Jour Nation Cancer Inst 2(2): 99-113 (1941)

Studies in carcinogenesis. XVI. Production of subcutaneous tumors in mice by miscellaneous polycyclic compounds
, Jour Nation Cancer Inst 2(3): 241-258 (1941)

Studies in carcinogenesis. XVII. Local effect of repeated application of 3,4-benzpyrene and of human smegma to the vagina and cervix of mice
, Jour Nation Cancer Inst 2(4): 361-367 (1942)

Studies in cardiac biopsy
, Proceedings of the Third Asian Pacific Congress of Cardiology in association with the Twenty-eighth Annual Meeting of the Japanese Circulation Society, Kyoto, 10-14 May, 131-135 (1964)

Studies in Cardiac Necrosis. II. Cardiovascular effects of Sympathomimetic Amines Producing Cardiac Lesions
, Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 7: 9-17 (1965)

Studies in cardiac necrosis, III Metabolic effects of sympathomimetic amines producing cardiac lesions
, Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 7(2): 344-351 (1965)

Studies in Cardiac Necrosis. I. Production of Cardiac Lesions with Sympathomimetic Amines
, Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 7: 1-8 (1965)

Studies in cardiovascular syphilis. III. The natural history of syphilitic aortic insufficiency
, American Heart Journal 46(1): 117-145 (1953)

Studies in caroteno-genesis. 25. The incorporation of 14CO2, acetate and mevalonate into -carotene by illuminated etiolated maize seedlings
, Biochem Jour 70(4): 612-617 (1958)

Studies in carotenogeneais. 26. The incorporation of ecetate,
, Biochem Jour 76(1): 5-10 (1960)

Studies in carotenogenesis
, Biochem Jour 58(1): 90-94 (1954)

Studies in carotenogenesis. 20. Carotenoids of some species of Chlorobium
, Biochemical Journal 62(4): 553-556 (1956)

Studies in carotenogenesis. 23. The nature of the carotenoids in the photosynthetic bacterium Rhodopseudomonas spheroides (athiorhodaceae)
, Biochemical Journal 64(3): 486-492 (1956)

Studies in carotenogenesis. 1. General conditions governing -carotene by synthesis by the fungus Phycomyces blakesleeanus Burgeff
, Biochem Jour 48(2): 154-163 (1951)

Studies in carotenogenesis. 10. Spirilloxanthin synthesis by washed cells of Rhodospirillum rubrum
, Biochemical Journal 56(2): 222-230 (1954)

Studies in carotenogenesis. 11. Carotenoid synthesis in the alga Haematococcus pluvialis
, Biochemical Journal 57(3): 376-381 (1954)

Studies in carotenogenesis. 12. The effect of temperature and thiamine concentration on carotenogenesis bv phvcomvces blakesleeanus
, Biochem Jour 57(3): 434-437 (1954)

Studies in carotenogenesis. 14. Carotenoid synthesis in the photosynthetic bacterium Rhodopseudomonas spheroides
, Biochemical Journal 59(3): 491-496 (1955)

Studies in carotenogenesis. 15. The role of carboxylic acids in the biosynthesis of -carotene by Phycomyces blaskesleeanus
, Biochem Jour 60(4): 649-655 (1955)

Studies in carotenogenesis. 16. The action of some antibiotics, especially streptomycin, on carotenogenesis in Phycomyces blakesleeanus
, Biochemical Journal 62(2): 259-268 (1956)

Studies in carotenogenesis. 17. The carotenoids produced by different strains of Mycobacterium phlei
, Biochemical Journal 62(2): 269-275 (1956)

Studies in carotenogenesis. 18. Carotenoid production by a strongly chromogenic bacterium isolated from butter
, Biochemical Journal 62(2): 275-281 (1956)

Studies in carotenogenesis. 21. The nature of the changes in carotenoid synthesis in Rhodospirillum rubrum during growth
, Biochemical Journal 63(3): 408-412 (1956)

Studies in carotenogenesis. 27. Incorporation of acetate, DL- mevalonate and 14CO2 into carrot-root preparation
, Biochem Jour 76(1): 194-197 (1960)

Studies in carotenogenesis. 29. Attempts to detect lycopersene in higher plants
, Biochemical Journal 87(2): 317-325 (1963)

Studies in carotenogenesis. 3. Identification of the minor polyene components of the fungus Phycomyces blakesleeanus and a study df their synthesis under various cultural conditions
, Biochem Jour 50(4): 550-558 (1952)

Studies in carotenogenesis. IX. General cultural conditions controlling carotenoid synthesis in the photosynthetic bacterium Rhodospirillum rubrum
, Biochem Jour 53(4): 541-546 (1953)

Studies in carotenogenesis Some observations on carotenoid synthesis in two varieties of Euglena gracilis
, Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 1(4): 216-219 (1954)

Studies in carotenogenesis. VI. The effect of some possible carotene precursors on growth, lipogenesis and carotenogenesis in the fungus Phycomyces blakesleeanus
, Biochemical Journal 53(2): 208-212 (1953)

Studies in carotenogenesis. VII. Further observations concerning the action of diphenylamine in inhibiting the synthesis of B -carotene in Phycomyces blakesleeanus
, Biochem Jour 53(4): 531-538 (1953)

Studies in carotenogenesis. VIII. The carotenoids present in the basidi-mycete Dacromyces stillatus
, Biochem Jour 53(4): 538-540 (1953)

Studies in carotenogenesls 25 The incorporation of
, Biochem Jour: 1-15 (1960)

Studies in carotid compression and carotid sinus sensitivity human inst arteriography
, Neurology 18(1): 1047-1055 (1968)

Studies in castor oil fatty acids
, Bombay Technol 13: 130-131 (1963)

Studies in castrated female rats with ovarian tissue transplanted to the splee
, Acta Endocrinol Suppl 22: 1-79 (1954)

Studies in catchment hydrology in the Australian Alps
, Australia Commonwealth Sci And Indust Res Organ Div Plant Indust Tech Paper 13: 3-36 (1959)

Studies in catecholamine psycho physiology
, Psychosomatic Medicine Part(5): 551 (1968)

Studies in cell cultures of human enteroviruses isolated in 1959 in 1960
, Ann Inst Pasteur Paris 101(5): 629-638 (1961)

Studies in cellular growth III Effect of antigranu-lation-tissue-serum on wound healing in mice
, Jour Immunol Virus Res And Exptl Chemother: 411-417 (1948)

Studies in cellular slime moulds from Indian soils. I. On the occurrence of Dictyostelium mucoroides Bref. and Polysphondylium vio-laceum Bref
, Proceedings Indian Acad Science Sect B 53(1): 1-9 (1961)

Studies in cellular slime moulds from Indian soils. II. On the occurrence of an aberrant strain of Polysphondylium violaceum Bref. with a discussion on the relevance of mode of branching of the sorocarp as a criterion for classifying members of Dictyo-steliaceae
, Proceedings Indian Acad Science Sect B 58(4): 201-206 (1963)

Studies in cellular slime moulds from Indian soils. III. On the occurrence of two strains of Dictyostelium mucoroides-complex, conforming to the species Dicytostelium sphaerocephalum Saccordo and March
, Proceedings Indian Acad Science Sect B 58(5): 263-266 (1963)

Studies in centre of gravity changes. No. 3. An investigation of the sex difference in respiration by measurement of the respiratory variation in the centre of gravity
, Australian Jour Exp Biol And Med Sci 10(2): 97-111 (1932)

Studies in centre of gravity changes.2. A new method for determining the antero-posterior position of the centre of gravity in man by the use of the centre of gravity balance table
, Austral Jour Exp Biol And Med Sci 10(1): 17-34 (1932)

Studies in cereal diseases Take-all, a destructive disease of wheat
, Canada Dept Agric Pamph 85(N S ): 1-8 (1927)

Studies in cereal diseases. III. Seedling blight and foot-rots of oats caused by Fusarium culmorum Sacc
, Canada Dept Agric Bull 105(N S ): 1-43 (1928)

Studies in cereals - Structure in relation to drought resistance
, Madras Agric Jour 47(10): 427-436 (1960)

Studies in cerebral circulation. II. A quantitative study of cerebral capillaries
, Transactions Assoc American Physicians 42: 255-262 (1927)

Studies in Cerebral Circulation. Methods for the Stereoscopic Demonstration of the Human Cerebral Microcirculation. Preliminary Observations on the Arterial Supply of the Red Nucleus
, American Heart Journal 68: 476-483 (1964)

Studies in cerebral oedema and cerebral swelling. I. The changes in lead encephalopathy in children compared with those in alkyl tin poisoning in animals
, Brain 83(3): 411-424 (1960)

Studies in cerebrovascular disease. IV. The syndrome of intermittent insufficiency of the carotid arterial system
, Proceedings of the Staff Meetings. Mayo Clinic 30(9): 186-191 (1955)

Studies in cerebrovascular disease. III. The use of anticoagulant drugs in the treatment of insufficiency or thrombosis within the basilar arterial system
, Proceedings of the Staff Meetings. Mayo Clinic 30(6): 116-126 (1955)

Studies in changes in the placenta, with particular reference to possible injuries to villi and the foetal vessels
, Acta Obstet Et Gynecol Scand 27(2): 115-130 (1947)

Studies in cheddar cheese. IV. Observations on the lactic acid flora of cheddar cheese made from clean milk
, Jour Dairy Res 6(2): 175-190 (1935)

Studies in chelonian osteology. Part I. Truss and arch analogies in chelonian pelves. Part II. The morphological relationships between the girdles, ribs and carapace
, Ann New York Acad Sci 31: 31-80, 81-120 (1929)

Studies in chemical carcinogenesis. II. 4-Nitrobiphenyl frail
, Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 7(3): 489 (1965)

Studies in chemotherapy
, Annals of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology 27(1): 157-178 (1933)

Studies in chemotherapy
, U S Publ Health Repts 52(7): 192-196 (1937)

Studies in chemotherapy II Chemotherapy of experimental pneumococcus infections
, Public Health Reports (1896-1970) 52(2): 48 (1937)

Studies in chemotherapy II. Internal antisepsis by means of sulphato compounds
, Jour Pharmacol and Exp Therapeut 31(6): 433-443 (1927)

Studies in chemotherapy VI The chemotherapy of choriomeningitis virus infection in mice with sulphonamide compounds
, Public Health Reports (1896-1970) 52(36): 1211 (1937)

Studies in chemotherapy 3XV A case of Indian kala-azar treated with propamidine
, Annals of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology: 96-97 (1943)

Studies in chemotherapy. 1. A method for maintaining pathogenic trypanosomes alive in vitro at 37 C. for 24 hours
, Annals of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology 23(4): 501-518 (1929)

Studies in chemotherapy. I. The action of sodium formaldehyde sulph-oxylate in bacterial infections
, U S Publ Health Repts 49(31): 908-911 (1934)

Studies in chemotherapy IV Comparative studies of sulphonamide compounds in experimental pneumococcus, streptococcus, and meningococcus infections
, Public Health Reports (1896-1970) 52(21): 662 (1937)

Studies in chemotherapy. IV. Sulfanilamidopyrimidines
, Journal American Chem Society 64(3): 567-570 (1942)

Studies in chemotherapy. IV. The action in vivo of certain arsenical and antimonial compounds and of Bayer 205 on T. rhodesiense and on atoxyl- and acriflavine-resistant strains of this parasite. V. Preliminary contribution on the nature of drug resistance. VI. The production of resistant strains by exposure of trypanosomes to reduced tryparsamide in vitro
, Annals of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology 25(2-3/4): 313-349, 351-358, 521-544 (1931)

Studies in chemotherapy. IV. The synthesis of certain unsyn.-metrical disulfide derivatives of the 4-hydroxyphenyl radical
, Journal American Pharm Assoc Science Ed 36(9): 257-260 (1947)

Studies in chemotherapy. V. Sulfanilylcyanamide and related compounds
, Journal American Chem Society 64(7): 1682-1685 (1942)

Studies in chemotherapy V Sulphanilamide, serum, and combined drug and serum therapy in experimental meningococcus and pneumococcus infections in mice
, Public Health Reports (1896-1970) 52(22): 685 (1937)

Studies in chemotherapy. V. The synthesis of certain unsym-metrical disulfide derivatives of the 4-nitrophenyl and the 4-aminophenvl radical
, Journal American Pharm Assoc Science Ed 36(9): 261-264 (1947)

Studies in chemotherapy. VI. Sulfanilamido heterocycles
, Journal American Chem Society 64(12): 2902-2905 (1942)

Studies in chemotherapy VII A theory of the relation of structure to activity of sulfanilamide type compounds
, Journal of the American Chemical Society 64(12): 2905-2917 (1942)

Studies in chemotherapy. VIII. Comparison of strains of T. rhodesiense made resistant to various arsenicals and antimonials, to Bayer 205, and to acriflavine, respectively
, Annals of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology 26(4): 577-586 (1932)

Studies in chemotherapy VIII Methi-onine and purine antagonists and their relation to the sulfonamides
, Journal American Chem Soc: 290-294 (1945)

Studies in chemotherapy. VIII. Some toxic effects of repeated administration of sulfanilamide and sulfanilyl sulfanilamide to rabbits and chickens
, U S Publ Health Repts 54(4): 95-106 (1939)

Studies in chemotherapy. X. Anti-thyroid compounds, synthesis of 5- and 6-substituted 2-thiouracils from -oxoesters and thiourea
, Journal American Chem Society 67(12): 2197-2200 (1945)

Studies in chemotherapy XI Oxidation of 2-thiouracil and related compounds by iodine
, Journal of the American Chemical Society 67(12): 2201-2204 (1945)

Studies in chemotherapy. XI. The trypanocidal titre of the serum of rabbits after the intravenous injection of various compounds of arsenic
, Ann Trap Med And Parasitol 28(2): 227-242 (1934)

Studies in chemotherapy. XII. Antimalarials. Halogenated sulfanilamidoheterocycles
, Journal American Chem Society 68(3): 453-458 (1946)

Studies in chemotherapy XII Some sulfanilamidoheterocycles
, Journal of the American Chemical Society 68(1): 96-99 (1946)

Studies in chemotherapy. XIV. Antimalarials. The synthesis of substituted metanilamides and related compounds
, Journal American Chem Society 68(6): 1039-1049 (1946)

Studies in chemotherapy. XXIV. Changes in the blood produced by the administration of 4-4'-diamidino stilbene
, Annals of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology 34(1): 67-71 (1940)

Studies in chemotherapy. XXIX. The development of plasmoquine-resistance in Plasmodium knowlesi
, Annals of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology 35(2): 233-239 (1941)

Studies in chemotherapy. XXVI. A case of Indian kala-azar treated with 4:4 -diamidino diphenoxy pentane
, Annals of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology 35: 53-54 (1941)

Studies in chemotherapy. XXXI. The increased toxicity of old solutions of stilbamidine
, Annals of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology 36(3): 134-137 (1942)

Studies in chemotherapy 3XII Further observations on plasmo-quine resistance in Plasmodium knowlesi
, Annals of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology: 41-47 (1943)

Studies in chemotropism Source of substances attracting polymorphonuclear leukocytes to bacteria
, Experimental Biology and Medicine 38(3): 378-381 (1938)

Studies in Chickens Fed a Copper-Deficient Diet Supplemented with Ascorbic Acid, Reserpine and Diethylstilbestrol
, Journal of Nutrition 85(1): 67-72 (1965)

Studies in childbirth mortality III Puerperal fatality in relation to mothers previous infant losses
, Public Health Reports (1896-1970) 56(29): 1463 (1941)

Studies in childbirth mortality I Puerperal fatality and loss of offspring
, Public Health Reports (1896-1970) 55(23): 1010 (1940)

Studies in childbirth mortality II Age and parity as factors in puerperal fatality
, Public Health Reports (1896-1970) 55(27): 1195 (1940)

Studies in children of attenuated poliovirus vaccine prepared in a human diploid cell strain
, FED Proceedings 22(2 Pt 1): 207 (1963)

Studies in cholesterol metabolism
, Canadian Mod Assoc Jour 26-27(1-2-2): 30-33, 158-159, 153-157 (1932)

Studies in cholesterol tolerance in rabbits
, CIRCULATION 30(4 Suppl 3): III-5 (1964)

Studies in choline deficiency, fate of injected 1-C14-palmitic acid and fatty acid spectra in fasting and refed rats
, Proceedings Society Exptl Biol and Med 112(3): 676-679 (1963)

Studies in chondrodys-trophy. III. Histology of glands of internal secretion in chondrodystrophic chick embryos
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