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Studies of arthritis and other lesions induced in rats by injection of mycobacterial adjuvant. II. Evidence that the disease is a disseminated immunologic response to exogenous antigen

Waksman, B.H.; Pearson, C.M.; Sharp, J.T.

Journal of Immunology 85: 403-417


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-1767
PMID: 13782608
Accession: 025543322

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A disseminated inflammatory disease affecting the joints, skin, eye and mucous membranes was produced in rats following injection with killed tubercle bacilli in oil. Intradermal inoculation and foot-pad inoculation in particular were more effective than other routes in producing this process. Litters of rats differed markedly in susceptibility. Animals less than 5 weeks of age appeared completely insusceptible. Rats with disease showed strong skin reactivity of the delayed type to tuberculin.

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