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Studies of fatty acid esters of flavins: XVI. Chronic toxlcity test on riboflavin tetrabutyrate

Yamamoto, Yoshko; Kato, Shohei; Yagi, Kunio; Tauchl, H.

Vitamins kyoto 35(3): 200-207


Accession: 025544325

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Chronic toxicity of riboflavin tetrabutyrate was examined using male albino Wistar rats. They were administered 2.0 g/day/kg of body wwight, 1.0 g/day/kg, or 0.5 g/day/kg of riboflavin tetrabutyrate. The body weight gains of these animals were the same as control animals. After 6 months' feeding, each organ was weighed and hematological and histological investigations were performed. No difference was found between animals fed riboflavin tetrabutyrate and controls indicating that this vitamin derivative has nochronic toxicity.

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