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Studies of pollen germination in certain species and interspecific hybrids of Prunus

Becker, C.L.

Proceedings of the American Society for Horticultural Science 29: 122-126


ISSN/ISBN: 0099-4065
Accession: 025545757

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Pollen of the hybrid plums, Elliot, Fiebing, La Crescent, Monitor, Radisson, Red Wing, Tonka, Underwood, Minnesota No. 194, Minnesota No. 195; and of the sand-cherry hybrids Nicollet and Tom Thumb is low in viability as tested by germination on agar. Fair pollen is produced by the vars. Assiniboin, De Soto, Rollingstone, Surprise, and Wolf, and by Prunus serotina. Pollen of the plums and sand-cherry hybrids did not germinate in 24 hrs. at 5[degree] C. Pollen of P. serotina germinated at this temp. The % of germination did not appear to be influenced by a temp. range of 10-32[degree] C. Pollen tube growth is slow at 10[degree] C and increases rapidly as the temp. is raised to 20[degree] C. 20[degree] C was the opt. for growth of pollen tubes of P. serotina, and 40[degree] the max. temp. at which any pollen germination was secured. The effects of pollen senescence were most noticeable on rate and character of pollen tube growth. Tubes from older pollen grew much more slowly, were bent, and showed marked tendency to burst within 24 hrs.

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