Section 26
Chapter 25,546

Studies of polyene-antibiotic forming Streptomyces strains

Fugner, R.; Bradler, G.

Zeit Fur Allgem Mikro Thol 3(3): 173-194


Accession: 025545761

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Their antibiotic action of 2290 anti-biotically active Streptomyces strains from soil samples was investigated by shake cultures and diffusion plate tests. Of these, 208 were polyene-antibiotic forming strains of which 161 formed heptenes. The latter predominantly resemble Strain JA2368, and are assigned to the griseus series of S. coelicolor Waksman and Henrici emend. Kutzner and Waksman 1959. Others which belong to S. aureofaciens, S. albus, S. endus, S. pentaticus and S. lavendulae form heptenes, hexenes, and pentenes. The following are new: S. paucidiastaticus, S. grigeolo-suffucus and S. pentaticus var. jennses. There are 42 pentene-antibiotic forming groups, 4 tetrene, and 1 hexene.

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