Studies of some substances with antiviral activity. II. 2,4-Dioxo-5-thiazolidine acetic acid derivatives as an inhibitor of growth of herpes virus and poliovlrus type I in cell cultures of human embryonic kidneys

Schauer, Primoz; Likar, Miha; Tisler, Miha; Krbavcic, Ales; Pollak, A.

Pathol Microbiol 28(2): 382-387


Accession: 025546284

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Thiazolidine acetic acid derivative (DFT) prevents in high dilution (2 x 10-4 ) the cytopathogenic changes in cell cultures of human embryonic kidneys infected with herpes-simplex virus and poliovirus type-I. This compound prevented the development of cytopathogenic changes with these viruses if added simultaneously with virus to the cell culture medium or if added at different time intervals after the cells have been infected. Treatment of human embryonic kidney cells with DFT before infection did not prevent viral cytopathogenicity.