Studies on artificially induced polyploid Makuwa melon . III. Further study on pollen germination

Tanaka, M.; Mukai, T.

Seiken Ziho 7: 86-93


Accession: 025554208

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The following results were obtained from pollen germination experiments with diploid and autotetraploid "Makuwa" melon induced by colchicine. Different optimum culture media were found for x- and 2x-pollen-grains: 2% agar medium with 15% sucrose, regulated at pH 6,2, for x-pollen-grains and 2% agar medium with 10% sucrose, regulated at pH 5.6, for 2x-pollen-grains. After 2 hours incubation, the x-pollen-tubes showed more elongation than the 2x-pollen-tubes on the optimum medium for x-pollen-grains, while the 2x-pollen-tubes showed more elongation than the x-pollen-tubes on the optimum medium for 2x-pollen-grains. After 1-hour-incubation,however, the elongation of 2x-pollen-grains did not exceed that of x-pollen-grains even on the optimum medium for 2x-pollen-grains. The germination percentage of x-pollen-grains did not show any decrease even on the optimum medium for 2x-pollen-grains, but that of 2x-pollen-grains showed a slight decrease (ca 9%) on the optimum medium for x-pollen-grains. These coincide with the results of reciprocal crosses between the diploid and the tetraploid melon, namely, the cross was successful only when 4x-plants were used as the female parent and 3x-hybrids never appeared in the offspring derived from natural pollination of 4x planted side by side with 2x. High percentage of forked germination was observed in 2x-pollen-grains.