Studies on boar seminal plasma proteins. V. Carbohydrates and amino acids of the water-insoluble glycoprotein from boar seminal plasma

Rottenberg, D.A.; Bousnell, J.C.

Biochim Biophys Acta 117(1): 157-162


Accession: 025555018

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Preliminary determinations of the carbohydrate and amino acid compositions were made on the glycoprotein Fraction B Dial precipitated from boar seminal plasma by exhaustive dialysis of pH 8 and I 0.015. Fraction B Dial was found to contain 10% orcinol-reactlve carbohydrate, 0.4% sialic acid and about 6% hexosamine. Chromatographic analysis of the orcinolreactive carbohydrate (after hydrolysis) revealed the presence of galactose, man-nose and fucose. The percentage of protein was about 83%, and amino acid analysis indicated the presence of significant amounts of all the normally encountered amino acids. No amino acid predominated.