Studies on boar seminal plasma proteins. n. An investigation on the heat-coagulable component

Boursnell, J.C.; Nelson, M.

Biochim Biophys Acta 104(1): 181-188


Accession: 025555020

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Studies on the two major glycoprotein components of boar seminal plasma, one more soluble and heat-coagulable (Fraction A), the other precipitable by dilution with water and thermostable (Fraction B) have shown that these two components may be separated almost completely by dialysis against a buffer of pH 8.0 and ionic strength 0.015. The heat coagulation in Fraction A begins at about 50° and the total amount of precipitate obtained after 15 min heating increases to a maximum of 85% (at 75°) with increasing temperature. The maximum precipitation at any temperature occurs at a pH of 8.2 (calculated value at the relevant elevated temperature) and no precipitation occurs outside the approximate range pH 3.5-9.5. Ionic strengths between 0.05 and 0.5 have no effect on this precipitation. The behaviour of this protein is different from that of pig-serum albumin. The total -SH contents of Fractions A and B were similar. Neither of these proteins appeared to have free -SH groups.