Studies on conditioned urinary reflex. Acquisition of conditioned temporal reflex

Hattorl, K.

Jour Physiol Soc Japan 22(6): 461-475


Accession: 025556596

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Dogs of 10 to 15 kg were treated surgically to obtain bilateral fistulas of the ureter at the abdomen, and direct observations of the volume of urine secreted were made at 10-minute intervals. Administration of 600 ml of water with a little milk produced a flow of urine 10 to 30 times greater than the pre-dose level. An auditory stimulus, the sounding of a buzzer or metronome, had no effect on urinary secretion. In one group of dogs both stimuli were applied at 60 minutes after the animal entered the experimental room, and in another irregular time intervals were used. In the first group a conditioned reflex to the auditory stimulus was not acquired, although secretion did increase to about twice the control level after 60 minutes in the room. In the 2nd group a conditioned reflex to the auditory stimulus was obtained with no relation to time of application. Unlike the Pavlov salivary reflex, the urinary reflex of these dogs was more easily conditioned to time interval than to sound.