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Chapter 25,562

Studies on inanition 1 The effects of protracted inanition on cells and tissues

Ancona, Umberto D'.

American Journal of Anat: 135-185


Accession: 025561060

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The effects of protracted inanition (until 657 days) on the cell constituents of the different tissues present in the alimentary tract of the eel are described. Reduction of the organs is due to cell atrophy; there is no evidence of a diminution in the number of the cells. The volume of cells may be reduced to 90 % of the original. The decrease in size is greater in those cells which are richer in reserve materials, generally the cell body decreases in size more than the nucleus. The morphological changes, which may be considered as a modification of protoplasmic colloids, occurring in the cytoplasm generally are: diminution of colorability, indistinctness of cell boundaries, vacuolation, granular aspect; finally, granular degeneration.

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