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Studies on milk substitutes of vegetable origin. Ill: The nutritive value of spray-dried soyabean milk fortified with DL-methionine and spray-dried powder from a 2:1 blend of soyabean milk and sesame milk

Shurpalekar, S.R.; Chandrasekhara, M.R.; Lahiry, N.L.; Swaminathan, M.; Indiramma, K.; Subrahmanyan, V.

Annals of Biochemistry and Experimental Medicine 21(6): 143-150


ISSN/ISBN: 0365-0642
Accession: 025563206

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Milk reconstituted from soyabean milk-powder and spray-dried powder from 2:1 blend of soyabean and sesame milk promoted fairly good growth in albino rats as compared with that obtained with reconstituted modified cows milk having the same protein content. Fortification of soyabean milk-powder with dl-methionine increased its growth-promoting value as well as the protein efficiency ratio of the proteins which is lower in soyabean milk alone or its 2:1 blend with sesame milk, to the same level as that of modified milk powder. The mean hemoglobin level and the R.B.C. count of the blood of rats fed on modified cow's milk and 2:1 blend of soyabean and sesame milk, respectively, were slightly lower (P<0.05) than those of the animals fed on milk from soyabean milk-powder fortified with dl-methionine. No significant differences were observed in the mean moisture, fat and protein contents of the livers or the carcass of rats fed on different types of milks. Each kind of milk referred to above is reconstituted.

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