Studies on plant growth-regulating substances. XXI. The release of pectic substances from wheat coleoptile tissue incubated with solutions of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid

Taylor, H.F.; Wain, R.L.

Ann Appl Biol 57(2): 301-309


Accession: 025565456

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The effect on exicsed wheat coleoptiles of solutions of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA), at concentrations which produce a significant growth response in segments of this tissue, was investigated. The removal not only of Ca ions, but also of pectins, from coleoptiles by these solutions of the chelator was demonstrated and the implications of these findings are discussed. An increase in the plasticity of the cell walls is considered to arise from the removal of both of these constituents, and the small extension of the coleoptile segments to be a direct consequence of these changes. The concentration of EDTA required to give either the growth-regulating response or to cause the loss of pectin and Ca was shown to approach that which also caused visible signs pf toxicity, and this was taken as further support for the "subacute toxicity" theory put forward earlier by Fawcett, Wain, and Wightman.