Section 26
Chapter 25,568

Studies on riboflavin-tetranicoti-nate: Acute and chronic toxicity test

Sakurai, Torao; Kotaki, Akira; Yagi, K.

Vitamins kyoto 36(3): 225-230


Accession: 025567070

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To test acute toxicity, mice and rats were given orally 1.0 g/kg body weight and 5.0 g/kg body weight, respectively, of riboflavin tetranicotinate [RTN]. All were still alive 72 hr. later and no differences in either appearance or appetite were observed in test animals when compared to controls. To test chronic toxicity, rats were given 230 mg/day/kg body weight of RTN. Their weight gains were compared with controls. After 6 months of feeding, the size and histology of each organ was studied in addition to blood studies. No differences between test and control rats were observed; therefore RTN has no chronic toxicity in doses of up to 230 mg/day/kg.

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