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Studies on riboflavin-tetranicotinate. Vitamin B2 action

Kobayashi, Misao; Kotaki, Akira; Yagi, K.

Vitamins kyoto 36(3): 217-220


Accession: 025567071

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Vitamin action of riboflavin-2[image], 3[image], 4[image], 5-tetranicotinate (B2-Nic) was examined by using male albino rats. It was found that this compound has a vitamin effect on rats, although its effect was somewhat lower than that of free ribo-flavin. This compound was also found to be somewhat inferior to free riboflavin in maintaining the hepatic and renal flavin levels. However, by increasing the dose, flavin levels of these organs could be elevated. It is suggested that the conversion from B2-Nic to riboflavin in the animal body is a rate-limiting step for the utilization of the riboflavin moiety of B2-Nic.

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