Studies on starch-degrading enzymes. II. The Z-enzyme from soya beans; puriflcationandproperties

Greenwood, C.T.; Macgregor, A.W.; Milne, E.A.n

Carbohydrate Res 1(3): 229-241


Accession: 025568508

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A method for the isolation and purification of the Z-enzyme in soya beans is described. This procedure involves the formation of the glycogen-enzyme complex. A method for assay of activity is presented. The properties of the purified enzyme have been studied; in particular, the variation of activity and stability with temperature and pH has enabled the nature of the active sites in the enzyme to be investigated. Characterization of the activity of Z-enzyme at pH 3.6, and in the presence of a variety of reagents, has been achieved by viscometric techniques. Both linear and branched glucans are attacked by the purified enzyme. It is concluded that the properties of Z -enzyme are similar to those of other plant ɑ -amylases.