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Chapter 25,572

Studies on the antigenic structure of Pasteurella tularensis with the aid of gel precipitation and electrophoresis

Parnas, J.; Burdzy, K.; Cegielka, M.

Bull Acad Polon Sci Ser Sci Biol 9(7): 295-298


Accession: 025571411

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Using Ouchterlony's method of the agar-plate precipitin test and electrophoresis, the antigenic structure of Pasteurella tularensis was confirmed as reported by Olitzki in 1959. Four precipitin lines resulted when P. tularensis antiserum was tested with homologous P. tularensis antigen. In cross tests of P. tularensis and Brucella brucei, antigens and antisera never gave precipitation lines; this evidence refutes antigenic relationship between the 2 species of bacteria. Densitometric analyses of paper strip electrophoretograms support the precipitin test results.

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