Studies on the biosynthesis of silk fibroin. IV. A particulate fraction controlling the specificity of fibroin synthesized in a cell-free system

Suzuka, Iwao; Tanaka, Shigeaki; Shimura, K.

Jour Biochem tokyo 52(1): 54-58


Accession: 025572972

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Protein biosynthesis was determined by the amount of assimilation of C14-amino acid by the mixture of activating enzyme, incorporation enzyme, and the particulate fraction in the presence of 19 other amino acids. The nature of synthesized protein was associated with the source of the particulate fraction. The maximum incorporating rates of C14-glycine, -alanine and -leucine were the cases when the particulate fractions prepared from Bombyx mori, Attacus ricini, and rat liver were used, resp., regardless of the sources of activating and incorporation enzymes.