Section 26
Chapter 25,579

Studies on the factors affecting formation of the Fontes granules, growth and other characteristics of Mycobacterium tuberculosis avium. II. A study on the effect of some chemicals on the growth and formation of the Fontes' granules in Mycobacterium tuberculosis avium

Takahashi, T.

Shikoku Acta Med 10(3): 198-210


Accession: 025578589

The growth of M. tuberculosis avium was completely inhibited by 1% or higher concentration of maleic hydrazide. A considerable inhibitory action for growth was also noted even at a lower concentration. However the organism retained the acid-fastness in any concentration tested where the growth was observed. Between the concentration range of 0.025 to 0.05%, the shape of the Fontes' granules became oval usually accompanied by a reduction of number of the granules to one or 2The cultivation of M. tuberculosis avium A62 on the media containing cyanacetyl hydrazide resulted in loss of acid-fastness in certain percentages of the organism, though the number of the Fontes' granules were kept unchanged. The growth of M. tuberculosis avium A62 and A71 was completely inhibited in the presence of NaF in the agar media at 0.1 and 1% respectively. The growth inhibitory effect of the agent was more intense in the liquid media, though the growth of the cells was promoted at an extremely high dilution, for instance at the presence of the agent at 0.0001% in the media. Acid-fastness of the microorganism was maintained during the whole courses of experiment with this agent, no particular change either in number or in morphology of the Fontes' granules was noted in the strain A62, whereas in A71 strain, the number of the granules was reduced and their form was changed to oval. The change in the form of the granules induced by the presence of the agent at 0.001 to 0.0001% in the media was particularly impressive. The reduction in number of the granules was also noted when the organism was grown in a liquid medium containing the agent. No completely inhibitory action of zinc sulfate was observed at least at the concentration level between 1 to 0.0001% in the media. The growth of M. tuberculosis avium seemed to be promoted in the media containing highly diluted zinc sulfate. No appreciable changes in the characteristics of the Fontes' granules of the A62 strain were observed at the presence of this agent. The acid-fastness was also maintained throughout. Reduction in number of the granules was noted in A71 strain of the bacilli when grown in the solid media containing this agent.

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