Studies on the factors affecting formation of the Fontes granules, growth and other characteristics of Mycobacterium tuberculosis avium III Morphological studies on the changes of A62 strain of Mycobacterium tuberculosis avium and its Fontes granules induced by the serial transfers on the Ogawa media containing maleic hydrazide

Takahashi, T.

Shikoku Acta Med: 211-214


Accession: 025578591

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This paper reports the morphological changes of A62 strain and its Fontes' granules of M. tuberculosis avium obtained after 12 transfers on the Ogawa media containing 0.5% of maleic hydrazide over the period of 9 months. The results are summarized as follows: The original R-type colony was dissociated to a moist, mucous and yellowish waxy S-type colony. The characteristics of the new colony began to appear after 11th transfer. The mutant colony lost its acquired characteristics after transfer to a standard medium and reverted to the seemingly original strain after 5 transfers. Consequently this dissociation was a reversible mutation. The size of the mutant cells was approximately 1.5 times longer than the original strain and the number of the granules was reduced to 2 which incidentally stained particularly clear and located in the terminal or subtermihal position of the cell. The characteristics of the mutant described in the preceding paragraph reverted to these of the original strain after 6 repeated transfers on the standard media. This is also considered as a reversible mutation.