Studies on the feeding standard for dairy cattle. III. Nutrient requirements for pregnant dairy cattle by feeding experiment

Morimoto, H.; Hashizume, T.; Masubuchi, T.; Senda, H.; Hayakawa, M.; Sugihara, T.; Kudo, Y.; Takano, K.; Muramatsu, M.; Haryu, T.; Hanasaka, S.; Ishii, S.; Inudo, Y.; Mukal, A.; Okamoto, S.

Spec Rep Nat Inst Anim Ind 6: 59-79


Accession: 025578780

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As a part of the National 6-Year Plan (1958-1963) of establishing feeding standard for Japanese dairy cattle, we have conducted series of feeding experiments. We have reported previously on the nutrient requirements for maintenance and milk production of dairy cattle by feeding experiments. This paper deals with TDN ) from the total amount of nutrient intakes. Average TDN requirements for 2 lb daily gain, as shown in NRC feeding standard, in the lot of pregnant dry cows and pregnant lactating cows were 110% and 108% for NRC feeding standard, respectively. However, 2 lb daily gain during the last 2-3 months of gestation period was assumed to be a bit too large in Japanese dairy feeding condition. We observed that the suitable amount to be supplied at this period would be adequate to be 100% TDN of NRC feeding standard in actual Japanese feeding condition. The data on the N-balance test through the pregnant dry cows and the pregnant lactating cows revealed that all the cows showed positive N-balance even when the amount of N intake was 14% of NRC feeding standard. However, we observed that the suitable amount to be supplied at the last 2-3 months of gestation period would be 100% DCP of NRC feeding standard, based on the body weight gain and other feeding conditions.