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Studies on the nutrition of rice plant V. Comparative effect on ammonium and nitrate nitrogen on growth, yield and nitrogen uptake by rice plant

Tanaka, A.; Patnaik, S.; Abichandani, C.T.

Proceedings Indian Acad Science Sect B 49(6): 386-396


Accession: 025586349

Comparative efficiency of ammonium and nitrate N source, for growth of rice has been studied under solution culture technique. It is seen that at moderate level of N (20ppm), ammonium and nitrate N are equally good N sources from the point of N uptake and grain yield but straw yield is higher with ammonium N. At high N supply (lOOppm) nitrate N is superior to ammonium N as the latter gives restricted root growth and disturbed N metabolism in the leaf tissue resulting in higher accumulation of soluble N to protein N. Nitrate N is found to promote uptake of K, Ca, Mn Mg and phosphate by rice plant. Comparatively better growth and and crop yield is obtained with ammonium N given up to ear-initiation and nitrate N at later growth. Ammonium N is, therefore, suitable during vegetative stage for increasing tillering capacity, while nitrate N is preferred by the plant at the elongation and reproductive stage. It is suggested that this preference for N source is related to the oxidation reduction character of the plant root at different stages of plant growth.

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