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Studies on the nutrition of rice plants with reference to the occurrence of the so called Akagare disease. VI. Changes in the growth, nutrient-absorption and metabolism in plant as influenced by the excessive supply of ferrous iron

Baba, Isamu; Tajima, K.

Proceedings Crop Science Society Japan 29(1): 47-50


Accession: 025586355

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The addition of surplus Fe++ to the culture solution resulted in browning and subsequent death of the lower leaves. The effect was intensified by heavy N fertilization, lack of P and K, low pH and concomitant addition of butyric acid. The action is most severe at the stages of booting and vigorous tillering. Grain is discolored if there is excess Fe++ at the heading and flowering stages. Resistance was associated with accumulations of starch at the base of the shoot, as with the "Akagare" disease. Absorption of nutrients was inhibited in the order P2O5, MnO>K2O, SiO2> HN4-N, CaO. Respiratory processes and certain enzyme activities were affected in such a way as to suggest a relationship between excess Fe++ and the occurrence of "Akagare".

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