Studies on the nutritional basis of abnormal behavior in albino rats. II. Further analysis of the effects of inanition and vitamin B1 on convulsive seizures

Patton, R.A.; Karn, H.W.; KingC.G.

Jour Comp Psychol 33(2): 253-258


Accession: 025586387

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Normal rats and rats with previous restricted intake of vitamin B1 were subjected to sound stimulation productive of epileptiform-like seizures during (1) inanition resulting from complete food deprivation for 72 hrs., (2) partial inanition induced by moderate vitamin restriction, and (3) partial inanition brought about by a restriction of total food intake to 35% that of normal. Decreased frequency of sound-induced seizures occurred from deprivation with resulting increased frequency of seizures when food was restored. This higher incidence continued if the diet was still deficient in vitamin B1 but decreased if the diet was adequate.