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Studies on the rabies vaccine. XIIth Report: Further studies on the method of preparation and storage of the inactivated anti- rabies vaccine

Yaoi, H.; Takei, M.; Maeda, H.; Yaoi, H.

Yokohama Med Bull 4(4): 185-198


Accession: 025589552

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Studies concerning preparation and preservation of Merzonin-inactivated anti-rabies vaccine, can be summarized as follows. The antigenic potency is about the same whether a 20% brain emulsion is treated with 0.1% Merzonin or a 5% emulsion with 0.01% Merzonin. In order to hasten complete inactivation of the virus the mixtures should be held at 37[degree]C. Higher temperatures destroy antigenic power. At room temperature inactivation takes much longer but antigenic potency is greater than at higher temperatures. Most of the antigenicity is in the resuspended sediment of the brain emulsion, the supernatant possesses only very weak antigenic potency. Removal of lipids from Merzonin-vaccine is followed by loss of antigenicity. The vaccine keeps its original potency for at least one year, if kept in the refirgerator in contrast to phenolized vaccine which is reduced to 1/3 of the original antigenicity in 4 months and to 1/5 in 12 months.

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