Section 26
Chapter 25,590

Studies on the rabies vaccine. Xth report: Resistance to rabies and rabicidal antibodies in dogs, immunized with inactivated anti-rabies vaccine

Yaoi, H.; Takei, M.; Maeda, H.; Yaoi, H.

Yokahama Med Bull 4(3): 129-141


Accession: 025589554

The superiority of merzonin vaccine as compared with a phenol killed vaccine in exptl. immunization of dogs is reported. Challenged with street virus injected into the brain 4 wks. after one immunizing dose of 5 ml. vaccine, all survived. All surviving dogs challenged similarly a 2d time after 6 mos. survived again. All these dogs developed a high titer of rabicidal antibodies in a short time. Dogs immunized with phenolized vaccine produced antibodies much slower and reached a significantly lower antibody titer. It is suggested that all dogs be immunized with merzonin vaccine by a single subcut. injn. twice a year.

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