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Studies on tne glomerular filtration rate of rainbow trout

Holmes, W.N.; Mcbean, R.L.

Jour Exptl Biol 40(2): 335-341


Accession: 025594863

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Upon adaptation of rainbow trout to 80% sea water, the glomerular filtration rate is reduced from 156.7 + 8.9 to 10.0 + 2.6 ml/kg body weight/day. Return to fresh water after one month in sea water is accompanied by a rapid re-establishment of the high glomerular filtration rate. This lability of the glomerular filtration rate in the trout is probably an important factor contributing to the reduction of urine flow associated with the adaptation of this euryhaline form to sea water. The effects of adrenocortical and mammalian neurohypophysial hormones on the glomerular filtration rate were studied. Vasopressin and oxytocin, when administered either separately or together, significantly increased the filtration rate, aldosterone had no effect, while corticosterone caused a significant reduction.

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