Studies on variation in forest trees I Growth response to various fertilization levels of pine seedlings, Pinus densiflora and Pinus thunbergii, raised from the seeds of individual trees and from those of different provenances

Okamoto, K.

J Jap Forest Soc : 363-371


Accession: 025595671

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Seeds of P. densiflora from 12 individual trees and from 8 different' provenances and of P. thunbergii of 4 different provenances were sown in subsoil fertilized with commercial fertilizer (N:P:K=24:16:11) with 4 different dosages, and dry weight of tops and length of hypocotyl and epicotyl were determined after 5 months. For dry weight and epicotyl length of P. densiflora - there was significant interaction between fertilization and seed sources. For hypocotyl length there was not such an interaction. For P. thunbergii such an interaction was not found. Regression coefficient between mean of replication block and mean of progeny in each block was calculated and there were significant differences among the regression coefficients of progenies. This different regression coefficient was supposed to reflect the different response of progenies to fertilizer. As influence of seed weight was not significant in most of the cases, the difference in the regression coefficient was assumed to be genetically controlled.