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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 25600

Chapter 25600 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Roppel, R.M.; Peters, A.C., 1965:
Study of fluorescent emission from the cat cerebral cortex

Karlin, R.C.H.urs; Bertoye, R.; Vallier, C.; Berry, N., 1967:
Study of folic acid content in human and cow milk

Solduga, C.stells, F.; Noguer, D.bray, S., 1965:
Study of follicular elaiodoniosis: Oil botton

Azzaretti, L.; Losty, M.A.; Oliver, S.Ith, F.; Rich, H.; Wallace, H.M., 1956:
Study of follow-up of children recommended for rheumatic fever prophylaxis

Horcasitas, D.Pozas, Isabel, 1952:
Study of food in the town of Acacoyahua

Karasszon, D., 1968:
Study of forced circus movements

Nekrasov, V.I., 1962:
Study of forest growth in the region of the Tungus meteorite fall

Ruiz Dana Larrarte, Jose Maria, 1963:
Study of form quotients of Pinus pinaster in Galicia

Andreeva, N.G., 1968:
Study of formation of antigenic composition of meso nephros and meta nephros of hens during ontogenesis

Frezal, J.; Rey, J.; Lamy, M., 1964:
Study of formimino glutamic acid excretion in the investigation of folic acid deficiencies Meeting of the French Society of Hematology

Zvyagintsev, D.G., 1964:
Study of forms and sizes of soil microorganisms by using fluorescent microscopy

Guillaumin, M., 1962:
Study of forms inter-mediate between Pyrgus malvae L. and P. malvoides Elw. and Edw.

Oustrin, J.; Clavel, M.J.; Pitit, G., 1968:
Study of forms of tetra ethyl germanium excretion in the rat

Velazquez, T.; Diaz Infante, A., 1965:
Study of forty five hydatiform moles, one chorioadenoma destruens and five choriocarcinomas

Leroi Gourhan, Andre, 1959:
Study of fossil human remains from the caves of Arcy-sur-Cure

L.G.c, Paul; Giroud, Paul; Roger, Francis; Courmes, Edouard; Bres, P., 1956:
Study of four strains of R. orientalis isolated during the military operations in Vietnam

Moszkowska, A., 1967:
Study of fractionated epiphyseal extracts physiology rat guinea pig mice

Reynier, M.; Aubert, M.; Monier, R., 1967:
Study of fractions of RNA of Escherichia coli by dextran gel filtration

Himes, M.H.; Holtzman, E.; Pollister, A.W.; Slattery, M.M., 1962:
Study of fractions of proteins of the nucleus by acidophilia and interferometry

Griffith, M.; Young, R.J., 1964:
Study of fractions of soybean meal responsible for increased growth and phosphorus availabilty for poults

Study of fracture healing by means of radioactive tracers

Bogdanova, E.V.; Tolkacheva, G.M., 1968:
Study of free amino acid level in the brain tissue of rats at various ages

Edreva Kandova, A.; Mitev, D., 1964:
Study of free amino acids and of the amino acid composition of the proteins of the Bulgarian Cyperus eseulentus L

Filippovich, Y.B.; Klunova, S.M., 1967:
Study of free amino acids content in fibroin and sericin parts of silkgland in silkworm

Bezborodov, A.M., 1959:
Study of free amino acids in Actinomyces phaeochromogenes

Garrone, A.; Rossetti, V., 1967:
Study of free amino acids in artemisia d iii free amino acids in the roots of artemisia pontica d gathered during different periods of plant development inst silica gel thin layer chromatography

Rossetti, V.; Garrone, A., 1967:
Study of free amino acids in artemisia d iv free amino acids in the roots and leaves of some artemisia d species gathered in premonte italy during the summer inst silica gel chromatography

Chertkova, M.A.; Kharakter, Z.Z., 1965:
Study of free amtoo acids and phosphorus fractions in blood following admtoistration of streptomycin and phthivazide

Del Rio, L.F.; Aupart, D.A.; Vega, F.C., 1948 :
Study of free and combined bilirubin fractions in blood in various pathologic states

Hanoune, J.; Salmon, D.; Laudat, P.; D.G.nnes J L., 1967:
Study of free fatty acid mobilization by norepinephrine in obese persons

Kulaev, I.S.; Uryson, S.O., 1965:
Study of free nucleotides and other phosphorous compounds in Claviceps paspali

Taranenko, G.A.; Kozlov, Y.P.; Burlakova, E.V., 1966:
Study of free radical processes in tissues of irradiated animals mouse

Brzhevskaya, O.N.; Kayushin, L.P.; Kondrashova, M.N.; Nedelina, O.S.; Sheksheev, E.M., 1966:
Study of free radical state during the processes of respiration and phosphorylation in mitochondria

Iuferov, V.P.; Kharitonenkov, I.G.; Kalmanson, A.E., 1967:
Study of free-radical products in the reaction of ninhydrin with amino acids

Kalichava, G.S., 1966:
Study of free-radical states in plant tissue by electro paramagnetic resonance Nicotiana glutinosa, N. tabacum, Chenopodium amaranticolor and Datura strammonium

Naqvi, S.N.; Hamid, Q.; Hasan, S.J., 1965:
Study of freezing temperatures in late spring at Quetta

Werz, Jfc, 1949:
Study of frequent, temporary contact dermatitis of laborers in quinine factories

Svetovidova, V.M., 1956:
Study of freshly isolated strains of diphtheria microbes in the dynamics of the infectious process

Mccoy, D.C.; Cook, S.V.; Hayner, G.A., 1946:
Study of frozen food wrapping materials

Gluhovschi, N.; Rosu, M.; Orban, A.; Nafornita, M.; Bilcea, P., 1968:
Study of fructose 1 6 di phosphate aldolase in seminal plasma and spermatozoa in bull ram and stallion and correlation with seminal fructose and semen density

Ashworth, C.T.; Race, G.J.; Mollenhauer, H.H., 1959:
Study of functional activity of adrenocortical cells with electror microscopy

Akgun, N., 1954:
Study of functional capacity of the human heart

Cerf, J., 1952:
Study of functional nerve characteristics of the asthenic adrenalectomized frog

Drouhet, E., 1965:
Study of fungal antigens for the diagnosis of fungal infections

Morqur, R.; Lacoste, L.; Blaha, G., 1967:
Study of fungi antagonistic to Clitocybe mellea /Vahl/Ricken

Desmarteau, R., 1968:
Study of fungicides against the apple d tree spots

Giller, S.A.; Zile, A.Y.; Venter, K.K.; Zaeva, S.P.; Alberta, M.A.; Medne, K.K.; Germane, S.K.; Kalnberg, R.Y., 1967:
Study of fungistatic properties of derivatives of alpha beta unsaturated and polyene aldehydes and ketones of 5 nitro furan series candida albicans trichophyton gypseum epidermophyton

Varela, G.; Siliceo, J., 1957:
Study of gall bladders of human carriers of intestinal pathogens

Moha, C., 1968:
Study of gall development of eriophyes brevitarsus on alnus glutinosa d in relationship with the acarian life cycle

Perry, D.J.; Mount, G.E.; Wright, E.T., 1963:
Study Of Galvanic Skin Response In Psoriasis

Haulica, I.; Capalna, S.; Nestianu, B.; Bordei Anu, A.; Badescu, A., 1964:
Study of gamma-aminobutyric acid in the hypothalamo hypophyseal pathways

Marek, C.J.; Bushuk, W., 1967:
Study of gas production and retention in doughs with a modified Brabender oven-rise recorder

Raju, S.; Narielvala, F.M., 1965:
Study of gastric acid secretion in hookworm duodenitis

Goti, J.L., 1967:
Study of gastric cancer in Vizcaya

Morel, C.; Messi, G.; Walter, H., 1964:
Study of gastric secretory activity by perfusion of a neuter and acidic hepatic extract in man

Dand1ya, P.C.; Sharma, J.D., 1962:
Study of general pharmacological properties of some of the synthetic and naturally occurring central nervous system depressants

Shaver, D.L., 1964:
Study of genes and chromosomes which facilitate or hinder Perennialism in Zea

Rozina, E.E.; Gendon, Y.Z.; Chernos, V.I.; Marchenko, A.T., 1967:
Study of genetic M-marker of vaccinia virus variants

Kammacher, P., 1967:
Study of genetic and caryologic relationships between close genomes of the genus Gossypium

Kammacher, P., 1966:
Study of genetic and karvological relationships between genomes related to the genus Gossypium

Anonymous, 1962:
Study of genetic stocks

Verly, W.G.; Dewandre, A.; Moutschen-Dahmen, J.; Moutschen-Dahmen, M., 1963:
Study of genetic targets with labelled mutagens. The action of Myleran on the resistance to streptomycin of Chlamydomonas eugametos

Palenzona, D.L.; Micardi, L., 1967:
Study of genotype-environmental interaction in Phleum ambiguum

Altukhov, Y.P.; Rat Kin, E.V., 1968:
Study of genotypic foundations of individual variability in thermostability of isolated cells using the chinese silkworm bombyx mori as the example

Moness, E.; Christiansen, W.G., 1934:
Study of germicidal and antiseptic activities of some derivatives of 8-hydroxy quinoline

Moness, E.; Harris, S.E.; Christiansen, W.G., 1935:
Study of germicidal and antiseptic activity of some mercury compounds

Fujimoto, Akitoshi, 1960:
Study of giant cell tumor of bone

Nesterova, S.I., 1967:
Study of giant chromosomes in some species of chironomidae diptera

Margara, J., 1960:
Study of gibberellin-like substances in several Beta species

Shan, W.Tng; Min, C. 'ai, Hsiang, P.Eng, T.i; Hsien, W., C., 1963:
Study of gibberellins. III. Artificial alteration and tempering of Fusarium sp.

Polonsky, J.; Fouquey, C.; Gaudemer, A.; Baskevitch, Z.; Bourguignon, N.; Prestat, G.udemer, F., 1964:
Study of glaucarubine. I. Structure and stereochemistry of glaucanol

Polonsky, J.; Fouguey, C.; Gaudemer, A.; Baskevitch, Z.; Bourguignon, N.; Prestat, G.udemer, F., 1964:
Study of glaucarubine. II. structure of glaucarubol and glaucarubine

Sayanova, V.V., 1964:
Study of globulins from Phaseolus spp. seeds by paper electrophoresis

James, J.A.; Ashworth, C.T., 1961:
Study of glomerular filtration. Electron microscopy of the kidney following dextran infusion in the rat

Linquette, M.; Fossati, P.; Lefebvre, J.; Fourlinnie J C.; Decoulx, M., 1967:
Study of glucide metabolism during 33 fasting cures in 30 obese subjects abstract diabetes

Oeriu, S.; Lupu, E.R.; Dimitriu, M.A.nes; Craesco, I., 1962:
Study of glucosamine obtained from shells of Crustacea and its biologic and therapeutic importance

Watrin, J.L., 1967:
Study of glucose assimilation during pregnancy in African women

Singh, V.N.; Venkitasubramanian, T.A.; Viswanathan, R., 1963:
Study of glucose tolerance and synthesis of hepatic glycogen from glucose and glycine-1-C-14 in tuberculous guinea pigs

Bourdel, Genevieve; Robin, Pierre; Forestier, Marguerite; Robin, D., 1967:
Study of glucose tolerance in young male rats. Variation as a function of age and type of protein incorporated in the diet with or without excess of DL-methlonine

L.Clerc, J., 1954:
Study of glucose-6-phosphatase in chorioallantoic membranes treated with chick liver microsomes

Eng, Lie Injo Luan, 1962:
Study of glucose-6-phosphate dehydro-genase activity in erythrocytes of monkeys

Lazur'yevskiy, G.V., 1957:
Study of glucosides in jute seeds

Ostretsova, I.B.; Sytynskii, I.A., 1964:
Study of glutamate decarboxylase activity in the rat brain during the action of striychnine and isoicotinylhydrazide

Ponte, J.G.; D.S.efanis, V.A.; Titcomb, S.T.; Cotton, R.H., 1967:
Study of gluten properties as influenced by certain organic solvents

Linquette, M.; Fourlinnie J C.; Lagache, G., 1968:
Study of glycemia and insulinemia after vagotomy and pyloroplasty in man abstract parasympathetic system physiology

Linquette, M.; Fourlinnie, J.C.; Lagache, G., 1968:
Study of glycemia and insulinemia after vagotomy and pyloroplasty in men abstract

Fourlinnie, J.; Lehut J M.; Proye, C.; Combemale, B.; Lagache, G.; Linquette, M., 1968:
Study of glycemia and insulinemia in the course of dynamic tests after vagotomy and pyloroplasty for the bulbous ulcer

Telegdi, M.1anna; Keleti, T., 1961:
Study of glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase bound phosphates 26th Congress of the Hungarian Physiological Society, 1960 Abstract

Fleck, J., 1968:
Study of glyco peptides of the non rigid wall of a stable l form i chemical structure abstract proteus p 18 enz lysozyme

Descamps, J.; Monsigny, M.; Montreuil, J., 1968:
Study of glyco proteins evidence of the relationships of o seryl n acetyl galactosamines and o threonyl n acetyl galactosamines in the gamma a globulins in human milk

Dyurnbaum, V.I., 1968:
Study of glyco proteins of soluble proteins from brain tissue cat

Azerad, E.; Lubetzki, J.; Duprey, J.; Friedler, D., 1967:
Study of glyco regulation and insulinemia before and after porto caval anastomosis abstract human cirrhosis

Doyle, J.L.; Manhold, J.H.Jr; Weisinger, E., 1968:
Study of glycogen content and basement membrane in neopl benign and neopl malignant oral lesions human

Lutaud, G., 1957:
Study of glycogen in F. papyracea

Singh, V.N.; Bhargava, U.; Venkitasubramanian, T.A.; Viswanathan, R., 1963:
Study of glycogen synthesizing and degrading enzymes of guinea pig liver in experimental tuberculosis

Lieberman, H.; Ramstad, E.; Christian, J.E., 1956:
Study of glycolic acid metabolism in Bryophyllum calycinum Salisb

Vdovichenko, L.M., 1968:
Study of glycolysis in cerebral and liver tissue after the addition of acetylcholine

Mcmillin, T.J.; Lazerte, G., 1964:
Study Of Glycolysis In Plasma And Serum

Bhargava, U.; Singh, V.N.; Venkitasubramanian, T.A.; Viswanathan, R., 1963:
Study of glycolytic enzymes of guinea pig liver in experimental tuberculosis

Tacquet, A.; Havez, R.; Bonte, M.; Devulder, B.; Beserte, G., 1965:
Study of glycoproteins in the serum of guinea pigs subjected to dust inhalation and myco-bacterial infection

Franken, L.; Malaisee, W.; Wybran, J.; Franckson, J.R.M., 1965:
Study of glycorrachia the sub-occipital and lumbar area in the course of glucose perfusions in man

Arregui Gil, L., 1960:
Study of goiter in Pamplona in relation to nutrition

Decourt, J.; Savoie, J.C., 1966:
Study of goiters induced or aggravated by the administration of synthetic anti thyroidal drugs

Guzhov, Y.L., 1968:
Study of grafting effect on the seed progeny in peas d vegetative hybridization

Leclerc, H., 1963:
Study of gram-negative bacilli isolated from water exhibiting B-galactosidase activity

Sarma, C.B.S.R., 1967:
Study of grasses m and sedges m of certain areas in jhunjhunu district rajasthan india abstract economic utility

Anonymous, 1953:
Study of grayling on Grebe Lake

Vanag, K.A., 1957:
Study of grippe virus D found on territory of the USSR

Maqueda, C.; Perez-Rodriguez, J.L.is; Subrt, J.; Murafa, N., 2009:
Study of ground and unground leached vermiculite

Panek, E.; Oscar Blew, J.; Baechler, R.H., 1961:
Study of groundline treatments applied to five pole species

Williams, I.H., 1958:
Study of growth and development of crop plants in controlled environments

Trachev, D., 1968:
Study of growth and fruiting of young pear d trees grafted onto quince d stocks

Krasochkin, R.V.; Moshkov, B.S., 1966:
Study of growth and geotropic reactions of plants in conditions of centrifugal force

Koseva, D.; Prusakova, L.D., 1968:
Study of growth inhibitors in damask rose d rosa damascena d in connection with bud drop

Koseva, D.; Prusakova, L.D., 1968:
Study of growth inhibitors in damask rose d rosa damascena d in connection with bud drop inst thin layer chromatography wheat m coleoptile test auxin

Plesnik, J.; Kovalcikova, M., 1967:
Study of growth intensity and of morphological characteristics of crosses from f 1 and r 1 f 10 generations of slovakian spotted and of red danish breeds of cattle

Potts, W.J.; Riker, W.L., 1952:
Study of growth of aortic-pulmonary anastomoses

Klima, M.; Gaisler, J., 1967:
Study of growth of juvenile pelage in bats ii rhinolophidae hipposideridae rhinolophus hipposideros asellia tridens

Deysson, Guy; Lau, N.Thi, 1963:
Study of growth of microorganisms with an electronic particle counter: Growth and sporulation of Saccharomycodes ludwigii Hansen

Grif, V.G., 1958:
Study of growth processes in winter rye vernalized at temperatures below zero degrees centigrade

Sidor, V., 1968:
Study of growth rate of miniature pigs with special regard to the critical period anemia development in the 3rd and 4th weeks after birth human ferridextran hematol

Rhoads, Arthur, S., 1938:
Study of gummosis and psorosis

Stanova, M.; Lacok, P., 1966:
Study of gummosis in some fruit trees

Yakovlova, I.Y., 1957:
Study of gustatory sensitivity in cases of Meniere's disease and of cochlear-yesticular disorders caused by vascular diseases and cranial trauma

Chaudhuri, S.; Chakravartti, M.R.; Muxherjee, B.; Sen, S.N.; Ghosh, J.; Maitra, A., 1962:
Study of haematological factors, blood groups, anthropometric measurements and genetics of some of the tribal and caste groups of: 1. South India: Kerala, Nigiris and Andhra Pradesh. 2. North Eastern India : Totopara

Svyatukhin, M.V.; Letov, V.N., 1967:
Study of hair follicles in the plain total preparations of the skin in normal conditions and in experimental actions

Zupanovic, S., 1968:
Study of hake merluccius merluccius biology and population dynamics in the central adriatic diet crustaceans pilchardus pilchardus clupea sprattus

Konnerth Ionescu, A., 1968:
Study of halacarides of the romanian littoral

Altukhov, G.V.; Mantsvetova, A.I.; Neumyvakin, I.P.; Orlova, V.F.; Trubnikdva, V.A.; Freidberg, I.M., 1965:
Study of handwriting in space flights

Weber, W., 1955:
Study of harelip in the Berne breed of Sennen dogs

Karakulin, B.P.; Anonymous, 1930:
Study of harmfulness of plant diseases by means of artificial infection

Sterner, James, H., 1941:
Study of hazards in spray painting with gasoline as a diluent

Arbenz, G.O., 1953:
Study of head width and length and of the Retzius index in a group of university students

Phan Trong Nghia, 1968:
Study of healthy carriers of salmonella and shigella in a hospital in saigon title south vietnam

Alosi, C.; Iannuzzi, L., 1966:
Study of healthy salmonella carriers among slaughtered animals part 2 results of studies carried out in swine and cattle isolation of salmonella marseille

Schwartz, A.; Lee, K.S., 1962:
Study of heart mitochondria and glycolytic metabolism in experimentally induced cardiac failure

Decourt, L.V.; Garcia, D.P.; Montenebro, M.R.; Tsuzuki, S., 1964:
Study of heart pathology by means of biopsy of the human heart

Wortz, E.C.; Edwards, D.K.; Diaz, R.A.; Prescott, E.J.; Browne, L.E., 1967:
Study of heat balance in full pressure suits

Singh, S.; Delphia, J.M., 1966:
Study of heat shock on the myocardial glycogen in the rat embryo

Wende, R.D.; Burdon, K.L., 1960:
Study of heated bonemeal contaminated with Bacillus anthracis

Frank Kamenetskii, M.D., 1968:
Study of helix coil transition in homo polymers by the most probable distribution

Takashima, S., 1966:
Study of helix-coil transition of DNA by dielectric constant measurement

Banerjee, R., 1962:
Study of hematin-globin linkage. Determination of equilibrium constants

Bhatnagar, S., 1968:
Study of hematologic changes during perfusion for open cardiac surgery using hypo thermia

Dervillee, P.; Lazarini, H.J.; Dervillee, E.; Heraut, L., 1961:
Study of hematologic modifications in experimental poisoning with cobalt acetate and cobalt chloride

Jamdar, S.C.; Udupa, K.B.; Chatterji, A., 1968:
Study of hematopoiesis in riboflavin deficient rats with iron 59 as tracer intra venous

Gentilini, M.; Coquolet, L.; Pannetier, J.; Hazebroucq, G.; D.T.averse M.; Domart, A., 1968:
Study of hemo globin in 650 sarakollian workers originally from west africa abstract inst electrophoresis cyto genetic study distribution of types

Labie, D.J.R.sa; Dreyfus, J.C.; Schapira, G., 1958:
Study of hemoglobin A2 of a normal subject and in the course of different forms of thalassemia by starch-gel electrophoresis

Cabannes, R.; Taleb, N.; Ghorra, F.; Schmitt Beurrier, A., 1965:
Study of hemoglobin types of the population of Liban

Lamy, M., 1967:
Study of hemolymph proteins of the gypsy moth Lymantria dispar L. by means of paper and starch electrophoresis: Results with normal specimens and with specimens subjected to various experiments

Canivet, J.; Pelnard, C.Nsidere, M., 1958:
Study of hemolysis in two cases of congenital porphyria

Mandalaki, T.; Leloudas, A.; Lianou, P.; Stasinos, C.; Tsevrenis, H., 1966:
Study of hemophilia transmitters in Greece

Fedorov, N.A.; Namyatysheva, A.M.; Kekhtelidze, M.G., 1956:
Study of hemopoietic factor of the stomach with the aid of a blood culture method

Papayan, L.P.; Beznosikov, B.O., 1968:
Study of hemostasis characteristics in women hemophilia carriers

Menache, D.; Guillen, M.C.; Rueff, B.; Benhamou, J.P., 1968:
Study of hemostasis during phalloidian hepatitis abstract human

Wattel, F., 1966 :
Study of hemostasis functions during acute decompensations in patients suffering with chronic respiratory insufficiencies abstract

Avalos, Julio, C.Sanchez, 1961:
Study of hemostasis in acute renal insufficiency

Remigy, E., 1961:
Study of hemostasis in various hemapathies with the aid of the Biggs Douglas differential test

Salmon, J.; Lecomtte, J., 1966:
Study of heparin effects on anaphylactic manifestations of the rat

Takahashi, T.; Inoue, J.; Yasuda, S.; Maruyama, Y.; Hida, S.; Sekizawa, E.; Izukura, T.; Mori, Y.; Yokoyama, I.; Koshikawa, H.; Shimizu, H.; Kawamura, T.; Yorita, S.; Imai, F., 1968:
Study of hepatic circulation study of the effects of drugs that increase hepatic blood flow on portal hemo dynamics

Gauthier, A.; Camatte, R.; Sarles, H., 1963:
Study of hepatic clearance during digestive allergy

Fiore, E.; Corticelli, A.S.; Verucchi, P., 1968:
Study of hepatic function in man after anesthesia with methoxyflurane cent depress toxicity

Tigano, F.; Pastore, G., 1967:
Study of hepatic function in true intra cellular cholestasis caused by chlorpromazine human

Coutu, Lucien, L., 1961:
Study of hepatic functions in chronic alcoholism

Clement, J.; D.C.stanzo, G., 1968:
Study of hepatic phospholipids in steatosis provoked by carbon tetrachloride

Kemali, D., 1954:
Study of hereditary cerebrospinal degeneration and of other associated diseases

Pigeault, Nicole, 1957:
Study of hermaphrodism in the genus Sphaeroma

Aubry, R., 1961:
Study of hermaphroditism and the phara-codynamic action of the hormones of vertebrates in pulmonate gastropods

Duhault, Jacques; Gonnard, Pierre; Fenard, S., 1967:
Study of heterocyclic hydrazones of phosphate pyridoxal. Coenzymatic behavior

Narbut, S.I.; Fadeeva, T.S., 1966:
Study of heterosis manifestation in radish, tobacco and strawberry

Wallis, R.C.; Taylor, R.M.; M.C.llum, R.W.; Riordan, J.T., 1958:
Study of hibernating mosquitoes in eastern equine encephalomyelitis epidemic areas in Connecticut

Re1zer, Christian, 1961:
Study of hibernation in Rivulogammarus Pulex pulex

Franke, E.K.; Braunstein, J.R.; Zellner, D.C., 1962:
Study of high frequency components in electrocardiogram by power spectrum analysis

Levetina, N.A., 1960:
Study of higher activity in rats sensitive and insensitive to the action of a sound stimulus

Neubert, H., 1965:
Study of higher nerve activity of cerebral sclerosis by limiting motor reflexes with verbal verification

Anonymous, 1956:
Study of higher nervous activity in patients with neurasthenic neuroses Referat Zhur, Biol, 1957, No 11910

Reimov, R., 1964:
Study of higher nervous activity in rodents under natural conditions

Karmos, G.; Mezofi, L.; Grastyan, E., 1961:
Study of hippo-campal lesions by the conditioned reflex method 26th Congress of the Hungarian Physiological Society, 1960 Abstract

Pastore, G., 1968:
Study of histo functional aspects of the digestive apparatus in chronic bronchitis human

Maracek, I.; Sutta, J., 1968:
Study of histo physiological changes of adeno hypophysis following ovariectomy and thyroidectomy in sheep abstract aldehyde fuchsin positive cells periodic acid schiff positive cells luteinizing hormone follicle stimulating hormone

Elinson, F.L.; Karachunskii, M.A.; Runkevich, M.N., 1967:
Study of histohaematic barriers in tuberculosis and its antibacterial treatment

Shuminas, M.M., 1964:
Study of histological changes in tumors and some organs of experimental animals with therapeutic use of new original antineoplastlc preparations of an alkylating nature

Cornec J P., 1967:
Study of histological modifications observed after amputations in the helobdella stagnalis hirudinea rhynchobdella

Stocchi, F.; Breda, M., 1957:
Study of histological modifications of the adrenal glands of rabbits treated with antityphoid vaccine and benzedrine

Armstrong, D.B.; Cole, W.G., 1941:
Study of Home Accidents: Their Public Health Significance

Nowikoff, M., 1939:
Study of homomorphies as a scientific method

Egorov, I.K., 1967:
Study of homozygosity of mice of congenic strain B10D2 by skin grafting

Zenkin, G.M.; Maksimov, V.V.; Byzov, A.L., 1964:
Study of horizontal interaction on the level of slow bipolar cells of the frog retina. L Effect of scattered light and some properties of interaction

Bereczky, Elizabeth; Dmochowskl, Leon; Grey, C.E., 1961:
Study of host-virus relationship. I. Light, phase, and fluorescence microscopy of mouse-embryo cells infected with polyoma virus

Zaidenov, A.M., 1961:
Study of house fly migrations in Chita by means of luminescent tagging

Cardosa Teixeira, R.D.S., 1968:
Study of human chromosomes and their pathological variations some aspects

Miclea, C., 1961:
Study of human embryo organs transplanted into chick embryo. II. Transplants of human embryonic liver

Merker, P.C.; Sarino, Janet; Woolley, G.W., 1965:
Study of human epidermoid carcinoma growing in cortisone-conditioned Swiss mice. V. Screening data on 234 chemicals

Burtin, P.; Von, K.eist, S.; Buffe, D., 1967:
Study of human fetal antigens: L Immuno-electrophoretic study of antigens of human fetal serum absent from adult serum

Chakmakjian, Z.; Bethune, J.E., 1968:
Study of human growth hormone response to insulin hormone vasopressin hormone exercise and estrogen hormone administration di ethyl stilbestrol hormone intra muscular

Das, K.C., 1966:
Study of human karyotypes and its application to some hematologic disorders abstract

Flamant, R.; Hayat, M.; Schwartz, D., 1967:
Study of human leukemia with regard to bovine leukosis

Weinstein, B.R., 1951:
Study of human milk with special reference to the oxidized flavor development

Lapadula, Nicolas, 1964:
Study of human myiasis

Deschner, E.E.; Lipkin, Martin; Solomon, C., 1966:
Study of human rectal epithelial cells in vitro: II. H3-thymidine incorporation into polyps and adjacent mucosa

Hadley, W.K.; Rosenau, W., 1967:
Study of human renal disease by immunofluorescent methods

Kasatkin, S.N., 1934:
Study of human salivary glands by means of x-ray

Guimeretiere, J.; Audran, R., 1961:
Study of human serum complement as a function of sex of blood groups ABO and Rh, of age, and of pregnancy

Kalev, R., 1961:
Study of human spermato-genesis using P32

Hermans Boveroulle, M.T.; Pattyn, S.R.; Gatti, F., 1965:
Study of human stocks of tuberculosis isolated from Leo-poldville

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Study of humic acids and lignin by means of uv and ir spectrophotometry

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Study of humoral factors regulating the production of leukocytes. I. Demonstration of neutropoietin in plasma after administration of triamcinolone to rats

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Study of hybrid vigor, using radioactive carbon and phosphorus

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Study of hybrids between Colias eurytheme-philodice complex and C. interior

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Study of hybrids of biotypes of Culex pipiens

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Study of hydrae of the black sea

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Study of hydro carbon oxidizing mycobacteria as a probable source of food fat free protein rat

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Study of hydro electric variations in 26 patients submitted to extracorporeal circulation with a balanced perfusion solution

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Study of hydrochloric acid secretion with the histamine maximal dose and its relationship with the mass of parietal cell in the rat's stomach

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Study of hydrogen bonding in intermolecular mixtures

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Study of hydrogen-fixing microorganisms for closed regenerating biosystems

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Study of hydrolysis of urinary metabolites of 2-methyl-l,4-naphtho-quinone

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Study of hydrolysis of various salts of p -aminobenzoyldiethylaminoethanol. Determination of the degree and the hydrolysis constant

María-Pilar Sáenz-Navajas; María Teresa Tena; Purificación Fernández-Zurbano, 2009:
Study of hydroxycinnamic acids and malvidin 3-monoglucoside derivatives using capillary zone electrophoresis and ultra-performance liquid chromatography

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Study of hyper glycemia induced by the oral route in pulmonary tuberculous patients title

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Study of hypercalcemic action of folliculin in the birds I Relations between injected dose and serum response Participation of parathyroid glands in folliculin action

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Study of hypersensitivity caused by denervation of the sympathetic ganglia 26th Congress of the Hungarian Physiological Society, 1960 Abstract

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Study of hypo glycemia in the retardation of intra uterine growth

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Study of hypoglycemia action of THAM in the chilc 3d International Colloquium on THAM, Nancy, Fr., 1966

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Study of hypotension mechanism stimulated under certain conditions by e -amino-caproic acid

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Study of hypothalamo cortical connections in rabbits

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Study of hysteria and its relation to higher nervous activity and type of nervous system, by the use of 3 experimental methods

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Study of idiomuscular contraction. . Basic observation of the phenomenon of idiomuscular contraction: A gyratory apparatus used as a plexor

Watanabe, H., 1961:
Study of idiomuscular contraction. . Clinical and statistical observations

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Study of immature forms of the tick family Ixodidae

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Study of immune phenomena by means of tissue culture. V. Cytopatho-genic action of the toxin of C. septicum

Penso, G.; Vicarl, G., 1959:
Study of immune phenomena by means of tissue cultures

Penso, G.; Vicari, G., 1957:
Study of immune phenomena by means of tissue cultures. HI. Cytopathogenic action of staphylococcus toxin

Penso, G.; Vicari, G., 1959:
Study of immune phenomena by means of tissue cultures. VI. Cytopathogenic action of C. oedematiens

Penso, G.; Vicari, G., 1959:
Study of immune phenomena by means of tissue cultures. VII. The cytopathogenic action of the venom of Vipera aspis

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Study of immune phenomena by tissue cultures. IX. On the cytopathogenic action of streptolysin-O

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Study of immune reactions in partial laminar transplantation of a desiccated cornea

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Study of immunity by cell culture human

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Study of immunity depressant and toxic effect of a number of chemical preparations on experimental homogenous skin grafting part 2 study of the hematological and biochemical indices and the morphology of internal organs

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Study of immunity depressant and toxic effect of a number of chemical preparations on experimental skin homo transplants i study of the acceptance time of skin homo grafts dynamics of humoral antibodies and reaction of lymphoid tissue chinchilla rabbit azathiopyrine immunol 6 mercapto purine immunol spirazidin immunol

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Study of immunity in Trypanosoma gambiense infections in white mice. Antigenic variations in the course of trypanolytic crises?

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Study of immunity in the splenectomized animal

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Study of immunity mechanisms in brucellosis

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Study of immunity phenomena by means of tissue culture. I. Preliminary note

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Study of immunization in bees

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Study of immuno globulin in the blood serum of rabbits immunized with the influenza virus

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Study of immuno globulins in anom ataxia telangiectasia child

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Study of immuno therapy used in patients with neoplasms results obtained with the non specific fraction picfad 52

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Study of immuno-fluorescent method of antibody formation in immunization of guinea pigs with a live Brucella culture

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Study of immunoelectrophoresis indices in rheumatic patients

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Study of immunogenic properties of tick-borne encephalitis virus grown in various tissue culture systems

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Study of immunogenicity of corpuscular paratyphoid B monovaccines and the paratyphoid B in components of typhoid-paratyphoid B divaccines in tests of the active protection of mice

Libansky, J., 1965:
Study Of Immunologic Reactivity In Hemoblastosis. Circulating Antibody Formation As A Response To Antigenic Stimulus In Leukemia, Malignant Lymphoma, Myeloma And Myelofibrosis

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Study of immunological morphological skin and tissue reactions in experimental infective sensitization syphillis rabbit fluorescent antibodies

Orbach, Simone, 1964:
Study of immunological phenomena induced by various types of grafts

Lukin, E.P.; Vorob'ev, A.A., 1967:
Study of immunological properties of a soluble Rlckettsia prowazeki antigen. V. Comparative evaluation of the tmmunogenlctty of a soluble antigen of E and Breinl strains

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Study of immunological reactions on an experimental model: rabbit-pisiform cysticercus Parasites and parasitoses of man and animals

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Study of immunological structure of the population in respect to pertussis and parapertussis with the aid of passive hemag-glutination reaction

Edberg, S.; Rieker, J.; Angrist, A., 1963:
Study Of Impact Pressure And Acceleration In Plastic Skull Models

Lafon, J.C.aude; Cornut, G., 1960:
Study of impulse formation of the voice and of speech

Paducheva, A.L., 1961:
Study of in utero and postpartum wool growth in lambs using labeled sulphur

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Study of in vitro action of aureomycin on oxidative phosphorylation in animal tissues

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Study of in vitro cultures of Echinococcus granulosus

Hamilton, A.S., 1948:
Study of in vitro methods for the demonstration of iso-agglutination with the bloods of normal and of ill dogs

Sarateanu, D.; Biller, Sigrid; Prahoveanu, Elena; Botis, S.; Georghiu, V.; Babos, A., 1964:
Study of in vitro virus. Host cell relationships by determination of the activity of certain enzymes

Mookerjee, A., 1967:
Study of in vitro x irradiation mutagen on the denaturation of dna of hydra abstract

Kuzovkov, A.D., 1966:
Study of inactivation mechanism of polyene antibiotics Oxidation of nystatin by atmospheric oxygen in solutions

Bachmann, Alois, 1949:
Study of incomplete antibodies of Salmonella

Rao, G.S., 1962:
Study of indigenous drugs

Aleksanyants, R.A., 1963:
Study of indoles in children and adolescents with schizophrenia and other psychoses. 2

Pinto, S.S.; Brown, A.R.; Carlton, B.H.rdy, 1943:
Study of industrial workers exposed to sulfur dust

Franco, D.; Restrepo, A.; Velez, H., 1968:
Study of infant mal nutrition the possible etiology of the kwashiorkor anemia

Sacrez, R.; Sofatzis, J., 1964:
Study of infant mortality in the Bas-Rhin department

Poglia Prompona, 1968:
Study of infantile melanodontia

Varela, G.; Buentello, L., 1966:
Study of infection and transmission of Rickettsia quintana by Cimex lectularius

Farkas, G., 1963:
Study of infection dynamics in bacteria-infected tobacco leaves Congress of the Hungarian Microbiological Society, 1962 Abstract only

Obreshkov, K.; Pavlov, N.; Andreev, Y., 1968:
Study of infectious bronchitis in fowl part 1 incidence and identification of the disease

Bernkopf, H., 1950:
Study of infectivity and hemagglutination of influenza virus in deembryonated eggs

Mastbaum, M.; Krever, A.; Mactbaym, M., 1929:
Study of infiltrations

Barre, R.; E.Courtois, J.; Wormser, G., 1955:
Study of influence of some bivalent cations on the combination phytic acid-proteins

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Study of influences of automatic nerve blocking agent upon thiamine metabolism and liver function. I. Influences of autonomic nerve blocking agent upon thiamine metabolism

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Study of influenxa A infected tissue cultures by electron microscopy

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Study of influenza virus: Antigenic response of mice to intradermal and subcutaneous immunization

Gurvich, A.E.; Sedorova, E.V., 1964:
Study of inhibition in antibody biosynthesis

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Study of inhibition of the ceric-arsenite reaction and application to analysis of protein-bound iodine

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Study of inhibitory action of actinomycetes on actinophages

Belavtseva, E.M.; Alimov, G.A.; Poglazov, B.F., 1967:
Study of initial steps of aggregation in viruses and bacterial flagella

Puzanova, L., 1967:
Study of innervation zones in muscle of the rat

Tyulenyev, V.I., 1967:
Study of inorganic pyrophosphatase activity in the rabbit brain in the normal state and during starvation

Pla Sentis, I., 1968:
Study of inst colorimetric methods to determine total cation exchange capacity in tropical soils

Ivanov, I.D.; Moshkovskii, Y.S.; Stukan, R.A.; Matkhanov, G.I.; Mardanyan, S.S.; Belov, Y.M., 1968:
Study of inst gamma resonance spectra of nitrogen fixing bacteria clostridium pasteurianum azotobacter vinelandii

Mathivat, A., 1967:
Study of inst mechanograms inst apical mechanograms inst carotidograms inst jugulograms inst esophageal mechanograms title

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Study of insulin convulsion produced in dogs through ventricular injection

Chao, P.Y.; Karam, J.H., 1963:
Study of insulin-I-131 binding by ultracentrifugation

Greville, G.D.; Munn, E.A.; Smith, D., 1964:
Study of intact and disrupted cristae of flight muscle mitochondria

Car, M.; Filipon, T., 1962:
Study of intensity of uptake and excretion of 131I by young simmenthal cattle

Paredes, R.; Santolaya, R.; Motles, E.; Roman, O., 1966:
Study of inter-atrial septal defects during physical efforts

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Study of inter-estrus in cows stabled in Madrid

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Study of interaction between Omsk hemorrhaglc fever virus and the cells of a sensitive tissue culture

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Study of interaction between Smad7 and DNA by single-molecule force spectroscopy

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Study of interaction between chymotrypsin and iodoacetic acid

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Study of interaction of nucleic acids, histones. and other proteins in agarose

Shalunova, N.V.; Karpovich, L.G.; Levkovich, E.N., 1965:
Study of interference of Japanese encephalitis virus with some cytopathogenic viruses in tissue cultures

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Study of intermediate states in the photooxidation of chlorophyll and its analogs by p-quinone

Chibisov, A.K.; Karyakin, A.V., 1966:
Study of intermediate states in the photoreduction of chlorophyll

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Study of internal contamination with strontium-90 and radium-226 in man with relation to clinical findings

Dosne, Christiane, 1943:
Study of interrelationship of pancreatic diabetes with endocrine glands in the toad

Poverennyl, A.M.; Levi, M.I., 1964:
Study of interrelationships between the structure of deoxyribonucleic acid and its antigenic properties

Ustinova, E.I., 1966:
Study of interspecies hybrids Helianthus annuus L. x Helianthus tuberosus L

Ushikubo, Shigeki, 1959:
Study of intervertebral disc herniation in bipedal rat

Yamada, K.; Sakamoto, K.; Ushikubo, S.; Sato, Y., 1960:
Study of intervertebral disc herniation in bipedal rats

Fiore, R., 1965:
Study of intestinal absorption in the small intestine

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Study of intestinal absorption of d-l-methionine in the course of liver steatosis

Arocha Pinago, C.; Layrisse, M.; Pinango, A.; Bosch, N., 1968:
Study of intestinal biopsies absorption and transit in children with heavy hookworm infection

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Study of intestinal flora in illnesses treated with antibiotics Congress of the Hungarian Microbiological Society, 28-30 October, 1963 Abstract only

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Study of intestinal parasite infections in hospital patients at Avellaneda

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Study of intestinal parasitisms

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Study of intestinal parasitosis and amebiasis therapy

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Study of intestinal pseudopolyhedra of Lepidoptera

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Study of intimate mechanism of the lysis of bacteria by bacteriophage

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Study of intra nuclear inhibition in the median center in the cat

Kleifeld, O., 1956:
Study of intra-capsular accomodation mechanism

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Study of intra-oral air pressure during speech

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Study of intra-type differences in polio viruses in experiments with monkeys

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Study of intracardiac pressure in hypoxemia induced by the double lumen catheter

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Study of intracellular SV40 antigens by indirect immunoferritin technique

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Study of intracellular potential of the taenia coli, with particular reference to the effect of the electric stimuli. In: The Third Congress of the Smooth Muscle Research, Tokushima, Japan, August 1961

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Study of intracellular virus with acridine orange fluorochrome

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Study of intraepithelial localization of dysentery pathogens with the aid of fluorescent antibodies

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Study of intramural temperature gradient in the heart, and its influence on the electrocardiogram

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Study of intratypic differences between type 2 polioviruses. L Relationship between neurovirulence, antigenicity and other properties determined on cells in vitro

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Study of iodine and rhodamine metabolism by autoradiography Proceedings of the 28th meeting of the German Physiological Society, Cologne, 1963 Demonstration

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Study of iodine containing di hydro iso quinolines guinea pig ileum papaverine autonomic

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Study of iodine metabolism. I. Methods and normal results

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Study of iodine metabolism: III. Dehalogenases enzymatic deficiency

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Study of iodine transmission through water during a gas loop accident in a swimming pool reactor

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Study Of Ionic Structures In Phospholipids By Infrared Spectra

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Study of iron distribution along the coasts of Provence and Corsica. Study of the dispersion of terrestrial deposits

Aubert, M.; Gambarotta, J.P., 1966:
Study of iron distribution in surface waters along the Alpes-Maritime coast

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Study of iron metabolism in vivo and in vitro in hypochromic, hyposideremic anemia. Volume, distribution, and movements of preheminic iron compartments

Lorenzo, D.J., 1967:
Study of iron metabolism using the electronic microscope

Vanden Berghen, C., 1955:
Study of irradiation of southern plants in the Valley of the Meuse Wallonne

Curry, F.J., 1964:
Study Of Irregular Discharge Tb Patients At San Francisco General Hospital

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Study of irregularities of the sinus rhythm in man at rest Abstract

Miyazaki, S., 1968:
Study of iso enzyme ix serum enz alkaline phosphatase iso enzyme in patients with cirrhosis of the liver abstract human

Kolaeva, S.G., 1963:
Study of isoelectric zones of cytoplasm proteins of fibroblast series cells

Sadeghi, D., 1968:
Study of isoprenaline histamine antagonism and the activity of some adrenergic substances on bronchial motility of the guinea pig in vivo

Le Dréau, Y.; Dupuy, N.; Gaydou, V.; Joachim, J.; Kister, J., 2009:
Study of jojoba oil aging by FTIR

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Study of karvotypes and their alterations in Aroids

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Study of karyomorphology in Pennisetum typhoides Stapf. and Hubb

Chen, Teng Ko, 1952:
Study of keratolysis plantaris sulcata

Hornung, N.; Stutzman, L., 1964:
Study Of Kidney Size In Polycythemia Vera

Haghsheno, R.; Mohebbi, A.; Hashemipour, H.; Sarrafi, A., 2009:
Study of kinetic and fixed bed operation of removal of sulfate anions from an industrial wastewater by an anion exchange resin

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Study of labeled phenobarbital in the organism of the rat. 1st communication

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Study of laboratory methods for diagnosing Endamoeba histolytica and their application to 5048 persons from the Chicago area

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Study of lactic acid content of rabbit's urine after administration of cystine and insulin

Balatti, A.P., 1960:
Study of lactic fermentation in media with glucose and diverse nutrients

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Study of lactose peptone bile media, with the addition of various triphenylmethane dyes, for the detection of members of the colon group. I. In water analysis.

Poe, C.F.; Hale, W.H.; Poe, F.E., 1928:
Study of lactose peptone bile media, with the addition of various triphenylmethane dyes, for the detection of members of the colon group. II. In milk analysis.

Molchanov, M.I.; Bezinger, E.N., 1968 :
Study of lamellar proteins of chloroplasts

Zaslavskii, V.A., 1959:
Study of larvae of the family Hyperinae

Nicoli, R.M.; Nicoli, J.; Rioux, J.A.; Quilici, M., 1960:
Study of larval culicid shelters in the mountain of Corsica

Carre, D., 1967:
Study of larval development of 2 siphonophores lensia conoidea calycophora and forskalia edwardsi physonecta

Karube, K., 1961:
Study of latent carcinoma of the prostate in the Japanese based on necropsy material

Sabun, M.A., 1965:
Study of latent viruses of African green marmosets 1

Madelaine, G.; Morel, C., 1966:
Study of latex spheres monodispersed by electron microscopy and light diffusion spectrometry

Popovici, H., 1926:
Study of laticiferous ducts

Titomir, L.I., 1967:
Study of lead characteristics for measurement of the transverse component of the cardiac vector human

Kepler, J.F.; Bumsted, H.E., 1948:
Study of lead exposures in three metropolitan newspaper plants

Uzu, G.; Sobanska, S.; Aliouane, Y.; Pradere, P.; Dumat, C., 2008:
Study of lead phytoavailability for atmospheric industrial micronic and sub-micronic particles in relation with lead speciation

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Study Of Lens Antigens In The Developing Newt Lens With Immunofluorescence

Garcia, G.E.; Aaberg, T.M.; Kupfer, C., 1964:
Study of Lens Metabolism in Vivo; Technique and Results with Na-24, Rb-86, and P-32

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Study of lepidoptera densonucleosis by the immunological method of diffusion in agar

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Study of leptospirosis in Yucatan

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Study of leptospirosis in the cities of Vera Cruz. Tampico and Mexico, of the Mexican Republic

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Study of leucine aminopeptidase in neoplastic and inflammatory tissues with a new histochemical method

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Study of leucocyte metabolism during phagocytosis of staphylococcus and coli bacillus variants

Papazian, Ecaterina, 1957:
Study of leucocyte metabolism during phagocytosis of staphylococcus variants and coli bacilli II Catalase

Mesrobeanu, Lydia; Mttrica, Natalia; Papazian, E., 1957:
Study of leucocyte metabolism during phagocytosis of variants of staphylococci and coli bacilli. 1. Respiration

Barinskii, I.F.; Dement'ev, I.V.; Shakghil'dyan, I.V., 1968:
Study of leucocytes of the blood in patients with infectious hepatitis as various periods of the disease and after clinical recovery using cytogenetic and immunofluorescent methods

Hiraki, Kiyoshi, 1961:
Study of leukemia chemotherapeutics by a new bone marrow culture technique

Mackenzie, J.; Tajouri, L.; Szvetko, A.; Weth, V.; Moreau, J.; Greer, J.M.; Csurhes, P.A.; Pender, M.P.; Griffiths, L.R., 2009:
Study of leukemia inhibitory factor polymorphism within an Australian multiple sclerosis population

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Study of leukocyte dynamics by means of cross-circulation between normal and leukopenic rats

Ryzhkov, S.V.; Kiseleva, M.V., 1967:
Study of leukocyte viability in cadaveric blood phagocytosis human

Dausset, J.; Colombani, J.; Colombani, M., 1961:
Study of leukopenias and thrombocytopenias by the direct antiglobulin consumption test on leukocytes and/or platelets

Jagow, R.B.; Thomas, R.S., 1966:
Study of life support systems for space missions exceeding one year in duration

Dutt, A.R., 1966:
Study of ligated rabbit-gut segment and its contents after introduction of vibrio cholerae and its culture-filtrate

Laville, A.; Bouisset, S.; Monod, H., 1963:
Study of light muscular work, II. Zone of least energy expenditure

Monod, H.; Bouisset, S.; Laville, A., 1963:
Study of light muscular work. HI. Influence of the load

Skurikhin, I.M., 1968:
Study of lignin and tannin of cognac alcohol with the inst ir spectroscopy inst uv spectroscopy and inst nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy methods

Butnaru, H., 1965:
Study of limiting factors of seed yield in parthenocarpic varieties of greenhouse cucumber d

Ibanez, S.G., 1968:
Study of linum chamissonis d

Paoletti, P.; Tessari, L.; Vertua, R., 1959:
Study of lipid biosynthesis in the aorta in various animal species

Hardouin, J.P.; Colas Belcour, J.F.; Illig, D., 1963:
Study of lipid constituents of blood serum in four cases of vesicular cholesterolosis

Munehisa, S., 1968:
Study of lipid metabolism using iodine 131 labelled triolein abstract human blood glucose metabolism

Huriez, C.; Desmons, F.; Agache, P., 1957:
Study of lipidogram in psoriasis

Tourtellotte, W.W.; Allen, R.J.; Haerer, A.F.; Bryan, E.R., 1965:
Study Of Lipids In Cerebrospinal Fluid And Serum

Tourtellotte, W.W., 1959:
Study of lipids in cerebrospinal fluid. VI. The normal lipid profile

Krembel, J., 1967:
Study of lipids of the L form of Proteus P18: Phospholipids

Pokrovskii, A.A.; Sheikman, M.B.; Pilenitsyna, R.A., 1965:
Study of lipolytic enzyme activity in adipose tissue

Trubinskaya, A.Ya, 1962:
Study of lipomycetes in podzolic soils

Lemberk, E.B., 1965:
Study of lipoprotein lipase activity in patients with coronary atherosclerosis

Frappier, A.; Guerault, A., 1954:
Study of liquid cultures of H. pertussis. I. Distribution of toxic properties and dermonecrotic properties of the liquid and bacterial phases

Nikolaeva, M.V.; Pil'shchik, E.M., 1963:
Study of live Paramecium caudatum in a normal state and a state of starvation with fluorescent microscopy

Stoyanova, I.G.; Nekrasova, T.A., 1961:
Study of live microorganisms in electron microscope by gas microchamber method

Itaya, S., 1928:
Study of liver enzymes of a crab fish Tarabakani Paralithodes camtschatica II

Nikitina, R.G.; Klyachko, V.R.; Moskovich, E.G., 1965:
Study of liver function in patients with diabetes mellitus using a test with Bengal rose labelled with I131

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Study of liver tumor development and histologic changes in other organs in rats fed azo dye 3 -methyl-4-dimethylaminoazobenzene

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Study of lobster fishing in ceara brazil during the year 1966

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Study of local and systemic effects of tobacco tars from three sources painted on the skin of mice

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Study of local bioelectric phenomena in the cerebral cortex during conditional reflex elaboration and during internal inhibition

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Study of localization of antirenal and antihepatic antibodies in homologous and heterologous tissues

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Study of long term prediction of locust population fluctuations

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Study of longevity, age and death in arthropods

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Study of low molecular weight carbohydrates in artemisia d i low molecular weight carbohydrates of the roots and leaves of artemisia pontica d at different stages of vegetative development inst partition thin layer chromatography

Lombard, A.; Damonte, A., 1967:
Study of low molecular weight carbohydrates in artemisia d ii low molecular weight carbohydrates of the roots and leaves of artemisia dracunculus d at different stages of vegetative development artemisia pontica d inst partition thin layer chromatography

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Study of lumbar neuralgia in taxi drivers title

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Study of lung compliance and surface tension in pulmonary edema

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Study of lung helminthinses in sheep and goats

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Study of lung specimens prepared by fume fixation

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Study of lymph cells of immunized animal producing immuno globulins specific and nonspecific antibodies to the given antigen guinea pig diphtheria toxoid immuno fluorescence

Viza, D.C., 1967:
Study of lymphocyte fractions in the mixed lymphocyte culture in vitro human

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Study of lymphoid cells of an immunized animal producing specific globulins and immunoglobulins nonspecific to a given antigen

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Study of magnesium in the course of tetany

Han, S.; Li, J.; Gao, R.; Zhang, T.; Wen, B., 2009:
Study of magnetisation behaviours for binary ionic ferrofluids

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Study of maillards reaction in pharmaceutical preparations

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Study of maize pollen with cytoplasmic male sterility

Keng, Kho Lien, 1949:
Study of malaria and blackwater fever in a district of Batavia

Medvedeva, G.B., 1966:
Study of male cytoplasmic sterility in wheat

Vidal Sarmiento, J., 1959:
Study of male genitalla in adephagous Coleoptera

Murthy, K.N., 1968:
Study of male sterile sorghum m acquisitions from oklahoma usa

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Study of malnutrition of gastrectomized patients with the aid of radioactive isotopes

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Study of mangrove vegetation in Pagbilao, Tayabas

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Study of marine mammals in the USSR

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Study of marked mineral oil diffusion in the banana tree

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Study of mass screening for cancer. 3. Outcome of the combined screening methods, the cancer skin test by Masamune and Oh-Uti and the Shichijo's test

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Study of maternal mortality in the Vina del Mar Maternity Hospital, Chile

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Study of mature embryo, seed coat and fruit wall in Euphorbia cristata Heyne

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Study of maximum capacity of tubular re absorption for glucose in certain cases of chronic pyelo nephritis

Cessac, M.; Desaymard, P.; Durgeat, L.A., 1963:
Study of means of combatting Blaniulus in cultivation of industrial beet

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Study of measles neutralizing antibody levels in children in first months of their life

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Study of measles virus in monkeys

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Study of measles virus strains isolated in the Socialist Republic of Romania. Immunofluorescence study on MN strain cultivated in human embryo fibroblasts

Kobakhidze, T.L., 1965:
Study of measures for controlling avian

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Study of meat composition undergoing the process of dried soup preparation

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Study of meat production in sheep. IV. Relations between the shape and the composition of the hind limb

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Study of meat production in sheep. V. Note on the relative growth of the different body parts in lambs

Boccard, R.; Radomska, M.Joanna, 1963:
Study of meat production in sheep. VI. Influence of the form of the hind limb on its technological characteristics

Boccard, R., 1963:
Study of meat production in sheep. VII. Note on the relation between the ratio of milk consumed to live weight gain as influenced by the rate of growth

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Study of meat production in sheep. VIII. Relation-ships between the carcass dimensions in the lamb

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Study of meat production of sheep. III. Note on the effect of the growth rate on the body composition of lambs

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Study of mechanical factors in vascular resistance

Nicolet, M.; Thibert, P., 1968:
Study of mechanical parameters of the contraction of enervated frog muscles

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Study of mechanism of aggregation of gamma-irradiated lysozyme employing turbidimetric method

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Study of mechanisms involved in the rise of the respiration rate in embryonic development in fish

Ikuo Watanabe and Shigefumi Okada, 1966:
Study of mechanisms of radiation-induced reproductive death of mammalian cells in culture Estimation of stage at cell death and biological description of processes leading to cell death

Norton, J.F.; Seymour, M., 1926:
Study Of Media For The Estimation Of Bacteria In Milk

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Study of medical care in Puerto Rico

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Study of medullary circulation in man by an isotopic technique

Torrioli, Mario, 1929:
Study of mega-karyocytes in vitro

Herbeuval, R.; E.A., 1961:
Study of megakaryocytes in the circulating blood in chronic panmyelosis

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Study of meiosis in constant 56-chromosome intermediate forms of wheat-wheatgrass hybrids

Polyakova, T.F.; Narbut, S.I.; Kozhina, T.N., 1967:
Study of meiosis in the inbred lines of garden-radish and in their reciprocal hybrids

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Study of meiosis in the microsporocvtes of different varieties and forms of Cocos nucifera

Dokumov, S., 1967:
Study of meliturla during the postpartum period by means of ascending paper chromatography

Schriever, H.G.; Hsu, K.C.; Azar, H.A., 1967:
Study of mesenteric lymph nodes in neonatally thymectomized rats with regard to cell types and gamma globulin content of cells

Van Nimmen, L., 1968:
Study of messenger like rna extracted from neopl hela cells polysomes i sedimentation and inst chromatographic data human

Theuer, Richard Charles, 1965:
Study of metabolic alterations in the zinc-deficient rat

Francois, P., 1965:
Study of metabolic and structural properties of the mineral fraction in calcified rat tissues with the help of radiophosphorus

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Study of metabolic changes in the embryo and egg-contents under the standard conditions of artificial incubation

Debry, G.; Charles, J., 1965:
Study of metabolic perturbations in patients suffering from hepatic cirrhosis

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Study of metabolic physiology and morphology of Bacillus brevis var. G.-B.with reference to biosynthesis of gramicidin S

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Study of metabolic processes and conditions of blood supply to filatov pedicle skin in patients with finger and wrist defects

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Study of metabolism in biochemically deficient forms of Bacterium coli and Bacterium breslau with sulfur -labeled methionine

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Study of metabolism of fresh water mollusks. Phosphorus metabolism, studied with p33

Rayskina, M.Ye, 1959:
Study of metabolism of macroergic phosphorus compounds in the heart by means of radioactive phosphorus

Raiskina, M.E., 1956 :
Study of metabolism of phosphorus compounds in the heart, using radioactive phosphorus. Communication I. Level of phosphorus metabolism of the myocardium of dogs

Raiskina, M.E., 1956:
Study of metabolism of phosphorus compounds in the heart, using radioactive phosphorus. II. Effect of Pavlov's reinforcing nerve on the velocity of formation of phosphorus compounds in the dog's heart

Tolmach, D.V., 1967:
Study of metabolism of some electrolytes and gastric function during noncomplicated peptic ulcer

D.V.try, F., 1965:
Study of metabolism of the nucleic acids in Acetabularia mediterranea. I. Incorporation of precursors of DNA, RNA, and proteins

Grabar, Pierre, 1955:
Study of metal-binding -globulin of human serum by immunoelectrophoresis

Mori Chavez, P.; Salazar, M., 1965:
Study of metastasis alter the intravenous injection of ascites carcinoma 678 into C3H mice at high altitude

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Study of metastasis with the aid of labeled ascites tumor cells. In: Ascites tumors as tools in quantitative oncology. III. Ascites tumors as assay tools

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Study of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus on the U.S./Mexico border

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Study of methionine-s35 metabolism in E-avitaminosis in guinea-pigs

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Study of methods for abbreviating carcinogenicity bioassays. I. Enhancement of neoplastic response by pretreating with a potent carcinogen

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Study of methods for chemical synthesis of edible fatty acids and lipids Final summary

Frankenfeld, J.W., 1968:
Study of methods for chemical synthesis of edible fatty acids and lipids: Final technical report

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Study of methods for counting eggs in fecal matter

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Study of methods for producing experimental lesions of the central nervous system with special reference to stereotaxic technique

Govallo, V.I., 1967:
Study of methods of depressing the lack of receptivity of homo grafts in adult mice showing strong and weak genotypical differences between the donor and recipient spleen cells liver cell extract x irradiation

Molkov, Y.N., 1962:
Study of methods of obtaining specific anti-tumour sera on the basis of acquired tolerance

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Study of methods of testing and sampling for the determination of fat content of ground meat

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Study of methods which depress homo graft rejection in adult noninbred rabbits

Singh, K.B., 1968:
Study of metopism

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Study of micro flora in cottage cheese

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Study of micro flora of oil containing sewage mycobacterium pseudomonas penicillium

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Study of micro- biologic flora of the reproductive tract of the chimpanzee

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Study of microbe patterns of soils of Leningrad oblast

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Study of microbial diversity in raw milk and fresh curd used for Fontina cheese production by culture-independent methods

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Study of microbial flora in sinusitis cases

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Study of microbiological processes in the soil by means of the continuous-flow method

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Study of microbiological processes of hydrogen sulfide formation in Lake Solenoe. 1

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Study of microcerberidae crustaceana isopoda from the pacific coast of the usa

Niepokojczycka, Elzbieta, 1964:
Study of microorganisms in water taken from sugar fermentation ponds

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Study of microorganisms involved in nitrate reduction in hydroponic solutions isolation and identification of 4 strains tomato d cultures

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Study of microorganisms of Minusinsk basin with reference to genesis of ozocerite-like bitumens

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Study of microorganisms of soils supporting growth of Loblolly Pine and Yellow-poplar

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Study of microsomal ATPase in nerves of the lobster

Delarue, Jacques, 1965:
Study of microvascularization in the normal and pathologic state

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Study of migration of 2, 4-dichloro-phenoxy-butyric-l-Cl4 acid in Phaseolus vulgaris. I. Autoradiographi-cal analyses

Briquet, M.; Scheller, G.; Crevecoeur, E.; Wiaux, A., 1968:
Study of migration of 2,4-dichlorophenoxy-butyric-l-14c acid in Phaseolus vulgaris. n. Determination by liquid scintillation

Shumakov, M.E., 1967:
Study of migratory activity of sparrows

Neagu, T., 1968:
Study of miliolidaceae in the lower cretaceous barremian of southern dobrogea

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Study of milk reductase by means of resazurine and methylene blue. IL The resazurine test

Lopes, C.Ferraz; Francisco, D.S.lva, Filho; Porto, E., 1964:
Study of milk reductase by means of resazurine and methylene-blue. II. Comparative studies on the methylene blue and resazurine tests

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Study of mima polymorpha var oxidans isolated from 2 cases of urethritis and a case of vaginitis

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Study of mineral and organic phosphorus compounds content in some podsol soils developed from glacial clays in odz District

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Study of mineral deficiencies on soils of mata do escaroupim

Richard, L., 1966:
Study of mineral nutrition in plants. Contribution to methodology I Aspergillus niger

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Study of mitochondria in rat liver. Quantitative electron microscopy

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Study of mitosis and amitosis in different cellular types in tissue culture

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Study of mitosis and meiosis in 3 species of the genus caryedon family bruchidae abstract caryedon gonagra caryedon acaciae sex chromosomes

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Study of mitosis in compensatory hypertrophy of the kidney following unilateral nephrectomy in the rat

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Study of mitotic cycles by means of radioautography

Epifanova, O.I., 1964:
Study of mitotic cycles in certain epithelial tissues of mice while estrone is being administered

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Study of mitotic indiced and tritiated thymidine uptake of bone marrow and blood cells in patients with neopl chronic myeloid leukosis

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Study of mitral stenosis during acute and chronic experiment by supersonic cardiography

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Study of mitral valvulopathies by means of left catheteriza-tion

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Study of mixed precipitating systems by method of diffusion gradients: a comparison with quantitative precipitin technique

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Study of modalities of incorporation of tritiated thymidine in human chromosomes and possibilities of identification by this procedure

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Study of modifications of the Mills procedure for chlorinate pesti-cides in dairy products

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Study of modifications of the properties of food fats abstract butter

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Study of modified bovine serum by gel filtration on pearl-condensed agar

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Study of moisture in families of soils The percentage pF 42 when related to the percentage pF 27

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Study of moisture, ash and organic content of peat samples

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Study of molecular weight of human interferons from diverse tissues virus

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Study of molecular weights of carrageen samples

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Study of molecularly imprinted solid-phase extraction of diphenylguanidine and its structural analogs

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Study of monkey, ape and human morphology and physiology relating to strength and endurance. II. Factors in the posture and grasping strength of monkeys, apes, and man

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Study of monkey, ape and human morphology and physiology relating to strength and endurance. III. The testing of chimpanzee strength prior to 1961

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Study of monkey, ape and human morphology and physiology relating to strength and endurance. IV: The musculoskeletal anatomy of the thorax and brachium of an adult female chimpanzee

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Study of monkey, ape, and human morphology and physiology relating to strength and endurance. Phase IX. The strength testing of five chimpanzee and seven human subjects

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Study of monkey, ape, and human morphology and physiology relating to strength and endurance. Phase VIP. Factors in the superiority of chimpanzee over human strength

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Study of monkey, ape, and human morphology and physiology relating to strength and endurance. V. The musculoskeletal anatomy of the antebrachium of an adult female chimpanzee

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Study of monkey, ape, and human morphology and physiology relating to strength and endurance: Phase VI. The musculoskeletal anatomy of the thorax and brachium of a squirrel monkey

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Study of monkey, ape, and human morphology and physiology relating to strength and endurance: Phase VII. The musculoskeletal anatomy of the antebrachium of a squirrel monkey

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Study of monospecific antitumour sera by the method of fluorescent antibodies

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Study of morbidity and mortality among individuals under observation over long periods

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Study of morbidity and mortality caused by diarrheas in children aged 0 to 1 year in the urban area of the Public Health Departmental Center in Salto, Uruguay

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Study of morbidity in the Peoples' Republic of Romania

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Study of morphological and histochemical changes in the neopl tumor bed and surrounding connective tissue and pelvic cellular tissue in cases of pre operative radiation treatment of neopl carcinoma of the uterine cervix

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Study of morphological changes in intercisted cells Hela and FK inlected by oncogenous adenovtruses of 12th and 18th types

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Study of morphological mutants of Trichophyton terrestre Durie et Frey 1957

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Study of mortality from all causes in the city of Barcelona

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Study of motility of the colon iii inst electro myographic analysis in various diseases of the colon abstract human

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Study of motivation by means of electrostimulation of the brain

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Study of motor end plates by the technique of muscle biopsies

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Study of mouse hemoglobins by starch-gel electrophoresis

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Study of mouse temperatures, with reference to the effect of temperature on sulfanilamide therapy

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Study of movements of cutaneous interstitial fluids in human beings by means of a fluorescent tracer substance

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Study of mucilage from Ipomoea digitata Linn

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Study of mucinolytic capacity in strains of Candida of human origin

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Study of mucins in tissue sections using the fluorescent antibody technique. I. The preparation and specificity of bovine submaxillary gland mucin antibody

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Study of mucoids in the stomach Review with 57 references

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Study of mucopolysaccharides in the bones?of a rat during experimental osteolathyrism

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Study of multiplied cortical response to repetitive stimulation in thalamus

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Study of murine neopl leukemia by immuno fluorescence

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Study of muscular work and of fatigue III. The venous blood coming from a muscle doing dynamic work in man

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Study of musical expression by means of respiratory curves

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Study of mutagenesis on conditional lethal mutants. II. Mutagenic effect of nitrous acid onconditionallethal mutants of the phage T4

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Study of mutagenic activity of a new group of chemical compounds and their genetic effect when combined with ionizing radiation

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Study of mutants of different developmental types isolated in varieties of soft winter wheat

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Study of mycelium of fungi for stimulating growth and increasing the productivity of farm animals

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Study of mycological changes in wood, I. Changes in wood color

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Study of myo cardial anoxia by electron microscope

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Study of myo cardial ischemia in surgical patients inst electro cardiogram

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Study of myosin-like adenosine triphosphatase of visceral organs

Okun, H.; Harlin, H.C., 1965:
Study Of Nalidixic Acid

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Study of narrow band millimeter-wave potential interactions with endoplasmic reticulum stress sensor genes

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Study of natural and artificial food coloring with thin layer chromatography

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Study of natural changes of susceptibility to viruses in J-96 cell cultures and in cloned subcultures

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Study of natural crossing in mesta d hibiscus cannabinus d

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Study of natural immune portion in goats of different ages in a focus of tick borne encephalitis taiga tick

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Study of natural regeneration of tree and shrub species on areas periodically inundated by the rybinsk reservoir ussr

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Study of natural spontaneous anticoagulants effecting thromboplastin-formation

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Study of natural variation in Penicillium chrysogenum strain 194

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Study of nematodes causing root spot pratylenchus spp

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Study of neopl bovine leukemia in the leningrad region ussr hamster mouse

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Study of neopl lentigo maligna neopl melanotic freckle abstract human

Gedda, L., 1966:
Study of neopl tumors in twins human

Licperta, E.; Balaci, P.; Mateescu, T.; Statescu, C., 1967:
Study of neostigmine methyisulfate autonomic myostin autonomic action furfurylmethyl ammonium iodide autonomic pilocarpine autonomic epinephrine autonomic chloralose cent depress mouse rabbit guinea pig horse dog frog

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Study of neotropical Cleridae

Anonymous, 1954:
Study of nervous processes in motor reactions of the hands in children Referat Zhur, Biol, 1956, No 7965

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Study of neuronal activity in thalamic nuclei, with multiple microelectrodes

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Study of neurotropic viruses in tumors grown in fertile eggs

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Study of neurovascular coupling in humans via simultaneous magnetoencephalography and diffuse optical imaging acquisition

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Study of new grape varieties selected by the Michurin Central State Laboratory under commercial conditions

Zemanova, M., 1965:
Study of new protective fungicides for use in cellulose-nitrate lacquers

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Study of new therapeutic agents for shock based on the physical and biological study of the hepatic and renal circulations

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Study of nicotinamide methylation in liver sections of rats irradiated with x-rays

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Study of night entomofauna, especially of the fam. Noctuidae

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Study of night sleep during centrencephalic and temporal epilepsies. In: Seance de la Societe d'Electroencephalographie et de Neurophysiologie Clinique de Langue Francaise, Paris, 5-6 decembre, 1961

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Study of ninety-eight communities fluoridating their communal water supply

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Study of nitrogen metabolism in microcosmus sabatieri r

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Study of nitrogen metabolism in potato d free arginine amino acid

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Study of nitrogen transformation in soil with a special respect to urea and some of its derivatives abstract temperature

Bezborodov, A.M., 1963:
Study of nitrogenous constituents of Actinomycete mycelium

Taylor, W.; Pearson, J.; Mair, A.; Burns, W., 1965:
Study Of Noise And Hearing In Jute Weaving

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Study of non-cellular structures at early stages of embryogenesis

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Study of non-covalent interactions between MRI contrast agents and human serum albumin by NMR diffusometry

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Study of non-exuvial cuticular blackening in Locusta migratoria L

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Study of non-proliferating or resting bacteria J. S. Caldwell

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Study of nonflagellate Euglenidae

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Study of noninfectious immunity in eye burns

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Study of nonspecific dermal sensitivity in guinea pigs sensitized with bcg

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Study of normal blood coagulation twins, by the thromboelastographic method

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Study of normal human fatty tissue by means of gas and thin layer chromatography

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Study of nose pattern and nose-print of cattle

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Study of nuclear injuries and Inhibition of growth in 14-and 28 chromosome forms of rye when irradiating with fast neutrons

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Study of nuclear phospho proteins in hep 2 cells infected with polio virus

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Study of nucleic acid metabolism in different strains of cells grown in vitro

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Study of nucleic acid synthesis induced by sendai virus in ehrlich ascites cells

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Study of nucleic acids and enz nucleases in the ascitic fluid of neopl ehrlich carcinoma mouse

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Study of nucleic acids and proteins contents in cells of the mammary gland during pregnancy, lactation, hormonal stimulation and cancer.

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Study of nucleic acids in plants

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Study of nucleic acids in rabbit myocardium during experimental athero-sclerosis

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Study of nucleic acids in the liver of mice inoculated with murine hepatitis virus, strain MHV

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Study of nucleic acids isolated from irradiated cotton d seeds by inst electron paramagnetic resonance and inst ir spectroscopy

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Study of nucleoproteins: The structural relationship between nucleic acid and protein in a DNA-g-chymotrypsin complex and in native nucleoproteins

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Study of nutrition in tuberculosis with special reference to osteo-articular tuberculosis

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Study of nutritional deficiencies in samples of the upper layer of soils from Ruble

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Study of nutritional requirements of Trichophyton tonsurans

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Study of nutritive value of a food through metabolic balance studies in children

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Study of nutritive value of some vegetable proteins in relation to amino acid supplementation abstract rat maize m

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Study of nystagmus by inst ir cinematography 16 mm film abstract

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Study of oak wood from lignite layers in Arjuzanx

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Study of occupational lead hazard in select Indian industries

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Study of ocular movements under stress

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Study of ocular myopathy human inst electro myograph

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Study of ocular toxoplasmosis

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Study of ocular toxoplasmosis concerning 32 observations abstract human congenital form chorio retinitis serology

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Study of off-type plants of Acala cotton

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Study of official statisitics of death in Belgium from asthma, emphysema and chronic bronchitis in 1954 and 1955

Borlee, A., 1963:
Study of official statistics on deaths in Belgium from asthma, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis in 1956, 1957, and 1958

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Study of ointment bases. III: Antifungal ointments

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Study of olgonitrophilic bacteria from soil

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Study of oligomannosides obtained by partial hydrolysis of a palm mannan

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Study of oligopeptides isolated from chymotrypsic hydrolysates of globin from horse myoglobin

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Study of oligophrenia by the genetic method of twins

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Study of olive cecidomydae Lasioptera berlesiana

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Study of one case of sarcoldoBis with main neurological symptoms, and review of the literature

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Study of one hundred seventy-five cardiacs without heart disease

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Study of one of the types of alpine meadow bogs in the Bol'shoi Kaykaz

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Study of opiliones of Lorraine

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Study of optimal conditions for interferon formation during arboviral infections of chick embryo cell cultures semliki forest virus chichungunya virus tick borne encephalitis virus west nile virus

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Study of optimal conditions for the saccharification of potato mashes by mould enzyme preparations

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Study of oral hypoglycemic drugs - I Effects of an acute dose of tolbutamide

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Study of organic acids and of sugars in Cicer ariethinum. Comparison between stems and leayes

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Study of organic matter in the forest soils of the darjeeling himalayas india abstract leaf litter humus

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Study of organic pollution and self purification of the loire in the forez plain and the loire straits

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Study of organisms of the pleuropneumonia group

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Study of organs regulating sodium metabolism during a prolonged salt diet morphological and enzyme histochemical salt hypertonia rat kidney adrenal gland aorta heart

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Study of ornithosis in birds and its natural focal occurrence

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Study of osidasic activities in Ostrea

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Study of osmo-regulation as a feedback system

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Study of osmotic resistance of erythrocytes before and after artificial circulation operations with the purpose of selecting a method for preparing blood

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Study of ovarian cysts in the cow

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Study of overgrowth after fractures

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Study of ovo-implantation in the hamster, rat, mouse, guinea-pig and rabbit in cleared uterine tracts

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Study of ovum implantation in rats

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Study of oxidation-reduction processes in the cell

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Study of oxidative changes which occur in butter and butteroil during storage

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Study of oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondrial fractions of fungi of the genus fusarium

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Study of oxygen consumption and pulmonary ventilation for different cases of dynamic work by the arm Abstract

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Study of oxygen consumption in Locusta migratoria L

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Study of oxygen consumption in terms of weight, in air and in water, in four species of the genus Littorina

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Study of p53 gene mutations and placental expression in recurrent miscarriage cases

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Study of pH in sea water

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Study of palmar perspiration in cerebral palsy

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Study of pamphagus elephas

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Study of pancreatic and biliary secretion in horses by means of a chronic fistula

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Study of pancreatic hydrolases by the method of immunodiffusion through agar

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Study of pancreatic serum enzymes following secretin injection in pancreatic affections

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Study of panectyl

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Study of para-aminosalicylic acid intolerance in tuberculosis of lung

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Study of paracolon organisms with the major antigen of Shigella sonnei, form I

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Study of parasitism of fir roller eggs and of their susceptibility to varieties of the species Trichogramma Westw

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Study of parathyroid function in a case of sclerodermia Meeting of the Endocrinology Society, Paris, 1963

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Study of parathyroid function in gastro-duodenal ulcer Topical problems in diseases of the alimentary tract, Munich, 1962

Greer, S., 1964:
Study Of Parental Loss In Neurotics And Sociopaths

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Study of parotid saliva of the human being and some animals

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Study of parotitis produced in weanling mice by Coxsackie B-1

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Study of particles settled from the air over Buenos Aires

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Study of passive immunization against influenza

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Study of pathogenesis of experimental tularaemia

Kibe, Koiti, 1959:
Study of pathological gait restricted joint motion in the lower extremity

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Study of patients with infectious hepatitis and the revelation of infectious hepatitis virus carriers among blood donors by means of cytogenetic study of blood leukocytes

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Study of patients with lower esophageal ring by simultaneous cineradiography and manometry

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Study of peculiarities in the polysaccharide metabolism in ovaries of highly cancerous white mice of A line on administration of androgens and estrogens Histochemistry of dyshormonal tumors

Krizanova, C., 1968:
Study of penetration of influenza virus a strain ws soluble antigen from nucleus into cytoplasm by means of immuno fluorescence abstract chick embryo fibroblasts

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Study of penicillin antibodies by fluorescence polarization and immunodiffusion

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Study of pepsin secretion in shay rats under the influence of various drugs

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Study of pepsin specificity in trans-peptidation reactions

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Study of peptidase activity in the pineal gland of the pig

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Study of peptide structures with the aid of phenylisothiocyanate V. On the formation of phenylthiohydantoins-35S and their chromatography

Cherbuliez, Emile; Marszalek, J.; Rabinowitz, J., 1963:
Study of peptide structures withthe aid of phenylisothiocyanate. IV. Note on the preparation and purification of phenylthiohydantoins derived from various amino acids

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Study of peptides isolated from the posthypophysis of the pig

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Study of percutaneous effects of a new synthetic heparinoid in dermatology

Pavlyuchenko, P.I., 1966:
Study of perilimbal vascular mesh-work condition of the cornea in eye burns

Hutton, M.M., 1964:
Study of Perinatal Deaths as a Means of Improving Perinatal Mortality and Morbidity

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Study of peripheral circulation with the aid of I131-labelled human serum albumin. II. Circulation at the level of the calf

Rudzki, Brigitte, 1965:
Study of peripheral nucleoli in plant protists, the interphase nuclear growth in Dinophyceae and copulating behavior in Gomphonema

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Study of permeability of artificial mem -branes of various structure for neutral and ionized compounds

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Study of permeability of the human aort

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Study of peroral Shigella flexneri vaccination of mice Congress of the Hungarian Microbiological Society, 1962 Abstract only

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Study of peroxidase and polyphenoloxidase activity in above ground organs of Consolida arvensis Opiz

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Study of persistent Aujeszky-virus infection in calf kidney cells Congress of the Hungarian Microbiological Society, 1962 Abstract only

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Study of persistent primitive maxillary artery in human fetus Some homologies of cranial arteries in man and dog

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Study of petrion

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Study of phage conversion in escherichia coli ii genetic control of the conversion capacity of the temperate phage n 15 uv irradiation mutagen

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Study of phagocytosis in scleroma

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Study of phagocytosis of influenza virus by alveolar macrophages of the guinea pig. II. Effects of phagocytosis of the influenza virus on cellular metabolism

Wattel, F., 1965:
Study of phagocytosis of the influenza virus by alveolar macrophages of the guinea pig I Kinetic and morphologic aspects in electronic microscopy and in phase contrast microcinematography

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Study of pharmaceutical and other industrial products from salmon eggs

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Study of pharmaceutical preparations by thin layer chromatography. I. Preparations containing the alkaloids of the atropine group

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Study of pharmacologic analgesic action of 2-amino-4-acetyl-5-carbethoxythiazole

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Study of pharmacological antagonism of high molecular weight phenamines

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Study of pharmacological properties of methoxy-3 -phenothiazine

Nishimatsu, K., 1959:
Study of phase microscopic picture concerning change of white mouse liver cell mitochondria in experimental massive bleeding and effect thereon of Ringer's solution, male hormones or adrenal cortex hormones

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Study of phase variations of cerebral waves between two points in the cortex

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Study of phendimetrazine bitartrate as an appetite depressant in relation to dosage, weight loss, and side effects

Popa, M.; Gruia, E., 1968:
Study of phenol and detergent effect on tomatoes d in hydroponic conditions

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Study of phosphate complexes in solutio. I. Phosphate complexes of iron

Lambert, P.P.; Vanderveiken, F.; Dekoster, J.P.; Kahn, R.J.; Demyttenaere, M., 1964:
Study of Phosphate Excretion by the Stop-Flow Technique. Effects of Parathyroid Hormone

Chouteau, J., 1963:
Study of phosphate fertilizing of tobacco in soils of variable P2O5 content: Biojogical standardization of soil analyses

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Study of phosphaturia after I.V. perfusion of calcium

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Study of phospho lipids in nucleoli isolated from rat livers inst electron microscope

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Study of phospholiplds in the nervous system in the evolutionary scale of animals

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Study of phosphonous and phosphonic acid derivatives part 56 esters of allylalkyl phosphonic acid and their biological activity

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Study of phosphorus P32 fixation in growing rat bone under treatment with somatotropic hormone

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Study of phosphorus metabolism in animals and plants by autoradiograph

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Study of phosphorus uptake on soils of the United Arab Republic

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Study of photoreduction in chlorophyll c and pheophytin c

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Study of photosensitivity

Anonymous, 2009:
Study of physicala“chemical and sensorial properties of irradiated Tommy Atkins mangoes Mangifera indica L in an international consignment

Delmas Marsalet, Y.; Caridroit, M.; Havez, R.; Goudemand, M., 1966:
Study of physicochemical properties and reduction products of a cryoglobulin

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Study of physio-psychologic control of biographic anamnesis

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Study of physiologic races in linseed rust Melampsora lini Lev

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Study of physiological and biochemical properties of Candida albicans strains causing various diseases

Marwah, S.M., 1964:
Study of physiological responses to maximal graded physical working intensities in 72 males

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Study of physiological specialization of the fungus Ustilago zeae the pathogen of corn smut

Chang, Chong, W., 1967:
Study of phytase and fluoride effects in germinating corn seeds

Ortega, M.; Cardona, A., 1966:
Study of phyto agglutinins in edible seeds phaseolus d pisum d lens d vicia d enz pepsin enz pancreatin

Genest, P., 1968:
Study of phyto hem agglutinin stability with the object of its mitostimulant power in the culture of blood leukocytes

Ondrej, M., 1968:
Study of phyto pathogenic imperfect fungus of genus ascochyta from legumes d ascochyta nigripycnidicola new species ascochyta viciae villosae new species vicia d spp

Vlasyuk, V.N., 1968:
Study of phyto toxicity of forests and parks of health resort towns

Nikol Skii, G.V.; Verigin, B.V.; Makeeva, A.P.; Popova, G.V.; Soin, S.G., 1968:
Study of phytophagous fish and their inclusion in fishery productions and the melioration of water bodies ctenopharyngodon idella hypophthalmichthys molitrix aristichthys nobilis cyprinus carpio mylopharyngodon piceus

Chkhaidze, R.I., 1962:
Study of phytoplankton in the Shaori reservoir

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Study of pigments of Actinobifida dichotomica

Krasil'nikov, N.A.; El'-Registan, G.I., 1966:
Study of pigments of red-orange actinomycetes

Enrico, L., 1947:
Study of placenta antigens for Wassermann test

Weber, A., 1960:
Study of plant diseases under continued fertilization experiments G. Gjerstad

Goldenberg, Jose, B., 1964:
Study of plant resistance to disease when such resistance is expressed as a metric character

Messiaen, C.M.; Risser, Georgette; Pecaut, P., 1962:
Study of plants resistant to Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. melonis in the Cantaloup Charentais melon variety

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Study of plasma and adrenal corticosterone in male rats treated with Methyltestosterone, Methandrolone and Quinbolone

Cedard, L.; Heilbronner, N.; Schnirer, J.; Fontenay, M.; Varangot, J., 1968:
Study of plasma and urinary steroids during the treatment of anovulations by human urinary gonadotropins presence of estradiol in increased quantity in the peripheral venous blood in the period of follicular maturation

Cedard, L.; Heilbronner, N.; Schnirer, J.; Fontenay, M.; Varangot, J., 1968:
Study of plasma and urinary steroids in the course of the treatment of anovulations by means of human urinary gonadotropins the presence of estradiol in increased amounts in the venous peripheral blood in the period of follicular maturation woman

Cherry, N.H.; Kalas, J.P.; Zarafonetis, C.J., 1961:
Study of plasma copper levels in patients with acute leukemia

Miyao, S.; Oshiro, S.; Nakamura, N., 1963:
Study of plasma fatty acid composition in arteriosclerotic patients

Duval, Jean Maurice, 1965:
Study of plasma free fatty acid levels during three dynamic tests of carbohydrate metabolism in various clinical types of sugar diabetes

Thiery, Jean Paul, 1960:
Study of plasma hemoglobin of some annelids by electron microscope

Sustovich, D.R.; Barreto, H.P.B.; Ramos, O.L.; Ajzen, H.; Cacilda, C.Lima, M.; Younes, C., 1968:
Study of plasma lipid alterations in experimental myo cardial infarction in dogs

Deeba, F.Rah, A.Med, K.Maluddin, H.Seeb, M.Hna, Q.Dar, M.Rza, A.Sha, M., 2009:
Study of plasma parameters in a staged pinch device using current-stepping technique

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Study of plasma radioactivity after insulin I131 injection during synaptoanalgesia

Laine, E.; Linquette, M.; Fossati, P., 1963:
Study of plasma transaminases in cranial trauma and cerebro-vascular accidents

Lievre J A.; Camus J P.; Benichou, C.; Piauger, A.; Guillien, P., 1968:
Study of plasmatic citric acid in 22 cases of primary hyper parathyroidism

Hooss, E., 1966:
Study of plasmatic flows and of pronucleus movements before their union in the egg of Rhabditis pellio Sch. by means of interference microfilm and partial image analysis

Dausset, J.; Colombani, J.; Colombani, M., 1963:
Study of plasmatic groups with -individual antiglobulins

D.P.ulet, A.C.astes; Jean, R.; D.P.ulet, P.C.astes; Thaler, M.; Astruc, M., 1966:
Study of plasmatic phospholipids during intra-venous perfusions of lipid emulsions Symposium on parenteral nutrition, Paris, 30 April, 1966

Wolf, L.M.; Laudat, P.; Bricaire, H.; Koenig, J., 1968:
Study of plasmatic revival of palmitic acid during hypo thyroidism abstract human lipolysis reduction

Goto, Yuichiro; Murakami, K.; Aizawa, T., 1959:
Study of plasmin in cases of cerebral vascular lesion

Thiery, J.P., 1958:
Study of plasmocytes by phase-contrast and electron microscopy III Plasmocytes with Russell bodies and crystalline inclusions

Sainte, M.rie, G., 1966:
Study of plasmocytopoiesis: II. Possible model of the mode of formation of plasmocytes elaborated beginning with the results of the count of their mitoses

D.C.stro, R.; Vazquez, R.; D.L.B.rbolla, J.M.R., 1966:
Study of plastic fats: IL Changes of swine fat characteristics according to food ration and race. Preliminary studies

Glynn, M.F.; Movat, H.Z.; Murphy, E.A.; Mustard, J.F., 1965:
Study Of Platelet Adhesiveness And Aggregation, With Latex Particles

Bennati, D.; Vilanova, R.M., 1960:
Study of platelet and leukocyte changes in peptonic shock

Najean, Y.; Ardaillou, N., 1964:
Study of platelet survival during thrombopenic purpuras

Bijlsma, U.G.; Broumer, J.E., 1929:
Study of poisoning by scopolamine sim ltaneous with that of cyanide or carbon monoxide, all in a state of anoxemia

Balavadze, E.S., 1966:
Study of poisonous snakes of Georgia

Caroli, G.; Biase, C.D., 1961:
Study of polar. PAS positive formations in enteric bacteria. IV. Research of PAS positive granulations for the identification of the genus Proteus

Volari Mrsi, Iva, 1960:
Study of pollen in the air of Zagreb

Huynh, K.L., 1967:
Study of pollen morphology of the tropaeolaceae d abstract taxonomy

Salazar Mallen, Mario, 1940:
Study of pollens on the atmosphere at Mexico City

Chollet, M.Pierre, 1966:
Study of pollination and fruit set of the pear tree

Jobin, L., 1968:
Study of pollinizing agents

Sanchis Bayarri, V.; Sanchis Bayarri Vicente, 1967:
Study of poly clonal hyper gamma globulinemia human

Luzzati, Vittorio; Masson, F.; Mathis, A.; Saludjian, P., 1967:
Study of polyelectrolytes in solution by central diffusion of X-rays: A case of Li, Na, and Cs salts of DNA

Bose, R.K., 1953:
Study of polygalacturonase activity of jute-retting fungi by paper chromatography

Csuka, J.; Petrovsky, E., 1968:
Study of polymorphism of enz esterase of chicken egg white and blood serum

Dresch, Catherine; Najean, Y.; Bernard, J., 1967:
Study of polynuclear kinetics after radio-chromatic labelling in vitro: II. Results obtained in granulopenia

Dresch, Catherine; Najean, Y., 1967:
Study of polynuclear kinetics after radiochromatic labelling in vitro : I. Critical study ofthe method and results obtained in normal subjects

Li, M.C.ih; Yan, J.L., 1963:
Study of polyphenol oxidase in litchi pericarp

Kotidi, E.P., 1967:
Study of polyphenols of subtropical persimmon fruits

Terrail, E.; Ebel, J.P., 1964:
Study of polyphosphate-phosphotransferase in microorganisms Abstract only

Habermann, V., 1963:
Study of polypurine parts of the polynucleotide chain in DNA

Maryukhta, Y.B., 1965:
Study of polysaccharaide antigens isolated from faviform cultures of dermatophytes

Silva, Gladys Muzzi, 1966:
Study of polyvinylpyrrolidone electrolyte-water ternary systems

Kiseleva, S.D., 1964:
Study of population composition of Vicia villosa Roth., Vicia pannonica Cranz. and some other vetch species for revealing possibilities of a selection on different backgrounds of cultivation

Stefania Dall'Olio; Roberta Davoli; Luca Buttazzoni; Paolo Zambonelli; Vincenzo Russo, 2009:
Study of porcine adiponectin ADIPOQ gene and association of a missense mutation with EBVs for production and carcass traits in Italian Duroc heavy pigs

D.Araujo Bastos, W.D., 1963:
Study of porcine echinococcus in bahia brazil echinococcus granulosus

Millan, J.; Martinez, R., 1962:
Study of porphyrins in 20 cases of actinodermatitis

Duxbury, A.J., 1968:
Study of possible drug interactions between some local anesthetics and some enz mono amine oxidase inhibitors abstract frog guinea pig tranylcypromine cent stim phenelzine cent stim nialamide cent stim lidocaine anesthetic prilocaine anesthetic

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