Study of the heredity and vitality of forest species Heredity and variability of plants, animals and microorganisms

Veresin, N.M.

Akad Nauk Sssr Moscow P 2: 690-693


Accession: 025602017

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In experiments conducted at the Voronezh Silvicultural Institute, F2 seedlings from tree transpollination of Siberian and Japanese larch were distinguished by vigorous growth and exceeded in height all European, Siberian, and Dahurian larches. Two yr. old plants were 90 cm tall and showed high resistance to Melamp-soridium betulae. The vegetative hybrids of common ash (Fraxinus excelsior) with pubescent ash and of beak-leaved ash with green ash differed morphologically in leaves, shoots and buds from graft components. In a study of the effect of seed vitality on seedling growth, 1 specimen of European larch from the Baltic had weight of 10.8 g, a germinating rate of 50%, and germinating vigor 31%, in a 2nd specimen of the same geographical region, these indices were 11.1 g, 96%, and 71% respectively.