Section 26
Chapter 25,618

Sur la nutrition de quel-ques champignons saprophytes et parasites

Volkonsky, M.

Ann Inst Pasteur Paris 52(1): 76-101


Accession: 025617124

Of 26 strains of Saprolegniaceae belonging to the genera Saprolegnia, Isoachlya, Achlya, Dicthyuchus, and Aphanomyces, all proved to be mesotrophic in Lwoff's sense (capable of synthesizing their quaternary organic compounds from a single simple nitrogenous body, in these exps., alanine) and parathiotrophic (incapable of assimilating sulphates) ; they do not assimilate nitrates, and the only sugars which they ferment belong to the glucose series (Aphanomyces, however, ferments none of the sugars studied). Of 21 strains of fungi (chiefly parasitic) not belonging to the Saprolegniaceae, studied as controls, all proved euthiotrophic (capable of assimilating their S from sulphates); some were capable of using nitrates as their source of N. Parathiotrophy, a characteristic of the Saprolegniaceae, has no relation to parasitism.

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