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Ten-year regional follow-up in Denmark of cases discovered by X-ray during a three-year period at Odense, Denmark; with particular consideration to behavior patterns

Barfred, A.

Proceedings World Congress Gastroent 1: 352-359


Accession: 025644554

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Pseudo-ulcer is not so severe a type of disease as peptic ulcer, but with the exception of perforation and stenosis it presents the same symptoms, although a little less frequently. The duration of pseudo-ulcer is a little longer and the first symptom appears a few years earlier. Pseudo-ulcer is relatively more frequent in women and in youth. At the follow-up, pseudo-ulcer remains unchanged for an average of 9.5 years in 22%, whereas 10% of the total material primary cases of pseudo-ulcer change over to peptic ulcer within an average time period of 6.8 years. Turnover cases occur more commonly in men. The therapeutic results are nearly the same for the 2 groups, a little better for pseudo-ulcer if the surgical cases are omitted from the peptic ulcer group. The pseudo-ulcer group does not constitute a clinical entity, but on the other hand it is not only a stage in the development of peptic ulcer. It represents a special course of the "ulcer" disease, less severe than the peptic ulcer; the only way in which the 2 forms of "ulcer" disease can be separated is by the use of repeated X-ray examinations.

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