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Chapter 25,652

The African species of the Tritomini and of three genera of the Triplacini

Delkeskamp, K.

Deut Entomol Z 9(1/2): 66-125


Accession: 025651443

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It is pointed out that whether or not the "lacinia" [maxilla ?] possesses teeth or not may be of taxonomic significance in the Erotylidae. Lists are given, of 18 spp. of Triplacini with "unarmed" lacinia, 23 spp. with armed ones, and 18 spp. not examined. A key is given to African spp. of Tritomini, followed by descriptions of spp., in 5 genera, including LATOSIA with type L. clypeata (Kapanga) and 1 other n. sp. (German East Africa), and n. spp. in Pycnogeusteria (Eala 1, Cameroon 1, west of Lake Albert 1) and Tritoma (Kilimanjaro 1, Kivu 1, German East Africa 1, British East Africa 1, Spanish Guinea 1, Cameroon 7, Katanga 1, Flandria 1, Bokuma 1, Moero 1, Angola 1, Albert National Park 1), with some n. sspp. In Triplacini, XIPHIDIOPHORA is described with type X. mandibularis (Tanganyika) and 1 other n. sp. (Lower Congo), and CONGOCOLA with type C. cornuta (Basoko). An alphabetical list is given of African spp. of the Tritomini and of the 3 genera of the Triplacini. There are many detailed drawings.

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